Trial of the Revisionist Gerd Walther

Since 2004, year when he distributed revisionist pamphlets in front of schools (in particular in Berlin and to Bernau), the German Gerd Walther was repeatedly condemned but, every time, for relatively light punishments.

There is a little more than year, on the occasion of the trial of bishop Richard Williamson in front of the court of Regensburg, he had declared publicly that there was no forensic proof of the Holocaust...

At the beginning of May, he appeared in front of the same court for incitement in the racial hatred: after fourteen hours of audience distributed on two days, he was four month condemned of prison with reprieve by judge Ursula Schimke-Kinskofer, relatively light punishment when we know that the prosecution protested eight months of detention because of the previous condemnations.

During this trial, the judge granted to the defendant the possibility of expressing himself very freely.

Officially defended by the lawyer Uli Boldt, Gerd Walther also benefited from the unofficial support - we said well: unofficial - lawyers Sylvia Stolz and Günther Herzogenrath-Amelung.