After the Supreme Court overstepped its constitutional boundaries and overruled state laws and even state constitutions by legalizing same-sex marriage, millions of Facebook users took advantage of a tool that the site made available to filter their profile picture with rainbow hues. It now looks as if Facebook's "Celebrate Pride" tool was a social/psychological experiment with more than 26 million unwitting subjects.

In the past, "gay pride" Facebook users have demonstrated their support of the homosexual agenda in a variety of ways. There have been the silhouettes that look like the signs on restroom doors but show two male figures (or two female figures) holding hands, simple rainbow squares, a variety of equals signs, and a myriad other symbols of "gay pride" that they could use as their profile pictures or cover photos. Not one of those options was created by Facebook.

This time was different. This time Facebook created a rainbow filter which made it easier and more uniform.

The "Celebrate Pride" tool — which was launched by the social media giant almost immediately after the Supreme Court issued its ruling on same-sex marriage in typical 5-4 fashion — became the overwhelming symbol of choice for those Facebook users who wanted to demonstrate their elation over the decision. The result was that nearly all the profile pictures which show support for the unconstitutional decision are the product of the "Celebrate Pride" filter.
Facebook "Celebrate Pride" Rainbow Filter a Psychological Experiment