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Thread: Immigrants kidnap, rape and extort a handicapped man in Sweden

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    Default Immigrants kidnap, rape and extort a handicapped man in Sweden

    One of the accused, Ibrahim Said.

    Three men, introducing themselves as the Black Cobra gang, Ahmad Abdel Rohman (born 1992), Ibrahim Said (born 1991) and Hetem Sejdin (born 1989) are facing trial tomorrow for the abduction, rape and extortion of a hancidapped man in Sweden.

    Mobile phones and TV's
    The handicapped man was kidnapped and forced to a store where he was told to buy phones for the immigrants. This first attempt failed. Later, the immigrant gang brought him to his parents home, where they stole TV's which he was forced to carry out and give to the gang-members.

    The abducted man didn't dare object to the three immigrants:
    - They threatened to shoot me in the head if I escaped.

    Sexual assaults
    In his childhood home, he fell victim to actions which the handicapped man describes as rape. Among other things, he was forced to pull down his pants and bend over a sofa.
    - It was a terribly painful, and degrading experience, said the young man in a police interview.

    Later, the immigrants brought him out in another attempt to buy mobile phones. The man then managed to alert the store owners and the three immigrants were arrested shortly afterwards.
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    They're such a tough gang they pick on a handicapped man. Well, we all know how we feel about immigrants. But this lot. Jesus.

    As for the 'rape' aspect? I can only conclude they are frustrated homosexuals in denial about their illness.

    Having pondered this horrible story a couple of hours later, it seems to me, I forgot to consider how THICK these rapist immigrant vipers are. I mean, the handicapped victim (and all sympathy goes out to him) was able to report this crime to the people at a shop, as yet again these vile non-white parasites were attempting to extort him in public. Master criminals, eh. They handed this poor man the opportunity to have them arrested.
    Let's hope Sweden's penal system isn't as PC as the rest of their social policies, or these "Cobras" will be having visits from bleeding heart counsellors.
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