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Thread: Rignt Wing White guy new President of Guatimala

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    Default Rignt Wing White guy new President of Guatimala

    Here is some really good news.

    A right wing White guy just won a landslide election victory to become the new president of Guatemala (borders Mexico on the South)

    Ex-general wins Guatemalan presidential election - Yahoo! News

    Former Guatimalan general Otto Perez Molina of the conservative Patriotic Party won 55 percent of the vote, topping tycoon-turned-political populistManuel Baldizon of the Democratic Freedom Revival party, who had 45 percent with 96 percent of the vote counted, according to Guatemala's Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

    Perez, 61, is the first former military leader elected president in Guatemala in the 25 years after the end of brutal military rule. While that concerns some international groups, Guatemala has a young population, and many don't remember the war.
    Witnesses say hundreds of villages were obliterated by the army's scorched-earth policy. Perez has said there were no massacres or genocide.
    The businessman has made many promises that some considered outlandish, including that he would take Guatemala's soccer team to the World Cup. But other promises are appealing in a country with rampant poverty and crime, including giving workers an extra month's salary a year, reinstating the death penalty and televising executions.

    JR comments: This just shows the great truth that Whites can make it to the top in really rough NW Mestizo/Indian Hispanic areas by not *$(%# around, and instead offering poor people a fair program of simply killing bad Latrino gang members, Marxists assorted scum. We should make this White Hispanic guy in charge of police, military in places like LA, certain parts of Chicago.

    Great job White guys in Latin America!

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    Default Re: Rignt Wing White guy new President of Guatimala

    Otto Perez Molina is a mestizo and mestizos are of mixed racial stock. It's clearly visible when you look at the pictures of him.
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    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” - Voltaire

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