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  1. Mexican Judge Handling ‘El Chapo’ Case Assassinated
  2. Brazil's Europeans Move to Secede and Form Own Country
  3. Mexico builds its own wall against migrants
  4. Chinese Billionaire Linked to Giant Aluminum Stockpile in Mexican Desert
  5. Venezuelans show anger by chasing president
  6. Venezuela's Latest Response To Food Shortages: Ban Lines Outside Bakeries
  7. Bill Gates and the Shocking Genetically-Modified Jesuit Agenda to Depopulate Brazil: Are We Next?
  8. Starving Venezuelans break into the zoo and eat the animals
  9. Fears grow over Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympics as Brazilian knife attacks increase
  10. Rio's street kids earn £1 a day sifting through raw sewerage in bay hosting Olympic 2016
  11. Amnesty International rep: 'Serious violations' of human rights in Venezuela
  12. Brazil impeachment: Rousseff attacks cabinet for being all-male and all-white
  13. Olympics terror: Chance of Islamic State terror on Rio games is INCREASING, experts warn
  14. Argentina Hosts First Anti-Semitism Forum in Latin America
  15. Mexico tortures migrants – and citizens – in effort to slow Central American surge
  16. 75% of Children Who Received Vaccines in Mexican Town Now Dead or Hospitalized
  17. Socialist Venezuela to Shut Down Country Because Socialism Works
  18. 'Nazi-Hunters' Come to Brazil After Hitler's Accomplices
  19. Video: Robbed in Rio de Janeiro
  20. Dominican Republic: Gang members rob the wrong old man
  21. Mexican Ex-President Who Cursed Trump’s Wall Ignored Cartels While In Office
  22. Illegal Alien Minors Deported From Mexico
  23. Argentina: Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom
  24. Brazilian Jews Celebrate Ban on Publishing of Unannotated ‘Mein Kampf’
  25. ADL Overlords: "25% of Argentine Males 'Harbor' Anti-Jew 'Attitudes' in 2015
  26. Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'
  27. New Argentinian pres. says ties with Israel will improve, appoints rabbi to cabinet
  28. Holocaust group applies lessons learned from Nazi victims to massacres in Latin America
  29. Argentina : BOOBS BRIGADE: Topless PRO-ABORTS Attack CATHOLICS
  30. Venezuela: Capitalism explained in 2015: “You have two cows…”
  31. U.S. seeks to promote LGBT rights in Honduras
  32. Shocking CCTV shows gunman in crash helmet shoot dead journalist
  33. Wiesenthal Center Urges Costa Rica Close down Nazi Shop
  34. Thousands of fish wash ashore at Rio de Jeneiro's Olympic park
  35. Salud! Inside the Mexican craft beer boom.
  36. Pro-choice protesters clash with police in Peru
  37. In Brazil, Race Is A Matter Of Life And Violent Death
  38. The Street Gangs More Vicious Than ISIS
  39. Rio waters where athletes will compete in 2016 Olympics are rife with human sewage
  40. Colombian model faces death penalty after being charged with smuggling drugs in China
  41. Colombia: Largest urban mass grave in the world to be unearthed
  42. The Brazilian Town Where the Confederacy Lives On
  43. Argentine president invokes Shylock in perceived anti-Semitic slur
  44. Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Escapes From Prison
  45. Puerto Rico Shows Greece Needs €50 Billion A Year: And Would Still Fail Even Then
  46. Catcalling could become a criminal offense in Argentina
  47. Dominican Republic’s ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Haitians
  48. Corruption scandal in Latin America takes shine off Copa America
  49. Third mummified body is found in melting ice on a Mexican mountain
  50. Mexico election: Protesters looking to disrupt vote
  51. Drug cartel firepower getting bigger and more deadly
  52. Deputies approve 2015 Budget
  53. Brazil Runs into the Reality of Race
  54. Massive protests erupt in Mexico over Uber, company responds by offering free rides
  55. Guatemalan girl burned her to death by mob after taxi drive murder involvement
  56. Mexico shoot-out leaves dozens dead
  57. Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub
  58. Polluted waters could force Rio de Janeiro to move 2016 Olympic races
  59. WJC Latin America opens website to combat Holocaust denial
  60. Mining Firms Cut Deals with Mexican Drug Cartels, Group Says
  61. Organized Crime Exacerbates Food Shortages in Venezuela
  62. Mass killings of dogs stuns Mexican city
  63. Argentina charges 4 men in "anti-Semitic" attack on Israeli tourists in Patagonia
  64. New Strategy, Familiar Result: Militarization in Mexico
  65. Guillermo Del Toro: Drug Violence Has Left Mexico in "Social Decay"
  66. 11, including 5 federal police, killed in Mexico ambush
  67. Venezuelans Mobilize in Marches and Military Exercises in Defense of Sovereignty Against U.S. Aggres
  68. Nearly a million protest Brazil's president, economy, corruption
  69. Jewish Mossad Double Agents Being Axed Wholesale by Argentine Government?
  70. MEXICO - Police, protesters clash outside Acapulco's airport; 1 dead
  71. Uruguay Unhappy With Resettled Guantanamo Refugees
  72. Amid wave of thefts, Mexico won't ship gasoline in pipelines
  73. Former Guantanamo detainee in Argentina, calls for asylum
  75. Prison breakout in Brazil after guards fall for fake ‘orgy’ plan
  76. Acapulco, Mexico 61 rotting bodies found at funeral home
  77. Two murders a day, horrific kidnappings and even the police don't dare enter: Inside the ghost towns
  78. COLOMBIA - ELN, smugglers accused of killing 3 cops, 1 govt official in northeast Colombia
  79. Argentina sentences four ex-officers to life in prison
  80. Jewish governor named Brazil’s minister of defense
  81. Four women, 13 children at risk of murder in PNG after being accused of witchcraft, missionary says
  82. Mexican Cartel Members Kidnap a US Border Patrol Agent
  83. Retailer in Peru forced to pull catalogue filled with blond models
  84. Giant SWASTIKA spotted in swimming pool of luxury mansion
  85. Uruguay elects president with ties to Israel, Jewish community
  86. Protesters storm, set on fire Mexico City's National Palace
  87. Afro-Brazilian women criticise 'racist' take on Sex and the City
  88. Jews 'forced' to leave Guatemala village
  89. Mexican five-year-old boy has his eyes gouged out with spoon by his mother in satanic ritual
  90. Armed gang carries out biggest theft in Chilean history
  91. Bolivia Claims Israel a ‘Terror State’
  92. Mexican police rescue 165 kidnapped migrants
  93. FBI: Mexican drug cartel kidnapped St. Matthews man for non-payment
  94. Brazil’s World Cup Raises Fear of Rampant Child Prostitution
  95. Flyover collapses in Brazil World Cup host city
  96. Men Beheaded With Chainsaw By Mexican Cartel
  97. SÃO PAULO Protest March in São Paulo Turns Violent
  98. Mexico's Zetas drug gang split raises bloodshed fears
  99. Mexico drugs war: Mass grave found in Verazcruz
  100. Another Strike Declared in Brazil
  101. Dozens of bodies found in Mexican mass grave
  102. Mexican drug trafficking suspect arrested en route to World Cup
  103. Brazil: Fan Killed by Police for Bringing Pepsi Bottle to World Cup Game
  104. World Cup 2014: Tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades on the streets of Sao Paulo as tournament
  105. Sao Paolo faces threat of World Cup transport chaos
  106. Brazil still straining to complete World Cup stadiums 10 days before kickoff
  107. Mexico Recalculates Number of Missing to 8,000
  108. World Cup 2014: Brazil's Indigenous Tribes Taking On The Riot Police With Bows And Arrows
  109. Buenos Aires Bank Workers to Strike on Thursday
  110. Stuck in Tijuana hoping for a miracle: the deportees with nowhere to go
  111. Mexican police arrest children's organ harvester
  112. Cannibal killing finally revealed: The gruesome details of how Rockefeller heir was gutted and cooke
  113. A Third World Disaster Zone: UN Report on Haiti, 2013
  114. Brazilian referee beheaded: Angry fans put head on a stake after stabbing of player
  115. video of violence and poverty in Vénézuela
  116. Coahuila's Clandestine Grave Body Count Rises to 500
  117. Slutwalk in Brazil "watch out schocking images"
  118. Murders of Catholic priests in South America
  119. Venezuelan beauty queen slain; daughter survives shooting
  120. Mexican Citizens Rise Up Against Drug Gangs and Corrupt Authorities
  121. The Disappeared and Mexico's New Dirty War
  122. 1.1 million Brazilians murdered in 30 years
  123. Jewish ex-Argentina minister faces probe in bombing
  124. Striking Argentine farmers stop production
  125. Phoenicians in Brazil BC
  126. Mexico cartel leader venerated as folk hero
  127. Hugo Chavez: What the Mainstream is Hiding
  128. Attack Against Caracas Synagogue 'Reminiscent of Kristallnacht'
  129. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wins re-election, defeating grandson of Holocaust survivors
  130. Bolivia Set To Banish Coca-Cola To Mark Mayan End Of Capitalism
  131. Buenos Aires pushes to be ‘kosher capital’ of Latin America
  132. Off Runway, Brazilian Beauty Goes Beyond Blond
  133. Anti-white mestizos want to tear down historic colonial building
  134. Offshore oil is a 'game-changer' for Falkland Islands
  135. Young Europeans flock to Argentina for job opportunities
  136. Mexico's new drug ballads tell of decapitations and torture
  137. Top Argentine official found hanged at summit
  138. Brazil census shows African-Brazilians in the majority for the first time
  139. Rignt Wing White guy new President of Guatimala
  140. South America leads the world
  141. Gunmen dump bodies of 35 slaying victims on busy avenue in Gulf coast city in Mexico
  142. 6.4 quake shakes northern Argentina, capital
  143. Venezuela tops OPEC oil reserves league
  144. Falklands-born artist gives up UK citizenship
  145. Cuba, Venezuela sign $1.4 bln worth of contracts
  146. Carlos Slim, Other Mexican Billionaires Get Richer—But Still Want To Dump Their Poor On Us
  147. Argentina bans smoking in public places
  148. Be careful with Brazilians.
  149. Argentine - Jewish Community Wins Injunction against Google
  150. Brazil is no longer majority White
  151. Rabbi launches Buenos Aires mayoral bid
  152. Brazil striker Neymar says he was racially abused by fans
  153. 1961 memo claims Ted Kennedy sought to rent brothel
  154. Argentina: (RT) Interview with Adrian Salbuchi
  155. Hugo Chavez Seizing Property from the Rich
  156. Red hair links South American to ancient New Zealand
  157. Brazil Sets Quota for Black Diplomatic Students
  158. AJC Outraged by Chilean Senator's Comments on Jews
  159. Venezuela grants Chavez power to rule by decree...
  160. Police in Buenos Aires cordon off Villa Soldati camp
  161. Clinton probed Argentine leader's 'nerves,' 'anxiety,' 'stress'
  162. Ecuador offers Assange residency...
  163. Venezuela gets $4bn Russian arms loan
  164. Rio Favela Violence: Police Take Control of Gang Stronghold
  165. A new "Israel" planned for Southern Argentina?
  166. Pot Bust: 105 tons of weed arrested in Mexico
  167. Google Street View in Brazil Captures Random Corpses
  168. Coup D'état in Ecuador
  169. Journalism 'under attack' in Mexico
  170. Brazil Separates Into a World of Black and White
  171. Brazilian soccer player faces criminal racism charge
  172. 51 dead found at suspected drug-gang dumping ground in northern Mexico
  173. Argentina Legalizes Gay Marriage
  174. Racism in Mexico rears its ugly head
  175. Ecuador Withdrawing its Ambassador from Israel
  176. Vatican attacked over cardinal's claim of homosexuality and paedophilia link
  177. Putin signs energy deals with Chavez on Venezuela visit
  178. 8.8 Earthquake Hits Chile
  179. Edelstein: Iran Exporting Radical Islam to Latin America
  180. Republic Broadcasting in Your Language
  181. Haitians Stomp on Biscuits after Misreading Expiration Date
  182. Haiti Madness in Pictures: Murder, Riots, Looting, etc.
  183. Haiti Kidnapping on Rise
  184. 7.0 quake hits Haiti, hospital collapses
  185. Ahmadinejad: Brazilian president is to visit Iran
  186. Bolivia proud of its ties with Iran: Morales
  187. Iran, Brazil sign 8 deals
  188. Brazil presses Israel over settlements
  189. Brazil proposes carbon cut target
  190. Hurricane RICK Public Advisory
  191. Argentine Senate Approves Fernandez’s Media Bill
  192. Brazil president blames white people for economic crisis...
  193. Venezuela builds up troops at Colombian border
  194. Bankrupting The Middle Class Slashes Virgin Islands Tourism