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  1. BREAKING: Paris mayor announces plan for migrant camp
  2. Up to half a MILLION refugee families could head to Britain after 2020, report warns
  3. Afghan migrant killed by truck near Calais
  4. Italian, Irish, German ships save more than 650 migrants
  5. Inside the only village in Europe where migrants are BANNED
  6. Migrant numbers growing again at Calais camp
  7. 22 Percent of Resettled Refugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis
  8. EU tells Britain to build more migrant homes as open borders send population soaring
  9. Former MI6 chief warns against visa-free Turkish immigration
  10. Nine out of ten migrants arriving in EU last year were brought in by people smugglers
  11. Migrants from the Caribbean fly 6,000 miles to Turkey in bid to enter Europe
  12. EU court in Brussels plans power grab over human rights cases*of terrorist suspects
  13. Duolingo Reveals Nonwhite Invasion
  14. Troubling development: Pentagon allowed to supply military gear directly to Homeland Security Dept.
  15. Undocumented immigrant with sex assault convictions arrested in Utah
  16. Illegal immigrant criminals released into U.S. despite thousands of vacant detention beds
  17. University Church Offering Sanctuary to Immigrant Fugitive
  18. These Immigrants Are Trying To Become U.S. Citizens To Vote Against Donald Trump
  19. Immigration detainer issued for Elizabeth murder suspect
  20. US giving green cards to more than twice as many Muslim country entrants than Europeans
  21. San Bernardino, Riverside rallies push opposite sides on immigration
  22. Fears 400 refugees have drowned in Mediterranean
  23. Federal Charge Added For Illegal Immigrant That Killed 3 In Wylie Crash
  24. Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Obama's Immigration Action
  25. Dems Have No Real Plan B if Obama's Immigration Actions Fail
  26. 121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
  27. A Slow Motion Train Wreck
  28. 25 SA gang members arrested in ICE-led nationwide operation
  29. Video: Truck driver pleads guilty to smuggling 39 immigrants in 18-wheeler
  30. Feds charge couple with slave labor
  31. California's Obamacare exchange takes a step to bring immigrants in the U.S. illegally into the pool
  32. ACLU alleges Border Patrol looting deported immigrants
  33. Cruz Supported Illegal Invasion
  34. Is yours one of the top cities targeted by globalists and immigration activists?
  35. Immigration by the numbers (MAP)
  36. Lawsuit challenges FBI terror watch list
  37. Illegal immigrant's deadly crash not a 'crime of violence,' ICE says
  38. Capitol Hill Buzz: Joining Immigration Fight Against Obama
  39. Advocates Concerned Bangladeshi Asylum Seekers May Be #Deported2Death
  40. Immigration Consultant Charged
  41. Mexico TV station films drugs smugglers sneaking into US by scaling Arizona border fence
  42. Officials see 'influx' of Cuban immigrants as lawmakers eye immigration change
  43. Ten mile stretch of US-Mexico border unmanned for days
  44. Border Patrol Chief testifies: Major spike in Muslims trying to enter the country
  45. Brussels Bombing Further Fractures EU, as Europeans Now in Full-On Survival Mode
  46. States With the Most Undocumented Immigrants
  47. Activists Warn Bangladeshi Asylum Seekers May Be Deported En Masse
  48. 'Religious Test'' a Requirement for Refugees After All
  49. Border Patrol: DHS has “no intention” of deporting illegal immigrants
  50. Cuban immigrants face resentment in Texas over 'preferential treatment'
  51. How to deal with immigrant crime
  52. President Obama's collateral damage of illegal immigration
  53. Migrants Place Babies On Train Tracks, Demand ‘Racist’ Europe Open It's Borders
  54. Hacker publishes contact info for 20,000 FBI employees
  55. ICE Has Accidentally Deported Thousands of American Citizen
  56. A judge thinks 3-year-olds can defend themselves, so immigration lawyers tried it on their own kids
  57. Pope: Middle East Immigration invasion Brings Positive Change
  58. Commissioners: No refugees here
  59. Arrests On Southern Border Rise Amid Warnings of Record-Breaking Surge
  60. Illegal immigration by children and families dips slightly on U.S.-Mexico border
  61. UN warns on legality of EU deal to return migrants to Turkey
  62. Lunch Break (3/8/16): Student group to call on CMS to support undocumented immigrants in schools
  63. Obama’s Double Migration “Surge”: Muslim “Refugees” and Unaccompanied Children
  64. Europe’s Future: “This Will End in Social Breakdown, Warfare, and Bloodshed"
  65. Rubio's Lies on Immigration
  66. HOLY CRAP: Nearly Half Of Texas Wants To Ban Muslim Immigration
  67. 'Sanctuary city' policy puts an end to NOPD's immigration enforcement
  68. Pence orders appeal of court decision on Syrian refugee resettlement
  69. Latino Invasion Set for New Record
  70. Over 131,000 migrants reached Europe in 2016: UN
  71. U.S. Issues 10,000 Deportation Orders for Young Central Americans
  72. U.S. Citizen Sues Federal Immigration Agency For Detaining Him For 36 Days
  73. Legal clinic can assist immigrants with guardianship paper
  74. Owner of home where 5 men died indicted by grand jury
  75. Feds will give immigration priority on released inmates
  76. 17 Countries Refuse to Take Back Phony Refugees
  77. Immigration Reform 2016: New Orleans Police To Stop Profiling Potential Undocumented Immigrants
  78. Protesters in Manhattan call on Obama to stop feds from deporting illegal immigrants
  79. Incredible: Up to 90,000 dangerous illegals set free
  80. US churches defy government by offering sanctuary to undocumented migrants
  81. Data Shows Almost 5 Percent of State Prisoners Are Undocumented Immigrants
  82. Act for America - Join ACT's Refugee Resettlement Working Group
  83. New administration should add Border Patrol to interior ICE offices
  84. DUI Suspect bonds out of jail, released from immigration hold
  85. What Would You Change About the U.S. Immigration System?
  86. Border Surge Solution: Send ‘Em to Camp David!
  87. NJ town providing legal tips to illegal immigrants to skirt ICE raids
  88. Missing In America: Millions Of Non-Immigrant Aliens
  89. Raids on asylum seekers must stop
  90. Assembly to take up 'sanctuary cities' bill
  91. Protesters Block Downtown Traffic, Demand End To Deportations
  92. More Green Cards Granted Each Month than South Carolina Issues High School Diplomas Annually
  93. Teens charged in gruesome killing entered U.S. as 'kids'
  94. Los Angeles Declares City's Schools Safe Zone for Immigrant Students
  95. America is lending smartphones to immigrants caught at the border
  96. Heckler Says ‘Illegal Immigrants Are The Backbone Of Our Country’… Gets SCHOOLED By Trump
  97. Nearly Half Of 2015 California Driver's Licenses Were For Undocumented Immigrants
  98. Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants
  99. After recent ICE raids, sanctuary movement grows for immigrants here illegally
  100. Refugee Controversy Hits U.S. Heartland
  101. "Staggering": 680,000 Muslims to U.S. under Obama
  102. Student activists call on officials to boost resources for immigrants
  103. US Govt. Has “Bypassed US Immigration Law”
  104. Hundreds of 'sanctuary' cities come under Congressional scrutiny
  105. Jordanian Weapons Smuggler In Central Florida Sentenced To 33 Months In Federal Prison
  106. Cuba and U.S. address trafficking in persons and migration fraud
  107. U.S. illegal immigrant population falls below 11 million, continuing nearly decade-long decline
  108. 24 Sinaloa Cartel Members Arrested in US-Mexico Border Raid
  109. Protesters denounce immigration raids in New Brunswick
  110. OC escapee gives up with plea to friend: Call police
  111. After 2 dismissals, ICE agent asks to block any new charges
  112. License of center housing immigrants revoked
  113. Mega-wealthy businessmen working with Open Borders Left to change YOUR town
  114. Donald Trump says the US has no business taking in Syrian refugees and that he'd send them all back
  115. Rubio and his 'non-criminal' illegal aliens
  116. Photos: Immigration Protest Blocks DTLA Intersectio
  117. DHS Investigating Just 0.05 Percent of 6 Million Illegal Visa Overstays
  118. Supreme Court to take up Obama immigration actions
  119. New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells,” Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico.
  120. Invasion of Europe: The ship is going down
  121. Juanes Urges U.S. to “Humanize” Its Immigration Policy
  122. Conservative Anger Over Immigration Isn't That Complicated
  123. Globalization and the Refugee Crisis
  124. Big turnout against bill on police asking immigrant status
  125. Record number of Cuban migrants cause concern in South Florida
  126. U.S. encourages Central American immigrants to show up in court
  127. Poll: Do you support the Supreme Court's decision to review Obama's immigration order?
  128. Meet the People Who Want to Bring you Amnesty in 2017
  129. Stranded Cuban Migrants Begin Arriving in US
  130. Raids in other states stir fear among immigrants in central Ohio
  131. Lowell cops nab 
illegal immigrant accused of killing officer abroad
  132. Arrests in Border Patrol's Tucson Sector at 20-year low
  133. 50% of Calif. Driver's Licenses Issued to illegals in 2015
  134. Immigration Officials Could Soon Knock On The Doors Of 18,000 Central American Women and Kids
  135. As Federal Government Launches New Deportation Raids, Churches Vow To Take In Immigrants
  136. Democrats call for new amnesty
  137. Amarillo balks at more Mideast refugees
  138. ICE Removes 77 People After Targeted Sweeps of Families in the U.S. Illegally
  139. House committees approve bill to penalize'sanctuary cities for immigrants but give Kidcare to others
  140. New S.F. sheriff to reverse ban on communicating with immigration
  141. Soros Plays Both Ends in Syria Refugee Chaos
  142. Immigration Reform 2016: Amid Obama's Deportation Raids, Maryland County Refuses To Comply
  143. Local advocacy group holds 'know your rights' presentation amid nationwide immigration raids
  144. Congressional Dist. 15 candidates weigh in immigration ruling
  145. U.S. Immigration agents arrest 3 in Michigan's Thumb
  146. The Administration’s .001 Percent Immigration Ploy
  147. Migrant Crisis, Populist Politics, Russian Moves Set To Haunt EU In 2016
  148. As 2016 dawns, Europe braces for more waves of migrants
  149. FBI has confirmed that five Pakistanis and an Afghan detained in Arizona in December
  150. Agents nab Pakistani Muslims with jihad terror connections crossing U.S. border
  151. Obama administration quietly moves to give work permits to '100,000 foreign college grads'
  152. 44 Percent Of Democrats Support Taking Refugees From A Fictional Country
  153. Churches to provide shelter to illegal immigrants
  154. Jerry Lewis: 'Refugees Should Stay Where the Hell They Are'
  155. Immigration Officials Brag About Catching .0002% Of Criminal Aliens (ALIPAC)
  156. New Law Allows Illegals to Vote
  157. Immigrant death sparks riot in Spanish beach city
  158. Immigration Reform In Wisconsin: Republicans Push Bill Penalizing 'Sanctuary Cities'
  159. Immigration officials planning mass deportations in January
  160. New wave of migrant children explain why they traveled solo
  161. Homeland Security plans raids on immigrants who fled wars in Central America
  162. US immigration officials planning raids on Central American immigrants
  163. Prosecutorial discretion can save immigrants from deportation, clears way to apply for employment au
  164. Nutter reverses city rules on detained immigrants
  165. Man arrested on immigration warrant in Hackettstown
  166. Obama's US government has deported its fewest migrants in a DECADE
  167. 1 million migrants enter Europe this year
  168. Welcome to Europe! Soros Adding Fuel to the Fire of EU's Refugee Crisis
  169. Obama Administration Approves 3 Million New Immigrant Workers in One Year
  170. Undocumented immigrant wanted for homicide in Mexico deported from U.S. for third time
  171. Prosecutors seeking death penalty for man in Northeast Ohio crime spree
  172. Pamela Geller: Obama has secretly flooded U.S. with 100,000 Syrians since 2012
  173. $1.6 billion to aid illegals in Ryan's budget bill
  174. Donald Trump appears to have an admirer in Moscow
  175. Exclusive: Homeland Security rejected plan to vet visa applicants’ social media
  176. State Explores Flexing Legal Muscles on Immigration
  177. Immigration activists removed at City Hall
  178. From paradise to nightmare: Sweden's collapse and the declining west
  179. Muslim Population in U.S. to Double by 2050, Study Shows
  180. ***Livin' the Celebrity Dream, 'Refugee' Style***
  181. Federal Judge Denies Texas Request to Block Syrian Refugee Settlement
  182. Video: How Many Americans Are Killed by Illegals Each Year? Thousands.
  183. Clashes At Immigration Rally *LANGUAGE WARNING*
  184. Study finds problems in detecting fraud among asylum seekers
  185. Why Is Obama Hiding Information On Syrian Refugees?
  186. Top Jeb Bush political donor in Miami: I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump
  187. 84 City, Council Officials Urge Supreme Court to Review DAPA Lawsuit
  188. ICE gives away $113 million, says not enough illegal immigrants to deport
  189. Congress: More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in U.S.
  190. Known Muslim Terrorist Caught Being Smuggled Across US-Mexico Border in Trunk of Car
  191. Zuckerberg-backed immigration group Fwd.us gears up for 2016 election
  192. Obama expands ICE powers to pursue illegal immigrants for deportation, angers activists
  193. Helicopters used for law enforcement along Rio Grande
  194. BREAKING: Obama Issues SHOCKING Threat to States Blocking Muslim Refugees… Spread This Everywhere
  195. While Obama Does Nothing, These Vets Are Taking A HUGE Step Against Illegal Immigration
  196. Obama Thanksgiving Address: Syrian Refugees Are Just Like Pilgrims
  197. Hillary Clinton is very sorry for saying “illegal immigrant”
  198. Abbott cites specific law that he says allows him to block refugees
  199. Pro-immigration ad – using potty-mouthed kids to shout obscenities at Trump, GOP – will backfire big
  200. Syrian refugees turn up on U.S.-Mexico border again
  201. Cruz prepares legislation to keep out Syrian Muslim refugees
  202. Still thinking the non violent Muslims are regular citizens?
  203. Immigration Activists March To Save Millions From Deportation
  204. Up to 900 Syrian refugees a day to land in Toronto, Montreal: document
  205. NAFSA CEO Calls Upon Congress to Offer Safe Refuge to Syrians
  206. Study finds more Mexicans leaving the US than coming
  207. Defiant: Tennessee GOP Leader Wants Syrian Refugees Gathered and Out of State
  208. African countries refuse to take back failed EU asylum seekers
  209. ABC Omits Polls Showing Majority of Americans Oppose Obama on Syrian Refugees
  210. Immigration and Terrorist Groups Named by Texans as Greatest Threats to U.S.
  211. Repeat after me: Obama is not admitting 100,000, 200,000 or 250,000 Syrian refugees
  212. poll :Should Islam’s Supremacist Shariah Be Allowed to Transform America?
  213. Post-Paris, Obama Doubles Down: More Refugees Coming
  214. Rick Scott joins ranks of governors opposing Syrian refugees in U.S.
  215. Lawmakers question Syrian refugee program in U.S.
  216. Brown says Syrian refugees to California will be vetted
  217. Anti-migrant mood deepens in Central Europe after Paris
  218. Abbott: No Syrian refugees in Texas
  219. ACLU sends letter to Fresno sheriff urging end to collaboration with immigration officials
  220. New York Senator Wants to Take in 1.5 Million Muslim Migrants
  221. 39 immigrants found in locked 18-wheeler
  222. The Refugees Who Come Alone
  223. Man Accused of Driving Over Dallas Officer Is in U.S. Illegally: Officials
  224. Texas Border Officials Concerned About ISIS Infiltrators
  225. Gang illegal immigrant assault police unprovoked
  226. Group sends immigration warning during GOP debate
  227. Sheriff to meet with coalition on ICE cooperation in county jail
  228. Federal Court Strikes Obama's Immigration Order
  229. Court again blocks Obama's plan to protect undocumented migrants
  230. Anti-cop violence spreads as illegal immigrant gang member slugs deputy sitting in car
  231. Illegal Immigrants Release 'Bill of Rights'
  232. Hamtramck is 1st American city to elect majority Muslim council
  233. US moves to increase intake of Syrian refugees
  234. US border agency staff rejects body cameras
  235. Who is Dmitry Orlov? And, is the end nigh for Germany?
  236. 13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim 'refugees'
  237. Feds: 81,038 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children Placed In All 50 States, D.C. in Last Two Years
  238. Texas governor says he'll deny 'sanctuary cities' some funds
  239. Rep. Barry Loudermilk: refugee resettlement “could prove to be disastrous”
  240. Obama’s Secret Destruction of Our Immigration System
  241. ICE agents arrest 111 in Utah
  242. San Francisco sheriff loses re-election bid amid 'sanctuary city' controversy
  243. Texas Divide: Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities
  244. Hillary Clinton Embraces Obama’s Immigration Policy and Contempt for Congress
  245. Nearly 180,000 criminal illegal aliens ordered deported but still at large
  246. Marco Rubio's New Billionaire Backer Funds Open Borders
  247. Immigrants caught at border believe families can stay in US
  248. Islam: Hating Women and Silencing Feminists
  249. North Carolina outlaws sanctuary cities
  250. Immigration Protesters Take on Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez