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  1. Illegals Deluge Calif. DMV With Driver's License Applications
  2. Cruel Reality: Obama Paying for Illegal Amnesty With Fees Paid by Legal Immigrants
  3. U.S. to accept Syrian refugees in greater numbers after slow start
  4. Homeland Security already hiring 1,000 employees to carry out Obama amnesty
  5. Half of Country Now Suing Obama over Immigration
  6. FY2014 Reception and Placement (R&P) Network Affiliates Map
  7. US: Latest Census predicts Whites minority a decade earlier than expected.
  8. 25,108,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
  9. I am an Englishman (must watch!)
  10. Immigration Wars
  11. Zionist Federation speaker: immigration will be death of Europe
  12. You’ll Be Shocked to See How Much It Cost to House 1,200 Illegals For 4 Just Months
  13. Palestinian Activist Convicted of Immigration Fraud
  14. 17 states suing over immigration
  15. Obama's Free Pass To Illegals
  16. Obama: Only Native Americans Can Legitimately Object to Immigration
  17. What Would Happen if all of the Illegal Aliens Left America?
  18. Third World Racial Tensions in Multicultural Britain
  19. Obama plan to shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation -NY Times
  20. Half of Current Jobs Could Go to Machines in a Decade – Why do We Need All These Mexicans
  21. Illegal Aliens Commit Nearly 400 Child Sexual Assaults in North Carolina During October
  22. Income Inequality Will Worsen with Millions of Immigrants Who ‘Work for Peanuts’
  23. A Picture, a Video … and the Case Against Multiculturalism.
  24. “Westerners” should “open the gates” to “refugees”
  25. Disturbing: How Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent on Illegal Immigrant Kids
  26. Could non-citizens decide the November election?
  27. Congolese Refugee “Women at Risk” in U.S. Need Trauma-Related Services
  28. Immigrant keeps suicide watch over fellow refugees from Bhutan
  29. Ineligible DACA Beneficiaries Discovered on NC Voting Rolls
  30. Another U.S. city protesting influx of U.N. refugees
  31. Questions for Multiculturalists
  32. US Plans to Print 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan
  33. US Gov't to allow some Haitians to immigrate faster
  34. Report: More Africans Entered US in Last Decade than During 300 Years of Slave Trade
  35. Obama wants Amnesty because America is part of the Global Universe
  36. A Capital City Untouched by Diversity
  37. CHICAGO anti-amnesty/Obama protests?
  38. 70 Percent of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Threatens Traditional Culture
  39. Zack Taylor Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico
  40. Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to Fast-Track Invasion of U.S.
  41. Immigration: The Reserve Army of Capital
  42. 70% of Arabs in Gaza, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem want to emigrate to west
  43. VIDEO: 50 Million Muslims in Europe and 80% are Living on Welfare
  44. Shocking, hidden agenda behind border crisis
  45. Support amnesty? Wait till you learn what happens to Mexican gangbangers on US soil
  46. Government Hiring Escorts for 65,000 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children
  47. Illegal Aliens invade Seattle. Police,DHS, conplicit
  48. Border agent laments gang members entering U.S.: ‘Why are we letting him in here?’
  49. EU is paying European countries to bring in more immigrants.
  50. Surge of Children Crossing US-Mexico Border Alone
  51. Texas Releases Hundreds of Immigrants Due to Lack of Space in Detention Centers
  52. This is what it’s like to cross the US border from Mexico
  53. What the heck is Barbara Spectre's motivation
  54. World poverty, immigration & Gumballs
  55. At a downtown church, ‘Dreamers’ speak of fears of deportation
  56. Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States?
  57. Racist? So what!
  58. Sen. Sessions: 'Deliberate Plan by President' to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System
  59. Mexico: Hundreds of children abandoned on the road in the United States
  60. My Tram Experience The Mantra Response
  61. German Muslims Are Angered At Insinuation That Muslims Are Easily Angered
  62. "A lesson on immigration from an American Indian | David Yeagley"
  63. France: an african woman explain she can't her rent she is asking more welfare
  64. Amnesty for All, Jobs for None
  65. Video: New black panther party chased out of Town
  66. Controlled Media : Illegal Immigrants as “Infiltrators” in Israel, but “Asylum Seekers” in Eu
  67. Nebraska city to keep illegal immigration rules
  68. Attack on America 1996 communists/chicanos/illegalimmigrants VS americains
  69. List of most common surnames in North America
  70. The Changing Character of US Immigration
  71. The Muslim Agenda
  72. State Enforced multiculturalism and multiracialism ie white genocide
  73. Invasion of Europe by islam and immigration
  74. The Aztec Al-Qaeda terroris america
  75. Old Jamaican woman in CVS in NYC
  76. The Failure of the Cultural Death Camps
  77. Turkish "community leader" boasts of imminent takeover of Germany by immigrants
  78. EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief
  79. Illegal Immigrants from India Stream Into US From Mexico
  80. Latinos, Whites split on immigrant laws OK'd by Governor Brown
  81. Companies Lay off Thousands, then Demand Immigration Reform
  82. DHS Approves Over 80% of DREAMers Who Apply for Legal Status
  83. Report: Paul Ryan Is Co-Writing Amnesty Bill That Will Grant Citizenship to 11 Million Illegals
  84. Immigration: The Meaning of Amnesty & Remittances To Mexico
  85. Battle threatens to dwarf debt-limit fight as many Republicans fear power of 17 MILLION IMMIGRANTS
  86. The African Boat Invasion: If Europeans did it to Africa, the World would Scream “Colonization”
  87. URGENT!!!! Communist Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL) shows his TRUE COLORS on so-called Immigration Reform
  89. The Asylum Amnesty—The Treason Lobby’s New Plot To Dispossess America
  90. Communist Rep. Gutiérrez claims 40-50 Repub. Traitors will vote for Amnesty bill
  91. Student left in DEA cell to get $4 million from Justice Dept.
  92. The Invasion of Sharia Law
  93. Whippings and Deportations: How a Nonwhite Country Deals with Illegal Invaders
  94. Joe Klein: Immigration will save the U.S. from White racism
  96. Dendias calls on EU to help Greece with immigration by accepting more migrants
  97. Illegal Immigrants & Violence: Do you notice a pattern?
  98. Buchanan: Hispanic influx from immigration bill could break US into ‘two countries’
  99. Immigration reform: lower wages, more unemployment, and lots more illegal aliens
  100. Muslim take UK
  101. Traitor Boehner sees immigration bill by year's endBoehner sees immigration bill by year's end
  102. Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’
  103. Three possible roads ahead for immigration reform in the House
  104. Pastor Manning: Blacks will be deported back to Africa after being replaced by Mexicans
  105. 10 Problems With Having Immigrant Parents
  106. Enoch Powell warned us...
  107. Census Bureau Figures Highlight Urgent Need for European Ethnostate
  108. Immigration Bill Contains Slush Funds for Pro-Amnesty Groups
  109. 11 Things That The Obama Administration Is Doing To Promote More Illegal Immigration
  110. IMMIGRATION is not the main issue.
  111. Fraudulent tax refunds yield a bonanza for illegal immigrants
  112. Illegals now flooding U.S. border
  113. 'Illegal immigrant' becoming 'illegal invader'?
  114. Where did all the White People Go?
  115. Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported
  116. Jews play a "leading role" in promoting multiculturalism in Europe
  117. Nationwide WN Rally Against Illegal Immigration 2/23/13
  118. South Texas: Illegal Aliens Are Coming in Larger Numbers
  119. Irony Black Compton Gang banger talks of Mexicans taking over his neighborhood..familiar huh
  120. Government Website For Immigrants: Come To America And Take Advantage Of Our Free Stuff
  121. Tribal America
  122. Why is the US Importing 577,298 Foreign Tech Workers This year?
  123. Muslim Mafia In US Operates With Impunity
  124. Murdering Iowa...
  125. Why should people in historically white nations be afraid of the dark?
  126. Posted immigration comment on Yahoo Answers, but was rejected. Why?
  127. Immigrants prove big business for prison companies
  128. Asians Surpassing Hispanics As #1 Immigrant Race To America
  129. Communists who hate America, working agianst US and who need to move to Mexico
  130. Excellent Anti-Amnesty House Speech By Mo Brooks
  131. Let's Drive to Mexico and...
  132. European Preservation Society - Video - 2012
  133. American People: Foreigners In Our Own Land
  134. Romney favors 'REFORM'!
  135. The American dream:
  136. How Whites Took Over America video with Coach Bob Whitaker
  137. A native Indian's perspective on Breivik
  138. Multiculturalism's deadly manifestations growing in America
  139. The Congressional Globe, May 30, 1866 (Apply this to 2012)
  140. 10 Illegal Alien Facts
  141. Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo
  142. Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs Video
  143. Mississippi House Passes Tough Immigration Law
  144. Texas 2 Time "Teacher of the Year" Suspended for "Offensive" Comment to Mexican Student
  145. An Immigration Patriot Picks Apples
  146. Feds say Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated civil rights
  147. North Carolina billboards express support for "immigrants"
  148. Connecticut mayor wants illegals to vote
  149. Federal Judge - Students have NO RIGHT to wear pro-America clothing or display an American flag
  150. Chicago Tribune Excellent series on Mex criminals escaping to Mexico
  151. Illegal Alien Children Put in Foster Homes While Parents Deported to Mexico
  152. THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION : Like marrying a woman with baggage.
  153. Ron Paul F on Immigration - He's doing better now thanks to folks here
  154. Appeals Court Reverses Parts of Alabama's New Immigration Laws
  155. study: minority school performance and teacher race
  156. Hispanic Students Vanish from Alabama Schools
  157. Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty and The Death of A Nation
  158. Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case
  159. MEXICO: Your friendly Rogue Regime.
  160. Europeans overwhelmingly against immigration: Poll
  161. Chinese rush to buy US land and immigrate
  162. Obama to Renew Push for Immigration Reform
  163. Latest sign that your state might be browning
  164. Reporter buys Haitian slave for $150....Human trafficking
  165. The Truth about Diversity!
  166. Genetic Decline of Western Civilization: Denmark as a Case Study
  167. Adam Carolla Speaks Truth About Illegal Aliens Have Destroyed Los Angeles
  168. Feces & Urine Problem In Downtown El Paso
  169. Immigrants Taught to Hate America
  170. Illegal Immigrants Abusing Affirmative Action !
  171. Administration’s Border Security Index an Excuse for Inaction
  172. “Social Justice” Demands Open Borders
  173. U.S. to Spend Up to $2.5 Million on Mexican-Truck Recorders
  174. U.S. funds, Arizona effort help Mexico trucks pollute less
  176. Arizona to Build Own Fence on US-Mexico Border
  177. NY MAYOR: What Detroit Needs Is More Mexicans...!
  178. La Raza Mob Shouts Down Arizona Attorney General Interview
  179. May 1st.
  180. La Raza Student Mob Shuts Down Tucson School Board Meeting
  181. Illegal Haitian Kills White Woman After Rejecting His Advances
  182. Georgia Lawmakers Pass Arizona-style Immigration Bill
  183. S.L. County GOP Bucks Governor on Immigration
  184. Not Doing the Jobs American's Won't Do: 70% of Illegals on Welfare
  185. Senate Leadership Hires La Raza Democrat To Redistrict
  186. Obama to Border Patrol: Don’t Even Bother
  187. Racial remarks spark reprimand of Nevada official
  188. Mexican Invaders Pulling Out All The Stops To Jump Southern Border
  189. Low Birth rate and replacement
  190. Senate Rejects Bill to End Immigrant Licenses
  191. Who started all this mess ?
  192. Jose and Carlos
  193. Roadmap to canadian Immigration
  194. Arpaio's Deputies Served Racist Taunts at McDonald's
  195. Doctor Refuses Illegal Alien Treatment
  196. Illegal Alien enforcement program takes a toll on U.S. Hispanic populations
  197. Arizona Bill Targets Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants
  198. GOP Wants a Return to Workplace Immigration Raids
  199. Just another "benefit" from Mexicans...
  200. Parents of Dead Mexican Teenager Sue United States
  201. What do mexicans love? Let me count the ways.
  202. Buoys strung on border canal to prevent drownings
  203. Legal or not ,what's the dif?
  204. The Mexican: Not your typical Latino.
  205. Immigration Invasion Numbers Undercounted by U.S. Govt. says California Govt.
  206. The Mexican accident.
  207. Mexicans and their wants.
  208. White domination in the world.
  209. Israeli immigrant arrested for largest case of Human Trafficking in US history.
  210. Refugee Resettlement Scam
  211. Mexican Immigrants vs. All others.
  212. The U.S. is Spending $18.6 Million Per Day to Incarcerate Illegal Aliens
  213. United Nations Takes Aim At Arizona
  214. Hypocritical Mexico is now building their own wall on border with Guatemala
  215. Admission: Jews Will Have Leading Role in Europe's Racial 'Transformation'
  216. ADL, La Raza and Asian Groups Against White Arizonans
  217. Poll: 65% of Texans Want Immigration-Enforcement Law Like Arizona’s
  218. Hispanics Now Largest Group in Escondido
  219. Illegal Immigrants Sparked Large Brush Fire, Authorities Say
  220. Number of Illegals in America Has Dropped!
  221. Small Town Steps In Because Feds Are “Failing on Immigration”
  222. Pittsburgh Police No Longer Enforcing Immigration Laws
  223. Asylum Granted to Mexican Woman in Case Setting Standard on Domestic Abuse
  224. Eight percent of U.S. births to illegal immigrants
  225. Florida immigrant crackdown aims to outdo Arizona laws
  226. Classic 1954 Deportation Video
  227. Money For Border Security Gets Cut
  228. Nun Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien
  229. US ranchers fight to protect farms in illegal migration route
  230. Obama Tries to Bypass Congress on Amnesty Vote
  231. Sheriff Joe Still Arresting Illegals
  232. Morons Block Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Results Are What You Would Expect
  233. Sentencing Delayed For Man Guilty Of Green Card Fraud
  234. Arizona protest thread.......
  235. Arizona lost two important points of law in first round
  236. Some Evangelicals Turn on America
  237. There’s Nothing as Permanent as a Temporary Refugee
  238. NY Mayor Bloomberg : Give A Green Card To Anyone Who Wants One
  239. Obama Administration sues Arizona over Immigration Law
  240. UN: Record number of refugees to need resettlement - Summary
  241. An Arizona Physician comments on illegal immigrants
  242. Arizona's Africans wonder what immigration law means for them
  243. Rep. Pete Stark,Mocks Border Security Advocates: Who Are You Going to Kill today?
  244. Napolitano: ‘You’re Never Going to Totally Seal That Border’
  245. Barack Obama's immigration gamble
  246. SPLC (Jewish Org.) Arizona Immigration Law Violates Constitution
  247. Florida pushes for Arizona-style law
  248. Milwaukee County Supervisor Claims Arizona doesn't border Mexico!
  249. Two protesters fined for actions against anti-immigration group
  250. White House Says Kyl Lies on Immigration