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  1. New Poll Finds That 80% Of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities
  2. Wiesenthal Center Calls For Task Force To Probe JCC Bomb Threats
  3. Kooky Prof. Bemoans 'Racist Grammar' ............... Newspeak Needed
  4. Sudden Death of Russian UN Ambassador
  5. Spangdahlem, Germany HATO Airbase Panic Message: 'MISSILE INBOUND. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!'
  6. ZOG aka War Party v. Trump?
  7. Mark Zuckerberg writes essay promoting Globalism and attacking Trump.
  8. Powerful union boss praises Trump
  9. DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups
  10. Mongolians had 13 pounds of horse genitals concealed in their luggage
  11. Muslim family (hubby 29, wife 17 , daughter 4) left baby alone in car almost an hour
  12. Methodist McMurray University (Abilene, TX) Dedicates Prayer Room for Muslims
  13. Vendor found selling swastika t-shirts at USC
  14. Is the Left Playing with Fire Again? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  15. Google has cut two anti-Semitic websites from its ads Platform
  16. Billboard in Detroit Warns: "Black People are Being Pushed out of Detroit" via Gentrification
  17. Deep State and US-Russo/Irano Wars: Bye Bye Gen. Flynn, Ousted NatSec Advisor
  18. 100,000 People Are Evacuating Over "Imminent Failure" Of California's Oroville Dam
  19. Tennessee Passes Bill Allowing People To Hit Protesters Blocking Roads
  20. Trump Must Break Judicial Power By Patrick J. Buchanan
  21. 160 Arrested Across Southern California In Immigration Crackdown
  22. Sudanese Refugee in Utah Threatens, Rapes, Impregnates a 13-Year Old Child
  23. Four Black Thugs Accused Of Facebook Live Torture Of White Man, Plead Not Guilty!
  24. Inmate’s special meal request may cost taxpayers millions
  25. CENCOM Commander: "Afghan War a Stalemate ... More US Troops Needed Pronto to Avert Collapse"
  26. Ron Paul Blasts Abrams, Points Out Vicious Anti-Trump Recent Past
  27. Mexican Standoff in Phoenix: ICE Deportation Effort Frozen
  28. Vet-Owned Coffee Store Responds to Starbucks, Vows to Hire 10,000 Vets
  29. About 20 Rabbis Arrested During Protest Over Trump Travel Ban
  30. Madonna, Sterile Poster-Whore of White Genocide, Doubles Down
  31. 13 Term Congoid Rep. Maxine Waters Displays Press Conf. Idiocy: "Putin Invading Korea"
  32. “Behead them in their own homes”: Pennsylvania Muslim drew up assassination list of US military
  33. Stench o' Soros Pervades Raft of Anti-Trump Visa Lawsuits
  34. Neocon-Ziocrazy Elliot Abrams to be Named Deputy Secy of State: Report
  35. Attn 'Pastor' Hagee/Other Christianette-zionists: What About This?
  36. New campaign seeks to mandate Holocaust education in Indiana
  37. Man freed early from life sentence by Obama back in jail
  38. Congressional GOP RINOs Subversion Stampede Over Mexican Wall Plans
  39. Graham & McCaine Tour Ukrainian Frontline Troop Units; Beg for Anti-Russian Offensive
  40. Poll: Majority of Americans Still Support Refugee Halt
  41. Attn Dozing US 'Secret' Service: Congoid Rapper Threatens Trump Assassination
  42. Trump Decries Israeli "Unilateral' Settlement Erections; Backs 2-State Solution?
  43. Black & Brown Don't Mix
  44. Trump Booby-Trapped into US-Iranian War?
  45. Clinton Foundation shutting down one charity department as number of donors drops
  46. Under Obongo FBI Investigated WN Infiltration of Various Police Agencies; Explosive Rpt Suppressed
  47. Bill allowing Holocaust survivors to sue insurers in U.S. courts is reintroduced
  48. Uncowed by MSM Hysteria, White America Sides with Trump
  49. Government Has Been Paying Companies to Hire Foreigners Instead of Americans
  50. Populist Leaders Praise Trump’s Refugee Ban as Model for Europe
  51. Boycott Starbucks: CEO Announces Plan to Hire Thousands of Refugees!
  52. Sheriff Clarke: 'I’m Tired of One-Percenters like Mark Zuckerberg' Lecturing Us About Who We Are
  53. WH: No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too
  54. President Trump: Don't Take a Chance on Being 'Soutered' by Nominating Thos. Hardiman for SCOTUS!
  55. "It Will Come to Blood" by Peter Brimlow .... White America vs. the Darkening and Violent Tide
  56. Give Puerto Rico Independence ..... Or Pay the Price!
  57. A Two-State Solution ......................For California!
  58. Lesbian 'Comedienne' Tomlin Hyperventilates at Hollyweird SAG 'Awards': Likens Trump Admin. to Nazis
  59. Libtard/MSM Fury Over Airport Muslim Dententions Hypocrisy Exposed
  60. The Women Movement’s Embrace of Rape-Torturer Psychopath Donna Hylton
  61. Secret Klan rally recorded at Ohio university
  62. Silicon Sleazeballs in Panic Over Trump Muslim-Exclusion
  63. MSM "Fake News"/Lie No.: 3,945 (since 1/1/17) .... 'Mass Resignations' from State Dept. Debunked
  64. Trump declares victory as city revokes ‘sanctuary city’ policies
  65. 17 Colombian men linked to 120 Houston-area burglaries
  66. Richard Spencer: Attacks on the Alt Right
  67. "White supremacist" shot at leftist rally
  68. Report: More Than 300k Human Trafficking Victims Found in Texas
  69. Five Illegal Aliens Arrested After Shooting Woman 13 Times, Say Police
  70. Trump vs. Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate? Trump's Khazar Treasury Sec Resists Fed Audit
  71. Trump Declares War on Sanctuary Cities; Executive Order Strips Cities of Federal Grants
  72. Trump: Wall Construction on Mex Frontier to Begin "In Months" ...."Mexico to Pay as Promised"...
  73. Trump vs. US Senate
  74. Trump Giving Neo-Cons a Deaf Ear
  75. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ready to open new office in Pittsfield, Mass
  76. Illegal Immigrant Accused of Raping, Slitting Throat of Woman
  77. Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump
  78. Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities
  79. TPP: D E A D !!!
  80. George Soros-Tied Activists Behind Campaign to Impeach Trump
  81. Michael Moore Confronted by the Alt-Right
  82. Fight at Hope High School Caught on Camera
  83. SJW fail: Limo Torched in DC Protests Belongs to Muslim Immigrant, May Cost $70,000 in Damages
  84. Anti-Trump Leftist Hysteria | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux
  85. CIA: British Intelligence Betrayed Poor Jews in '47
  86. Trump v. The World (and His Own Cabinet)
  87. 'We remember': An international campaign to remember the Holocaust
  88. Fake news: not many showed up for Trumps inaugeration
  89. White man set on fire on NYC subway
  90. Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Charged with Conspiracy for Plotting Attacks on DeploraBall
  91. Mentally lost and confused Madonna drops F-bombs at Women's march attended by some kids
  92. White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in face by protester during interview
  93. Former ESPN exec: Too many Whites at Trump's inaugeration
  94. Trump Speech, Despite Racial Cant, a Real Shocker for Washington, District o' Corruption
  95. SJWs act up at Trump inaugeration
  96. Deutsche Bank Sued in U.S. by Jewish Trust Over $3 Billion
  97. David Frum still hates Trump
  98. Trump and Team will determine who will get White House press access for briefings and conferences.
  99. Muslim Discrimination In US, Europe: Muslims Have Become ‘Convenient Scapegoats’ UN Security General
  100. Why the CIA Cannot Be a Truly Effective Clandestine/Analytical Intelligence Organ
  101. Will Mark Zuckerberg quit Facebook to become the US President?
  102. Montana anti-meth campaign casts Frozen's Elsa as jailbird addict
  103. USMC Deployed to ...... Norwegian-Russian Frontier; Norwegian-Russian For. Troops Agreement Trashed
  104. TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew
  105. Anti-Racist group planning to gas people at Trump Inauguration
  106. CIA Chief Brennan Upset Over Trump's 'Nazi' Comparison to CIA; Threatens President-Elect
  107. Scary Inauguration Day Surprise: WWIII Courtesy of Obongo and His Masters
  108. Liberty Movement/Libertarians New Trump Resisters? Or Do They Split into Pro and Anti-Trump Camps?
  109. Arkansas tries to strip Gen. Lee from Martin Luther King Day
  110. DoD Completely Delusional About 15+ Yr Afghan War: "We Feel Good About the Sit. Right Now in Afgh."
  111. Obongo & Fanged Minions Race for New Hires, Set Weird Executive Orders in Final Hours ---
  112. MILO UC Davis Event Cancelled After Leftists Tear Down Barricades, Engage In Violence
  113. U.S. Intelligence Agencies are undermining Trump
  114. George Takei: We must stand up for Muslims in the U.S.
  115. Twitter User Demands ‘500 Nazi Scalps’
  116. Worker Addressing Downed Power Line Is Robbed of $2 at Gunpoint in Detroit
  117. Two Black Men 'Rape a White Women While Yelling Racial Slurs' Outside of a Colorado Strip Mall
  118. Curious Removal of DC Nat'l Guard Commander Set for Middle of Trump Inauguration
  119. Further Evidence of US-ISIS Complicity in Syria .... From the Bloody Lips of John Kerry Himself
  120. Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Designate Muslim Brotherhood As Terrorist Organization
  121. TNB
  122. Politico: Ukrainian Officials Secretly Targeted Trump, Helped Clinton, During Election
  123. Nevada Congress members want McCarran statue removed from US Capitol
  124. Georgetown Professor Calls For Whites To Have An I.R.A. – "Individual Reparations Account"
  125. Vladimir Putin Just Exposed the Plot to Destroy America
  126. A Scary Glimpse into the Future of What ZOG has in Store for Us
  127. Liberal CEO Slams Middle America: ‘No Educated Person Wants to Live in Sh*thole With Stupid People’
  128. Baltimore in 'Crisis' Due to Officer Shortage After Months of Anti-Police Policies
  129. Border Patrol Agents Capture Mexican Murder Suspect Fleeing to U.S.
  130. Feds Admit To Putting Migrants on Planes for U.S. Destinations
  131. Firefox blocks White News Now as "Deceptive site"
  132. A San Francisco CEO Demonstrates why Liberals Will Never Understand Rural America
  133. 11-year-old girl impregnated; Dreamer charged
  134. Jihad at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport
  135. Four arrested after man being tortured was streamed live on Facebook
  136. Neocons Declare Jerusalem Capitol of New World Order
  137. Three more (White) Women disappear near Sherri Papini crime scene.
  138. Pennsylvania: 14 Year Old White Thought-Criminal Demonized Despite First Amendment
  139. Neo-Con Russophobes Target their Hapless Natasha for Fake DNC Hack
  140. Scary Wash. Post Russian Hack of Vermont Elec. Utility Debunked ..... by WAPO
  141. Two Blacks Rob a Nine-Year-Old White Child's Lemonade Stand
  142. Vermont Residents Don’t Want To ‘Foot The Bill’ For Syrian Refugees
  143. Black Lives Matter Gets Blacks Killed
  144. Mexican man charged raped a 13-year-old girl on a bus had NINETEEN deportations and removals
  145. Israel First or America First By Patrick J. Buchanan
  146. Seven Ways Obama Is Trying to Sabotage the Trump Administration
  147. Emily Youcis on The David Duke Show 12/28/16
  148. Obama To Announce "Retaliation" Measures Against Russia As Early As Tomorrow
  149. Council on American–Islamic Relations director angry about Russia wiping out ISIS?
  150. Islamic State arrests reveal jihadi threat near seat of U.S. government
  151. UN vote tops Wiesenthal list of top 10 antisemitic, anti-Israel cases
  152. Liberal Zionism in the Age of Trump
  153. WORH #7, Nov 2016, AIPAC,Israel and Jews
  154. Statefarm posts interracial ad
  155. Merry Christmas, Montana: We Are All Palestinians Now
  156. SJW attacks Ivanka Trump in airplane
  157. Merry Christmas: Obama Signs Act That Gives Protection To Atheists
  158. World Jewish Congress President: Trump Is Not Anti-Semitic
  159. 1 charged with Hate Hoax arson after Greenville church burned, spray painted ‘Vote Trump’
  160. Muslim fake hate crime hoaxer now claims Delta removed him from plane for speaking Arabic
  161. Trump Sweeps 304 of 306 GOP Electors, Hillary Loses 5
  162. Guess who says that Donald Trump “Has No Right to Enter” the White House?
  163. 10 Muslim Teenagers Arrested For Plotting Bomb Blasts at Christmas Fairs
  164. Illegal Aliens Rally for Sanctuary for Aliens, Muslims, LGBTs
  165. Meet Ex-MG, Now LTC David Haight, USA; Orgy 'Libertine' & Pet-Threatener ... or Something Nobler?
  166. Trump Sending Mixed Signals to Zio-Crazies in Israel and the Metasto-Diaspora
  167. Lessons of Aleppo — for Trump By Patrick J Buchanan
  168. In Montana, Activists and a Rabbi Resist the Resident Richard Spencer
  169. How Obama Negatively Impacted American Culture
  170. Vanity Fair: Angry White Trump Voters Wanted ‘Submissive’ Russian Women
  171. Trump Electors Flooded With Death Threats
  172. Celebutards Going Batsh*t Crazy in Kooky Plea to Electoral College GOP Electors
  173. Latest MSM Fake News for Weak Minds: Vlad Putin, a/k/a Boris Badinov; "Personally" Oversaw DNC Hack
  174. Ex-UK Ambassador & Wikileaks Operative Confirms DNC Email Hacks Came from US Whistleblowers
  175. USC Shoah Foundation Announces '100 Days to Inspire Respect'
  176. Muslim College Student Arrested After Lying About Subway Attack by Trump Supporters
  177. Why is anti-racism, in fact, just anti-White?
  178. ‘Eradicate’ Possible Right-Wing Sympathizers From Campus
  179. Recent Somali Migrant Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct in Minnesota
  180. Trump: ‘We Are Going to Say Merry Christmas Again’
  181. Trump's Alt-Rights inspired Europeans to make Identitarians. Their leader interview
  182. Robert Spencer compared to a terrorist, banned from the UK
  183. St. Paul, Minnesota: Diversity at work
  184. Russian Election 'Hack' Claims Are FAKE NEWS Being Created As Part Of An ATTEMPTED COUP
  185. Statue of Liberty gives Nazi salute on giant billboard in NYC
  186. Texas Muslim Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque
  187. Obama Spent $100 Million to Transport Foreign Migrants to Their U.S. Destinations
  188. Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
  189. Interesting Ron Paul Broadside Against Latest MSM Campaign on Non-Controlled, AltNet 'Fake News"
  190. Stop the CIA Coup d'Etat Against President-Elect Trump!
  191. Rand Paul Finally Breaks Long String of Strategic Political Blunders and Does Something Right
  192. Star-studded gala raises $3.8 million for Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation
  193. Cadillac disavows casting call for 'neo-Nazi' character in brand ad
  194. WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL : TV Host Stephen Colbert Took Programming Orders Directly From Clinton Team ..
  195. BOYCOTT: Microsoft Holiday Ad Celebrates Left-Wing Causes!
  196. White Nationalist Opens Up to The Young Turks
  197. Obama orders review of Russian election-related hacking
  198. Rabbi Who Said Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Died in Holocaust Is 'Dangerous'
  199. Has the Trumpian Revolution Begun? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  200. Richard Spencer Speaks at Texas A&M University
  201. Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake
  202. Jewish Groups Deliver Over 1 Million Petition Signatures to Capitol Hill Against Bannon Appointment
  203. Amnesty Groups Fight to Hide California Gang Database From Trump
  204. Epic Fail: Top 10 Loser-List of MSM Squawking-Head Pundits Who Predicted Big Hillary Victory
  205. What's the Real Story w/ "Mad Dog' Mattis?
  206. Holocaust Organizations, Scholars and Educators Sound Alarm on Surge in Hate Crimes
  207. Is Trump Calling Out Xi Jinping? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  208. Snowden Blasts Petraeus Double Standard
  209. ZOG's Bizarro World: US Officials "Al-Qaeda's Loss of Aleppo is America's Loss"
  210. SPLC omits Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white children
  211. Google changes its anti-Semitic autocomplete suggestions
  212. GOOD NEWS: US Gun Sales in 2016 Have Set Single-Year Record
  213. Majority of Democrats believe Israel is 'burden' on US – poll
  214. EXCLUSIVE: ISIS declares WAR on Trump's inauguration day calling it 'BLOODY FRIDAY'
  215. EU urges U.S. tech giants to act faster against hate speech
  216. EPA: There're 'Neither Gender' and 'Joint Gender'
  217. Citizen Trump Takes Call from Blue Chinese Prexy; Red Chinese, Globalists, Libtards Blow Gaskets
  218. Emily Youcis Fired After NPI Publicity
  219. Many Non Whites and others think Sherri Papini and Her Husband faked Her torture ordeal.
  220. Evil Zuckerberg Down Nearly $4 Billion Since Trump Victory
  221. MUST READ: Fake News and War Party Lies By Patrick J. Buchanan
  222. Election Fraud Complaint Filed As More People Voted Than Total Voters In 4 Wisconsin Precincts
  223. Listen: Fireworks Erupt as Trump, Clinton Aides Clash at Harvard Forum
  224. OSU Diversity Officer Urges Sympathy For Somali Refugee Terrorist
  225. Michael Chertoff: OSU Terror Attack No Reason to Keep Out 'Refugees'
  226. 'It's A Hate Crime': Black Teens Hospitalize White 'Trump Voter'
  227. Meet Your New President
  228. The Way US Government Teaches Your Children To Be Liberal
  229. #DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege
  230. BLM Protesters Who Blocked Highway Get Jail Time
  231. Donald Trump: Ohio State Attacker ’Should Not Have Been in Our Country..
  232. I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right.
  233. Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On By Patrick J. Buchanan
  234. Chronicle of agony: Gun accidents kill at least 1 kid every other day
  235. Somali Refugee Attacks Ohio State University
  236. US Senate Considering 10-Year Extension of Iran Sanctions
  237. MUST READ: An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy By Patrick J. Buchanan
  238. Obama May Divide The Land Of Israel At The UN Before The Inauguration
  239. Meet Evan MacMillin, Ex-Cia Agt, Mormon Missionary and Goldman Whore - a Rothschildist Election Pawn
  240. Hillary challenges election results
  241. Ann Coulter Post-Election Review
  242. AP Disturbed by 'Parade of Retired Generals' Seeking Jobs in Trump Admin
  243. Black Lives Matter Plans To Block White-Owned Businesses On Black Friday
  244. Police: Illegal Immigrant Sexually Assaults 12-Year-Old Girl More Than a Dozen Times
  245. First Known US Soldier KIA in Syria Revealed; Killed by Turks?
  246. Government Spent $200K To Get Transgender Latin Men To Wear Condoms
  247. Golf over diversity: Obamas buy new home in 88.7% WHITE city
  248. George Soros Donates $10 Million to Help Combat Hate Crimes
  249. Former Sanders Spokeswoman: "We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party"
  250. Man accused of trying to push commuter onto tracks for being white