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  1. "White people exercising self-determination": The Push for St. George in Baton Rouge
  2. Men and women's brains are wired differently
  3. Barbara Walters includes Kim and Kanye and Miley Cyrus on Her list of ten most fascinating of 2013
  4. Americans Are Afraid Of Each Other Now
  5. Obama Vows to Cure AIDs
  6. NTSB: NYC Train going 50 MPH too fast at curve before wreck
  7. ZOG-USA's Classified Scheme for Nationwide Cellphone/Web Kill Switch Ordered Released by Fed. Ct.
  8. Ron Paul Breaks Silence About Iran-US Talks; Blasts Hitlerization of Israel's Targets
  9. NH Hospital Worker Gets 39 Years in Hepatitis Case
  10. Phil Giraldi's "Thanksgiving Day Edition" Throws Light on ZOGists' Renewed War Machinations
  11. "Taliban" Crow About Drone-Downing in Nangahar; Puppet Afghan Authorities Confirm Crash
  12. Black Friday Fights and Riots...Where Are the Whites?
  13. eye on 2016 .
  14. US urges North Korea to release detainee Merrill Newman, 85
  15. High Security? For 20 Yrs During Cold War Height, Silo Minuteman Nuke Launch Code was "00000000"
  16. Detroit Students test scores so low parents are calling for teachers to be jailed
  17. How Whites Took Over America Part 2
  18. "Sex and the NSA" by J. Raimondo .......Muslims for Now, but " Dangerous' WN Activists in the Future
  19. Manufacturing Intolerance
  20. ADL calls on the US to ensure fighting anti-Semitism and hate crime remains a top priority at OSCE
  21. ison
  22. Bullying White Children to Get Revenge by School Supervisor
  23. Prof corrects minority students’ capitalization, is accused of racism
  24. MQ-1B Predator Drone Down: White Sands Crash/Holloman AFB "Trying" to Reach Crashsite
  25. Smashing 8 Big NSA Lies w/ Logic, Facts and Careful Scrutiny ....
  26. Horrors! "White diversity" is destroying Chinatowns
  27. GAP Ad with Indian-American Model Goes Viral after Racial Attack
  28. Detroit police tout a first in months: No killings in 36 hours
  29. Story of homosexual server refused a tip is yet another hate hoax
  30. High level scumbag Mark Halperin admits death panels "built in" to Obamacare
  31. CBS: Lara Logan, producer ordered to take leave
  32. AIPAC'S High Noon Approaching?
  33. Mod. Urban Woes: 'Spurned' Lesbian Waitress & The Unfireable Affirmative Action "Firefighter"
  34. Illinois Bishop Offers Cathedral Public Exorcism Over New Same-Sex ' Marriage' Law
  35. schumer
  36. Black Dem Mayor arrested for drunk driving anti-White racist tirade: "You F*** Crackers!"
  37. "Progressive" Professor Noel Ignatiev: White Male Students should commit suicide, they are a cancer
  38. Erasing White History: Real Reason Tom Watson Statue is Being Moved from the Atlanta Capital steps
  39. 'Knockout Game' Suspect Charged With Hate Crime
  40. a father take a picture of himself with his baby 18 killed his baby then did suicide
  41. Jewish Racial Supremacist Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL): One Hundred Years of Hate
  42. Greenville man arrested after he posted dog beating video on social media
  43. Death penalty for gruesome quintuple slaughter
  44. Taylor Swift wins AMA artist of the year
  45. Misleading picture on Knockout game article
  46. Don’t Mess With Texas: Texas Gives Go Ahead For Medical Testing on Pedophiles
  47. Zbig Brzezinski: US should attack Israel if it attacks Iran & mentions USS Liberty incident
  48. Carbon Tax Credit scheme dying quickly as banks close carbon exchanges & trading desks
  49. Quote of the Day
  50. Obama invited sleezy bestiality porn photographer Terry Richardson to take his pics in Senate Office
  51. AIPAC official Robert Satloff to Obama; Back Israell over Iran or it's "War"
  52. Hollywood producer reveals double life as an arms dealer and Israeli spy
  53. Woman who falsely accused Duke lacrosse players of rape is found guilty of murder
  54. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Isr) Zio Blackmailee Extraordinaire
  55. Patrick J Buchanan: Will Obamacare be the death of liberalism?
  56. J F K
  57. Warning!!! Immigration Treason NOT Dead says Boehner!
  58. Jews attacked in knockout game, and suddenly it's a national story
  59. Phil Giraldi on "The Lobby," Zio-Christianettes, Randy Paul, and the Many Tentacles of Zion
  60. Octopian NSA Violated Own Rules, Court Orders: New Declassified Docs Prove
  61. Cruiser USS Chancellorsville Hit By BQM-74E Drone ............ One of Ours
  62. Lieberman: “Israel Needs New Ally” (Not USA)
  63. Speaker Boehner killed the senate amnesty bill
  64. US Closing Courthouses in Four States
  65. DHS Employee Who Wanted "Race War" - Not Fired!
  66. Traitor House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan Surrenders Before the Fight!
  67. Gettysburg Address: Still Balderdash after 150 Years- From antiwar.com
  68. Key Jihadi-held City Falls to Syrian Army Regulars; Damascus and Coastal Strongholds No Longer Cut
  69. Poll-Plummeting Obongo Stages Sickening Pukefest; Ultra-Libtards, Degenerates On Parade for Medals
  70. Lesbian Snit Turns Evil House of Cheney Topsy-Turvy; Wyoming US Senate Seat on the Line!
  71. How Patriot Snowden Outsmarted & Outed the NSA: Giving Rise to ?s About a Far Larger Conspiracy!!!
  72. Did US soldiers rob the holocaust victims?
  73. TidBit How Did We Get Here?
  74. Rothschildist Agent Kerry Announces that Monroe Doctrine is Finished
  75. Erik Prince ....Crypto-WN? 'Dirty Work' Merc? Future Hireling of a WN Regime? Big Crybaby?
  76. German prosecutor recommends U.S. man be charged with war killings
  77. NSA Inundated With FOIA Requests
  78. "Taliban" Methods of Dealing with Traitors Do Prevent Recidivistic Treasons and Further Outrages
  79. Persian Gulf Kleptocrats Figure Out New Way to Dump Dollars Before Their Collapse
  80. Iceland
  81. Pat Buchanan trusts Iran more than Israel
  82. Craig Cobb arrested for mounting "armed patrols" in his Leith, ND neighborhood
  83. Israel's Other Silent War
  84. White youth, the "anti-racists" trying to exterminate you!
  85. State Department allowing Roscosmos, Russian space agency, to build spy "monitor stations" in US
  86. Saudi Arabia working with Israel to plan Iran strike
  87. Father, son suspected of kidnapping ex-wife in Stockton to perform exorcism
  88. Help with Holocaust (tm) quotes
  89. Merrie Olde England: Muslim Invaders Fed Up w/ Gypsy Inundation -Vow To Retake "Their" Sheffield Sts
  90. Oooops! Contrite Syrian Rebels Offer Apologies for Beheading One of their Own Wounded in ID Snafu
  91. TSA Airport Profiling Yet to Nab a Single Terrorist!
  92. Oprah: racists have to die for racism to end
  93. Sham Feinstein 'FISA Improvements Act' Bill Augments NSA's Warrantless Search Powers
  94. House Republicans draft Articles of Impeachment against Eric Holder
  95. Ex-FBI Explosives "Leaker" of Illegal US Yemen Killings/Opns ......Off to Fed. Prison
  96. Microsoft Honcho Admits "We STILL Don't Encrypt Server-to-Server Mega Data!"
  97. Weird 'Hi Value Targeting' Intel "Fusion Ctr." Outed in Mex. City US Embassy...NSA Goons Rotated In
  98. The USA Freedom Act .... Baby Step for Reining in NSA Big Brother Tyranny
  99. Pres Obama official Twitter account first follower of offensive racist @ihaten*****s account
  100. Treasonous 'Trans Pacific Partnership' Treaty leaked to Public via Wikileaks
  101. Asians vs. Blacks, the cats out of the bag.
  102. Scotland Yard's Most Laughable Pronouncement Yet: MI6 Williams' Murder Just an "Accident"
  103. Legislator Wants to Ban US Dollar from Russia: Says $ Just a Gigantic Ponzi Scheme Set to Collapse
  104. Mass Threatened CIA Walkout Over ZOG's Lies About Syria Averted War ...... For Now
  105. Israelis deported from NZ over spying charges
  106. NY Black Gangmembers targeting Jews in violent "Knockout Games" Attacks
  107. Obama: lowest Presidential Approval Rating ever @ 39%
  108. Not Your Typical Veterans' Day 'Everybody's a Hero' Puff Piece ....... Race Unspecified, Of Course
  109. Isr. 'Defense' Force Awards Medal to Soldier for Cyber Tricks IDF Denies Its Operatives Engage In
  110. "French" Jewish Legislator Outs Himself as Israeli Sayan-Mole/Rat .......Makes Hilarious Scare-Claim
  111. Lake Ontario Claims a NY Nat'l Guard Reaper Drone
  112. Surface Vistory for ZOG: Fearful Bloggers/Writers 'Self-Censor' Controversial Thoughts & Ideas
  113. "Hispanic’s" arrest reignites debate over Arizona ‘show your papers’ immigration law
  114. Liberalism Does NOT Sell!
  115. The Chickens Come Home to Roost!
  116. Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare!!
  117. Red Chinese Call Out Google's Sleazy Hypocrisy
  118. A Deal or a War With Iran? .....by Patrick Buchanan
  119. Edward Snowden and Feinstein's Big Lie by Phil Giraldi
  120. ADL's Latest Target: "Dubya" Bush ....."Jews 4 Jesus" Speaker ...............a Real Hoot!
  121. Craig Cobb takes DNA test on black talk show-gets surprising results
  122. Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages
  123. Colorado Secession Idea Approved By State's Rural Voters
  124. Teen actress Sophie Nelisse: We need more movies about the Holocaust
  125. vidéo of mall riot shows punches, unruly crowd
  126. To all of our Veteran's on here: We salute you.
  127. White Man wins election in black district by pretending to be black!
  128. Edward Snowden Hospitalized in Moscow due to Polonium poisoning
  129. Public Revolts Against Obama, Political Establishment's Amnesty Efforts
  130. More Negro Behavior
  131. Even Main Stream Media Tiring of Obama Lies!
  132. Police deny series of trail attacks 'a pattern'
  133. US Navy christens next generation of aircraft carrier
  134. 2 Admirals Relieved of Command: USN's Dir. of Naval Intelligence & Dir. of Nav. Intell. Opns
  135. "Israel and You and Me" and "NSA Blowback" by Phil Giraldi; Timely Pieces in the Land o' ZOG
  136. UNESCO Can’t Educate About Holocaust, U.S. to Blame
  137. Chinese troops will have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Tuesday
  138. Hagel Displays His Loyalty to ZOG; Defends NSA Commissar Gen. Alexander in Big Way
  139. Soldier sees pregnant wife attacked and stabbed during vidéo chat
  140. US, Israel lose UNESCO voting right in dispute
  141. Obama now blatantly delusional: Denies ever promising you can keep your health insurance
  142. Turk Premier, In Hot Water Over Israeli AF Syria Attack, Vows Turkey'll Never Aid Isr. Vs. Muslims
  143. Too Tea-Partyish? Pentagoons Order Navy Seals to Remove "Don't Tread on Me" Navy Jack from Unis
  144. According to Nat Geo, This Is What The Average American Will Look Like in 2050
  145. Ord. Death of a Black Virgin Is. GI 700 Miles Away, Transformed into a Heroic Casualty of Afghan War
  146. Rothschildist Cat's Paw Henry K. Wants Neo-Con ZOGbats to Know: USA Saved Israel's A** in '73
  147. flash mob
  148. Meet Wm Binney: Ex-NSA Cryptographer/Mathematician Tried to Warn Us a Decade Ago About ZOG's Evil
  149. Latest DARPA-Dream: Drones Armed w/ Laser Blasters
  150. "End Runs Around the Constitution" by ex-Judge and Patriot Napolitano
  151. Why Everone Hates the TSA
  152. EU Technocrat-Losers Finally Putting the Kabosh on Israeli Stealing White Scientific/Tech. Research?
  153. Swiss study says polonium found in Arafat's bones
  154. Obama classmate Mia Pope outs Barry's cocaine use & homosexuality
  155. Sovietish Suppression of Black-on-White Crimes Deliberate: Creepy Soc. of Prof. Journalists Outed
  156. Greenhouse gas volumes reached new high in 2012 – WMO
  157. If you don't understand the meaning of feral, you do now.
  158. 100-year-old man marks birthday by skydiving
  160. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to Lead Boy Scouts
  161. CIA Forced Doctors to Torture Detainees
  162. 'Poster-Child' Cambodian USN Officer Returns to Type: Implicated in Bizarre Navy Bilking of Million$
  163. Seal Team 6 'Taliban-Caused' Crash Fairy Tale Further Unravels: Father Burnt Up Over Son's Cremation
  164. Memo to Merkel: Tell Obama to Take a Hike
  165. Fraudster gets 8 years in $57M Holocaust scheme
  166. American Apparel stirs controversy with voodoo-themed window display
  167. Hollywood targeted to give health care law a boost
  168. Scratch 1 Israeli Drone ....[I Don't Mean Lindsey Graham]
  169. Ghosts of the Long Gray Line Shudder: Queer Goings On at West Point
  170. St. Louis Nerve Gas Antidote Plant Suspends Production
  171. 20,000 Evacuated in Dortmund; Huge 4,000 lb WWII Bomb Discovered
  172. 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley, CBS, Outed as NSA Stenographic-Whores
  173. Moscow Communique from Edward Snowden, Fugitive of ZOG
  174. LAX shooting: Latest on suspect, victims and warning that may have come too late
  175. Chief Obamacare Author Ezekiel Emanuel: “Individual Insurance Market Is Going Away”
  176. Texas Students Hijack US Military Drone in Mid Air
  177. Baptist minister gets two years for hate crime hoax
  178. Warming report sees violent, sicker, poorer future
  179. Israeli leaflets ask US Jews: are you loyal to Israel or the USA?
  180. VA Halts Releasing Afghan/Iraq Injured Vet Info After 1 Million Medical Treatees Reached
  181. Just Like Stalin's Propaganda Pix! AP Editors Publicly Decry Obongo's Reliance on Staged Photos
  182. White Leader Jimmy Marr Explains White GeNOcide to Local News Station
  183. Federal appeals court reinstatement of Texas abortion law leaves few options for clinics
  184. Good News: Court Protects Religious Freedom From Obamacare!
  185. Why is Hillary Clinton's popularity sliding?
  186. Ann Coulter: Thank these Republicans for Obamacare
  187. Treasonous Con-gress endorses $488 million in "Aid" to (get this) Israel
  188. Pentagon: white Males have "unfair advantages", must "support minority leadership"
  189. boy jailed for killing "neo-nazi" father
  190. China Moves Spy Ship to Hawaiian Waters in “Retaliation” Against U.S.
  191. 92 Would-Be Congoid Invaders of Europa Turn Up Dead in Sahara
  192. Israeli "Settlers" Worse Than Locust Swarm; Eco-trocity-- 600 Goyim-Owned Olive Trees Axed
  193. Breaking: Here It Comes -- White House Admits Israeli AF Attacked Syrian Air Base in Massive Raid
  194. Food stamp cuts kick in as Congress debates more
  195. Yet a Third Republicrud Invader Amnesty Traitor Appears
  196. Bribery or Lobbying?
  197. Report: NSA broke into Yahoo, Google data centers
  198. FBI interrogated man after comment about American “Police State” on Facebook
  199. Julianne Hough dresses up as a character from "Orange is the new Black" and pc cops are livid!
  200. 14 Black Caribbean Nations suing several European Countries for "Slavery Reparations"!
  201. Astonishing Admission /Israeli Finance Min. Lapid: "Democracy Incompatible w/ Racial Israeli State"
  202. Breaking: Snowden Leaks Expose 'Google Cloud Exploitation" by NSA Spy Creeps; Yahoo Hit Too!
  203. ADL Commissar Foxman Blasts Kerry For Iran Remarks; Foreign Policy Dictated to SoS
  204. Lovely Albania! -- a Dystopic Muslim Land w/ Degraded Chemweapons NATO Really Ought to Fret About!
  205. Uruguayan Prexy Says His Country is Finished w/ Haitian 'Peace Keeping' Force; Wants Out ASAP
  206. Another Traitor Republicrud Steps Forward!
  207. Pentagon Diversity Critical to Mission Success
  208. New York City Council to Vote on Raising Cigarette Purchase Age
  209. McCain: We'll Try to Pass Immigration Changes After GOP Primaries
  210. George Will: Let Obamacare Crash and Burn
  211. Constitution Check: Is Obamacare’s legality still in doubt?
  212. NSA official: 'We're really screwed now'
  213. As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap
  214. What would be the ideal form of government for America?
  215. Our Children, School, and what am I suppose to do?
  216. NBC accuses Obama of lying, says many millions will lose their health insurance
  217. World's Only Ethnic 'Time Zone'
  218. "Crying Wolf Over Iran" by Ex-CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi
  219. Weird Loyalty Questionnaire Dreamed Up By IAC for American Jews Scotched by Netanyahu
  220. Cheney Brays: War with Iran "May" be "Inevitable"
  221. Maverick Jew Bob Woodward Slams 'Secret Government' of ZOG-USA
  222. A Casualty of CIA Skullduggery in So. America: Turncoat Brazilian Intel Agent Exposed & Axed
  223. Stuxnet (micro)-Avenged: Cyber Attack Caused Costly Havoc w/ Israeli Road Security Network
  224. Ethnic Jew and Brit Politico Straw Decries AIPAC as "Biggest Barrier to Peace;" Chosenites React
  225. Coming soon: per mile tax on car mileage driven
  226. Obama Administration: Purging Military Commanders, According to 'The Blaze' Sources
  227. Likely Jewess Victim of 'Unprovoked' TSA Attack Dog at Atlanta's Hartsfield Internat'l Airport
  228. ‘Teacher of the Year’ candidate indicted for sex with child knowing he had HIV
  229. Protesters march in Washington against NSA spying
  230. What Are You Doing? Something Productive?
  231. Shades of Old Rome (Near Its End): 21 AZ Air Nat'l Guard Indicted in $1.4 Million Drone Scam
  232. Strange Case of USCG and MD State Police Seizing A Reporter's Records During "Gun Search"!
  233. New Leaks Reveal Israel, Not USA, Culprit Behind Hacking of French Governmental Computer Network
  234. Sonoma County Calf. deputies MURDER 13 Y.O. boy with toy gun!!
  235. Halloween "Lynching" Decoration Sparks Racism Allegations
  236. US Violent Crime UP 15 Percent
  237. Marines Scoff at Obama's Proposed 'Girly' Hats
  238. “CNN is Being Bribed By Muslims and Obama to Keep Stories Off The Air”
  239. 100 years .
  240. NSA Commissar Chief Gen. Alexander Bawls: Leak Reporters Must Be Stopped!
  241. Active Duty Army Personnel Ordered Not to Contribute to Tea Party; Christian Orgs. Or Face UCMJ
  242. A Queen in Obamaland
  243. Sisters Hit and Killed by Illegal Alien Who Then Heads For Carwash To Erase Evidence
  244. Merkel: US spying has shattered allies' trust
  245. Contractors describe scant pre-launch testing of U.S. healthcare site
  246. Latest NSA Bombshell: 125 Billion Phone Calls 'Monitored' in Jan. 2013 Alone
  247. Top 10 Incendiary US Governmental Secrets About Israel ..... Bombshells That Can Never be Defused!
  248. Iran Announces Halt to Uranium Enrichment Processing
  249. Ordinary Americans Priced Out Of Housing: Institutional Purchases Hit Record, Half Of All Deals ....
  250. "Forgiving White People" – OpEd