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  1. 90 'Inner City" Schools FAILed to pass 1 black or hispanic students on State Math or Reading exams
  2. 90 city schools failed to pass a single black or Hispanic student
  3. Jackson Mississippi police find body of missing 17-year-old girl
  4. US Immigration Fears Terror Threat From 6,000 Missing on Student Visas
  5. Eric Cantor to join investment bank Moelis as vice chairman
  6. 32 teens escape from Nashville detention center
  7. Who are the Americans held in North Korea?
  8. Dozens of police departments suspended for losing US military-grade weaponry
  9. Israel steals almost a thousand acres of Olive growing Land for settlement building.
  10. ‘Anti-white thug’ arrested for shooting white victims with pellet gun in Central Park
  11. Finally! Russia Demands Publication of Black Box Recordings of Downed Malaysian MH17 Jet
  12. "Sir" Paul McCartney Joins Fellow Celebutards in Shrieking Against Scottish Independence
  13. American White Nationalists To Hold Conference With Russian And European Far Right
  14. Third of Mexicans would migrate to U.S., survey finds
  15. Guatemalan Mayans Resist "Jew Taliban" Interlopers from Canadian 'Persecution"; Jews Beat Feet
  16. Various European Boycotts of Israel Gaining Traction
  17. Parents: Watch for these red flags at school
  18. Islamic State Vows To 'Kill The Barbaric Jews'
  19. U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination accuses US Cops of being Racist!
  20. Rand Paul & Pat Buchanan: "Stop the Witch!"
  21. Tsarnaev sister arrested for allegedly making bomb threats
  22. 15 Somali "Americans" have left Minnesota (alone) to join ISIS and wage Jihad.
  23. James Foley: the beheaded anti-racist
  24. Anonymous Senior US Military Officers Deliver Scathing Assessment of Israeli Tactics in Gaza
  25. Zara's 'Holocaust uniform' and other clothing errors
  26. San Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia remains in critical condition
  27. Second American killed fighting for ISIS
  28. Feds sue city of St. Anthony over rejection of Islamic center
  29. US Army demotes 2-star Major General for failing to properly investigate sexual assault
  30. Libtards Shriek for "Federal Czar" to Rule Over Local Police Depts., Sheriffs
  31. Pentagon: "We Won in Afghanistan, and Anybody Who Squeals. er Says Differently, is a Rotten Egg"
  32. 37 000 white women raped by blacks in 2005 by Dr David Duke
  33. Rothschildists Enlist Ex-USMC 4 Star Gen. Allen to Deal w/ Zio-Crazies in Israel
  34. US 'Coast Guard' Cutter, in Persian Gulf, Fires on Iranian Civilian Sailboat in Unprovoked Incident
  35. Phil Giraldi Outs Sinister Zio-Crazy Jew Billionaires Hellbent on US War with Persians
  36. British Embassy's Celebration of 200th Anniversary of White House Torching Ignites Firestorm
  37. New Documentation Proves NSA Can Never, Ever Be Trusted to Police Itself
  38. Fed Judge Orders FBI to Investigate OK City Bombing Witness Tampering
  39. US Congoid-Rapper "Douglas MacAuthur (sic) McCain" Slain in the Service of Syrian ISIS;
  40. Mexican Pres in California to 'White Guilt' them into accepting more illegals, Gov Brown concedes
  41. New Audio of Michael Brown Shooting
  42. Mississippi man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites, witness says
  43. Fed Govt Creating Database to Track ‘Hate Speech’ & 'Political Disinfo' on Twitter
  44. Iranians Claim Israeli Drone Shot Down Near Nantaz; Show Off Wreckage
  45. Hail ISIS, Creature of ZOG-USA, $audi and Gulf Kleptocracies, &, Of Course, Nuke Power Israel
  46. Why the Police Have Military Equipment
  47. WN MO Officers Canned After Ferguson Riot Duty For Speaking Out
  48. TSA Idiots Blew $1 Billion on Useless Rapiscan Secure 1000 X-Ray; Debunkers Hide Weapons Galore
  49. White woman attacked, shot in head w/ pellet gun by black thugs yelling "White People Suck!"
  50. $225,000 in Crowdfunding Raised to Support Darren Wilson
  51. Jews Aghast, Offended and Outraged: Gigantic Anti-Zionist Banner Unfurled on Manhattan Bridge
  52. Beaten to Death at McDonald's
  53. Only 15% of White Americans Back Ferguson Protests
  54. Racists attack man because of the color of his skin
  55. Now protests start IN FAVOR of shooter cop: More than a hundred turn out in rally supporting Darren
  56. TNB ... But Zero National Coverage for Outrage
  57. Leftist beaten by blacks calls his own mother a "racist"
  58. Phil Giraldi Exposes Israeli Massive & Systemic Disinformation/Lies: Operation Hasbara
  59. African-American Police Officer Kills Unarmed White Victim in Utah: Media Ignores
  60. German Minister Mueller Accuses Qatar of Financing ISIS Jihadis
  61. Michael Brown shooting: Ku Klux Klan raises 'reward' for officer who shot unarmed teen in Ferguson,
  62. ISIS Threatens To Kill Steven Sotloff After Beheading James Foley
  63. WATCH: Anti-White MSNBC Leftist Chris Hayes Hit w/ Thrown By Black Rioter in Ferguson
  64. US Navy kicks out 34 for nuke cheating
  65. Black on White 'Hate Crime' violence spike in Washington DC
  66. Morgue Worker Admits Having Sex With 100 Corpses
  67. Islamic State Beheads American Journalist James Foley
  68. High Red Chinese General Yuan Points Finger at New Enemy Threating China: Political Graft
  69. Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River
  70. Veteran refused entry into Six Flags because of shirt gets apology
  71. Mass Democracy
  72. The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race
  73. Protesters crawl under Border Patrol truck to stop arrest
  74. And War Then It Shall Be -- Ukraine Situation Much Worse Then We Are Told!
  75. Pravda Tells The Truth About Guns!
  76. Anti-Zionists Need Not Apply; Univ. of Ill. -an Equal Opportunity Employer Except for Anti-Zionists
  77. Israeli Freighter, Zim Piraeus, Blockaded Off Oakland by Anti-Zionist Protesters
  78. DARPA Announces Creepy Contest: Predict When the Dread Chikungunya Virus Reaches USA
  79. Iron Dome: The Physics of Failure ... Gallery of Graphics
  80. IRS Leaves Millions Vulnerable to Identity Theft,failed to perform background checks on contractors
  81. Police tell Detroiters to buy guns in city riven by race issues and crime
  82. Red Chinese Promote Interracial Marriages w/ Tibetans in Drive to Accomplish Genocide
  83. 'Why Los Angeles ‘could be the next Ferguson’
  84. Member of white supremacist gang Aryan Brotherhood of Texas pleads guilty
  85. 'Righteous' 91 y.o. Gentile Throws Award Back in Zionist Faces; IDF Killed 6 Rels. of Great-Niece
  86. Brutal Bali 'Vacation:' Female Spawn of Mudshark White Mom Charged in Her Grisly 'Suitcase Murder'
  87. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to pay black ex-gang members $13 million to act as ‘violence interrupters’
  88. Heritage Foundation: “Hispanic” is a term fabricated by 'Progressive' bureaucrats in the 1970s
  89. More money, resources being sent to Texas border
  90. Townhome Association Accused of Trying to Block Blacks
  91. Boycott Anti-Gun Six Flags!
  92. Megyn Kelly's Cozy Relationship With An Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader
  93. Foul mouthed negress "Senator" tells Missouri State Gov "F*** You!" over Ferguson shooting
  94. Olympic Organisers Issue Ban Over Ebola Risk
  95. NY Times reporter fighting order to reveal his CIA sources
  96. As Creepy As They Come! ........Welcome to Psycho World!
  97. Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Deletes Twitter Account Due to Trolls, Abandons Instagram
  98. White Teacher Wins Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit
  99. U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008
  100. Pentagon Planning for War in Scandinavia? Massive Armour Cached in Norwegian Cave System for What?
  101. Israeli Prexy Finally Apologizes for Isr. Foreign Ministry Spox's "Diplomatic Dwarf" Rip on Brazil
  102. Turk Surveil. Satellite GOKTURK-2 Highlights Extent of Atrocious Gaza Air & Artillery Destruction
  103. FAA Slaps 'No Fly Zone' Over Ferguson, MO Negro Rioting; Fed Effort to Halt News Helos
  104. Feds arrest 4 Israelis for manufacturing $77 million in fake bills
  105. Report: Iraqi Army Seizes Israeli-Made Ordnance from ISIS Munitions Cache
  106. Las Vegas on Verge of Dire Water Shortage as Dropping Lake Mead Level Nears Water Intake Limit
  107. Pentagoon Chief War Gamer, LTG Mayville: "US Airstikes Failing to Stop ISIS Momentum"
  108. Remembering Robin Williams, ‘honorary Jew’
  109. Why You DO need an AR-15 or equivalent semi-auto rifle!
  110. Puerto Rico population drops as they migrate to US
  111. CA Gov Jerry Brown: Affluent (White) Families 'Not Producing' Children
  112. Mainstream Article: "Downside of diversity: Multiculturalism may become America’s fatal flaw"
  113. Study: Whites Want Harsher Prison Terms When Informed Blacks Disproportionately in Prisons
  114. ISIS is coming to US: Sen. Graham
  115. US schools will not have white majority this autumn
  116. IMPORTANT Film: Please watch and GIVE FEEDBACK!!
  117. Willing to ‘Foster’ an Adult, Illegal Alien Collects More Than $7,000 Per Month!
  118. Astrologer-Psychic Lindsey Graham (R-Isr) Prediction: A 'US City In Flames' If No Iraq War III
  119. Blacks riot in Ferguson, Missouri
  120. Israelis arrested by US Fed for counterfeiting $77 Million in counterfeit US currency
  121. White students no longer to be majority in school
  122. Where Is the Outrage
  123. Russians Celebrate Obama's Birthday By Depicting Him As An Ape
  124. Illegal immigrant 'militia' gang seen marching in fatigues armed with rifles in South Texas
  125. Gulf War III Begins/US,Turkey Launch Air Strikes on ISIS; France Vows Strikes, Too
  126. Hamas Doesn't Mess Around w/ Israeli Double Agents Who Relayed Info Back to IDF on Gaza Resistance
  127. Pressure Grows to Declassify "Saudi Involvement" in 9/11 False Flag ... Red Herring?
  128. Minnesota schools too White say anti-Whites.
  129. Jonestown Massacre victims' remains found in out-of-business Delaware funeral home
  130. Suspect: I beat up white man because I am mad about Trayvon Martin case
  131. Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges
  132. Israeli Genocide in Gaza a documentary by David Duke
  133. Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers
  134. Obama to go his own way on immigration
  135. Motorist beaten by Detroit mob back to work, he says in letter
  136. Kansas gay couple leaves foster child in hot car
  137. White House torture report withholding critical facts, says top senator
  138. Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document
  139. Jews accused of stealing $12.4 million in education funds for handicapped children
  140. Race hustling poverty pimp Al Sharpton owes $4.7 million in back taxes
  141. New Hero Disclosing U.S. "Secrets"
  142. US Soldiers Deployed to Turkish Border with Syria
  143. Hung. Nationalists Hang Israeli Leaders in Effigy; Denounce Masonic-Jews & 'Lying' MSM 'Agitprop'
  144. ZOG Rules: FBI Hired Contractors to "Grade" News Stories About Itself
  145. US Major Gen. Assassinated; German Gen. Seriously Wounded in Afghan Attack
  146. Odd Way to Spread Ebola Virus ...... Congoid Stowaway's Body Found in US Military Plane
  147. Whites least likely to be gay, Africans most likely followed by Asians & Hispanics
  148. Google removes 'Bomb Gaza' mobile game from online app store
  149. 13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in California Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms
  150. Bombshell: NSA Supplying IDF targeting Data for Gaza ..............Opn Gladiator
  151. ISIS Routs Vaunted Kurd Peshmerga From 3 Large Towns, Take Iraq's Largest Dam, Push Out Yazdis
  152. The Strange Case of MIA/KIA IDF Lt. Goldin: Ever-Changing Israeli Tale and 'Hannibal Protocol'
  153. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) accuse Democrats of engaging in a “war on whites” on immigration
  154. David Duke Mentioned In Chicago Tribune Article on Israel
  155. You're Paying for That War in Gaza
  156. U.S. Air Force Academy to probe reports of rape, drug use
  157. Why Did This White Nebraskan, 30, Father of Two, Have to Die for Nothing?
  158. Major Syrian Jihadi Military Incursion into Lebanon; Leb. Army Engaged; Many POWs/KIAs
  159. Whoa! Jew CDC Chief Frieden: "We Can't Seal US Borders to Stop Ebola"
  160. Why Zionists Need MSM 'Anti-Semitism' Hype: French Case Study
  161. Militant Muslims Declare War on Usurer Jews and their Goyy Puppets
  162. If Nuclear War Doesn’t Exterminate Us Ebola Virus Might
  163. 2 Americans infected with Ebola in Liberia coming to Atlanta hospital
  164. Israel Supporters Evacuated From Front of White House
  165. Pentagoons' Latest Schemes: US Mil. Advisors for Ukraine; DoD 'Ebola Fighters' to W. Africa
  166. Pentagoons' Latest Schemes: US Mil. Advisors for Ukraine; DoD 'Ebola Fighters' to W. Africa
  167. AIPAC Whores: US House Votes to Exonerate Israeli War Crimes, Spon. by Zioness Ros-Lehtinen (R-Isr)
  168. Watch What Happens When A Reporter Asks Residents To Bring Illegal Immigrant Minors To Their Liberal
  169. Obama regime putting welfare recipients in high dollar luxury apartments
  170. Stop the Coming Obamnesty!
  171. Genocide is Alright....
  172. WaPo Runs Bizarre Story of Gaza Rape: A Kindly Zionist Phone Call, Then Presto: Obliteration
  173. Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants
  174. Sensational Australian News Release: 9/10/01/Bill Clinton: "I Could Have Killed bin Laden"
  175. Ridley Scott's Exodus film cops complaints about 'racist' casting of Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Wea
  176. August STOP WHITE GENOCIDE message displayed at White House needs your initials
  177. Queens man collected $56G in benefits meant for his mother, a Holocaust survivor, by lying about her
  178. Even Liberal Ed Shultz Says:Obama’s Amnesty Could Doom Democrats
  179. Cantor's Last Day! Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!!
  180. D.C. 'Africa Summit' to host reps from African Ebola breakout countries
  181. Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard
  182. The Never-Ending Lies of Zion: Palestine, Iran, Iraq and Syria:
  183. Isr. AF Gen. Rosen: Airstrike on Gaza's Only Power Plant "Just an Accident!" "Missile Skipped"
  184. Obama: 'Blood of Africa runs through my veins'
  185. 80% of US population growth is from legal & illegal immigrants, welfare system overburdened
  186. Paying ransoms, Europe bankrolls Qaeda terror
  187. Harry Potter books make kids more tolerant of gays, refugees
  188. More Treason: Boehner's Border Bill
  189. Huge ISIS Massacre in Iraq; Tikrit Bloodbath; "Hundreds" Summarily Executed
  190. CIA-Backed Jihadis Swarm Syrian Army Outpost; Beheadings Order of the Day/Suppressed, Gory Video
  191. Tardy EU Investigation: Kosovars Harvested Organs from Serb Captives
  192. "Israel Right or Wrong" by Phil Giraldi
  193. Not So-Closeted Mark Kirk (R-Isr) At Pro-Israel Rally Actually Sez: "Hamas Is Like Nazis" (sic)
  194. Poll: 77% of Americans say illegal immigrants should be sent home.
  195. Southwest Fresno leaders criticize hiring of white teacher for Gaston school's cultural studies
  196. Obama Says Muslims Built “the Fabric of Our Society”
  197. Senator Sessions Denounced House Border Bill as a “Surrender to a Lawless President”
  198. Ohio Sheriff Sent a Bill to the Mexican President for the Illegals in His Jail, gets death threats
  199. Senate 'Leader' Harry Reid (D-Isr): "Israel needs More US Aid to Fund Gaza Opns"
  200. Arial video of missing border fence
  201. Illegal Immigrant Children Placed In Iowa
  202. ‘Damning’ internal memo shows why Michelle Nunn’s position on Israel remains ‘TBD’
  203. Australian PM's Scheme to Send 200+ Armed Federal Police & Troops to Ukraine "Nuts": Defense Expert
  204. Report: New Gaza Aid Flotilla to Have Armed Turkish Naval Escort
  205. Can WNs Hit Reset Button in the Ukraine and Dump US-Imposed Jew Plutocrats?
  206. Startling Ron Paul Demand: "Shut Down CIA!"
  207. Jew-Owned CNN helps Greedy Jew Steinmetz market and sell African Blood Diamonds
  208. Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission Expansion
  209. 20 Year Old Murdered by Negro Thrill Killers
  210. ASU Study: Prejudice is a form of common sense & hardwired into the human brain
  211. Black GOP Campaign Worker Fired Over Comment About ‘White Privilege’
  212. URGENT. Please watch and listen.
  213. New Poll: One-Third of Americans Call for Obongo's Impeachment
  214. CAIR, Islam, and Tennessee Politics
  215. Jewish Chief Fed. Judge Kozinski Publicly Pines for Guillotines & Firing Squads .. But for Who?
  216. California to split into six states if US billionaire gets his way
  217. Newspapers directed: Cover up black violence
  218. American anger grows over France arms deal with the Kremlin
  219. John McCain wants $100 Million to flood America with illegal aliens & criminalize protesting it
  220. "Dear White People"- new Hollywood Anti White Propaganda Movie coming this October
  221. $112.87 to one US dollar
  222. USA: new inquiry in the House of Wolf MP on Christians in Mosul
  223. Asians in Queens community protest against imposed diversity (video)
  224. Report: Feinstein Compares Immigrant Children To Jews Fleeing Nazi Germany
  225. Action NOW!! Melt Congress' Phone Lines, Stop Obama's Amnesty
  226. Internat'l Space Sta. Astronauts Record Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza
  227. Zio-Law #1: No Unpleasantness to be Broadcast on Israeli Radio. Period.
  228. Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head-Ripping-Off Machine
  229. Satanic Symbols In Washington D.C.
  230. VIDEO: Judge Jeanine’s Incredible Allegations About Barack Obama & Illegal Immigration
  231. EPA chief Gina McCarthy admits 'carbon taxes' are an "investment opportunity" not pollution control
  232. Some Suppressed Truths About the Enormous Red Chinese Gold Hoard
  233. America's border inundated with almost 50,000 child migrants
  234. Axed MSNBC Contrib. Exposes Ugly Specter of Jewish Media Control, News Suppression, Zio-Witch Hunt
  235. Unclassified: US Gov't 'Rulebook' for Adding WNs, Others to Various "Terrorist" NatSec Databases
  236. US Nazi suspect dies as German extradition approved: lawyer
  237. Three important articles you need to read on Monsanto, the plague wave, and the overthrow of America
  238. Seattle police: Blacks disproportionately cited for public pot use
  239. No Smiling at Auschwitz
  240. Two U.S. Marines Notice Something Off About ‘Sergeant Major’
  241. Eat-the-Rich Socialist Michael Moore Owns Nine Houses
  242. The Daily Show: We Need to Talk About Israel
  243. Hollywood Facing Worst Summer in Eight Years!
  244. Anti-racist Jew-feminist LGBT activist Jane Elliott: “The worthless White Race is good for nothing”
  245. FAR Project: Remember 9/11 Outing
  246. Nigerian '419' Scammers Move into Big Time Cybercrime
  247. Teenager is criticised for smiling selfie at Auschwitz
  248. Negro Beats 2 Year Old to Death to Make her a Lesbian??
  250. FAA Orders ALL US Carriers to Suspend All Flights to Israel, El Al Won't Halt Opns