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  1. Crude Senior U.S. diplomat to Europe says "eff the E.U."
  2. Act of War Against the Grid and America!!
  3. Latest Snowden Expose: UK's Dirty Tricks, Sex Traps & False Flags
  4. Obama Administration Eases Restrictions On Asylum Seekers With Loose Terror Ties
  5. Russia warns US on meddling in Ukraine, says Moscow could act
  6. General : U.S Christians targeted for murder
  7. Senators seek vote on US troops in Afghanistan
  8. Cancer rates will surge 57 percent in next 20 years, report says
  9. Georgia man arrested in 1974 killing of Massachusetts woman
  10. Boehner hits brakes on immigration overhaul
  11. Victim recounts snow day attack at Warner Robins High
  12. "Divine wrath of God" threat on Kerry's head
  13. The First Congressman to Battle The NSA is Dead
  14. Rabbis: Kerry's plans imperil six million Jews
  15. Obama nominates diverse set of judicial candidates
  16. Muslim public school hollidays wii be observed is NYC
  17. Scrapped for a penny: USS Forrestal, Navy's first supercarrier, begins final voyage
  18. Israel pushes on with plans for hundreds of settlement homes
  19. Why big name stars work with Woody Allen?
  20. House conservatives rule out immigration 'reform' this year
  21. Scalia Shocks HI Law Students: 'Don't Kid Yourselves, Internment Camps Can Reappear in America'
  22. Obamacare website compromised-code partly written by Belarus Govt employees
  23. White racists to blame for Deroit bankruptcy
  24. Colorado High School Forbids Celebration of America
  25. Huge Explosions Heard in Mid-Town Manhattan NYC
  26. Maryland bill targets Purple Line bidder’s ties to Holocaust
  27. Phil Giraldi Exposes DeBlasio and Goyim Servitude to Khazar Masters ....Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  28. Game o' Drones: Turning " Iowa Into a War Zone"
  29. Protesters seek Allianz to pay more Holocaust-era claims
  30. hate
  31. New York State passes anti-boycott legislation
  32. J. Raimondo Beautifully Outs "Paranoid" ZOGbot Commissar Cass Sunstein for the Rat He Is!
  33. Patrick J Buchanan: How the GOP lost Middle America
  34. Jewish Internet Defense Force?????
  35. Congressman : We can defeat amnesty, executive orders
  36. Chicago Black Grassroots Group to Obama: Just Quit!
  37. Mere presence of gun prompts on-knock raid
  38. US abortions fall to 40-year low
  39. In Wake of Fukushima Global Poisoning, US Insurers Race to Exclude Coverage for Radiological Claims
  40. 2 US Citizens Flee To Israel After Being Accused Of $33M Bank Fraud
  41. House GOP leaders back path to legal status for illegal immigrants
  42. Excellence Sacrificed to Diversity at Brooklyn School
  43. Christian school drops the name "Crusaders"
  44. NYC mayor: Defending Israel is part of my job
  45. Confessions of an Ex-TSA Goon
  46. Knockout attacker “hit her because of the way she looked”
  47. Obama, IRS Fight to Keep Conservative Nonprofits from Forming
  48. Bernanke Leaves Fed with Record Balance Sheet of $4,102,138,000,000
  49. Sheriff: Fugitive who killed Utah deputy dies
  50. Menendez sets up fund for ethics, Justice probes
  51. 72 degrees
  52. Take a Spin on Afghanistan HWY 1 ......... If You Dare
  53. The Strange Case of LTG Patrick O'Reilly, Cashiered Missile Defense Agency Chief Was 'So Cruel'
  54. Justice Dept dramatically expanding clemency use
  55. Top Republican calls for boycott of MSNBC
  56. Rand Paul Announces Opposition to New Iran Sanctions; Blasts Hillary as Queen of Surveillance State
  57. Sign the Petition to End Racial Violence
  58. Deconstructing TheLipTV Propaganda
  59. Head of Homeland Security Proclaims Illegal Aliens Have Earned Right to Be Citizens
  60. Ray "A Chocolate New Orleans" Nagin indicted on federal corruption charges
  61. Small talk costs rental agent $60,000
  62. Pat Buchanan: Immigration Reform Would Finish Boehner as Speaker
  63. Edward Snowden nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize
  64. The real State of the Union
  65. A Most Sickening News Item, Indeed
  66. Iowa Republican Party Posts Flow Chart Mocking Racism
  67. Obama's high school drug dealer beaten to death by gay lover with hammer
  68. Grand Forks, North Dakota becomes America's 1st Drone Assisted Arrest-so it begins..
  69. AP Fast check pulverizes Obama's state of the union adress
  70. News From the Front: Syrian Govt. Troops Advance on Aleppo
  71. Giraldi Takes Aim at American 'Christian Zionists' and Exposes Jewish Power in the Great White North
  72. With ZOG, "It's Always WWII" by J. Raimondo
  73. International holocaust day 2014: Holocaust denial - becoming scarily reliable
  74. ADL chief: Pollard case ‘on the verge of anti-Semitism’
  75. Lebanese Media: Israeli Air Force Just Bombed Gov't Base in N. Syria
  76. Fake Shin Bet Email Launches Cyberattack on Israeli Military; Hackers Temporarily in Control
  77. Just Exposed: Congress Secretly Authorized Arms Flow to Jihadis in Syria via Jordan
  78. FAR Activists Get Social
  79. Pro-White Rallies Organized Across The Globe For March
  80. Journalist doesn't think Richard Sherman did anything wrong in His rant.
  81. homeland?
  82. Michelle Obama wants $10.00 donations to save Obama Care. Billionaire & still need hand outs?
  83. Gods and Demons
  84. Farm bill deal would cut food stamps by 1 percent
  85. Netanyahu's Son Dating White Norwegian Girl ...... Knesset Khazars' Tongues Wag in Outrage
  86. Shabbos Goy McCain seen with boss George Soros at Davos economic forum
  87. Patrick J Buchanan: Dr. Pangloss, Free Trader
  88. Lawmaker Proposes Required Holocaust Lessons in Pennsylvania Schools
  89. AP-GfK poll: Americans value privacy over security
  90. Toyota celebrates American White ethnic displacement
  91. How Economists and Policymakers Murdered Our Economy
  92. White House: Obama may bypass Congress to force through agenda
  93. German TV: Snowden says NSA also spies on industry
  94. CNN's Cold War Documentary Distorts Truth of the Era
  95. Conservatives Brace for Boehner Immigration Plan
  96. Obama administration names envoy to aging Holocaust survivor community
  97. Schumer:"White Anglo-Saxon men are not running the country anymore"
  98. Fed. Court System Hit W/ Massive Cyberattack/Electronic Filings Blocked
  99. ZOG's JLENS "Persistent Surveillance" Dream Not Directed At China But E. Coast w/ Giant Blimps
  100. Beware Amazon Buys Under Own ID; Tor Developer Andrea Shephard Proves NSA Interdiction of Laptop
  101. Loon Nominee US Amb. to Norway, Tsunis, Decries "Hate-Spewing" Anti-Immig. Progress Party in Gaffe
  102. Son of US Senator John McCain marries black woman
  103. Economist Magazine: Diversity leads to ambient cultural disharmony and conflict
  104. The US Chamber of Commerce versus America
  105. White supremacist pleads guilty to reduced charges
  106. Israeli Rats Out Google's Chrome Eavesdropping
  107. Now even Leftists want to Impeach Obama!
  108. The latest news about the white genocide in south africa
  109. March 15th is pro-white banner day!!
  110. The real unemployment rate?
  111. Struggling CNN Fires More Than 40 Editorial Staffers
  112. Paul Craig Roberts: The Fed Does Not Have Any More Gold
  113. Would you believe - White South African from Riches to Rags
  114. Tennessee Bill Would Block Utilities from NSA Decryption Octopian Facility. at Oak Ridge
  115. Amer. Psych. Ass'n Green Lights Torture for Gitmo Captives/A Dark Day for Future WN Internees
  116. Europes moral values
  117. No Future for France
  118. University of Montreal: Aggression is strongly associated with genetics
  119. What will happen to France in the future if nothing change
  120. EU envoy: Israel will pay price for settlements
  121. US Chair Force Latest Billion $ Boondoggle; + a Blast From the Past: Greenland '68 Nuke B52G Crash
  122. ASU Fraternity Suspended Over Racist MLK Party
  123. NAACP Says Banking Industry is “Too White”
  124. Federal Per Capita Budget Glimpse ....More Military Aid to Israel than Funding for US Senate & Cong.
  125. 'Why We Fight' ....Sobering Piece by Phil Giraldi
  126. Why milliennials fell out of love with Obama
  127. Zioness Sen. Feinstein (D-Isr) "NSA Metadata Collection Here to Stay-Get Used to it Proles"
  128. Alabama lawmakers support constitutional convention to make US Congress balance budget
  129. video François Hollande president of France when he was showing off and playing his big dady on TV
  130. Trust in U.S., other governments plummets after state missteps
  131. NYC CopsShow Their True Face, Beat Elderly Man Bloody After He Jaywalked
  132. 2 nabbed at Texas border in credit card fraud case
  133. TSA Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment No TSA Pat Downs
  134. On the 25/01/2014 events Impeach Obama Overpass protest
  135. Redrawing the map: The 2014 races that will tip the political balance
  136. Revelation of Horrifying WWII Medical Experiments Perpetrated by Military Monsters ....In Minnesota
  137. Lindenwood Univ., St. Charles, MO, Allegedly Admitted an AIDS-Spreading, Savage Congoid Monster
  138. Remembering an Activist: Scott ‘Hedge’ Clark
  139. Norwegian Madness
  140. Happy Martin Lucifer King Day!
  141. Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda
  142. ADL’s Foxman critiques hate crimes reporting systems in EU, US
  143. Mum accused of stabbing her two young children to death while performing 'exorcism'
  144. Germans Increasingly Rejecting Blame for World War
  145. Diversity Comes To Africa
  146. Michigan: Christian College Establishes Prayer Room For Muslims
  147. 'Game-Changing' US Army Smart-Rifle Makes Children Ace-Snipers?
  148. 'Taliban' Take Out IMF Head, UN Busybodies in High-Security Gin Mill Blast
  149. Kanye West 'Punches Teen Over Racist Remarks'
  150. Matt Heimbach's rising star
  151. Boehner to Release Immigration 'Principles'
  152. Patrick J Buchanan: Why Congress Is Held in Contempt
  153. Obama bans spying on leaders of U.S. allies, scales back NSA program
  154. Israel Lobby Thwarted in Iran Sanctions Bid For Now
  155. Radical leftist Harvey Weinstein to make big budget anti-NRA movie
  156. McCain, Kaine unveil measure to change war powers
  157. Some Truths About Israel's Huge Nuke Arsenal
  158. Silencers. Sexual Trysts, Seal Team 6 Involvement ... Navy's 2nd Highest Civilian Suddenly Axed
  159. Holocaust survivors say Germany needs to help ease poverty among aging members
  160. Don Black- new morning radio show on Rense Radio
  161. money disappearing into NYC public school black hole
  162. Senate report: Benghazi attackers tied to Al Qaeda groups
  163. Edward Snowden named to Freedom of the Press Foundation board of directors
  164. NSA reportedly using radio waves to snoop on offline computers worldwide
  165. Are our soldiers going hungry while Congress boosts its pay?
  166. Looking for North/Central Alabamians, Central Southern Tennessee, or nearby Patriots
  167. If you think Civil War II is unlikely, Think again. O' is getting ready
  168. Oregon Street Demonstrators: Google White Genocide
  169. Number of Jewish lawmakers worldwide hits record high
  170. DEA-Sinaloa Drug Cartel 'Arrangement' Exposed ....Forces Joined to Destroy Rival Cartels
  171. "A Blank Check for War on Iran" by Patrick Buchanan ... Senate Bill 1881 One Way Street Alliance
  172. The spending bill: 1,582 pages of dismay
  173. Israeli defense chief calls Kerry messianic, drawing U.S. ire
  174. Delanoe Noel is the mayor of Paris is socialist gay femen pro immigration and multi millionaire
  175. State NAACP Pres arrested for fighting with cops after refusing to pay a bill
  176. Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing
  177. Jewish New York Assembly Speaker Wants to Cut Aid to Groups That Don’t Support Israel
  178. Nonwhite Crime Apocalypse Envelops New York City
  179. Veteran California congressman, George Miller, not seeking re-election
  180. Ex-Shin Bet Chief Chased Out of Denmark
  181. Supreme Court turns skeptical eye on Obama's appointment power
  182. Cultural Diversity Coordinator Ran Phone Sex and Escort Services, Keeps Job
  183. all roads lead to collapse
  184. Asylum seekers, Maine advocates protest change in aid rules
  185. France Avignon classroom of University are used for muslims preaches and prayers
  186. Brooklyn: Muslim Beheads Landlord With Sword, Burns Body In Basement
  187. The White Genocide of Illinois school children
  188. The Los Angeles Fire Department was deemed “too White” by the Mayor.
  189. Dreamy Brit Student Gets Lesson in Israeli Race-Consciousness .... and the Boot from Israel
  190. Watch: The Pro Second Amendment Commercial Banned By Major Media Conglomerates
  191. Former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, the 'butcher of Beirut', dead at 85.
  192. General: Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama administration
  193. Signs of the times
  194. AIPAC-Controlled Congress Sounding Toxic Tocsins for US-Iranian War in 2014
  195. North Korea threatens all-out nuclear war upon US
  196. Who're Israel's Many Arms Buyers? 'Defense' Ministry Clams Up
  197. Is Big Gay Finally Losing Its Grip on America?
  198. Chinese Businessman Looking to Buy NYT: I’m Just as Smart as Jews
  199. US Whites Blamed because Nonwhites Have Higher School-Arrest Rate
  200. Protesters unfurl banners waiting for president visit
  201. Rabbi the french minister of interior affairs claim in Rennes by the "quenelles" video
  202. Obama has a Jewish brother
  203. Mein Kampf topping Amazon ebook charts
  204. Suppressed Facts About B-2 Stealth Bomber Fiery 'Fluke' Finally Emerging; USAF Lied; Only 20 Left
  205. Obama Seizes Control of 'Second Highest Court'
  206. Texas game wardens prepare for war
  207. Giant yellow rubber duck explodes again this toy had cost 4 millions to the french taxpayers
  208. Obama's Jewish brother lives in China
  209. USN Has Big Plans for MQ-4C Triton .... 757-Sized Drone
  210. Illegal Immigrants Complain About Getting Student Loans Instead of Grants
  211. Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma
  212. Immigration foes dig in amid expectations in House
  213. Bank robbery Fails: Teller Can't Read Holdup Note!!
  214. A Cheap Way To Heat Your Room Or Office
  215. Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes: CNN 'Out of News Business'...
  216. Former Secretary of Defense Gates' Memoir: Obama grew frustrated over Afghanistan; Biden Clueless
  217. Never-ending WWII .... Storm Uncovers 80+ Shells on French Beach
  218. FBI changes from "Law Enforcement" to "National Security" Agency
  219. You have you hear this: Polar freeze moves to US east, south; 21 dead
  220. MSNBC's Al Sharpton mentions 'race,' 'racist' 215 times on TV in 2013
  221. White racism to blame for lower Black life expectancy
  222. The Pursuit of Racial Amity
  223. Enormous bill to pay for Michelle Obama Hawaii vacation to white taxpayers
  224. Absterge clears any Facebook activity deleting every entry in the 'Activity Log'...
  225. more guns for good american people police chief said
  226. Snowden has more U.S.-Israel secrets to expose: Greenwald
  227. 'Saturday Night Live' has too many White people according to Diversity Nazis
  228. FINALLY: Black Thug Charged with Hate Crime in New York ‘Knock-Out’ Attacks
  229. Pat Buchanan: Cultural, Social Divisions Fragment US
  230. Senate confirms Yellen to chair Federal Reserve
  231. The latest Israel/Palestine "Peace talks". Netanyahu to skilfully dodge the bullet and give up zilch
  232. Cold and sub-zero temperatures in America
  233. White House appeals ruling on constitutionality of NSA program
  234. Anti-communist hero decries Obama: U.S. ‘no longer leads the world’
  235. Historic freeze could break Midwest temp records
  236. Kate Winslet slams press for calling her ‘irresponsible’ for having three kids with three men
  237. Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Show Up At DMV Offices To Obtain Driver Authorization Cards
  238. Integrity at Last! Utah gun manufacturer refuses sale to Pakistan
  239. Harvard Study: Obamacare Drives up ER Visits
  240. Boehner’s Immigration Cojones
  241. NYC police body search fight the criminals
  242. US and CHINA position for war China prepares for ww3
  243. O.J. Simpson 'is undergoing tests for BRAIN CANCER and is begging Obama to pardon him
  244. 2 newspapers call for clemency for Edward Snowden
  245. California lawyers call for removal of Mississippi flag
  246. Plug Pulled on Last Liberal Talk Radio Station in New York City
  247. Some Might Call It Treason!
  248. Giraldi: "Secret Reports Reveal All"/Torture; 911 "Highjackers'" Mystery Funding; Israeli Tentacles
  250. Bill Gates expands fortune from $15 Billion to $78 Billion while poor get poorer & rich get richer