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  1. Illegal Immigrants Complain About Getting Student Loans Instead of Grants
  2. Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma
  3. Immigration foes dig in amid expectations in House
  4. Bank robbery Fails: Teller Can't Read Holdup Note!!
  5. A Cheap Way To Heat Your Room Or Office
  6. Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes: CNN 'Out of News Business'...
  7. Former Secretary of Defense Gates' Memoir: Obama grew frustrated over Afghanistan; Biden Clueless
  8. Never-ending WWII .... Storm Uncovers 80+ Shells on French Beach
  9. FBI changes from "Law Enforcement" to "National Security" Agency
  10. You have you hear this: Polar freeze moves to US east, south; 21 dead
  11. MSNBC's Al Sharpton mentions 'race,' 'racist' 215 times on TV in 2013
  12. White racism to blame for lower Black life expectancy
  13. The Pursuit of Racial Amity
  14. Enormous bill to pay for Michelle Obama Hawaii vacation to white taxpayers
  15. Absterge clears any Facebook activity deleting every entry in the 'Activity Log'...
  16. more guns for good american people police chief said
  17. Snowden has more U.S.-Israel secrets to expose: Greenwald
  18. 'Saturday Night Live' has too many White people according to Diversity Nazis
  19. FINALLY: Black Thug Charged with Hate Crime in New York ‘Knock-Out’ Attacks
  20. Pat Buchanan: Cultural, Social Divisions Fragment US
  21. Senate confirms Yellen to chair Federal Reserve
  22. The latest Israel/Palestine "Peace talks". Netanyahu to skilfully dodge the bullet and give up zilch
  23. Cold and sub-zero temperatures in America
  24. White House appeals ruling on constitutionality of NSA program
  25. Anti-communist hero decries Obama: U.S. ‘no longer leads the world’
  26. Historic freeze could break Midwest temp records
  27. Kate Winslet slams press for calling her ‘irresponsible’ for having three kids with three men
  28. Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Show Up At DMV Offices To Obtain Driver Authorization Cards
  29. Integrity at Last! Utah gun manufacturer refuses sale to Pakistan
  30. Harvard Study: Obamacare Drives up ER Visits
  31. Boehner’s Immigration Cojones
  32. NYC police body search fight the criminals
  33. US and CHINA position for war China prepares for ww3
  34. O.J. Simpson 'is undergoing tests for BRAIN CANCER and is begging Obama to pardon him
  35. 2 newspapers call for clemency for Edward Snowden
  36. California lawyers call for removal of Mississippi flag
  37. Plug Pulled on Last Liberal Talk Radio Station in New York City
  38. Some Might Call It Treason!
  39. Giraldi: "Secret Reports Reveal All"/Torture; 911 "Highjackers'" Mystery Funding; Israeli Tentacles
  41. Bill Gates expands fortune from $15 Billion to $78 Billion while poor get poorer & rich get richer
  42. rabbi continues mda/maig
  43. Food Stamp Program Overpaid $2 Billion in 2013
  44. Krokodil the drug what make holes in your skin is coming to USA
  45. Supreme Court blocks Obamacare birth control requirement
  46. Debo Adegbile Obama’s nominee for DOJ
  47. "Diversity Is a Code Word For White GeNOcide" Banners Sighted In Knoxville
  48. Michelle Obama has had enough of Barack seeks to divorce video
  49. South afica girl 4 murder and raped by her own 23 year old uncle
  50. White man charged with 'knockout game' hate crime. Racial hypocrisy?
  51. Don't Let Other Countries Declare War For America
  52. Another ZOGist Lie about the Harmlessness in Collecting Metadata From Citizen-Proles Bites Dust!
  53. ND oil train burns after derailment, collision
  54. Latest Revelation: NSA Actually Intercepting Citizen On-Line Encryption Orders to Implant Backdoors
  55. Astronomy Picture of the Day: Time-Lapse Auroras Over Norway
  56. Marxist Robert Creamer wrote 628 pages of Obamacare while in prison for Fraud
  57. Obama's hidden agenda more then just your guns
  58. C-Span Question : Is the the US a police state?
  59. A & E Capitulates on 'Duck Dynasty' ..... Robertson Reinstated
  60. Holder targets Whites: White man charged in 'hate crime' knockout game
  61. Glimpse into the Future: Third Worlders Bring Third World Disorder -No Happy Ending Xmas Tale
  63. Islamist Bomb alert at wichita aerport
  64. New York 82% abortions concern afro american and hispanic
  65. Family at war over Mandela mega fortune
  66. Chutzpah
  67. Pentagon Aghast: Largest Afghan War Supplier Has Been Shipping Through Iran
  68. Israeli Hi-Tech Mil. Transfer to China Exposed; High Isr. Mil. Official 'Apologizes' then Resigns
  69. Ed Snowden's Christmas Message Uncensored
  70. Who or What Is Trying to Corner the Copper Market?
  71. Israeli Media: Mideast Peace Talks Premised on Pollard's Release
  72. Blaze Exclusive: Pakistani Terror Group Threatens Deadly Attacks on New York, Washington, D.C.
  73. Shoppers brawl over new shoes
  74. justice
  75. 1913
  76. Cracker Barrel Recants Bowing to the Homosexual Lobby
  77. Democratic senator says Obamacare could have 'meltdown,' hurt party
  78. White House Panelist Admits: No. of Terrorists Attacks Scotched by NSA: ZERO
  79. Court rules that families of 911 victims can legally sue Saudi Arabia for damages
  80. President Obama is asking to watch "house of cards" before to work
  81. Obama, top Dems now appear to be pushing for comprehensive immigration reform
  82. Businessman, Jewish advocate Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. dies
  83. 4 Black Suspects Captured In Deadly Short Hills Mall Shooting
  84. FBI Weirdness or a Mole-Patriot Agent? A Bizarre "First"!!! Utterly Baffling!
  85. USAF MG Carey, Latest Axed General; Reportedly for Red Square Drunken Spree
  86. NSA, GCHQ spied on Israel, Germany, UN and others - new Snowden leaks
  87. US Illegal Immigrant Deportations Fall to 1% in 2013
  88. Israel's Mysterious '8200 Unit' and Its Toxic Umbilical Cord to NSA Metadata Collection Programs
  89. Rand Paul: Dir. Nat. Intelligence Clapper Must Resign Over Lies
  90. 45 US Combat Soldiers Deployed to S. Sudan ....Just a "Small Force" to "Protect Americans"
  91. 1,800 being tested for TB at California school
  92. Mandela Rec'd Mossad Sabotage/Mil. Training in Ethiopia: Israeli Paper Haaretz Exclusively Reports
  93. FAR Project Stands With Golden Dawn
  94. The Government Is Quietly Giving Way More Housing Aid to Rich People Than Poor People
  95. Patrick J. Buchanan: Why neo-isolationism is soaring
  96. Racial war agaisnt white americans The author call it "White girl bleed a lot"
  97. Obama commutes sentences for 8 drug convictions
  98. US Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) In Dead Heat With Tea Party Rival
  99. Pennsylvania pastor defrocked after performing gay wedding
  100. Federal Judge: U.S. Department of Homeland Security assisting child smuggling
  101. Family man files discrimination lawsuit after being fired by homosexual boss
  102. Article: Chuck Norris Nails Current Duck Dynasty Controversy With 2008 remarks
  103. Black student stages fake lynching of White People as part of "art project"
  104. Immigration shill Luis Gutierrez spent $130,000 of "campaign funds" on luxury hotels and travel
  105. Israeli-American judge “settles” ludicrous 9/11 lawsuit
  106. Black Friday shopping in us marred by violence
  107. New DHS head is a black named after a Liberian warlord
  108. Angry Sr. Indian Politico Demands Immed. Arrest & "Punishment" of Same-Sex Partners of US Diplomats
  109. EU Court: No Crime to Deny Armenian Genocide
  110. Failed Coup Fallout: US Embassy in South Sudan Closed; "Israel Aid" Personnel "Caught Up" in Unrest
  111. Democrats choose illegals over American war vets
  112. 95% of White Americans Have No African Ancestry
  113. Snowden's Translated "Open Letter to the People of Brazil" .... Frontal Attack on ZOG
  114. Congress votes to cut veterans' pensions
  115. Retirement plans attacked for 'savings inequality'
  116. Government Blatantly Wastes $30 Billion This Year
  117. US Sailors Involved w/ Fukushima Rescue Mission -- Operation Tomodachi: Skyrocketing Cancer Rates
  118. Helmand Prov., Afghanistan: A Look At Things to Come
  119. CBS' 60 Minutes' Informercial for NSA: One Gigantic Whitewash
  120. Washington Drives the World Toward War
  121. Is Putin One of Us?
  122. Wasted: Feds pay to collect human urine, educate Hollywood movie directors
  123. White-washing mandela's memory
  124. Lebanese Army Kills Israeli Master Sergeant
  125. US Embassy in Bangkok Fortifies in Wake of Seizure Threat by Thai Populist Uprising
  126. Judge: NSA spying ‘almost Orwellian,’ likely unconstitutional
  127. US scholars endorse academic boycott of Israel
  128. What Americans should know about what's happenig to afrikaners in south africa
  129. Pink Floyd Co-Founder Waters Latest Zionist Target/Rabbi Boteach Declares War on Talmud Expose
  130. American KIA Casualties in Afghanistan That Won't Show Up on Any Military Lists
  131. Sobering: Mark Walhberg-- Tinsel Town Fake Warrior/Poster Boy & Book the US Military Wants to Burn
  132. china lands on moon .
  133. “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials aided 911 hijackers emerges....
  134. Teacher disciplined for 'Santa is white' remark
  135. More Misleading Official Employment Statistics
  136. Jew Without a Country? Ex-FBI Agent Turned Spook Apparently Caught By Iranians on Their Own Soil
  137. First Four Female Soldiers graduate from Marine Infantry Training
  138. Motion for summary judgement filed in American Renaissance lawsuit
  139. Another Jew (Stanley Fischer )in line to replace Yellen/Bernke
  140. Top Indian diplomat arrested in New York
  141. President Obama nominates the first ever BLACK female 4-star Navy admiral
  142. Congress triples Obama's request on military aid to Israel
  143. Jews Win Battle Against Cross Honoring Veterans
  145. Ex-Judge Napolitano: "A Conspiracy So Vast" .....Tyranny Under ZOG
  146. Latest VA Expose: 2,000 (at least) "Psychology Damaged" WWII Vets Lobotomized
  147. Multiple people stabbed after NFL Denver Broncos football game
  148. Fox News presenter tells viewers it is a 'fact' that both Jesus and Santa Claus are white
  149. U.S Default A Glimpse into the Future
  150. Probe launched over $500M spent on Afghanistan planes now sitting idle
  151. Official who OK'd Obama birth papers dies in crash
  152. ZOG-Germany to 'Sell' 2 Guided Missile Destroyers to Israel
  153. Romania Pulls Plug on "Export" of Skilled Construction Workers to Israel
  154. New NSA Expose: Beware 'SIGADS" & How he NSA 'Infers" Relationships Based on Cell Phone Data
  155. US runs $135.2 billion budget deficit in November
  156. Announcing the Black-On-White Crime Blog
  157. Biden pledges aid for poor Holocaust survivors
  158. California’s ObamaCare exchange hands out consumer contact info without permission
  159. South Carolina Bill Would Nullify Obamacare, Could Be Model for Others
  160. Next Obama Witch Hunt: Racism In Auto Lending
  161. Canada Set to Claim North Pole .....Scramble for Arctic Riches Well Underway
  162. TSA Seizes Sock Monkey's Toy Gun
  163. Sheriff defies Obama’s order to lower flag for Mandela
  164. Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration Lied on Syria Gas Attack
  165. Amazon warriors of the Ukraine
  166. Lesbian waitress fired after 'anti-gay' receipt flap
  167. Edward Snowden to give evidence to EU parliament, says MEP
  168. Daily Kos: "Anti-Racism Isn't Anti-White, No Matter What Republicans Say"
  169. Fawning Twit Lindsey Graham Twitters On About Red Murderer Mandela
  170. USMC COL Matt St. Clair Comes Clean About How Close USA Came to Invading Syria Last Summer
  171. Dimwit Navy Seal Busted for Hawking Military Munitions/Firearms/Ammo On-Line ...... 'Gunbroker.com'
  172. Obama orders flags at half-mast for Mandela. Which figures.
  173. China wants to colonize America
  174. Reviewers and other critics seem to pan the live "Sound of Music".
  175. Public Opinion On Obamacare Hasn't Changed
  176. U.S. quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance
  177. Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper
  178. Cong. Duncan Hunter (R-AIPAC) Calls For Nuclear Strike Against Iran
  179. Italian court moves to expel David Duke
  180. The amazon warriors of the Ukraine
  181. Artist drapes white models around his neck as 'Trophy Scarves' to highlight interracial relationship
  182. Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC! Good Riddance!!!
  183. gun free zone
  184. Ron Paul: "Bitcoin Could Destroy Dollar ....Expect a Federal Reserve Crackdown"
  185. Known Al-Qaeda terrorists granted refugee status
  186. NSA Tracking Billions of Cellphone Users' Locations!
  187. Shumer Watch: Shumer Outed by Fundraising Speech to Zionists as Abject Traitor
  188. Latest TSA Expose: TSA Goons Direct Warrantless Searches of Interiors of Cars Parked at Airports
  189. FAR Holiday Bridge & Overpass Banner Rally
  190. 10 Most/Least Corrupt Countries in the World (see a correlation here?)
  191. New Boehner Immigration Treason!!
  192. n rich
  193. Hilarious Rip of War on Terra
  194. "White people exercising self-determination": The Push for St. George in Baton Rouge
  195. Men and women's brains are wired differently
  196. Barbara Walters includes Kim and Kanye and Miley Cyrus on Her list of ten most fascinating of 2013
  197. Americans Are Afraid Of Each Other Now
  198. Obama Vows to Cure AIDs
  199. NTSB: NYC Train going 50 MPH too fast at curve before wreck
  200. ZOG-USA's Classified Scheme for Nationwide Cellphone/Web Kill Switch Ordered Released by Fed. Ct.
  201. Ron Paul Breaks Silence About Iran-US Talks; Blasts Hitlerization of Israel's Targets
  202. NH Hospital Worker Gets 39 Years in Hepatitis Case
  203. Phil Giraldi's "Thanksgiving Day Edition" Throws Light on ZOGists' Renewed War Machinations
  204. "Taliban" Crow About Drone-Downing in Nangahar; Puppet Afghan Authorities Confirm Crash
  205. Black Friday Fights and Riots...Where Are the Whites?
  206. eye on 2016 .
  207. US urges North Korea to release detainee Merrill Newman, 85
  208. High Security? For 20 Yrs During Cold War Height, Silo Minuteman Nuke Launch Code was "00000000"
  209. Detroit Students test scores so low parents are calling for teachers to be jailed
  210. How Whites Took Over America Part 2
  211. "Sex and the NSA" by J. Raimondo .......Muslims for Now, but " Dangerous' WN Activists in the Future
  212. Manufacturing Intolerance
  213. ADL calls on the US to ensure fighting anti-Semitism and hate crime remains a top priority at OSCE
  214. ison
  215. Bullying White Children to Get Revenge by School Supervisor
  216. Prof corrects minority students’ capitalization, is accused of racism
  217. MQ-1B Predator Drone Down: White Sands Crash/Holloman AFB "Trying" to Reach Crashsite
  218. Smashing 8 Big NSA Lies w/ Logic, Facts and Careful Scrutiny ....
  219. Horrors! "White diversity" is destroying Chinatowns
  220. GAP Ad with Indian-American Model Goes Viral after Racial Attack
  221. Detroit police tout a first in months: No killings in 36 hours
  222. Story of homosexual server refused a tip is yet another hate hoax
  223. High level scumbag Mark Halperin admits death panels "built in" to Obamacare
  224. CBS: Lara Logan, producer ordered to take leave
  225. AIPAC'S High Noon Approaching?
  226. Mod. Urban Woes: 'Spurned' Lesbian Waitress & The Unfireable Affirmative Action "Firefighter"
  227. Illinois Bishop Offers Cathedral Public Exorcism Over New Same-Sex ' Marriage' Law
  228. schumer
  229. Black Dem Mayor arrested for drunk driving anti-White racist tirade: "You F*** Crackers!"
  230. "Progressive" Professor Noel Ignatiev: White Male Students should commit suicide, they are a cancer
  231. Erasing White History: Real Reason Tom Watson Statue is Being Moved from the Atlanta Capital steps
  232. 'Knockout Game' Suspect Charged With Hate Crime
  233. a father take a picture of himself with his baby 18 killed his baby then did suicide
  234. Jewish Racial Supremacist Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL): One Hundred Years of Hate
  235. Greenville man arrested after he posted dog beating video on social media
  236. Death penalty for gruesome quintuple slaughter
  237. Taylor Swift wins AMA artist of the year
  238. Misleading picture on Knockout game article
  239. Don’t Mess With Texas: Texas Gives Go Ahead For Medical Testing on Pedophiles
  240. Zbig Brzezinski: US should attack Israel if it attacks Iran & mentions USS Liberty incident
  241. Carbon Tax Credit scheme dying quickly as banks close carbon exchanges & trading desks
  242. Quote of the Day
  243. Obama invited sleezy bestiality porn photographer Terry Richardson to take his pics in Senate Office
  244. AIPAC official Robert Satloff to Obama; Back Israell over Iran or it's "War"
  245. Hollywood producer reveals double life as an arms dealer and Israeli spy
  246. Woman who falsely accused Duke lacrosse players of rape is found guilty of murder
  247. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Isr) Zio Blackmailee Extraordinaire
  248. Patrick J Buchanan: Will Obamacare be the death of liberalism?
  249. J F K
  250. Warning!!! Immigration Treason NOT Dead says Boehner!