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  1. Fearing for safety, St. Paul teachers prepare to strike
  2. White House says Trump's Muslim comments disqualify him for president
  3. Exposé: Israel Shipped Gold to North Korea c. 2010 in Defiance of UN Export Bans
  4. Curious Police Inv. in Thailand Re: Insult to King; Suspected Culprit: ZOG-USA's Ambassador
  5. Liberal federal judge who outlawed racial profiling now a victim of black mob violence
  6. Pentagon: "Trump a Threat to National Security!"/White House: "Trump Disqualified from Presidency!"
  7. Ex-CIA Sta. Chief & WN Giraldi's Insightful View of Conspiracy Theories and San Bernadino Attack
  8. Putting the 'Tard' in Libtard: Coll. Loons Display Total Feeble-Mindedness; "Lynch Hall" Racist!
  9. One of Middle East's largest retailers removes Donald Trump's stock from shelves as petition to ban
  10. Sidelined Confederate flag supporters expect to be in 2016 parade
  11. Group collects 31,000 signatures against removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans
  12. Iowa city ousts council members who voted to remove veterans memorial
  13. Sup. Ct. Justice Breyer Corrects Hillary Clinton about Nuking Iran at Zionist Saban Confab
  14. $220 Million (at least) Funneled to Zionist 'Settlements" in Isr AS US TAX DEDUCTIBLE Contributions!
  15. CAIR Blames America for San Bernardino Massacre
  16. BLM: If you REALLY care about black homicide, start discussing the FACTS about black on black crime
  17. Mass Shooting: 17 People Shot, 70 Bullet Casings Found, and all 8 Suspects are Black
  18. Whiteout: NYC man sues museum for 'racist,' 'Aryan' Jesus Christ in famous paintings
  19. Brown University Professor Denounces ‘McCarthy’ Witch Hunts
  20. Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris: 236 Sunni Muslims, 1 Christian!!
  22. GOOD NEWS: Americans Stock up on Weapons After California Shooting
  23. NBC and CBS LIE: Trump Forced From Stage By Black Lives Matter
  24. On This Day 74 Years Ago FDR BETRAYED PEARL HARBOR, Dec 7, 1941!!
  25. KKK plans protest of Syrian refugees in Texas
  26. Poll: 37% of Americans Favor Sanctions Against ... Israel!
  27. Europe Obediently Lines up For War With Russia.
  28. Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Table: 472 Killings and 183 Wounded In Mass Killings
  29. Veil Coming Off Zionist Political Control / MSM Abuzz w/ "Sheldon Adelson Primary"
  30. ADL Defends Trump's Veiled 'You Folks' Speech; Trump Off to Israel to Audition for Bibi
  31. Wall Street Journal: Israel Boycotts Are Illegal
  32. Ex-CIA Station Chief: "The Hideous Truth About Jonathan Pollard"
  33. Black Student charged with University of Chicago threat released to mother's custody
  34. UCSB White Student Union Releases 'List of Demands'
  35. Gun TV: home shopping channel aims to sell weapons to viewers
  36. US Gives $24 Million in Refugee Aid for Europe
  37. 1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees
  38. Pentagon Chief to Military: Open All Combat Jobs to Women
  39. Blaming White Americans First
  40. ADL reports jump in anti-Israel campus activity
  41. The Battle to Publish Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in the U.S.
  42. Obama’s ISIS Oil Scandal Deepens As Russia Produces Stunning Photographic Evidence
  43. Negro charged with threatening to "kill every black male and female at Kean university"
  44. 14 Dead in Gun-Free Zone -- Likely Sunni-Muslim (ISIS) Terror!!
  45. A Must Read: Trump, 9/11 & the Dancing Israelis
  46. Sixty years ago Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus – and changed history
  47. Are Confederate statues nuisances? New Orleans City Council to decide
  48. State Department 'troubled' by Moscow's move against Soros groups
  49. UNLV president says keep Rebel name; no Confederate roots
  50. FBI Tracking 48 ISIS Suspects 24/7 in America
  51. Donald Trump scraps endorsement event after black pastors object
  52. Islamophobia rising: Armed fascist group in Texas posts personal details of Muslims online
  53. Talbot Council Decides Not to Move Talbot Boys Confederate Monument
  54. Obama is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of AZ and ND.
  55. ISIS "fighter" cries like a baby when captured by Kurds
  56. Trump Campaign Accuses US Media of Suppressing 9/11 Footage
  57. St. Paul's Church to remove Confederate symbols
  58. Austin School Board Changes Policy on Confederate Names
  59. Stone Mountain monument at center of racial tension over Confederate tributes
  60. As Anti-Refugee Sentiment Builds, Jewish Agencies Push for Settlement
  61. (RINO Traitors in) GOP In Panic Over Trump
  62. NYC to fund security guards for Jewish schools
  63. Pathetic Belgian "Army" Cadges US Body Armor; Caught Short a Dollar and a Day Too Late
  64. West Point bans cadets' pillow fight after 30 injured
  65. ISIS Just Released Chilling New Video Taunting America And Mocking US Soldiers In SICK Way
  66. Pro-White Thanksgiving facts from Brother Weev. Happy Thanksgiving!
  67. Windows 10 Is Malware; Deletes Users' Programs
  68. Radical Mosques in America: Is There One Near You?
  69. New York: Nonwhites Commit 92% of Violent Crime
  70. Taking Orwell at His Word
  71. Look at What Tampa Police Are Doing as Criminals Run Rampant!
  72. Amazon quickly pulls plug on subway campaign with Nazi imagery
  73. O’Reilly Just Nailed The Real Reason Americans Are Worried About Syrian Refugees
  74. Sen. Sessions Reveals 15 Refugee Jihadis
  75. Ben Carson Watch ... An Ongoing Updated Thread of Treason, Absurdity and False Conservatism
  76. Confederate monument to move to Charlotte cemetery
  77. CU-Boulder Anti-Racism Rally Canceled Because Organizers Are White
  78. White House on Lockdown After Apple Core 'Attack'
  79. USAF Loses New $115 Million Ghostrider Gunship to 'Slideship' Slip-Up; Momentary Upside-Down Flight
  80. East Coweta High School investigating students who dressed in Klan garb
  81. Ex-CIA Dir. Woolsey: "Snowden Deserves to be Hanged for Paris!"
  82. Apple's CEO On Encryption: "You Can't Have A Back Door That's Only For The Good Guys"
  83. Map Shows What U.S. States Likely To Be The Next "Paris" - They Are Already Here
  84. Netanyahu makes heartfelt welcome back statement for Jonathan Pollard.
  85. Cancel the Debate! CNN Caught Selectively-Editing Trump's 'Muslim' Comments
  86. Sherrod Brown: ‘Generally white males’ to blame for terrorist attacks in U.S.
  87. With Loss of American Jobs, Illegals Now Fleeing U.S.
  88. Columbia protesters cheer: 'I love black criminals'
  89. ISIS video warns of fresh attacks on Washington DC to threaten US
  90. Holocaust Museum Condemns Treatment Of Syrian Refugees In U.S.
  91. Tancredo calls Hickenlooper out in controversial Facebook post
  92. 'White Student Union' challenges Black Lives Matter at University of Illinois
  93. Census changes could make whites less than 50 percent sooner
  94. How Many Westerners Will Die to Make #RefugeesWelcome?
  95. Anonymous hackers disable 1000s of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts
  96. Fishy Facts about ISIS & the Paris Hit
  97. Nicaraguan Gov't Blocks Sneaky Costa Rican Scheme to Ferry 2000+ Mostly Black/Mulatto Cubans to USA
  98. New Barbie Ad Features Young Boy Playing with Doll
  99. Dear white people: Your days are numbered
  100. Black 'activists' assault White Students @ Dartmouth while screaming "F**k Whitey!"
  101. Donald Trump Says Tough Gun Control Laws in Paris Contributed to Tragedy
  102. Our Wondrous CIA ... Under ZOGist Control
  103. Spoiled Brat Black Lives Matter Activists Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight!
  104. Mossad Traitor Pollard About to be Set Free ... to Live in Splendor w/ Accumulated Million$
  105. Explosive: Ex-CIA Chief Tenet & Ex-CIA C-T Chief Black Say Bush White House Let 9/11 Occur
  106. Comedian fights Holocaust denial with jackets
  107. DoD Secy Carter Axes Top Mil. Asst., Negro LTG Ronald Lewis for Mystery 'Misconduct'
  108. Donald Trump releases "Friday the 13th" video attacking Ben Carson
  109. Mizzou relents, releases poop-swastika
  110. With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations
  111. Bill to Protect Holocaust Reparations Now Law
  112. The Trump Way on Immigration Suits Republicans, Poll Shows ( 49% support Trump)
  113. Ithaca students (People of Color group) now calling for college president's firing
  114. ‘The biggest sham’: Sheriffs fume at mass release of 6,000 federal inmates
  115. Spot the White Male in Google's Veterans Day 2015 Doodle
  116. ISIS flag among belongings of student who stabbed four in 'lone wolf' rampage
  117. Madness in Missouri/What the MSM Won't Dare Print/Air About the Mizzou Racial-Meltdown
  118. Insane US Politics 1.0: 'Lil Jebbie Bush Swoons Over Time-Travel Chance to Murder Baby Hitler
  119. Whites in America Are The Problem Michelle Obama said to All Black University With Divisive Message
  120. House GOP Traitors and Speaker Ryan Seeks Flood of Foreign 'Guest Workers'
  121. Rolling Stone Sued For $25M By Fraternity Falsely Implicated in Rape Story
  122. How ZOG Can Track Someone's Movements for Years Using Google Timelines
  123. Obama Admin Says Boys Must Be Allowed to Shower With Your Daughter
  124. Black Football Players Strike Until Racist President Steps Down
  125. Horrible photos and details emerge of N.F.L. thug Greg Hardy's assault on His ex Girlfriend.
  126. Yale students shouted down professor who allowed offensive Halloween costumes
  127. Jeremy Mardis, 6 Murdered by Cops in Marksville La!!
  128. Support Our Political Prisoners and Persecutees!
  129. Ann Coulter exiled to the Helen Thomas Club by Khazar/Jews!
  130. American White Nationalist Banned from UK
  131. Oregon Spent Over $80,000 In Taxpayer Money On White Privilege Conference
  132. University Cuts Pledge of Allegiance from Veterans Day Chapel Because It Makes Some 'Uncomfortable'
  133. SEE IT: Confederate flag magnet sparks brawl between black and white men outside Salt Lake City
  134. Bush the Greater Rips Cheney & Rumsfeld in New Autobio/Highlights Cen. Bankers/Zio-crazy Rift
  135. Madam Clinton, 'Mistress of Deception;' Sid Blumenthal, Her Advisor; & 'Off With Kaddafy's Head'
  136. 82% of Mulattoes with Black Daddy End Up on Government Assistance
  137. Man arrested in California stabbing of French train hero
  138. US lawmakers back protection for Europe’s Jewish communities
  139. ‘SNL’ Pulls Donald Trump Promo Mocking Ben Carson — Watch Original Video
  140. 10 Top American Universities Labeled 10 "Most Friendly to Terrorists" by Leading Watchdog Group
  141. WOW: Trump has 60% Blue Collar Support, a New Record Since 1936!!
  142. Houston Says: NO Men in Women's Bathrooms!
  143. 3% of Idaho -- Idaho First Rally
  144. No “Black Lives Matter” Rallies in This Gruesome Death
  145. Anti-Muslim Shirt Sold at American Military Base
  146. Iran Ayatollah: 'Death to America' refers to US policies
  147. Record numbers of people are trying to bring loaded guns on planes
  148. Houston rejects hotly contested anti-discrimination ordinance
  149. House urges Europe to combat anti-Semitism
  150. Williamson County TN School Board Member Tells Those Concerned About Islam To “Pack Up and Move”
  151. Crocodiles starve after US freezes elite Honduras family's assets
  152. Muslim activists slam FBI’s programme to identify extremists
  153. Sen. Schumer: U.S. to help compensate French rail’s Holocaust deportees
  154. Bill filed to create Florida Holocaust Mémorial
  155. Rachel Dolezal admits she was 'born white to white parents'
  156. Why So Much Jewish Fear And Loathing Of Donald Trump? by Kevin McDonald
  157. CBS News: 'Many Hit With Obamacare Sticker Shock'
  158. White Advocates Attend Vigil against "Hate"
  159. New Batch of Emails Shows Clinton's vacuity: 'Lady' Gaga, Affleck, Jesse 'Sycophant' Jackson Msgs
  160. Ron Paul Blasts Tony Blair's Fake 'Apology' for Iraq War II, and Madam Clinton's Fakery
  161. Obama called out; 16 times he vowed no troops in Syria
  162. The Steady Zionization of US Military & For. Policy: "Mainstreaming Assassination" by Phil Giraldi
  163. Statewide Campaign For Texas Independence
  164. Students protest IN SUPPORT of Ben Fields who dragged schoolgirl from desk
  165. Should Holocaust Education Continue Through State Budget Crisis?
  166. Rutherford Institute files suit over Confederate plate removal
  167. Russia Gets Tough: Stops Transit of NATO Military Cargo to Afghanistan
  168. Pentagon Confirms Runaway Blimp Was Shot Down; Blimp Over Kabul Implicated in Helo Crash Killing 5
  169. UN in Action: 41,000 Bureaucrats -- Some of Whom Traffick Drugs, Child Porn, Stolen Goods, etc
  170. Traitor Rubio Lies: Foreign Tech Workers More Qualified Than Americans
  171. Jewish Professor Hounded at California Riverside Campus For Holding Pro-Israel Views
  172. Ohio's oil boom - The shape of things to come for the nation, maybe
  173. Hillary Clinton Suggests The Death Penalty Should Be For Whites Only
  174. Teacher apologizes for controversial Halloween costume, cites ‘error in judgment’
  175. Hilary Clinton shouted down by Black lives matter.
  176. Detroit Billboard Denounced As “Anti-Semitic” For Putting America First
  177. Confederate themed bar allegedly serves drinks with offensive name
  178. US Presidential Candidates Forum - In Israel !!!
  179. Student Body-Slams High School Principal [VIDEO]
  180. NY Times Magazine asks readers: ‘Could you kill a baby Hitler?’
  181. Donald Trump Demands Disney Rehire Workers Replaced by Cheap Foreign Labor
  182. Christian coach canned same day Satanists announce visit to his school
  183. 6 in 10 Miami residents born in another country...
  184. Anonymous Vows To Unhood 1,000 Ku Klux Klan Members
  185. Ted Cruz slams CNBC, says they are the reason the people 'don't trust the media'
  186. Zio-Crazies Seek Scrapping of 1st Amendment When Israel/Jews Exposed
  187. US Army Lost Track of 27 Lance Ballistic Missiles (Netron Bomb Tipped)/Found at Redstone Igloos
  188. FBI warns of anarchist plot to assassinate police officers on Halloween
  189. Detroit "America First ... Not Israel" Billboard Touches Off Firestorm/ADL Apoplectic
  190. IRS Exposed as 13th ZOG Gov. Organ Using Stingray/Hailstorm Cellphone Surveillance
  191. Walmart's Israeli army Halloween costume sparks controversy
  192. EEOC Wins Discrimination Case For Muslim Truck Drivers Fired For Not Delivering Beer
  193. MSM News is Scripted! - Rush Limbaugh
  194. Boulder-area law community, feds team with religious groups (ADL) on anti-hate measures
  195. Groups clash on UNC campus about Confederate memorial statue
  196. Competency trial begins for Oklahoma muslim man in beheading death
  197. State Dept issues Travel Alert ahead of often violent Islamic Day of Ashura
  198. More Truth From Trump the Establishment Will HATE!!
  199. Racial Balkanization Is a Good Thing ... Hawai'i to Lead Way!
  200. Immigration activists try to block Trump use of Sioux City school
  201. KKK Plans Protest Of Martin Luther King Jr Tribute At Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial
  202. US Marine's dying act was to save innocent people from harm
  203. Why 'Baby Hitler' is trending on Twitter
  204. AIPAC Will Hold Fundraisers for Senators Who Voted for Iran Nuke Deal
  205. Benghazi mom to Clinton: 'Happy Mother's Day, Hillary'
  206. What Goes Around Comes Around: ISIS Threaten to Kill Jews Across the World
  207. FBI Commissar Comey Fesses Up: FBI Air Force Flew Over Ferguson During Congoid Unrest
  208. Über-Creepy; woman asks neighbors if she can 'taste' their 'delicious' children
  209. Confederate flag supporters criticize Miss. ballot summary
  210. Trump Slammed as 'Un-American' for Suggestion to Shut Down Mosques
  211. New Sons of Confederate Veterans sworn in
  212. Bowdoin College drops award honoring Confederate president
  213. Mother of Benghazi victim snaps on CNN regarding Clinton; 'She's lying!
  214. Trump Vs. 'Lil Jebbie/ A New Sort of Politics Emerging
  215. Former federal employee accused of putting Confederate battle flag on colleague’s desk
  216. Why is the USA taking some 300+ black refugees a month from South Africa but refuse to take whites?
  217. European Jewish, Muslim activists press case against anti-Semitism in D.C. visit
  218. Islamic jihadists butchering endangered elephants, selling ivory on black market
  219. NY : Suburb founded by Nazi backers still excludes non-whites: suit
  220. Hate Crime? Cops Probe St. Louis Church Fires
  221. School Cancels Student Elections Because Results Too White, Students REVOLT
  222. Boycott the New ANTI-WHITE "Star Wars" Movie "The Force Awakens” !!
  223. Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh opens in permanent location, gallery features survivor stories
  224. NYPD recruits will be required to learn the ‘realities of racism’ by watching ‘Anne & Emmett’
  225. CAIR Names 'Clock Boy' Ahmed 'American Muslim of the Year'
  226. German human rights group files complaint against CIA ‘Queen of Torture’
  227. Big election wins for right-leaning European nationalists worries leftists
  228. Fox News, Answer This!
  229. RINO Establishment Scared Trump Could Win
  230. Virginia Confederate Flag License Plates Recall Rejected By Hundreds Of Drivers
  231. Tennessee County votes on raising Confederate flag
  232. Papers, please; Feds order passports for certain citizens on domestic flights
  233. Asian-American woman wants white people to pay for making her sick
  234. Ex-Virginia governor says he's still pursuing slavery museum
  235. What America Fears
  236. Vandals attack Frederick bust of justice who reaffirmed slavery
  237. We must Stop Paul Ryan’s Open Borders!
  238. Donald Trump: Rumor Of Calling Republicans "Dumb" Proven False
  239. Blacks attack Trump supporters at a rally - Is Soros behind this?
  240. Elderly veteran saves 16 children from would-be knife-wielding killer
  241. Ziobot Ted Cruz (R-Isr) Calls for Kerry's Head Over Comments "Offensive to Israelis"
  242. White House Lies Exposesd: The Truth About the Russian Air Campaign in Syria
  243. (Raj) Chetty Chetty Bang Bang: Social 'Scientist' Asea in US Demographic Chaos
  244. South Windsor School Officials Investigate What Some Call Anti-Semitic Chant
  245. Take-down-flag protest at Univ. of Mississippi draws protests from Confederate flag supporters
  246. ISIS-linked hacker arrested in Malaysia on U.S. charges, DOJ says
  247. GOOD NEWS: FBI’s Headquarters is Falling Apart, Literally!
  248. Mets MVP Murphy may again stir controversy by mentioning God
  249. Leaked Documents Reveal New Details About the U.S.’s Lethal Drone Programs
  250. Unprecedented Alliance Of Professional Sports , Media Networks To "RISE Together" To End Racism