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  1. Bill seeks to incorporate black history into R.I. public school curricula
  2. Sting ! Corrupt politicians all black Democrats
  3. Spear Phishing Ruse Traced to Army Combat Commander Who Wanted to Find Out How Many Idiots on Staff
  4. C-Span Speech: "Israel is No Ally ....But Is It Even a Friend" by Phil Giraldi
  5. Ron Paul Launches Scathing Attack on US-Sponsored Ukraine Coup, US Sanctions on Rus.: 'Act of War!'
  6. Crimea votes to join Russia amid Western outrage
  7. Syrian Army on Verge of Taking Key Rebel Bastion; Total Wipeout of Local Jihadi Commanders Claimed
  8. Ukr. Right Sektor Party Leader Mazur Declares Bus. Tycoons in Ukraine are Grasping Jewish Oligarchs
  9. United States: Cross hunting is open ...
  10. Facebook makes wrong call on anti-Semitic page
  11. Iran dangles treatment before imprisoned U.S. Christian
  12. To Russia With Hate: HATO Won't Recognize Crimean Vote; US Drone Bagged by Crimean Military
  13. T&B – Ukraine: Truth – the First Casualty
  14. Patrick J Buchanan: What Difference Does it Make?
  15. Obama and Al Sharpton think alike (video)
  16. Suspect in deadly SXSW crash charged; allegedly told police he 'got scared'
  17. Justice Scalia: 'Constitution is not a living organism'
  18. Allow rev. Matt Hale to take a lie detector test - petition
  19. Texas Inna Shevchenko tear a Bible ...
  20. 50,000 Jews in NY protest Israel's draft plan
  21. Minneapolis City Hall Declares ‘Hijab Day’
  22. House GOP Passes Immigration-Related Bill That Goes After 'Dreamers'
  23. No Right To Self Defense In New York! Man Charged With Manslaughter For Shooting Back At Armed Intru
  24. Serbs Storm Albanian-Kosovar Police Station, Release Captive
  25. Two teens shot to death after altercation on city’s north side MILWAUKEE (WITI)
  26. Woman accused of trying to kill her children by driving them into the ocean
  27. NASA: 'global warming is likely to be hot enough to destroy a livable climate.'
  28. New Gas Chambers 'Hoax' Film on YouTube
  29. 'Reparations’ activists demand restitution for slavery
  30. Putin's Approval Rating at 3-Year Highs (as Obama Hits Record Low)
  31. VIDEO: White Southern Nationalists Demonstrate in Tallahassee, Florida
  32. ‘Illegal to Boycott Israel’ Bill Enters Congress
  33. The new Great (Threat) Game in Eurasia
  34. The White Man March
  35. Russian Army masses on Ukraine border: 80,000 troops and missile launchers spark invasion fear
  36. US lawyer calls SA a ‘failed country’ on CNN while commenting on the Oscar Pistorius case
  37. Obama brings Ukraine war home to U.S.
  38. Blacks-Only Student Organization in Minneapolis Demand that Blacks not be Mentioned in Crime Statist
  39. Muslims conduct 'human sacrifice' on video
  40. ZOG's NSA Set to Infect Millions of Computers w/ Malware 'Implants" ....BEWARE
  41. Glen Beck thinks Thomas Edison "was a very bad Man".
  42. New Punitive Law in Victoria State, Australia, Effectively Muzzles Free Speech on Contentious Issues
  43. Terrorism? Explosion In New York Leads To Building Collapse!!!
  44. Your Daily Dose of Agitprop / Bad Country (2014)
  45. Identifying Jews Qua Jews High Crime Warranting FBI Task Force in Albuquerque! Tempest in a Thimble
  46. Arab League, Abbas reject recognizing Israel as 'Jewish state'
  47. Jewish Orgs. Shriek: "Spike in Anti-Semitism Hits Holland!" .......Really?
  48. Whites unwelcome at college diversity 'happy hour' at South Puget Sound Community College
  49. Armed civilian kills youth robber at Dollar store.
  50. UNREAL: CNN Op-Ed Says We Need To “Stop Locking Up” Young Black Men...
  51. Government bans calling terrorists 'jihadis'
  52. Is AIPAC Doomed?
  53. One Million Flats to Be Built by Dubai Firm for Egyptian Military Families!
  54. Snowden Calls Feinstein Hypocrite on CIA Spying
  55. Congoid Caribbean Leaders Announce Scheme to Siphon "Slavery Reparation Payments" From UK, RF, Neth.
  56. IDF Kills Jordanian Magistrate on Allenby Bridge
  57. Russian Media: "Blackwater" Types, 'America's Secret Army,' Fomenting Violent Disorder in Donetsk
  58. Just a Joke? Lindsey Graham Hopes US Doesn't Lose Alaska
  59. Drawstrings can cause guns many law enforcement agencies use to fire
  60. Prominent 'Ukrainian' Jews Slam Putin's Claim of WNs Running Anti-Semitic Coup; "It's All Lies!"
  61. George Zimmerman signs autographs at gun show
  62. Jew MP in Ukr. & 'Ukrainian' Jewish Comm. Chief Publicly Carp About Measly $5,000 Isr. Sent Jews
  63. Jewish John Kerry Thinks Mass Surveillance and Constitution-Shredding Is a Big Joke
  64. Ron Paul: We Can't Afford a War Over Crimea, Or Hypocrite Obongo's $35 Billion Bail Out of Ukraine
  65. Jesse Jackson Jr. making $149K a year in pension/disability while in Prison
  66. U.S soldier accused of deliberately avoiding flag salute
  67. Meet Semion Mogilevich, Jewish Huckster, on FBI's 10 Most Wanted List/$100,000 Reward
  68. Ed Snowden: "What Europe Should Know About Mass Surveillance"
  69. White people – report immediately to Californian University for “re-education”.
  70. ZOG-France Sides w/ ZOG-USA Over Crimean Coup d'Etat; India & Brazil w/ Russia
  71. Putin rebuffs Obama as Ukraine crisis escalates
  72. Israel Crows About "Deal" w/ Ukr. WN Yarosh to Stop Anti-Semitism; 'Hotline' Established
  73. Jeremiah Wright's Daughter Convicted of Fraud
  74. University staff members forced to undergo reeducation in ‘heterosexual privilege’
  75. No Jobs, No Economy, No Prospects For Peace Or Life — Paul Craig Roberts
  76. Destroyer USS Truxton to the Black Sea, Montreaux Convent. of '36 Limits "Visit" to 21 Days
  77. Ukrainian WN Right Sektor Party Leader Yarosh Announces Presidential Bid
  78. Black on White crimes Camera Captures Sucker Punch Attack On Cambridge Sidewalk
  79. Head of white supremacist gang admits guilt
  80. ICE silent on release of 2,228 immigrations detainees last year
  81. San Francisco gay rights advocate sentenced for child porn
  82. Putin Plays 'Nazi Card," Againist Ukie WNs; Hillary Plays Anti-Putin 'Hitler Card'
  83. IDF Casts Aloft Another Spy Balloon on Lebanon Border .... More to Come
  84. Study Discovers Why Many Black Women Are Overweight
  85. Islamic bomb-maker story largely covered up by US press
  86. Georgia Votes for Convention of States to Amend Constitution
  87. ZOGbat Bachmann Goes Off Deep End: Chides US Jews For 'Selling Out Israel' by Installing Obongo
  88. A Ukrainian Bombshell: Estonian Foreign Minister Leaks Devastating News About Snipers
  89. The Last 7,000 Jews in Venezuela: "Despair," Angst and a Mad Rush for the Exits
  90. Jews Fret: New Tokyo-Tehran Axis?
  91. New Texas abortion law closes 2 more clinics
  92. Oscar Winning Jewish Movie Director of '12 Years A Slave' stole US Nuclear Parts/Secrets for Israel
  93. Federal Judge strikes down NDAA, rules Obama must obey Constitution
  94. Oh, Russia didn't invade Ukraine after all !
  95. Brooklyn Rabbi Samuel Waldman Hit With Child Pornography Charge
  96. Dov Hikind Launches Campaign Against 'Nazi Neighbors'
  97. Hilary Clinton compares Putin to Hitler.
  98. Separate courts for African-American ?
  99. Maori King Snubs Princeling William
  100. Obama Regime to Prevent Use of Force to Defend Border
  101. Hate Hoax in San Francisco Gay Area
  102. Spanish Idiocy on Parade
  103. Obamacare co-authot: Be Prepared to Kiss Your Health Insurance goodbye forever
  104. Teachers "too White" at 60+ Illinois schools, say anti-White officials.
  105. Netanyahu's AIPAC speech: The full transcript
  106. White Nationalism in Western Ukraine; ZOGists Unleased the Cyclone That Will Flatten Them
  107. Democratic presidential candidate accuses US of provoking Ukrainian crisis
  108. South Africa case of Oscar Pistorius screamed "like a woman" says defence
  109. Man allegedly abandons 400 lb wwife to die in her home
  110. Patrick J Buchanan: Tune out the War Party!
  111. Washington DC News Admits U.S Gov Lied About Fukushima
  112. Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia Thoughtcrimes ....Even Libtards Waking Up to ZOG-USA Hypocrisy Over Crimea
  113. Phil Giraldi Adroitly Outs AIPAC Rodentia, Public Opinion Machinations, Parasitic Sociopathologies
  114. White Genocidist, Carpetbagging SPLC Crows About Great 'Victory' in S. Carolina
  115. Pat Buchanan: Today's Crimea No '56 Budapest; Bloody ZOGbats Skewered for Breathtaking Hypocrisy
  116. First Lady Now requiries 26 servants
  117. U.S government caught funding the coup in Ukraine
  118. SPLC Annual "Hate" Report
  119. At AIPAC, John McCain blames Obama's 'feckless' foreign policy for Ukraine crisis
  120. Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported
  121. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: " The future of the United States is tied to the future of Israel."
  122. Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution
  123. Ukraine Navy Flagship 'Mutinies,' Hoists Russian Flag During NATO Op in Aden Gulf
  124. FAR Project: 'Whos Holidays Are These'? Outing (May 2014)
  125. Mardi Gras Floats Mock Failure of Obamacare
  126. Study: Anti-Whites working out White genocide.
  127. Retaliation: Home Addresses of CT Legislators Who Voted in Favor of Gun Registration
  128. Red Chinese News Outlet Blasts Outgoing 'Asian-Amer.' US Amb. Locke in 'Rotten Banana" Racial Slur
  129. Obama regime scraps A-10 Warthog to keep pumping billions into failed F-35
  130. Iceland based AuroraCoin up 586%, while bitcoin & other cryptcurrencies in freefall
  131. Court rules school can ban American flag shirts to avoid racial strife
  132. Jesse Osmun 32 US Peace Corps volunteer pleads guilty in US for children sexual conduct in SA
  133. U.S. sees Russian troop movements into Crimea, officials say
  134. Obama can't pronounce "corpsman"
  135. France's anti-jewish feeling
  136. Police State Horror: NSA circumvents law requiring a warrant by using British spy agency
  137. Ex-Saint Darren Sharper surrenders in LA after NOPD issues aggravated rape warrant
  138. "EXPOSED!" Ugandan Newspapers Publish "Top 200 Gays," Western Libtards/MSM Go Bananas
  139. World Bank Punishes Uganda for Tough New Homosexual Criminalization Laws; US DoS Spews Acidic Venom
  140. There is no reason to preserve Nazi propaganda art
  141. Spike Lee Demands Caucasians “Get the F*** Outta” Black Neighborhoods
  142. Armed Men Seize Gov. Bldgs in Crimea, Rus. Flags Hoisted; Rus. Black Sea Fleet Ordered to Stand Down
  143. From: Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations
  144. "Pawn Stars" Vegas Pawnshop Ensnared in Stolen, Melted-Down Coin Imbroglio
  145. Holder released from hospital after feeling faint
  146. “Oregon is too White”, say anti-Whites.
  147. Not good news! ---- ‘First time' in history: White deaths outnumber births in US
  148. Ugandan President sends Obama a scathing letter about homosexuality
  149. SPLC: One person can be multiple hate groups
  150. Where Will ZOG Go To War Next? Syria, Iran, Venezuela or Ukraine?
  151. Costly Ambush of CIA-Backed Jihadis by Syrian Army in Damascus Suburb
  152. New Ralph Nader Book Excoriates Obongo as "Executioner;" Decries ZOG's Unconstitutional Forever Wars
  153. Washington DC even money wont let you escape white genocide
  154. 4GW - Fourth Generation Wafare
  155. Arizona Legislature Defends Christian Businesses From Gay Militants
  156. Patrick J Buchanan: How Freedom Dies
  157. California couple finds $10 million in rare coins while out walking dog
  158. Boehner Lacks GOP Support for Immigration Reform
  159. How ZOGist Agents Infiltrate, Deceive and Destroy in Cyberspace
  160. Wisconsin town lines up for White genocide.
  161. NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes
  162. Breaking news U.S coup in Ukraine
  163. Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945 – By William L. Pierce
  164. “Gifted” Class Cut at Brooklyn School because It Is Too White
  165. Divine intervention save man from black mob
  166. New Mexico’s ‘God gave Greater Israel to the Jews’ bill is killed
  167. Black man shoots White women for 'White colonialism'
  168. Uh-oh ....Here It Comes! ...... Red Chinese Central Bank Begins Dumping Non-Appreciating Dollar Debt
  169. Weird Case of Dismembering Murderer Samuel Sheinbein Comes to Close in Israeli Prison Shootout
  170. Ukrainian Meltdown 101 ............ What's Goin' On?
  171. Laughable Eric Cantor (R-Isr) VMI Speech: Founding Fathers Would OK Attack on Iran
  172. Woman faces charges for squatting in Foreclosed Tennessee Mansion
  173. California Plan To Split Into 6 New States Moves Forward
  174. Anti-gun, Pro-immigration Piers Morgan leaving CNN because of low ratings
  175. White Rising in Greece ......Golden Dawn Lessons for North American WNs?
  176. Syrian Army Captures Rebel Areas Bordering Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights; Kurds Retake Rebel Town
  177. Ron Paul Decries US Meddling in Ukraine; Urges Clemency for Snowden in Petition Drive
  178. Chabad Rabbi o' Kiev Urges Jews to Flee City ... and the Ukraine/Israel Embassy: "Stay Put!"
  179. Ruling Icelandic Left and Right Wing Parties Push Bill to Withdraw EU Application
  180. Farrakhan asks Obama to release Muslim UFO from area 51 to destroy White America
  181. Stop DHS' Monstrous Privacy Invasion to Track Everywhere You Drive
  182. Bad News for AIPAC! Amer. Sheeple Regard Red China, Not Iran, as No. 1 Threat
  183. Knock out game invides " Beat whitey" territory
  184. Notes for Revolutionaries
  185. 3 Cuban Windsurfers Sail For FL: 1 Makes Landfall; 1 Fished Out of Sea; 1 Finds Davy Jones' Locker
  186. Sickening Deja Vu/SoS Kerry Learned a Decade Ago Cohens Morphed into Kerrys; Extols His Jew Roots
  187. Rand Paul Takes on NSA's Gen. Clapper's Lies & Illogic
  188. Wisc. Senate Votes to Ban Weaponization of Drones, Warrantless Gov'tal Drone Surveillance
  189. woman intentionally crashed her car killing other driver westland police said
  190. U.S.-France Holocaust-reparation talks renew focus on firm planning bid on Purple Line job
  191. Interesting Coast to Coast AM Program Tonight at 1AM EST
  192. The TN Senate has passed two bills inspired by Channon Christian & Chris Newsom
  193. 2 Ex-Navy Seals Turn Up Dead in Ghost Ship 'Maersk Alabama' Mystery
  194. Alabama House approves Ten Commandments bill
  195. Israel Paying Uganda $3500 a Head for Congoid Deportees No Matter What African Land They Came From
  196. The American Spirit --- Mike Rowe on our Nation's Work Ethic
  197. Wolf Blitzer: Ted Nugent used Nazi terminology, 'subhuman mongrel,' to describe Barack Obama
  198. Obama Poll: 83% say "worst president in history"
  199. White House promotes Feb. 18th "Jewish Day of Action" for Obamacare
  200. 'Americans speaking out about “Israelification” of the USA'
  201. NSA Official Charged With Child Murder!
  202. George Zimmerman Flees Miami after Death Threat
  203. 3 men arrested for raping, shooting and torching Georgia woman who SURVIVED the attack
  204. WN Stirrings in Dublin; Khazars Aghast at "Banking Control" Graffiti on Bank of Ireland
  205. House Majority Leader Cantor (R-Isr) Claims 'Evil & Hateful Iranians' Reincarnation of 3rd Reich
  206. CBO: Obama's Higher Minimum Wage Could Kill 1 Million Jobs
  207. Ex-US congressman Melvin Reynolds arrested in Zimbabwe
  208. Elderly Concealed Carrier Shoots 1 of 2 Armed Robbers At senior Center (video)
  209. Kansas City : Violent black mobs
  210. Tentacles into S. America: Israeli Granted Pacific Alliance Observer State Status
  211. Obama settles into a Long, Valentines Weekend Golfing with buddies sans Michelle and the Kids
  212. Disrupting the 'White Privilege Conference'
  213. Arrested US woman claims to have murdered over 20 people
  214. Disabled vet victim of savage beat down, teen gang calls him ‘white boy’
  215. Kerry's Brother: John's Not Anti-Semitic, We're Jewish
  216. Meet Charles Macheers, the man behind the pro-discrimination bill in Kansas
  217. Black Mobs terrorize Victoria' secret shoppers
  218. Kerry blasts climate change deniers at Indonesia environment talk
  219. Somali Pirate May Be Granted US Asylum — Terrorists to Follow
  220. The new US-Russia Cold War
  221. Organized Crime Killing Spree Rocks Israel; Jews Jittery Over Co-Religionists' Murder, Inc.
  222. Negress Federal Judge Who Overturned VA's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Displays Gross Ignorance
  223. Canada Exposed for Running Mossad Assassin Protection Program; Murder Conspirator Granted New ID
  224. Conservatives Mull New Strategy to Fight Gay Marriage After Court Setbacks
  225. This forum is FOR REAL!!!
  226. 'Hey, Washington! Do something!' Russian prisoner in US jail faces death
  227. US Army Misconduct Firings Skyrocket
  228. Huge White Nationalist Anti-Muslim/Gypsy Riot in Bulgaria Erupts; Cops Protect Mosque
  229. Iron Beam: IDF Unveils New Generation of Advanced Laser Shield/Hawking Expected at Singapore Airshow
  230. Saudis Reportedly Arm Syrian Jihadis w/ Chinese Anti-aircraft Missiles
  231. Bizarre NM Bill Touts Greater Israel
  232. Fed Judge: Virginia’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional
  233. U.S. press freedom plunges under Obama to 46th in world, after Romania
  234. Open Letter from NY Jews to Mayor de Blasio: ‘AIPAC does not speak for us’
  235. Abortion Queen Still a Threat to Texas
  236. Utah vs. NSA?
  237. Police Shoot, Kill 80 Year Old Man in His Own Bed; Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For
  238. Patrick J Buchanan: Is the Tea Party’s Dream an Illusion?
  239. Israel Calls Hungarian Amb. on Carpet; Deplores Attacks on Holocaust Mythology; Horthy Legacy
  240. Alabama House seeks revisions to US Constitution
  241. Facebook Adds Custom Gender Options for Transgender Members
  242. Speaking German in Knesset: A Provocation! Furious Jews Stage Angry Walk-Out of Pro-Isr EU Prexy
  243. Thinking About a FOIA Request RE Illegal NSA Spying? FUGETABOUTIT!
  244. California State Assembly passes resolution equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism
  245. Black attackers leave trail of beatings, vandalsm
  246. Will scandals drown democracy in France
  247. Phil Giraldi Fires at ZOGist House Intel. Comm. Chair Mike Rogers (R-Isr) w/ Both Barrels
  248. Sen. Paul announces 'historic' class-action suit over NSA spying
  249. Nebraska town keeps law preventing illegal immigrants from renting
  250. New DNC Chairman Pick is a militant anti-white black activist tied to firebombing, sexual harasment