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  1. IRS Exposed as 13th ZOG Gov. Organ Using Stingray/Hailstorm Cellphone Surveillance
  2. Walmart's Israeli army Halloween costume sparks controversy
  3. EEOC Wins Discrimination Case For Muslim Truck Drivers Fired For Not Delivering Beer
  4. MSM News is Scripted! - Rush Limbaugh
  5. Boulder-area law community, feds team with religious groups (ADL) on anti-hate measures
  6. Groups clash on UNC campus about Confederate memorial statue
  7. Competency trial begins for Oklahoma muslim man in beheading death
  8. State Dept issues Travel Alert ahead of often violent Islamic Day of Ashura
  9. More Truth From Trump the Establishment Will HATE!!
  10. Racial Balkanization Is a Good Thing ... Hawai'i to Lead Way!
  11. Immigration activists try to block Trump use of Sioux City school
  12. KKK Plans Protest Of Martin Luther King Jr Tribute At Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial
  13. US Marine's dying act was to save innocent people from harm
  14. Why 'Baby Hitler' is trending on Twitter
  15. AIPAC Will Hold Fundraisers for Senators Who Voted for Iran Nuke Deal
  16. Benghazi mom to Clinton: 'Happy Mother's Day, Hillary'
  17. What Goes Around Comes Around: ISIS Threaten to Kill Jews Across the World
  18. FBI Commissar Comey Fesses Up: FBI Air Force Flew Over Ferguson During Congoid Unrest
  19. Über-Creepy; woman asks neighbors if she can 'taste' their 'delicious' children
  20. Confederate flag supporters criticize Miss. ballot summary
  21. Trump Slammed as 'Un-American' for Suggestion to Shut Down Mosques
  22. New Sons of Confederate Veterans sworn in
  23. Bowdoin College drops award honoring Confederate president
  24. Mother of Benghazi victim snaps on CNN regarding Clinton; 'She's lying!
  25. Trump Vs. 'Lil Jebbie/ A New Sort of Politics Emerging
  26. Former federal employee accused of putting Confederate battle flag on colleague’s desk
  27. Why is the USA taking some 300+ black refugees a month from South Africa but refuse to take whites?
  28. European Jewish, Muslim activists press case against anti-Semitism in D.C. visit
  29. Islamic jihadists butchering endangered elephants, selling ivory on black market
  30. NY : Suburb founded by Nazi backers still excludes non-whites: suit
  31. Hate Crime? Cops Probe St. Louis Church Fires
  32. School Cancels Student Elections Because Results Too White, Students REVOLT
  33. Boycott the New ANTI-WHITE "Star Wars" Movie "The Force Awakens” !!
  34. Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh opens in permanent location, gallery features survivor stories
  35. NYPD recruits will be required to learn the ‘realities of racism’ by watching ‘Anne & Emmett’
  36. CAIR Names 'Clock Boy' Ahmed 'American Muslim of the Year'
  37. German human rights group files complaint against CIA ‘Queen of Torture’
  38. Big election wins for right-leaning European nationalists worries leftists
  39. Fox News, Answer This!
  40. RINO Establishment Scared Trump Could Win
  41. Virginia Confederate Flag License Plates Recall Rejected By Hundreds Of Drivers
  42. Tennessee County votes on raising Confederate flag
  43. Papers, please; Feds order passports for certain citizens on domestic flights
  44. Asian-American woman wants white people to pay for making her sick
  45. Ex-Virginia governor says he's still pursuing slavery museum
  46. What America Fears
  47. Vandals attack Frederick bust of justice who reaffirmed slavery
  48. We must Stop Paul Ryan’s Open Borders!
  49. Donald Trump: Rumor Of Calling Republicans "Dumb" Proven False
  50. Blacks attack Trump supporters at a rally - Is Soros behind this?
  51. Elderly veteran saves 16 children from would-be knife-wielding killer
  52. Ziobot Ted Cruz (R-Isr) Calls for Kerry's Head Over Comments "Offensive to Israelis"
  53. White House Lies Exposesd: The Truth About the Russian Air Campaign in Syria
  54. (Raj) Chetty Chetty Bang Bang: Social 'Scientist' Asea in US Demographic Chaos
  55. South Windsor School Officials Investigate What Some Call Anti-Semitic Chant
  56. Take-down-flag protest at Univ. of Mississippi draws protests from Confederate flag supporters
  57. ISIS-linked hacker arrested in Malaysia on U.S. charges, DOJ says
  58. GOOD NEWS: FBI’s Headquarters is Falling Apart, Literally!
  59. Mets MVP Murphy may again stir controversy by mentioning God
  60. Leaked Documents Reveal New Details About the U.S.’s Lethal Drone Programs
  61. Unprecedented Alliance Of Professional Sports , Media Networks To "RISE Together" To End Racism
  62. New museum brings Holocaust story home to Seattle
  63. Obama-Biden 2012 campaign promise to end Afghan war ignored by media
  64. Clinton Debate Slur on Snowden Hysterical Red Herring to Distract from Her Email Security Fiasco
  65. US Troops Sent to Cameroon; Nation-building in Darkest Africa Fiasco Ahead!
  66. Walmart shares tumble along with profits
  67. Saudis join with ISIS call for jihad against Western 'Crusaders' to include USA
  68. Lehigh University Latest to Rescind Cosby's Honorary Degree
  69. Black Lives Matter Rallies In Providence Rhode Island
  70. Pentagon Wants to Bring Gitmo Prisoners to Colorado, Local Official Says to 'Create Destruction"
  71. Greene County could soon fly Confederate battle flag
  72. Russia Has Turned It's T-90 Tank Into a Robot – Will Hire Gamers to Fight Future Wars
  73. Students want Confederate memorial removed from UNC’s campus
  74. School district cancels Halloween because some third worlders don't participate
  75. MLK monument to be built above Confederate heroes at Stone Mountain
  76. Albuquerque replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
  77. Anti-Semitic Sign Discovered Near Yale-New Haven Hospital
  78. Confederate flag supporters indicted in clash with african americans
  79. Putin-mania sweeps Middle East, Russia; 'I Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin'
  80. Hundreds rally against Confederate sign on Mississippi flag
  81. Racist yoga hits Seattle, no whites allowed! ‘Obama’s America’
  82. California schools barred from using 'Redskins' as team name or mascot
  83. Native American woman chants Down, Down USA during speech at the Million Man March
  84. Michigan Rally Against Radical Islam Attracts Protesters Who Carried More Than Mere Signs
  85. Muslim sisters land $97,000 for cops tearing hijabs in scuffle
  86. Students protest Sig Ep, Alpha Phi raid, call on UCLA to address racism
  87. White People Asked 'Not To Attend' Yoga Class In Seattle
  88. ISIS feeds starving mother her own 3-year-old son, Yazidis slam Obama's inaction
  89. Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor war dead
  90. Why Was Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed?
  91. Ryan mulls Speaker run, past history of slamming military retirees haunts him
  92. Trump Invited to Crimea by Pro-Russian Mayor of Yalta
  93. Latest TSA Victim: Mary Holstein, Would-Be Home-Made Apple Butter 'Smuggler' Faces Huge Fine
  94. Floundering Hillary "the Witch" Clinton Publicly Equates NRA Members to Reds and Iranians
  95. Praying Muslims rile Florida beach town
  96. Black Lives Matter activist giving Yale lecture compares protests to Boston Tea Party
  97. NAACP Wants Toy 'Slave' Removed from Shelves
  98. Heartland fury as university renovates chapel to accommodate Muslims
  99. TNM Adds 21st Century Option To Independence Petition
  100. Aussie senate candidate; 'No More: Mosques, Sharia law, Halal, Muslim refugees'
  101. Home tagged with racist graffiti, Confederate flag burned
  102. Thousands of Residents to Protest Obama’s Visit to Roseburg, Oregon
  103. The Future Belongs To Russia by Brother Nathanael
  104. TRUMP: The Only Candidate to Even Consider Voting For!!
  105. Trump Calls Afghan War a "Terrible Mistake" - Neocons Aghast
  106. Julio Iglesias says he will not perform in 'clown' Donald Trump's casinos
  107. Syrian Catholic Archbishop hammers US for ‘siding with al-Qaeda’
  108. 'Renoir sucks at painting' movement demands removal of artist's works
  109. War Party Targets Putin and Assad
  110. El Chapo Bounty On Donald Trump? $100M Reward Offered By Mexican Fugitive For Candidate's head
  111. Cop complains after "blacklivesmatter" put on coffee cup
  112. Group backs students displaying Confederate battle flag
  113. Obama authorizes resupply of Syrian opposition
  114. First lesbian bishop ever seeks removal of crucifixes to welcome Muslim 'angels'
  115. Anti-Islam rally planned for Jacksonville nixed so support can move to Hernando County
  116. NYC Council Jewish Caucus Wants Obama to Admit More Syrian Refugees
  117. Donald Trump: Middle East Would Be Better Off With Saddam, Gaddafi
  118. Biden; not enough laws to fight gun crime, hundreds already on the federal books
  119. Chris Harper-Mercer - First Black White Supremacist?
  120. Trump says he has license to carry: 'Somebody attacks me, they’re gonna be shocked'
  121. The band of brothers who voluntarily patrol the US-Mexico border
  122. Air Duel between the Sukhoi Su - 30 Russian SM and Israeli F-15
  123. Black Lives Matter activist fumes after Rebel Wilson jokes about police brutality, strippers at VMAs
  124. Illegal Immigrants Could Elect Hillary
  125. Donald Trump on Syrian Refugees: ‘If I Win, They’re Going Back’
  126. FBI destroys evidence linked to Medicare fraud among Orthodox Jewish community in New York
  127. The Mind of Mr. Putin
  128. Jobs up only for immigrants, +14,000, down 262,000 for 'native-borns
  129. Confederate flag group rallying for former Hartland firefighter
  130. Boy soldiers of Allah; torture, execution for those who refuse
  131. New Sixty Minutes' Exposé: Show Used 'Planted' Queries v. Assange, Hillary's Emails Revail
  132. Kremlin Releases Full Transcript of Curious Deletions from 60 Minutes/Charlie Rose 'Interview'
  133. Obama Administration Appropriates $12M for Holocaust Survivors
  134. Umpqua Shooter Identified as ‘Chris Harper Mercer’ – Student at College
  135. Student under fire for Holocaust comments
  136. John Kerry, Iran's FM in the running as co-winners of Nobel Peace Prize
  137. Obama To Bring Honor Killing To America
  138. Dr. William L. Pierce - Conditioning for Death
  139. Jeb Bush Got $100,000 From Washington ‘Redskins’ Owner, Says Team Name Not Offensive
  140. Senate could drop Confederate flag from seal
  141. Donald Trump Is Not Happy That We Spent 1 Million Dollars Building A Soccer Field At Guantanamo Bay
  142. PUTIN goes to WAR against ISIS: Stop dithering and FIGHT, Russian leader tells West
  143. Anti-Muslim Protests Scheduled US Nationwide: 'Global Rally For Humanity' Calls On Demonstrations
  144. Twin Cities marathon runners face protest from Black Lives Matter group
  145. BREAKING: Bomb-Clock Boy Stuns Country With MASSIVE Announcement… WE WERE RIGHT
  146. OK, America... how does it feel to pay for Iran's new jets and rocket carriers? You can thank Obama
  147. Lawmakers: U.S. plan for Internet may be unconstitutional
  148. Internet Access May have Led To Racial Hate Crimes In Early 2000s
  149. Iran invites black Americans to discrimination conference
  150. Allegations of discrimination will cost Fifth Third $18M
  151. China angered by Hillary Clinton tweet on women's rights
  152. This Is What Happens When Jews Control ...
  153. Trump Issues Startling Pronouncement on Syria: Trump Taking on Zio-Crazies?
  154. Chinese carrier docked in Syria, Chinese 'advisers' to join Russians, Iranians
  155. Is the Pope Catholic?
  156. Atlanta Police Arrest Woman Just For Threatening To Kill Cops And White People
  157. Former KKK leader sent back to prison for violating probation in cross burning
  158. Meet America's next stealth bomber
  159. Confederate flags fly at Hurricane High School
  160. Saudi Arabia; dead bodies thrown in heaps, crushed survivors eventually killed
  161. Copy of Postal Service Audit Shows Extent of Mail Surveillance
  162. Dr. Ron Paul Asks: "Why Are US Special Forces in 81 Countries?"
  163. About 100 students protest racial discrimination at MU
  164. Students in dispute with Iowa school over confederate flags
  165. Georgia to sell license plates featuring Confederate flag
  166. Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud accused of sex crimes during three-day party in Beverly Hills
  167. Americans - How are you Irish?
  168. Despite Pentagon denial, Afghan boy rape known of for years
  169. Donald Trump with Stephen Colbert - No Apologies
  170. American teacher suspended for using offensive word during class discussion of racist terms
  171. The List: Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Eighth Week in Office
  172. Pathetic Zio-Gargling Shill Alex Jones Can't Admit He Censored David Duke
  173. People of color in Connecticut are pulled over and ticketed more than white people, data shows
  174. Drop ‘Confederate,’ LR planners advise
  175. Article: Black Lives Matter Supporter Arrested After Tweeting Death Threats Against White People
  176. Bloomberg Poll: 72% Agree with Trump on America's Lost Greatness
  177. Hackers stole 5.6 million government fingerprints - more than estimated
  178. US frees Osama bin Laden?s former bodyguard Abdul Shalabi from Guantanamo Bay
  179. Univ of Delaware in meltdown over 'hate crime' that never happened
  180. American Muslims welcome first Eid school holiday
  181. Marco Rubio's Hitler Problem: 2016 Candidate Blasted For Yom Kippur-Time
  182. WGN Used The Worst Possible Image For A Yom Kippur Segment
  183. School district backs school's Confederate flag ban
  184. Dems invoke Holocaust in plea to take refugees
  185. Alachua County will give 'Old Joe' Confederate statue to museum
  186. Syria; Russians double their number of military bases, more attack aircraft
  187. UPDATE: False alert of alleged hate crime on UD campus
  188. Slave mural, swastikas, photos of convicted felons may be removed from Jefferson County Courthouse
  189. Hungary authorizes army to stop migrants, Obama drops $4.5 billion
  190. Don't bring Confederate flags to school, district asks students
  191. Virginia Flaggers Photoshop Confederate Banner Mistake
  192. Muslims Make Disturbing Move Against NJ Schools… School Board Shuts Them Down Immediately
  193. Columnist labels Bob Whitaker Pres Campaign Robocal & labels it 'racist'
  194. New Orleans latest city to try to bury its Confederate past
  195. Obama has vastly changed the face of the federal bureaucracy
  196. Hungarian newsie trips up 'refugee' - revealed he's Islamic jihadist terrorist
  197. Campaign aims to improve response to hate crimes
  198. If You’re From One of These Four States, You’ll Likely Need a Passport for a Domestic Flight
  199. No One Wanted to Come to the Muslim Day Parade in NYC
  200. Fiorina sings the praises of Islam, Ottoman Empire 'greatest civilization'
  201. Third year running, Obama cuts military pay from already threadbare Armed Forces
  202. Black Lives Matter and Police Lives Matter Demonstrations Converge at Texas Capitol
  203. Black Lives Matter threatens to shut down light rail before Vikings' home game
  204. Obama nominates 1st openly gay Army chief
  205. Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison carries clock in solidarity with Ahmed Mohamed
  206. Group protests removal of Confederate flag outside GOP forum
  207. Coulter Accused of Anti-Semitism After Live-Tweeting GOP Debate
  208. 'Stacking' prompts Morristown man to sell his house
  209. Jews Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees
  210. Hollywood Lib Matt Damon’s “Diversity” Drama
  211. Just Declassified CIA Memo Immed. After JFK Assass. Reveals Delphic Matador Enigma-Poem
  212. Al Qaeda leader calls on young Muslim men to launch more homegrown attacks
  213. NC police chief forced out after calling Black Lives Matter a ‘terrorist group’ in Facebook rant
  214. Mid-City group tackles Confederate monuments issue, website reports
  215. 'There is no God but Allah' - School accused of Islamic indoctrination
  216. Christiansburg school bans Confederate symbols from parking lot
  217. Museum of Confederacy to host talk on reburial of confederate dead
  218. Yale Establishes Islamic Law Center $10M from Saudi Sharia-Banker, Alleged Bin Laden Financier
  219. Seahawks Player Lashes Out at #BlackLivesMatter Leader for Misappropriating His Image
  220. Easton residents debate presence of Confederate statue
  221. Man viciously attacked by pit bulls in Bronx; owner arrested
  222. 10,000 Syrians Are Headed For The Following 180 US "Refugee Processing Centers"
  223. Blumenthal: US should take greater role in Europe, Middle East refugee crisis
  224. Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Defaced
  225. David Duke asked to leave Daughters of the Confederacy event at LSU
  226. Nancy K. Baron-Baer: Campaign called ‘50 States Against Hate’ puts focus on lax hate-crimes laws
  227. The Confederate flag's ongoing saga
  228. The Skinny on 'David's Sling' New Joint US-Israeli Air Defense Network
  229. Less than 10% of top US Jewish groups back Iran deal, umbrella org says
  230. Video: Clinton Campaign Collapses
  231. Police Chief Makes Sickening Admission After Mob Brutalizes 2 Innocent White Teens
  232. Petition seeks Confederate flag removal
  233. No flag on Virginia's new Sons of Confederate Veterans plates
  234. Amazon agrees to remove products with image of blood splattered Israeli flag
  235. Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the Presidency
  236. Group forming to oversee plan to display Confederate flag
  237. Steven Spielberg, Ford To Make Holocaust Education Announcement
  238. Progs Hate Flags: U of Illinois threatens to ban Old Glory on 9/11
  239. Donald Trump About Europe Migrant Crisis EU Illegal Invader Crisis
  240. In breaking up street fight, Madison officer faced anti-police threats from angry crowd, DP says
  241. Confederate memorabilia removed from Pittsylvania courtroom
  242. Who is funding and leading Black Lives Matter?
  243. BMW agrees to pay $1.6 million in racial discrimination suit
  244. Police: 'Anarchists' beat Air Force pilot flying Confederate flags on motorcycle
  245. Lawmaker seeks to replace statue of Confederate general
  246. Confederate monument at Dowd YMCA to be removed
  247. Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: UC is not welcoming place to Jewish students
  248. Freddie Gray's family will receive $6.4 million settlement from Baltimore
  249. New York Times: Clinton Received Top Secret Emails on Unsecured Server
  250. Unchecked immigration will destroy Europe - and the U.S.