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  1. BAD NEWS: Senior U.S. S C Justice Antonin Scalia Found DEAD!
  2. The Amazon Jungle Comes to San Francisco ... Golden Gate Bridge Strollers Hit w/ Blowgun Darts
  3. New TV Low: Interracial Hollyweird Orgy Scenes Hosted by "Dr." Dre in Apple-Sponsored 1st Series
  4. Trump calls Pope Francis 'a political person who doesn't understand' America's immigration problem
  5. Man With Somali Background Enters Ohio Restaurant and Starts Hacking People With Machete
  6. Meryl Streep on diversity: 'We're all Africans really'
  7. Citadel Students Seen Wearing KKK Hoods In Viral Photo Receive Punishment
  8. Colonial remark upsets Facebook boss
  9. Ted Cruz campaign pulls advertisement because it includes softcore porn star
  10. David Duke: Ted Nugent VS the ADL - Who is Behind Gun Control?
  11. Hillary Doubles Down on the Greatest Lie of our Generation: The hoax of black victimization
  12. Spanning the globe, ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the news
  13. BlackLivesMatter Woman Demands Trump’s Assassination, She Didn’t Expect THIS Severe Backlash!
  14. You Don't Know What Obama Said at the Mosque
  15. afro american pledges to 'smash white girl's computer' over Donald Trump sticker
  16. Clinton surrogate: Sanders not a 'true friend' to blacks
  17. These are the Jewish socialists who paved the way for Bernie Sanders
  18. Who's the Creepiest Hillary Surrogate? Race is On!
  19. VA HS Re-eduation Camp Straight outa 'The Manchurian Candidate' Ignites Racial Controversy
  20. Anti-Beyonce protest planned outside the NFL's New York City HQ
  21. Breaking - Reporter took marching orders from Team Clinton
  22. Alabama bill could stop removal of Confederate monuments
  23. Two-thirds of New Hampshire Republican voters favour ban on Muslims
  24. Obama Ordered Agents to Delete Records of Muslims With Terror Ties, Whistleblower Claims
  25. PayPal's first Super Bowl ad insults Ben Franklin
  26. Confederate group requests permission to hold parade in Martinsburg
  27. Killer Arrested: Yank nanny who hid Muslim migrant from deportation found naked, murdered
  28. Hilarious Bill Clinton Rant About "Sexist," "Vicious," "Profane" "Trolling" by Sanders' Supporters
  29. Despite Jeb’s condemnation, the Bush legacy of eminent domain
  30. Sacramento Kings scrap Year of the Monkey T-shirt because of Black History Month
  31. Chicago white cop who shot mentally ill teen sues family for $10 million over ‘emotional trauma’
  32. It’s almost over for Hillary
  33. ‘Pharma Bro’ donated tens of thousands to the Democrats
  34. Rand Corp. Bombshell: Russia Defeats NATO in Baltic War Game
  35. Group hopes to install large Confederate flag across from ASU
  36. Flint Officials Could Have Prevented Lead Crisis for $80 A Day
  37. Majority of students vote to rename Dallas school named for Confederate general
  38. Epic Beat Down: Russian Men Hospitalize Thug Migrants
  39. Schlafly Unloads on Rubio: 'He Betrayed Us All'
  40. Defenestration of America's Little Princess ..... Chelsea Clinton
  41. Ron Paul Outs Cruz as Creature of Central-Bankers
  42. Ted Cruz's kid shows her open disdain for her own father
  43. Holocaust Survivors Recall Nazi Terror at Remembrance Event in Pasadena
  44. Ben Carson to cut 50 staffers from 2016 campaign after disappointing Iowa results (9,3% only)
  45. Swastika drawn on Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  46. Brown University Faculty Vote to Rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day
  47. Heroin/Fetanyl and other drug ravages in New Hampshire getting National Election attention
  48. Obama and Black Lives Matter Fight for a Violent Slasher
  49. High School Discontinues Video Presentation After Critics Call It Anti-Semitic
  50. Trump calls for 'new election' in Iowa; Cruz mocks 'Trumper-tantrum'
  51. RINO Traitor Ryan Asks Conservatives: Don't Revolt in 2016 = REVOLT NOW!
  52. The Movie 13 Hours has awaked many to a Administration that did nothing to help Our People.
  53. Shocking Illustration of the Juvenilization of American 'Adults'
  54. Donald Trump Narrates "The Snake"
  55. A Miami Neighborhood Is Still Legally Known as Swastika Park
  56. Hilary Clinton talks about Christ and being a devout Methodist
  57. Why the Rothschildist Witch Should Get the Demo Nomination & Trump's Big Problem
  58. Europe was warned, they chose to ignore.
  59. Carson slams Cruz - 'Lies' & 'Dirty Tricks'
  60. Looks Like Zio-crazies to Back Cruz; Rothschildists Drop LBJeb for Rubio?
  61. Schools Across America Are Facing a Rash of Shooting and Bomb Threats
  62. New search engine to target anti-Semitism
  63. NYT Pushes John Kasich to Bash Trump
  64. A Pre-Revolutionary Moment!!
  65. Scurrilous NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda
  66. The War Is Joined Donald Trump vs. the Neocon/Mainstream Elites
  67. Kai Murros: Voice of Europe
  68. Ron Paul Asks US Public: "Is Congress Declaring War on ISIS .... Or On You?"
  69. Iowa Caucuses 2016: Your Jewish Guide To The Presidential Candidates
  70. 'Duck Dynasty' Stars Jep and Jessica Robertson Introduce Their Newly Adopted Niglet
  71. Tim Wolfe, ousted Mizzou president blames Black Lives Matter, football team for resignation
  72. Portland Community College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming
  73. NHL Commish since '93, Ziobot Gary Bettman Inks New Contract into 2022
  74. Lawrence high school students create petition to ban Confederate flag districtwide
  75. Sweden - Muslim migrant children riot, no candy given as demanded
  76. Racial incident at West Port: 3 students face discipline after taunts while waving Confederate flags
  77. Obama’s Broken Campaign Promise X3
  78. USAF Faggotry on Full Display in Court-Martial Case Appeal
  79. Tattoo artist offers free tattoos of Donald Trump
  80. Buchanan: GOP Neo-Con Elites' Anti-Trump Campaign May Split Republican Party
  81. "The Guy Scares Me": Holocaust Survivors Warn About The Danger Of Trump's Right-Wing Media
  82. Hillary's Gay Campaign Mgr., an Actual Mook, Writes in Email Trump Wins in Nov. if Nominated!
  83. Lawrence student banned from displaying Confederate flag
  84. Danish girl defends herself from Muslim rapist, now faces charges
  85. Even NYT Printing Billy Clinton is a Used-Up, Worn-Out Political Whore in Flagging Hillary Campaign
  86. Teacher who alleged racism at Phoenix school feels vindicated over N-word T-shirts photo
  87. He was closer to my color': White British actor Joseph Fiennes has been cast as Michael Jackson
  88. WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers
  89. Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down California Bridge
  90. 'In face of growing anti-Semitism we're all Jews,' Obama says at Israeli embassy
  91. Anne Frank’s Stepsister: Trump ‘Is Acting Like Another Hitler’
  92. Only in ZOG-USA: USN's Intelligence Chief Barred from All Classified Info ... Since Nov. 2013!
  93. Comment: Online Holocaust denial is a real threat to the Jewish community
  94. U.S. Nazi hunter has one active case
  95. East Chicago councilman sworn in from behind bars
  96. Confederate Monuments Come Down , Push to Build Statue to Poop Eating Drag Queen
  97. How ZOG Ultimately Collapses: WV Bill Would Prevent Federalization/Deployments of State Militia
  98. Uncles Sam's 'Suicide Squads' ... A Study in the Zionization of America, Hollyweird, etc
  99. How Petraeus Avoided a Felony Rap ... & How Mossadist Agent 'Broadwell' Skated Completely
  100. Thousands of Cubanos, via Central America, Surge Across Texas Border
  101. High School Student Suspended For Wearing Confederate Flag Apparel (Photos)
  102. Ian McKellen Says Openly Gay Actors Are Also ‘Disregarded’ by Oscars
  103. Why Donald Trump Will Become President Of The United States
  104. Witch Hillary Laughs When Asked About Releasing Transcripts of Speeches to Central Bankers
  105. Rally calls for keeping Confederate emblem on state flag
  106. Hungarian PM defines ‘the best migrant’ – Liberals furious
  107. Hillary E-mail Scandal Much Worse Then We Have Been Told!
  108. Islamic Rape Gangs Have Emerged in America
  109. Julie Delpy apologizes for comments about African Americans
  110. Pixelated Google Earth ... Transparency? Forget It!
  111. Removing confederate monuments gets your Lamborghini burned to the ground
  112. Vice President Ivanka Trump?
  113. Zika!: CDC Issues Scary 'Travel Warning' to Preg. Americans to Avoid Certain 3rd World Hell-Holes
  114. Oscars adopt diversity reforms after race controversy
  115. Maryland the latest target in nationwide Confederate cleansing
  116. Arkansas teen rejected by Marines for 'Southern Pride' Confederate flag tattoo
  117. Goldman Sachs contributions surge despite attacks
  118. Duct-Taped Baby “Offered For Sex” Case Involves Gay, Cross-Dressing Illegal Alien. Hello MSM?
  119. Heidi Cruz works for Goldman Sachs
  120. Year in Nonwhite NYC School Cures Liberal Schoolteacher
  121. From sex phone girl to multi-millionaire, Whoopi threatens to leave US if Trump wins
  122. Spike Lee urges affirmative action in Hollywood, Michael Moore joins boycott
  123. German Muslim cleric; Cologne rape victims 'own fault' for wearing perfume
  124. Israeli 'Defense' Minister Ya'alon: "We Much Prefer ISIS to Iran!"
  125. Year in Nonwhite NYC School Cures Liberal
  126. KKK fliers distributed in at least four cities on Martin Luther King Day
  127. Satan Devouring His Children: Witch Hillary's Ex-Adorers Turn on Her
  128. Coming USN "War Games" on Public/Private WA Costal Property Leaked; US Civilians "Pawns"
  129. Hillary Clinton Celebrates Confederate Flag's Removal At MLK Day Ceremony
  130. Oregon State suspends Afro american player who tripped white referee
  131. Scholastic Drops Children's Book Depicting Happy Slaves
  132. Jan 19 is Robert E. Lee day! A Birthday we Can Celebrate!
  133. "Polls" Looking Good for Trump in Iowa, NH
  134. NPR Ultra-Libtards Getting Nervous About Trump Iowa Victory
  135. Marco 'Bolo' Rubio (R-Isr): "All Illegals Can Stay ... If They've Been 'Good'"
  136. Louis Farrakhan: ‘Trump will take America into the abyss of hell’
  137. Air Force sends mixed signals regarding taking ‘man’ out of ‘airman’
  138. Rand Paul RIP ... Bawls for GOP Die-versity ...
  139. ABC producer Anne Swaney was 'murdered and sexually assaulted in Belize'
  140. Oxford University called 'racist' after Lord Patten's Cecil Rhodes statue comments
  141. Woman starts 'Go Fund me" page after losing all her money on lottery tickets
  142. Listen to the RINO Squirm!! With Video
  143. New Southern heritage group sends message to GOP by flying Confederate battle flag over Charleston
  144. HISD board votes to rename 4 schools named after Confederate loyalists
  145. UAE Billionaire Threatens Gulf Arabs May Pull "Billion$" Out of ZOG-USA If Trump Wins Election
  146. Orwell's Newspeak on Full Display: "US Foreign Policy Oxymoronisms" Lady Pilot Skewers ZOG
  147. Wiesenthal Center calls on Obama to convene anti-Semitism summit; releases top 10 list
  148. The Oscars Are Still So White: 2016 Marks the Second Year in a Row for All-White Nominees
  149. Oscar nominations: Holocaust themes and Jewish talent
  150. Über-liberal 9th Circuit Court: Wearing Unearned Medals is ‘Free Speech’
  151. US MSM Goes Ga-Ga Over "Iranian Aggression" Over Capture of Transgressing USN Gun-Boats
  152. Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai
  153. US Pilots Forget How to Fly Manually, Says Department of Transportation
  154. SOURCE: Twitter Looking For Ways to Ban People for Undesirable Political Views
  155. Alabama Gov. Files Suit to Block ZOG's 'Resettlement' of African/Mideastern Invaders
  156. Milbank: Confederate flag wavers for Obama
  157. City prepares to remove Confederate monuments, despite lawsuit
  158. Pennsylvania Farm Show stops sale of Confederate flag items
  159. White supremacists robocall voters for Donald Trump in Iowa
  160. Obongo Starts Campaigning Against Trump
  161. Assyrian Christian Army commander visits Arlington, pays honor to fallen American troops
  162. USC Students Required to Detail Sexual History ... or Else
  163. Rapefugees not welcome
  164. Utah-based dating site for white people ‘not racially motivated at all,’ founder says
  165. Vandals target Donald Trump’s Massachusetts headquarters
  166. Native American Tribe Says Oregon Armed Occupiers Are Desecrating Sacred Land
  167. Anti- Assad Propaganda Taking Distinctly Holohoax Turn w/ Fake Starveling
  168. NAACP hosts Sons of Confederate Veterans at Sunday meeting
  169. Confederate heritage groups blast Haley/GOP at Statehouse rally
  170. Palestinian says N.Y.T. edited and censored his quotes to shine positively on Israel
  171. German cops hit German citizens with water cannons, pepper spray – AWOL when Muslims riot and rape
  172. Exclusive–Phyllis Schlafly: President Trump: ‘Only Hope to Defeat the Kingmakers’
  173. Rape Survivor from Colorado confronts Obama on Guns.
  174. Donald Trump Slams Gun-Free Zones
  175. The Barbaric Rape of Civilization
  176. Even "Mother Jones" Asks: Is Marco Rubio a Sleeper Agent for Netanyahu?
  177. 'In the name of Islam': Masked ISIS gunman tries to execute Philadelphia cop
  178. New settlement protects Muslims from NYPD surveillance
  179. When Muslims rape: Again, the Western media looks the other way
  180. "We The People Are Pissed": New Poll Finds Whites And Republicans Are Angriest Americans
  181. Sheldon Adelson Watch; the Sclerotic Monster and His Personal Mission of Cultural Distortion
  182. Khazars Bawl "Quit Callin' Us 'Neo-Cons'" in Mouthpiece Rag Nat. Rev.; "It's Code for Jew"
  183. Whoopi Goldberg: Stop calling me ‘African-American’
  184. Japan Sending Gigantic Stockpile of Plutonium 239 to SC via Ship Under Odd 'Deal'
  185. 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2016
  186. Fight Breaks Out At Anti-Violence Rally In Newark
  187. California Holocaust Denial Speech Restrictions Initiative (2016)
  188. #BlackLivesMatter: The American Red Guard
  189. George Soros Condemns the Victims of Jihadist Terrorism for Fighting Back
  190. Texas Civil War Ball Promotes Slavery? Petition Gathers Strength Amid Confederate Flag Controversy
  191. Feds Have to Protect Rude or Racist Brands, Court Says
  192. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Urges Holocaust Survivors Purse Claims Against SNCF
  193. Florida becomes 5th state to pass anti-BDS resolution
  194. Montel Williams Calls For "Shoot To Kill" In Oregon Showdown
  195. White 20-Year Old Female College Student Shot in Head by 5 or 6 Young Blacks!
  196. Obama Slaps Widow and 4-Year-Old Son of Fallen Military Hero With SICKENING “Move” at Funeral"
  197. 9 monuments vandalized in Confederate section of Raleigh cemetery, officials say
  198. Why are people afraid of the facts about Jews?
  199. Legal Action Against Bill Cosby Is Still Important, Even With His Career in Shambles
  200. A Militia Has Taken Over A Federal Building In Oregon
  201. College’s Muslim Student Association Demands ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ Against ‘Islamophobic Speech"
  202. Detroit: A “Flurry of Killings” over Christmas
  203. SICK: Farrakhan Makes Despicable Announcement About What White Folks Will Do if Trump Is President
  204. NAACP calls for civil disobedience in Cleveland after Tamir Rice ruling
  205. Quentin Tarantino says Confederate flag is the 'American swastika'
  206. The New York Times’ Featured Syrian Refugee of The Week
  207. America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed by Paul Craig Roberts
  208. China's New Drone May Be Based On Stolen US Blueprints
  209. Muslim workers at Cargill Meat Solutions Colorado have been fired after striking
  210. Russian Orthodox Church Replaces Rome as the Center of Christianity
  211. Obama to Allow Invader College Grads to STEAL US Jobs
  212. Is the West Disintegrating?
  213. Q&A with Jets WR Joe Anderson Who Wore a Sign to Get NFL Job
  214. A Christmas Miracle: CNN Discovers “Jewish Terrorism
  215. Is the West Disintegrating? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  216. Black Women Beat Homeless White Man to Death with Hammer, a Chair Leg and Their Kids
  217. Houston Mosque Burning was a Fake Hate Crime – Devout Muslim Jihadi Arrested
  218. Twittericans Want LeBron James to Boycott Basketball over Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision
  219. Liberal professor: All white people are racist no matter what
  220. Soros Foundation promoted drug legalization worldwide : Russian official
  221. Is Donald Trump Ending The War On Christmas?
  222. ‘Dear White America’:Open Letter Asks Readers to ‘Admit’ to the ‘Racist Poison That Is Inside of You
  223. O'Malley: Jesus was a refugee
  224. Lawmaker seeks to return Confederate flag to license plates
  225. Will ZOG Permit this Conference at the Nat'l Press Club Exposing Israeli Control?
  226. Professor Demands We Replace “Merry Christmas” With “Happy Federal Holiday”
  227. Christmas Signs Banned in Bethlehem
  228. New Religion Plans 'A Million Women's March' in 2016
  229. US Jewish groups condemn professor’s use of yellow stars to fight Islamophobia
  230. Shoppers want mall retailer to remove Confederate flag merchandise
  231. Black Santa robs KFC
  232. Salon: 'White Men Must Be Stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends On It'
  233. Merry Christmas!
  234. Town renames ‘racist’ Old Dixie Hwy after someone ‘more unifying’ – guess who?
  235. Committee supports removing Confederate Monument from Forest Park
  236. Obama rents tropical palace for Hawaiian Christmas
  237. Miss Puerto Rico suspended for Anti-Muslim rant on Twitter
  238. Relic Room cuts Confederate flag display by $1.7 million
  239. Good Riddance: Boehner-Backed Candidate Out of Race For His Seat!
  240. Alabama Congressman Wants Confederate Flag Removed From State Trooper Uniforms
  241. Confederate flag supporters, opponents clash at 'Secessionist Rally'
  242. Brookings Institute Confirms Virtually No White Gun Crime in America
  243. NJ Police Captain: Some Muslims Did Celebrate The 9/11 Terror Attacks!
  244. Mall of America seeks order blocking planned Black Lives Matter protest
  245. Monstrous and Failed Jewish Cult of Indiscriminate Aerial Bombardment of Cities Exposed
  246. "Salon" publishes article about how "the U.S. is scarier than Islamic State."
  247. Homeland star calls on US to do more for refugees
  248. Arkansas afro american student caught on camera blowing cigar smoke in teacher's face during class
  249. Obama is releasing terrorists to wage jihad against America
  250. Corrections Department employee who hurled coffee and insults at Muslim man put on leave