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  1. Andrea Tantaros booted from Fox News - at least for now
  2. John McCain’s Fundraiser Arrested for Meth Lab
  3. Benghazi mom: "Happy Mother's Day, Hillary"
  4. Skinheads Come Out in Full Force for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania
  5. ADL Report First to Catalog White Supremacist Prison Gangs State-by-State
  6. A 53-year-old man who laundered $2.2 million for al-Qaeda has been handed over
  7. 20,000 illegals with criminal convictions released into U.S. communities in 2015
  8. Trump Lambastes "Globalism;" Vows an "America First" Foreign Policy & No More Kooky Wars
  9. Naughty USMC Officers Provide Reason #482 Why Women Do Not Belong at Service Academies
  10. Republirat Schemer & RNC Rules Comm. Scammer Curly Haugland: Trump's Primary Votes Mean Little
  11. Commissar Bernie: Obongo Presidential Secret "Kill" Lists Perfectly Legal; Wants US Troops in Syria
  12. Mark Zuckerberg does not believe in building walls. (video)
  13. Meet the man the White House has honoured for deporting illegal immigrants
  14. Two-thirds of Kansas voter registrations on hold (hold no birth certificate)
  16. 83 US Senators Brazenly Self-Out Themselves as AIPAC Whores & Traitors; Cruz, Graham & Co. Exposed
  17. NBC Poll Has Trump Topping 50% of All Republicans Nationally; Highest % Ever Admitted
  18. White Girl Beaten In Gym Class For Not Helping black Peers Cheat
  19. Anonymous steps up war against Ku Klux Klan with second hack attack
  20. Saudi family therapist teaches correct way for men to beat their wives
  21. Congress to Germany: Provide more funding for Holocaust survivors
  22. FBI honors local judge for work with immigrants
  23. FBI paid over $1 mn for iPhone hack
  24. Maine GOP Gov. LePage Excoriates Cruz Campaign's Deceipt and 'Back-Stabbing'
  25. Stanford snowflakes meltdown over April Fools’ joke mocking leftist campus ‘demands’
  26. Article: Black Lives Matter Supporter Arrested After Tweeting Death Threats Against White People
  27. Majority of Germans Want Obama to Run for President Again
  28. Questions linger; Obama may apologize to Japan for US saving millions of lives
  29. Strange Details Behind Prince Blood Sacrifice to Baal! That Killed Him
  30. Philippines: Presidential Frontrunner Vows to Give U.S. ‘A Sh*t,’ Cut Ties over Rape Joke
  31. Why Have We Forgotten That "Earth Day" is Really Lenin's Birthday in Disguise!!
  32. Race-Traitor Gov. McAuliffe Grants Voting Rights to 200+K Virginian Felons; Boost for Hillary
  33. Negro Muslim Chief Of Police REFUSES To Pledge Allegiance To U.S. Flag
  34. Obongo Orders Brits to Vote to Stay in EU
  35. Israeli News Scoop: How Israel Lied to USA about Stolen Nukes/Nuke Program
  36. Cash-strapped ISIS resorts to selling the organs of their own wounded
  37. Clinton: We Could Have Positive Gangs
  38. How Trump Could Win the Republican Nomination in Five (Not-So) Easy Steps
  39. Recommended Reading: Outcast, 'Rebel' Jew Outs Jew Money Control of Democrat & Republirat Parties
  40. The Citizen Who Dared to Ask Too Much from ZOG's DoD
  41. Florida governor signs off on holocaust memorial for state capital
  42. Is the GOP Risking Suicide? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  43. Forget about ISIS; here comes a bigger and stronger al-Qaeda
  44. Un Unmistakable Sign of the Ever-Growing Central Banker vs. Zio-Crazy Split
  45. Intel Lays Off 12,000 People After Lobbying For More Foreign Workers
  46. Rapper on Probation Visits WH to Encourage Young Blacks, Ankle Monitor Goes Off
  47. Obama sides with Saudis against 9/11 families
  48. Brits to join Italian-led force to battle ISIS in Libya
  49. US Defense Official to Court: Pollard Still Security Risk
  50. How to Confront People With an Anti-White Mindset
  51. Tales from the ObamaCorps; only one in three USMC fighter jets can even fly
  52. Sorry Mr. Jackson: Treasury to announce a woman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill this week
  53. Immigration agents back Trump
  54. U.S judge says terrorism convict can't be deported to Pakistan
  55. U.S. sends nine Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia
  56. True Colors of Neo-Con/Zio-Crazy Commissar Bernie Emerge in Axing of Libtard "Outreach" Jewess
  57. US Army OKs First Group of Female Officers for Ground Combat
  58. Results of Cruz Pyrrhic Victory in Colorado: Trump takes Big Lead!
  59. The United States of Insolvency
  60. Despite Obama's assurances, ISIS on the move world-wide
  61. Ted Cruz microphone assist backfires!
  62. video Clinton Says All Whites Must Admit We’re Racists, Humbly Submit to Blacks
  63. “Beaten Because I am White”--School sued for refusing to transfer White student
  64. A new electoral-map model finds Hillary Clinton crushing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
  65. Completing the Chicago Gun Violence Puzzle — the ‘Ferguson Effect’ Rides Again
  66. Bono urges Congress to deploy comedians to fight ISIS
  67. Despite another anti-woman fatwa, Clinton still takes millions in Saudi money
  68. Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin. was a Navy officer is charged with espionage
  69. Cruz: Drudge Report 'Attack Site' for Trump
  70. German Federal Army quits NATO exercise, exceeded 'overtime' limits
  71. Cruz Dances the Hora for His Masters ... Ziorat Adelson Calls the Tune
  72. high school girls soccer team traumatized by racist chants: ‘Donald Trump,build that wall’
  73. UT-Chattanooga student senator pressured to resign over pro-Trump chalking
  74. Move to draft retired Marine General Mattis to run for president
  75. Boston Globe Publishes Satirical Page Showing 'Trump's America'
  76. Vatican Trip Could Boost Bernie Sanders' Fight Against Hillary Clinton
  77. Primal Rage': Trump Touches Raw Nerve Standing Up to US Establishment
  78. Disregard for human life; 'migrant' threatens baby if Greek police relocate him
  79. Congress Moves to Spur Return of Artwork Stolen By Nazis
  80. Alarming video shows Israeli tourist slashed in NYC subway
  81. Artwork replaces Confederate monument in Reidsville
  82. Four Invaders Charged in Gang Rape of Nine-Year-Old Utah Girl!
  83. Democracy Spring: An Assault on Free Political Speech
  84. Another White Person gets purged for thought crimes, or frivilous reasons. This time a T.V. anchor.
  85. Bill Clinton Yells at Black Lives Matter Protesters
  86. What Will Mass Immigration Lead To And Why Do We Have It?
  87. UN sponsors replica Temple of Baal in NYC and London, Feds verify Satanic links
  88. At Iranian White House New Year Celebration, Michelle Obama Denounces ‘Disturbing & Hateful Rhetoric
  89. Homosexual Sympathizers Infiltrate GOP Platform Committee; Republicans & Queers Equally Aghast
  90. ISIS video game encourages players to “Shoot Obama”
  91. The GAP Made a Huge Mistake With Their “Racist” Ad…They Apologized
  92. Previously Deported Invader Kills Texas Firefighter, His 2 Children!
  93. New ISIS English language video; Eiffel Tower destroyed, London and Rome next
  94. Hatemonger Dan Savage on Trump Nomination: Black and Brown 'People Will Die'
  95. State Rep Passes Holocaust Memorial Bill in Tallahassee
  96. Confederate soldiers remembered amid protest over heritage month
  97. What You Should Know About The Panama Papers
  98. Hundreds of Israeli companies and shareholders listed in Panama Papers
  99. Dallas groups clash outside a Nation of Islam mosque amidst racial tension
  100. GOPe gaga over Ryan, forgets his slashing military retiree paychecks
  101. CIA False Flag Bombing Op. Spoiled in Mid-Stream or Just Typical CIA Idiocy?
  102. Hillary's Gal-Pal Huma "Terrified" About Her Emails to Witch
  103. Leather-clad Hillary-the-Witch Trashes Trump at Homosexual Gala; Rosie O'Donnell's 'Hex'
  104. MD Appellate Ct Condemns Baltimore PD's Secret Use of Stingray Surveillance "Hailstorms"
  105. Clinton Campaign Charges Donors $2,700 to Watch Ice Skating With Michelle Kwan
  106. Slutwalk Enthusiast Amber Rose Vows Fleeing U.S. If Trump Elected
  107. Poll: Immigration still worries Californians
  108. WATCH – THIS is How Mexico Will Pay for the Border Wall, Trump Vindicated!
  109. Bad News for Hillary
  110. Cuban State Newspaper Castigates Obongo as "Dumb Negro," "Inciter of Chaos" within Cuba
  111. Italy; Muslim migrants riot over food, 'We want our chicken and french fries'
  112. Hillary Clinton to Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Group
  113. Ron Paul on "The Greatest Terror Attack in Modern Times" ... (Hint: It isn't 9/11)
  114. Library of Congress Retires ‘Illegal Alien,’ Uses ‘Noncitizen’
  115. The Latest: Minneapolis protest moves to police precinct
  116. KIA Marine returns home as Marines in Iraq engage in direct ground combat
  117. US Responsibility for Widespread Palmyra Destruction!
  118. Report: Hillary Killed Several of Her Own Children With Abortion!
  119. Foreign Viewers Resist Hollywood's Diversity Push
  120. Turkey; ISIS planning 'imminent' attack on Jewish children
  121. NY Gov. Cuomo Bans Official Travel to NC Because They Have Men's and Women's Restrooms
  122. The reason they created ISIS
  123. Syrian Mess: CIA-Backed Jihadis Fighting Pentagon-Backed Jihadis
  124. North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Animated Nuclear Attack On Washington, D.C.
  125. Police Find And Detonate Explosive Device At Trump Supporter’s Home After He Threatened Muslims
  126. Belgium, just another failed nation under ISIS' thumb
  127. Hypocrite AIPAC Jews Exposed
  128. Poverty/Crime Excuse Smashed
  129. Protesters rally at Capitol against Confederate heritage month
  130. Obama finds time to be at opening of largest mosque in US
  131. Vicious AIPAC Hypocrits Decry Racist "Trump" Comments, Then Learn Comments Came from Netanyau
  132. WNs' Guerilla Faxwarfare Too Much for Academic Libtards
  133. Michelle Obama Says Her Life Is Harder Than Any Soldier’s
  134. NC Gov. McCrory Signs Bill Abrogating Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Ord., Libtards Foam
  135. A MUST READ article: Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos To Build Power
  136. Kamikazes then dwarfed by number of violent Islamic jihadists now
  137. Emory student gov. pledges emergency funds to help those in pain over Trump chalking
  138. Coulter: Hashtag: We Are Neville Chamberlain!
  139. Precious snowflakes in melt-down over chalked messages of ‘TRUMP 2016’
  140. "American Woman" Amarjit "La Chucky" Pabla, Vicious Barrio 18 Gang Queenpin, Captured in Honduras
  141. US Marines Head Into Ground Combat to Retake Iraq Oil Fields Vic. of Makhmur
  142. Closetcase/AIPAC-Whore Lindsey Graham's (R-Isr) Anti-Trump Loon-Logic on Full Display
  143. Univ. of California: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitsm/Criticism of Israel = Hate Speech/Prohibited
  144. Anti-Trump Actions of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate to Stave Off Downturns Past Election
  145. Sen. Ted Cruz lauds Elie Wiesel as a moral giant in AIPAC speech
  146. Trump slams Muslims for hiding terrorists
  147. Progressive Snowflakes Demand Amazon Stop Selling Trump Paraphernalia
  148. 10 Very Bad Things About John Kasich Every American Needs to Know!
  149. Latina receives death threats for supporting Donald Trump
  150. Protesters: Council creating strife over C'ville Confederate statues
  151. 5 Threats Trump Poses, And 6 Plans to Stop Him by Jon Rappoport
  152. Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous
  153. Under watchful eye of Che Guevara, Obama gives Brussels short shrift
  154. AIPAC Panderfest: Trump, Cruz & Killary ... Each Tries to Out-Grovel the Other
  155. As Brussels Reels From ISIS-led Terror Attack, Obama Attends Baseball Game In Cuba
  156. 2 Killed, 25 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago
  157. Trump on Brussels Attack: ‘I Would Close Up Our Borders to People Until We Figure Out What Is Going
  158. FBI may have found way to unlock San Bernardino shooter's iPhone without Apple
  159. Trump Questions Need For NATO!!!
  160. What’s Up With the Ides of March? from Antiwar.com
  161. White Washington Post Reporter Laments Black Criminal Gunned Down After Burglarizing House
  162. Merrick Garland Was Accused of Protecting a Judge Charged With Ethics Violations
  163. India; Muslim fatwa issued against patriotic slogan
  164. How Did Cruz Get That Loan?
  165. Celebutard Schwarzenegger Storms Out of Aussie Interview When Asked About Trump
  166. A Real Pip! Bad News for Hillary: RapePAC to Launch Anti-Clinton Ads to Put Witch on Defensive
  167. Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head
  168. Arizona Mom Who Lost Son to Invader Explains Why She Endorsed Trump Over Cruz!
  169. Meet the Rebarbative Roz Rothstein, Zio-Pied Piper Trolling US Campuses
  170. Donald Trump's Unprecedented Qualifications!!
  171. An Interesting Political Analysis as to Why Trump Wins in November
  172. Expect More of this Sort of Anti-Trump Warfare Against Him, His Surrogates & Supporters ...
  173. ISIS feeds starving mother her own 3-year-old son, Yazidis slam Obama's inaction
  174. ISIS executed a hospital clerk by blowing his head off with det cord
  175. Anonymous claims they hacked Donald Trump, releasing 'his Social Security and cell phone numbers'
  176. Mask Comes Off Crazy-Cruz; Zio-Crazies Managing Cruz Campaign
  177. "It's a Black Thing ---You Wouldn't Understand!" Guaranteed to Turn Your Stomach
  178. Trump's White Nationalist Backers Attack Merrick Garland For Being Jewish
  179. Man sentenced for threats at pickup with Confederate flag
  180. Obama Claims the Presidency is Not a Reality Show
  181. Brownshirts & Republican Wimps By Patrick J. Buchanan
  182. Suicide of GOP -- or its Rebirth? by Pat Buchanan
  183. How College Students and Veterans of the Occupy Movement Shut Down Trump in Chicago
  184. Bernie Sanders Caught in Double Standard Over BEHAVIOR OF HIS SUPPORTERS (VIDEO)
  185. Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU
  186. Today's Left
  187. US says Europe needs 'working definition' of anti-Semitism
  188. Latinos line up to get naturalized and stop Trump
  189. Trump set to speak at AIPAC GrovelFest Next Week @ Dist. o' Corruption
  190. 'Last Confederate Capital' back up after restoration
  191. Killary the Witch Watch: An Ongoing Thread Exposing Her Degeneracy, Sociopathology, Hypocrisy, etc.
  192. "Political Elites" or Rothschildist Monsters and Neo-Con Zio-Crazies?
  193. Right on Cue, Obongo Starts Attacking Trump; Squeaker Ryan Joins Trump Hatefest
  194. US Spymaster-Doof Clapper Called on Carpet in New Zealand for NSA Hacking of NZ Mil. & Civ. Intel
  195. Obama Idea Islam Needs Modernist Reformation
  196. ACLU defends Trump throwing protesters out of his venues
  197. Abe Foxman To Head Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Hatred
  198. Potential Supreme Court Candidate Defended Pipe Bomber, Child Murderer
  199. Should Longview church remove swastika floor tiles?
  200. Former Cameron aide says to dismiss Trump as a 'bigoted buffoon' is a huge mistake.
  201. See the face of the Democrats vision of America - Trump's attacker identified
  202. Antiquated aircraft resurrected by Obama administration to fight ISIS
  203. Kooky Lesbian University Instructor Confesses to Making Up 'Homophobic' Attack by Angry White Man
  204. South African/Zimbabwean White Farmer Syndrome Developing for White Ranchers on US Border
  205. Rubio Calls on Dwindling Supporters to Vote for Kasich in OH; But Kasich Won't Reciprocate in FL
  206. Ted Cruz Works for The Council On Foreign Relations – He Wants to Dissolve America
  207. Pat Buchanan on "the Sea Island Conspiracy" Against Trump
  208. Islam expert OK's capturing and having sex with slaves, nixes selling them
  209. Swastikas on Campus: Anti-Semitism Blamed on Anti-Israel Academics
  210. Poll: Numbers of Americans Think US in Decline; Infuriated with Elites on Obamatrade, Immigration
  211. CBS, NBC Bury Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Charged with Killing Five Americans
  212. Complete list; GOP bosses, liberal billionaires, sole Dem at #NeverTrump meeting
  213. Obama To Skip Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Will Appear At SXSW Conference In Texas Instead
  214. Hating on Trump: It's All About Israel ... by Phil Giraldi
  215. Florida to create Holocaust Mémorial
  216. Black Lives Matter Organizer Posts Guide To Riotwear…In Arabic
  217. Wiesenthal Center Applauds Facebook on Hate-Speech Crackdown; Hits Apple for Encryption Fight
  218. Mitt Deadset on Proving Insanity is Doing Same Thing, Yet Expecting Different Results w/ Robo Hate
  219. Black Serial Killer Arrested Confessed to Seven Murders
  220. Plans That Lead Astray: Closing Guantanamo
  221. Jewish Charity Paid More than Anyone Else (Including Wall Street) For Hillary Speech
  222. The Oligarchs' Super-PAC Anti-Trump Savagery by Pat Buchanan
  223. Commissar Bernie Alienates Libtard White Supporters w/ Weird 'Ghetto' Remarks; Twitterverse Outrage
  224. 1000 Democrats, So Far, Defect to GOP to Vote for Trump in Primary in Mahoning Co., Ohio
  225. Trump Smashes the Zionist-Glacier Freezing US Political Taboos About Israel
  226. Militia formed by ex-sex slaves take the fight to ISIS thugs who tortured, raped them
  227. Sanders says being Jewish is 'essential' to who I am
  228. afro american Teen charged for practicing medicine unlawfully released from jail
  229. Left Immediately Cheers, Sends Deluge of Vile Messages About Death of Nancy Reagan
  230. New NBC Poll has Trump Crushing Cubano-Canuck Cruz in Michigan
  231. Russian documentary; Afghan elders still recruiting ‘bacha boys’ for sex
  232. Harvard Law committee votes to remove controversial shield
  233. Dolce & Gabbana’s Slammed For Selling “Slave” Sandals
  234. Egyptian student forced to leave the U.S. after posting about killing Donald Trump
  235. Hundreds gather in Gettysburg, Pa., in heated clash over Confederate flag
  236. Saban: Trump’s a ‘clown,’ and would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel
  237. Parents Hold Emergency Board Meeting After Hearing of High School’s ‘Diversity Day’ Event
  238. Mitt Romney is an example of "White Suicide
  239. New Birthright trip for Jewish law enforcement seeks to counter BDS movement
  240. Gillibrand Urges More Kosher Food to Food Banks
  241. If Every American Saw This 3 Minute Video, Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Stand a Chance
  242. Fact check; Trump never called for 'murder' of terrorists' families
  243. An Establishment in Panic by Pat Buchanan
  244. Newly Elected Travis County GOP Chairperson Robert Morrow Raises Eyebrows
  245. New Pathogen Outbreak: Anti-Biotic Resistant Elizabethkingia Bacteria Killed 18 in WI ... so far
  246. Hoosier Idiocy & Zio-Toadyism on Display
  247. White Nationalist Show's Syndicator Threatens To Release Emails Proving Trump Lied About Interview
  248. Interesting: Farrakhan Praises Trump For Rejecting ‘Jewish’ Money
  249. Israeli group dubs US celebrities's voice to make her say "kill Muslims"
  250. NYC council members drafting bill to fight campus anti-Semitism