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  1. Another insane Herman Cain Ad.
  2. Popular tattooed Barbie causes controversy
  3. Two abortion clinic employees plead guilty to murder
  4. Bill Kristol: ‘We need to hear’ that Obama has gone to war on Iran
  5. Top jewish Foreclosure Firm, Steven J. Baum, Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Bash
  6. Like it or not, this is our only hope.
  7. Challenge Syria At Your Peril
  8. I HAVE A DREAM!!!
  9. Racist Sign Sparks Outrage
  10. Man Cuts Off Arm With Homemade Guillotine
  11. Jewish Brooklyn man pleads guilty to trafficking black market kidneys to N.J. residents
  12. 13 US Soldiers KIA in Kabul Convoy Blast; US Generals Bawl Like Cornwalis and Burgoyne
  13. MICHIGAN High School Students Refuse to Stop Wearing Confederate Flag Clothing
  14. Anti-Welfare Board Game Re-Released With ‘Obozo The Marxist Clown’
  15. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer visits Huntsville, praises Alabama immigration law
  16. Huntsville Police Department beginning to enforce Alabama immigration law
  17. First USN Airship in Half Century Christened at Lakehurst
  18. NAACP compares Texas Confederate license plates to 'a Nazi swastika'
  20. Obama Calls Murder of Children in Libya A "Success"
  21. German Youth Suffering Holocaust Fatigue
  22. Jew billionaire shot dead in 'professional hit'
  23. Dr. David Duke, PhD - Do Zionists Control Wall Street?
  24. 84 Prominent Archaeologists Blast Simon Wiesenthal Center 'Museum of Tolerance" as Racist
  25. Romney's Evil Cabal of Jewish Neo-Con Foreign Policy/Nat'l Sec. Advisors Exposed. Horrifying List!
  26. Blue Ribbon Cut at Newly Operational Reaper Drone Base in S. Ethiopia
  27. Jews attempt to mainstream pedophiles as "Minor attracted persons"
  28. A Christian ambassador for the Holocaust
  29. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum Pleads Guilty To Selling Black Market Kidneys
  30. ‘World War II Evacuee’ Costume For Little Girls Is Most Offensive Of All Time
  31. Negrophiles Pretending to be Whites.
  32. Ron Pauls view on Israeli/Iran nuclear arms race
  33. Meet James Edwards, His "Race, Politics & Hypocrisy in 21st Cent. Amer." in the Thick of SPLC Attack
  34. "Jews In All Centers of Power" ...... Internal Communique Raises Many Questions
  35. US apology for crimes against German prisoners
  36. Puppet Qatari Regime Fesses Up: Hundreds of Qatari Troops Fought in Libya; Americans/Germans too?
  37. Scott Olsen, Wisc. Iraqi War Vet, May Be 1st Wall St. Protester Death; Oakland PD Caught in Lie?
  38. Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands
  39. The Big Race
  40. FBI reports gang 'infiltration' of U.S. military
  42. Israeli professor suspected of distributing child pornography wanted in US
  43. Black People Have Become too Ignorant for Me to Claim
  45. Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts!
  46. Strange Tales of White Privilege
  47. TODAY'S FAWCHUN COOKIE - 10/27/2011
  48. Burglary ring with ties to Aryan Nation(Brotherhood) busted in Harrison Co. Indiana.
  49. Color Of Change Urges MSNBC To Fire Pat Buchanan
  50. Panel Endorses HPV Vaccine for Boys of 11
  51. Occupy Oakland: Iraq war veteran in critical condition after police clashes
  52. CIA Recruitment Website: "Sexual Orientation" No Bar to Employment
  54. Stephen Colbert Parodies Herman Cain’s Bizarre Campaign Ad
  55. Kremlin: Secret list of US officials banned in Russia to grow
  56. Goldman Sachs exec. will surrender to FBI
  57. NATO Delays Formal Decision To Decision To End Libya Mission
  58. Federal Judge Blocks Florida Welfare Drug Test Law
  59. Political Cartoon Sparks Accusations Of Racism
  60. Soviet Israel?
  61. ADL bid for U.S. bipartisan support for Israel faces staunch resistance
  62. Libya: The Actual War Begins Now!
  63. Israeli president asks "Seinfeld" star for advice
  64. ‘Homophobic Riot’ By Kids Drives Out Lesbian Vice-Principal
  65. "Get Your Freak On Girl"
  66. John and Ken vs the Dream Act
  67. ADL bid for U.S. bipartisan support for Israel faces staunch resistance
  68. Wayne Rogers calls for revolution
  69. Alabama Immigration Law Unites Blacks, Latinos
  70. Teen mobs harass motorists
  71. US pledges $100 million in East Africa hunger aid
  72. US Pays 18 Percent of Israel's Military Budget
  73. David Duke the Killer Nazi- Glenn Beck
  74. Help support the only PLE in Southern California - Crescenta Valley European American Society
  77. Why Don't You All Just SHUT UP!!!
  78. FBI's "Mad Scientist Ivins" Anthrax 'Attack' Explanation in Shreds.... New "Secret" Report Released
  79. 'National Biodefense Science Board' Set to Vote on Subcomm.'s OK for Anthrax Vax Testing on Kids!
  80. Ron Paul Lashes Out at TSA's Interstate/Bus Depot Checkpoints in Tennessee
  81. Iraqi War Veteran Interrupts US Armed Services/Panetta Hearing; D.C. 'Zombies'; Happy Hallo'ween!
  82. Rick Perry a HORRIBLE Student at Texas A & M
  83. Student Group Takes A Stand Against Racist Costumes
  84. Here is a New Cain Ad that will get you rolling on the floor and yes it is real!
  85. the New Phobia
  86. NYC schools Mandatory Sex Ed teaches bestiality!
  87. Federal judge blocks Florida’s new law requiring that welfare applicants pass drug test
  88. Gadaffi sodomized by Libyan rebels
  89. Missing AZ 5 yr. old: Grandmother says racism to blame for lack of media attention
  90. More Anti-Semitic Graffiti: 12 Red Swastikas Spray-Painted Throughout Santa Monica
  91. US academics challenged over praise of 'anti-Semitic' book
  92. An Anti-Semitic President
  93. Anonymous Hackers Target Child Porn Web Sites
  94. Dramatic and Ultra-Deadly Modification of All US Virginia-class Nuke Subs Ordered
  95. Loony McCain's Latest Lunacy: Let's Next !Intervene in Syria!
  96. Police kill Black suspect in officer's shooting
  97. No Joke: Louisana First State to Outlaw Cash in Certain Transactions
  98. The Real Reason Why Gadaffi Was Killed & Why We're In Libya
  99. The Iraq War Ain’t Over, No Matter What Obama Says
  100. Confederate flag license plate debate continues
  101. ADL: Stop anti-Semitic calls during Occupy Wall Street rallies
  102. Post-War Apology & Reconciliation For The Death of 750,000 German Prisoners In The US: Oct 31, 2011
  103. A little history for you, RED OCTOBER and the Bolshevik scurge
  104. Mutassim Gaddafi - Captured and Killed by Rebels in Sirte
  105. Dispute keeps Russian sailing ship out of S.F.
  106. Meet the Press (10/23/11): Ron Paul
  108. Liberal jew becomes racially aware :)
  109. ‘We continue our resistance to full revenge. I am in Libya, alive and free’ – Gaddafi’s son
  110. zionist jew
  111. Black gangs turning to financial crimes
  112. American girl calls upon men to defend their country against invaders
  113. NATO HQS: We "Didn't Know" Kadafy was in Convoy Straffed by NATO Jets
  114. Cong. Landry's Question: Should Obongo be Stripped of Nobel Considering All the People He's Killed?
  115. Janet Napolitano Is A Man?
  116. Hertz Fires 26 Muslim Drivers For Not Clocking Out For Prayer Breaks
  117. The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military
  118. This is the type of school they would love to bus your child to.
  119. US beginning to turn over territory to China
  120. Finally the real reason why theres a racial gap
  121. U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Obama Says
  122. Thank you for visiting Herman Cain's webpage. You will now be redirected to RON PAUL
  123. BofA puts taxpayers on the hook for Merrill’s derivatives for 75 Trillion dollars (yes trillions)
  124. TSA "Checkpoints" Pop UP Throughout Tennessee Interstate Sys.; Little MSM Coverage
  125. Gaddafi is dead. Who is next in Arab Spring revolution?
  126. Gadhafi Murder a Laughing Matter for Zioness Clinton
  127. 'This is not a trick or a treat': Fury at racist Halloween decoration as black scarecrow is found ha
  128. Halloween display sparks controversy in Franklin
  129. In tiny rural Kansas district, students out-performing global competition. No mention of WHITE kids
  130. How I Was Arrested at Occupy Wall Street
  131. Halloween Decoration Removed From Brooklyn Home After Being Called Racist
  132. pimping the emotions: a pattern to observe
  133. The Dysfunctional Debate - Starring Perry Romney
  134. Dr. David Duke, PhD. - Occupy Zionist Wall Street!
  135. Is this an anti-semitic remark?
  136. What Makes Mexicans So Dangerous
  137. Few Americans take immigrants' jobs in Alabama
  138. Huge Funeral for Black Chicago Gang Hitman
  139. Bizarre and Weird War Machine Lumbers Into Libyan Hostilities
  140. Does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy?
  141. Napolitano: DHS Authorizing Illegal Aliens to Work in U.S.
  142. Gaddafi captured and killed in Sirte
  143. 9/11 was needed to cause regime CHANGE throughout the Middle East and the West
  144. Turkey Launches Medium-Scale Invasion of N. Iraq; Issues Veiled Threat to Israelis to Curb Proxies
  145. A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living
  146. Must Read: Shocking CIA Cover-up of Israeli 60s Nuke Thefts Seriously Endangers Pennsylvanians Now!
  147. United States needs to reevaluate its assistance to Israel
  148. Congressional Black Caucus Visits Cuba , Praises Castro Brothers
  149. American Mom Hears From Missing Daughter on Facebook: In Mexico Married and Pregnant !
  150. Obama has more cash from financial sector than GOP hopefuls combined
  151. the clap trap
  152. Flouridation News --- Brain Damage, IQ Decline, Parental Rights, Forced Mass Medication
  153. Bank Fraud
  154. FedGov preparing for Martial Law!
  155. US: Don't reopen Demjanjuk citizenship case
  156. "It's time for regime change here in the US!"
  157. Voters view tall people as better suited for leadershipPreference for tall leaders is an evolutionar
  158. Brave Kosovo Serbs Defy NATO Ultimatum; Won't Remove Road Blocks
  159. R.I.P. Agris Hutrof, Estonian Army CPL, 25 Killed for Nothing
  160. The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012 Election
  161. $1.5 trillion a year to keep energy flowing: IEA
  162. BBC article re child abuse fails to mention race
  163. Pat Buchanan's Gloomy Warning About 'The End Of White America'
  164. Hire Convicted Felons And Get Tax Break!
  165. Quick Skinny on Depleted Uranium
  166. Latest Cain Lunacy: Pre-emptive Strike a Must to Stop Iran.
  167. FoxNews: 'Israelis, Saudis' behind Iran terror plot!
  168. CDC caught in blatant lies about pandemics and vaccines!
  169. FBI Scheme to Upgrade Its DNA "Codis" Database Under Fire by Forensic Experts
  170. Small Robots Being Fielded by US Army in Occupied Afghanistan
  171. Geneva Conventions Be Damned! Famed Rabbi Demands All Israeli Prisoners be Executed Summarily
  172. Study Shows White Americans Believe They Are More Discriminated Against
  173. Clint Eastwood as VP? George H.W. Bush Considered It
  174. Bond at $2.5 million for disabled adults' accused captors
  175. Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children
  176. i love to fly.
  177. Michael Scheuer--US fake plot against Iran--Israel wants US to destroy Iran
  178. TX High School Students Made to Recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance
  179. halal meat
  180. THE TIES THAT BIND. Rush Limbaugh will soon be giving out free bottles of tea to the Occupiers.
  181. Significant Holes In Legal Case Against Alleged Iran Plotter The Atlantic Magazine
  182. Lowes Closing 20 Stores Affecting 2,000 Employees
  183. What's The CIA Doing at NYPD? Depends Whom You Ask
  184. Referendum in Gear to Repeal California DREAM Act
  185. The LA Times notices the “double standard” on Iran
  186. Police Condemn California Highway Checkpoint Law
  187. Texas Woman Suffers Job Discrimination for Not Speaking Spanish
  188. 4 mentally disabled people chained for 11-years in Philadelphia basement by 3 Blacks ...
  189. Indy Driver Dan Wheldon Dies At Season Finale In Vegas
  190. House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA
  191. Sean Penn Calls Tea Party the ‘Get the N-Word Out of the White House Party’ Which Wants to ‘Lynch’ O
  192. Let's Not Forget: Operation Wetback Was a Huge Success
  193. Ron Paul Takes Third in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll
  194. "Alabama Will Not Be a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens"
  195. Cain Proposes Electrified Border Fence
  196. African Genetics Revisited: Europeans are genetically inferior to Africans
  197. European finance ...
  198. Zionist Strauss-Kahn Evades Justice Again
  199. Anti-semetic African woman protesting wall st nailed it!
  200. Free Trade Or Fair Trade?
  201. Peter Van Buren exposes USA graft and waste in Iraq
  202. African robs KFC, then kills employee
  203. Africans discruntled Halloween billboard has hagman
  204. White Woman and her Black boyfriend kill her step father
  205. AA 2011 Miss Oshkosh stripped of title for shoplifting
  206. 'Racist couple murdered parents then crossed US hunting for Jews'
  207. The French people get screwed over by Sarkozy
  208. Hate at Occupy Wall Street
  209. USAF Drone Officers Rained Hellfire on US Troops, 1 Marine & USN Medic "KIA"
  210. Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read
  211. Gap to close 21% of North American stores
  212. Extraordinary interview with Steve Pieczenik--tells the truth about Israel and WWII
  213. Jewish Money Power Dictates: No Immigration/Social Issues At Next GOP Debate
  215. Appeals Court Reverses Parts of Alabama's New Immigration Laws
  216. Ordered a cheeseburger---got a Big Mac
  217. Can Obama’s Jobs Bill Stop Unemployment Discrimination?
  218. 1500 welfare drug test refusals
  220. Rare Albn"Cyclops" Shark Found
  221. Ex-CIA Spook Fingers Israel as Beneficiary of Fake Iran-Zeta Death Plot Sting
  222. Obama Sending Combat Troops to Uganda
  223. 32 year scholorship/sentence for beating child
  224. Chris Tucker facing foreclosure on mansion
  225. Ron Paul catches Herman Cain in a Lie over Fed Audit
  226. Confederate War Memorial vandalized
  227. Revisiting American History - Financial Empire
  228. Top story on Drudge today (SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER)
  229. are we alone?
  230. Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions
  231. israel to launch war
  232. Starbucks withdraws controversial poster
  233. 300,000 pennies will complete a sobering display at the Dallas Holocaust Museum
  234. Black beats student on bus
  235. End the madness!
  236. Groups sue to halt South Carolina's new immigration law
  237. Ron Paul to meet with France's Front National leader Marine Le Pen
  238. Moral Depravity and Arrogance of the Money Junkies Will Be their Downfall!
  239. Nato success against Taliban in Afghanistan 'may be exaggerated'
  240. To save money, Topeka repeals law against misdemeanor domestic battery
  241. Monsanto GMO on the Market Illegally?
  242. 9 charged in Holocaust reparation fraud
  243. Human clerk shoots robber suspook
  244. 'Steel Magnolias' to get remake with all-black cast
  245. Spanking the monkey and stabbing the bus driver
  246. 67yr/old white man stabbs teenegro
  247. Rabbi arrested in immigration fraud 'mill' has checkered past
  248. OPINION: Affirmative action leaves out majority
  249. GOP candidates out of step on immigration?
  250. Groups sue to halt South Carolina's new immigration law