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  1. California allows college aid to illegal immigrants
  2. 10 offensive quotes surfaced to slander Ron pauls campaign
  3. Senate apologizes for discrimination against Chinese immigrants
  4. Black robs gas station w/ cop behind him
  5. Former white principal sues board for discrimination
  6. Merging to one giant tar pit
  7. Pitt/Jolie are such heros, donate $340,000 to somalia aid
  8. AA black fire dept captain arressted for DUI
  9. HARC President Confuses "Hispanic" Issue
  10. Another waste of taxpayer monies
  11. Muslim, Christian graves in Jaffa defaced with racist slogans
  12. 3 Killed, 17 Injured In Overnight Chicago Shootings
  13. Cops find 3 Year Old In Stolen Car With Gun
  14. Top German General: America's Afghan War- A Total Failure; McChrystal Chimes In Too
  15. Top Ten Worst Nobel Peace Prize Picks
  16. Did Israel Infect US Predator System With A Virus?
  17. Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit
  18. The Facts on JFK
  19. Cool story bro
  20. beer
  21. Herman Cain
  22. Three Non-White Princesses win Noble Prize.
  23. OCCUPY the FED!
  24. 'God's Chosen People' in action (vid)
  25. Jewish Voodoo
  26. IMF advisor says we face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown in 2-3 Weeks!
  27. New Ron Paul Secure the Borders Campaign Ad
  28. Rahm Israel Emanuel's Reaching Into Cook County Residents Pockets
  29. 5 Urban Youths Robbing Subway Passengers in New York With Box Cutters
  30. Bring back dwarf tossing to provide job stimulus, says US politician Ritch Workman
  31. Reid triggers ‘nuclear option’ to change Senate rules, end repeat filibusters
  32. "One Nation [Egypt] For a New Holocaust"
  33. Operation Human Shield - Why Gaddafi is Still Standing
  34. Police Shoot Negro in California!!
  35. '"Iran will be site of 'next Chernobyl tragedy'"
  36. Steve Jobs R.I.P.
  37. The real 99%
  38. Whitaker Pens White Genocide Petition Letter - Mr. Dmitry Medvedev & the Russian Federation
  39. jihad works both ways.
  40. A Glimpse into 2016 ........ It's Not Pretty
  41. Israeli Diplomat Who Leaked Intel Proving Iran No Nuke Threat .... Gets Axed....ADM Fallon-like?
  42. Inept US Destroyer Fired on American Fishing Boat off NC; USS Sullivan's CO Axed
  43. White House Confirms Existence of "Secret Panel" to Order Extra-Judicial Murders of US Citizens
  44. White American taxes at work
  45. Gary Kasparov and Lord Jacob Rothschild
  46. Chinese newspaper called last week for war against Vietnam and the Philippines
  47. Apple Visionary Dies At 56
  48. 60% of Post-9/11 US Veterans Have 'Isolationist Inclinations;' 33%: Wars For Israel 'Not Worth It'
  49. Black massacres White co-workers in California
  50. A Giant "Poo Lagoon": USA's Gift to the Afghan People
  51. "America's" (External) Enemy of the Month Is .....
  52. Occupy Wall Street displays underlying antisemitic agenda (vid)
  53. Chuck Baldwin: Economic Bad Times Just Beginning
  54. Worker quits and wins after boss launches ''Guess who will be fired next?' contest
  55. Bond denied for illegal immigrants who allegedly shot at Georgia trooper
  56. Anti-Semitic incidents rise in Florida, Anti-Defamation League reports
  57. W.Va. Gov. Campaign Ad Stirs Controversy Over "White Issues"
  58. probe holded.
  59. Roseanne Barr calls for the National Razor
  60. Facebook adds malware link scanning and racism block
  61. US-UNESCO Initiative To Promote Anti-Racism Curriculum
  62. Court won't let survivors sue French railway
  63. Confussion over a the N-word
  64. Facebook sued over claims it tracks users' activity
  65. Public School Bans Little Girl From Wearing Rosary
  66. WARNING DON'T OPEN THIS!---Sickest and Most Degenerate News Story of 2011
  67. Nobel prizes: Asian scientists set to topple America's run of wins
  68. Deputy Treasurer of the BNP has passed away
  69. Mormons Start Diversity Ad Campaign
  70. VIDEO - Crowd Chants: "F*CK The Fed" At Occupy Boston Rally Outside The Federal Reserve
  71. Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC
  72. Whatever the BBC say, Britain is still mainly white, Christian and straight
  73. Massive Anthrax Antibiotic Pre-Attack "Positioning" Needed in USA: DHHS Report
  74. Hothead ZOGist CIA Contractor, Expelled from Pakistan for Killing, Up to Old Tricks in Colorado
  75. More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest
  76. Biden still opposed to release of Israeli spy
  77. Obama’s Jew-free policy
  78. Mont Vernon officials balk at renaming Jew Pond
  79. Oakland Museum Cancels Palestinian Kids' War Art
  80. A Web of Lies.
  81. Mississippi teen pleads not guilty in hate crime case
  82. Afghan Zeppelin Pan-Opticon: US Military's "Freakishly Large" Airships Create Helium Shortage
  83. US launches international design competition for memorial to victims of slavery
  84. Turkey: Facebook Hunt Finds All The Israeli Soldiers Involved In Flotilla Raid...
  85. Israel-Palestinian Unity?
  86. 'American' Pop Stars...
  87. Country Club Republicans... the worst!
  88. Hispanic Students Vanish from Alabama Schools
  89. How to drive anti-whites crazy on the net.
  90. Mainstreaming on the Jewish Issue
  91. Rubicon Crossed: CIA Assassinates 2 American Citizens in Yemen/'Domestic Terrorists' Next Targets?
  92. Radical US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki 'killed' AGAIN!
  93. Killing of a Slav Teen Sparks Anti-Gypsy Riots in Bulgaria on Election Eve
  94. ethics -was -not my -favorite-subject.
  95. Rick Perry Heckled About Illegal Immigration While at Mexican Restaurant
  96. dont-ask
  97. Negress Steals $400,000
  98. GOP’s Solyndra probe threatens to ensnare Energy Secretary Chu
  99. Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Would Not Necessarily Prove Einstein Wrong
  100. Blacks upset over anti-Obama sign & Freedom of Speech
  101. White (German) Technology, Chinese Gain
  102. GRAPHIC:Youf shooting outside Brooklyn Mc D's
  103. GOP bill would force deportation of undocumented domestic violence victims
  104. Anybody else get banned from Free Republic?
  105. CDC confirms 13 dead in listeria cantaloupe outbreak
  106. Scandal: $737 Million Green Jobs Loan Given to Nancy Pelosi's Brother-In-Law
  107. Blacks Shooting in Crowded Brooklyn Street
  108. Westchester County's Affordable Housing Racket...
  109. Mixed-Race Thug-Gang of Ft. Sill Soldiers Arrested for Home Invasion/Shooting/Kidnapping Spree
  110. Black Panther Threatens Student Activist for Passing Out Constitutions
  111. Total Control of United States (FULL MOVIE) The Israel Lobby
  112. Wife of Mexican drug lord gives birth in US
  113. Project FunVax - The Vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism
  114. School discipline "tougher" on African Americans
  115. Youth mob attack man in his home in front of his children
  116. Federal judge refuses to block most of Alabama immigration law
  117. Why can't they make up their minds? What part of illegal don't they understand!
  118. What further proof do you need that Al-Qaida = ZOG (Mossad/CIA)?
  119. Head Of UniCredit Securities Predicts Imminent End Of The Eurozone And A Global Financial Apocalypse
  120. NYT: Voting is worthless, only an assault on the system itself can bring about real change.
  121. U.S. envoy trots globe to combat anti-Semitism
  122. BBC: "Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world"
  123. Muslim MP - The Future of the UK
  124. Israeli Holy Men--OK to kill non-Jews!
  125. White Farm Workers being Evicted to make room for more brown farm workers?
  126. Latest Bachmann Lunacy: Hezbollah May Have Camps & Missiles in Cuba
  127. On the run for 41 years, hijacker traced to Portugal
  128. Too Many Gayples
  129. The Overrepresentation of Jews at US Colleges and Universities
  130. More than 7,200 Indian Jews to immigrate to Israel
  131. Those incredible Turks: But are they good sailors?
  132. Turkish Newspaper Publishes Names & Photos of Israeli Flotilla Pirates
  133. UN "ZOGist Barometer": What Countries Walked Out of Ahmadinejad Anti-Holohoax/9-11/Israel Address?
  134. Job listings say the unemployed need not apply
  135. Pat Buchanan: A Brief for Whitey
  136. funny money .
  137. Ice Cream Cone Mascot Mistaken for a KKK Member
  138. Frothing Zionist Daniel Pipes sees Turkey as the "Biggest threat in the Region" next to Iran.
  139. Obama: Billionaires Should Pay “Jew” Tax Rate
  140. 'Racist' Bumper Sticker Removed from UM Native American Building
  141. Aint nothin but a chicken wang
  142. No Vaccine, No School
  143. Whites-Only Meetup.com Group Is Canceled
  144. Employee Notice
  145. South Carolina neighbors wage battle over Confederate flag
  146. Obama confuses Jews with janitors
  147. Internet Nutcases Increase in Number
  148. HIV/AIDS Leading Cause of Death of Black Women in Massachusetts
  149. Mexican Decapitates Wife With Chainsaw in Texas Street.
  150. Political Correctness Gets A Murderer Into Tulane Law School
  151. Russia’s experiment with democracy comes to an end
  152. Obama 2012 campaign’s Operation Vote focuses on ethnic minorities, core liberals
  153. Majority Rates Obama Same or Worse Compared With Bush
  154. Obama tells blacks to 'stop complainin' and fight
  155. Traitors List
  156. Teacher calls local Tea Party president a Nazi
  157. Gov Perry Dancing with Orthodox Jews (vid)
  158. US Student Bake Sale charge food according to Race and Gender.
  159. Will America Attack Pakistan Next, Before Iran?
  160. Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs
  161. Dress witches in pink and avoid white paper to prevent racism in nuseries, expert says
  162. Michael Moore: "Patriotic Americans" Will Wait Longer For Healthcare
  163. Obama Segregates, Time for NPI's "Majority Strategy" for the Republicans
  164. Rooting for Two Black Presidential Candidates
  165. Peaceful Protesters ATTACKED on Wall Street!
  166. Wall Street Protest
  167. Israelis Roll Out, Use New Anti-Personnel Weapon: "SHOPHAR" (The Scream)
  168. Teacher Calls Tea Party Leader a Nazi
  169. Obama campaign office in LA vandalized
  170. Diverse America's Geniuses Recognized
  171. Rick Perry is Finished
  172. Larry Flynt funds $1 million quest to embarrass Perry
  173. Md. Holocaust survivors take rail fight to Congress
  174. Do You Support Israeli 'Racism'?
  175. Zeitgeist All Over Again.
  176. World Empire building: US building drone bases in Africa
  177. Double-homicide victims ambushed at park, police say
  178. Harvard Research Project Needs Young White Nationalists
  179. Educated Black People More Likely To Marry A White Partner
  180. Islamic nations criticize Israel over nukes
  181. A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel!
  182. Federal gov't paid out 600 million to deceased individuals over last 5 years
  183. Violent crime up 138% in Denver, a 'sanctuary city'
  184. Poor Widdle Soldiers Have To March In 70 Degree Heat
  185. Bill Clinton's Monument to Himself & the 'Green Movement' - What is it?
  186. All China has to do is Wait.
  187. Texas serves final last meal to death row inmates
  188. Stop 'Schweddy Balls' Effort Begins
  189. Kosher Bunker Busters Sold Cheap At D.C. Garage sale
  190. Bill Clinton Alludes that Rick Perry's "Judeo-Christian" Cant is Like Israeli "Militant Sub-Groups"
  191. Pat Buchanan: "Is the Window Closing on Israel?" Demographic Disaster Awaits Israelis
  192. health care bill h. r. 3200
  193. Student Suspended for Saying Homosexuality is Wrong
  194. Jungle Fever Filth Diversity In Arkansas
  195. Derrick Mason executed
  196. Stories Kept out of the MSM Limelight
  197. Black man admits sending threatening KKK letters in Illinois
  198. Immigrants Filled 81% of New Jobs in Texas
  199. The Racists Have Learned How to Make Stickers
  200. Feds Sue Bass Pro Shop for Discrimination
  201. Secret ZOGist Torture-Prison Pinpointed in Bangkok
  202. Overwhelmed w/ rioting Africans, Mayor of Lampedusa Isle Outpost 'Abandoned by Italian Gov't'
  203. 'China will not stop Israel if it decides to attack Iran'
  204. Harry Bertram and American Third Position Hit Front Page in West Virginia
  205. Tony Bennett speaks out on 9/11
  206. If you are a Christian supporter of Israel you need to see this!
  207. Bass Pro sued for racial discrimination in hiring
  208. Obama Practicing For His Citizenship Ceremony
  209. Protesters in front of wallstreet
  210. GOP sends Bernanke a letter,no more stimulus plans
  211. Venezuela Nationalizes All Gold Production
  212. U.S. to sell 18 F-16 fighter jets to Iraq: Pentagon
  213. Puppet Rick Perry: "... I Have a Clear Directive to Support Israel." ... Judeo-Xian Foolery
  214. USMC Erects Recruiting Booth Inside Tulsa "Gay" Center --- Lesbians Inquire/ HIV+ Retention Policy
  215. How Bloody Sweet! Obama First JEWISH President
  216. Jasper Murderer to be Executed
  217. "Constellation" of US Drone Bases Across Africa/Arabian Penin. Revealed: Undeclared Drone Wars
  218. Israel dumps 46% of US Treasury bills, Russia 95%
  219. Lawyer: Iran to Release Israeli Spies
  220. Feds Hunt Racist in NH Wanted for "Hate" Graffiti
  221. International banking cabal
  222. $16 Muffins Found at U.S. Meetings
  223. 911 caller asks for canine unit after being shortchanged in crack deal
  224. Troy man accused of Nazi war crimes loses deportation appeal
  225. Protests to greet Ahmadinejad in New York
  226. GOP Candidates Pummel Obama On Israel
  227. Senate Majority Leader Blaming Republicans For Upcoming Government Shutdown!
  228. "Anonymous" Hacker Group Targets "Jewish" Media
  229. Troy Davis put to death
  230. Queers Scale The Final Wall: The U.S. Military
  231. Affirmative Action Cop on Trial for Rape!
  232. Bachmann on illegal immigration
  233. Phil Kent: "What will it mean to be white after "whiteness" defines the cultural mainstream?"
  234. PETA goes wild in porn-for-animal-rights bid
  235. Candy giant bows to 'China racism' complaint
  236. Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain
  237. Singer Pat Boone insists Obama born in Kenya
  238. Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
  239. tax the rich
  240. Shoah survivor fights Palestinian state
  241. War on the 'Red Empire': How America planned to attack BRITAIN in 1930 with bombing raids and chemic
  242. CIA Pitches Scripts to Hollywood
  243. Black flash mob epidemic
  244. Jonathan Pollard Tried to Spy for Australia
  245. Graphic Language: Blacks in Video Celebrate Food Stamp Card
  246. Farmers Say Alabama Immigration Law Could Cost Crops
  247. Five white men file lawsuit for race, sex discrimination
  248. New Black Panther Chairman Declares “The Hour of War Is At Hand”
  249. DHS (aka American Neo-Stasi): Social Network Snoopers, Wasted Taxpayer Dollars
  250. Another Reason to not support the NFL