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  1. Patrick J Buchanan: Why the War Party Fears Chuck Hagel
  2. Obama, Holder Push to Loosen Gun Sale Restrictions—for Legal Immigrants
  3. AZ Sheriffs Proposing Armed Posse To Patrol AZ Schools In wake Of Newtown Shooting
  4. Pakistani Generalate Rightly Gettin' Nervous About Pakistan Coming Into US Crosshairs
  5. Stunning Sellout: US Senate Eliminates 4th Amendment w/ FISA; Warrantless Surveillance of Email A-OK
  6. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Tools of Tyranny
  7. Black Teen Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison For Planned Burn Attack On White Classmate
  8. Woman charged in New York firefighter slaying.
  9. Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts
  10. Infowars & Truthers Angry @ Facebook Over Censored Ghandi Quotes?
  11. Pat Buchanan Weighs in on Hagel 'Fight': "Why the War Party Fears Hagel"
  12. Anti-War.com Text book definition of "controlled opposition"
  13. Liberals Panic As They Lose the Gun Narrative
  14. White Immigrants needed; Vlads signing of a no-American adoption policy on Russian children
  15. Hawaii's new Jewish US Senator
  16. Israel Is Set To Receive 5,000 US Bunker Buster Bombs After Delaying Its Attack On Iran
  17. ZOGists Swoon Over Ukraine's Own Ultra-Nationalistic "New Dawn": Svoboda
  18. Israel 'banishes the darkness (Africans)
  19. US deploying troops to 35 African countries
  20. Latin America Cutting Off Ties To Israel & Offering Assad Asylum?
  21. NSA Targeting Private Civilian Computer Systems for "Tests"
  22. Following "Mysterious" Custodial Death at Dulles, Iran Warns Its Citizens About USA Travel
  23. Eliminate armed guards for the President........Petition
  24. Red Chinese Report: Israeli U-Boats Prowling Foreign Waters on Active Missions
  25. Free America Rally 2/23/2013
  26. DJango comes second in box office sales.
  27. How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion
  28. tuba man
  29. 60K Signatures To Deport Liberal Journo Piers Morgan, But The Uk Don't Want Him Back!
  30. So O' decides to send troops to Africa for black folk; Why have Aryans abandonded the Afrikaners
  31. Poignant letter recounting famous 1914 Christmas Day truce rediscovered 100 years on
  32. Israel rejects gun lobby claim.
  33. Demographics Change Affecting Presidential Vote in 1988
  34. 20 Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel People Have Become
  35. jews
  36. Rural MS suffers anti-White crime wave
  37. Gun Bans Are No Solutions for Real School Safety
  38. Deaf man stabbed to death by black thugs
  39. Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control
  40. FAR Project
  41. Gun Control and Pro Life debates
  42. One Drone...ok why not an auto destruct?.....Now it's shame on me as a third US Drone Captured
  43. Stalin Statues, Monuments Being Erected in Georgia
  44. ZOG Kills! "Christmas in Connecticut" by Phil Giraldi
  45. Japs Yank Entire UN Peacekeeping Force Out of Gaza
  46. Rahm Emanuel to NRA: 'Get On Board, Or Get Out Of The Way!'
  47. It's a Wonderful Anti-White Christmas Story
  48. Merry Christmas
  49. Action needed on anti White, Christmas Day Movie "Django Unchained".
  50. NDAA "Imprisonment Without Trial" Is Back
  51. BBC attacks 'Far Right' in Spain
  52. Shipping Containers to Become Condos in Detroit
  53. Milk to Rise to $6-8 Gallon in January; Farm Bill Lost in "Fiscal Cliff" Limbo
  54. US Military On Track to Lose More Soldiers to Suicide Than Combat-KIAs in 2012!
  55. Central African 'Republic' Watch: Heart of Darkness ...
  56. Rapes of German Girls By American Occupying Soldiers Still Going On --- 67 Years After End of WWII
  57. Ryerson student helps thwart Arizona school shooting plot
  58. China's Official State Media Demands America Be Disarmed
  60. Who all is for an annual WNN gathering? "Hands up"!
  61. Our Secretary of State faints at home and does not go to Hospital.....Give me a break
  62. Assad’s deadly agenda: First, chemicals, next, Iskander 9K720
  63. OMG! South Amer. Subversion! Latest Cong. Act o' War: "Countering Iran in the W. Hemisphere Act"
  64. Restive Catalan Separatists Want 2014 Referendum of New White Ethnostate
  65. Congoid W. African Pirates Back in Business; Oil Tanker Hit Off Nigeria, Sailors Kidnapped
  66. Soon To Be Ex-Congresswhore Barney Frank Slanders Scalia, Fesses Up on Some of His Own Duplicity
  67. Russian Destroyer Docks at Iranian Port
  68. 2 White girls, age 15 and 16, shot to death by African-American youth.
  69. Health News
  70. 'Most Pro-Israel Ever' Senator wants to ban and "confiscate" guns to "protect the children"
  71. Japan elects a Nationalist, Traditionalist leader.
  72. Sales skyrocket for Utah company’s bulletproof backpacks and kids’ body armor
  73. Obama named Time magazine's Person of the Year
  74. Gov Rick Perry supports Teachers Packing Heat
  75. Noodle House Owner ; "I Don't Care if a Bunch of White Kids Got Killed"
  76. ADL Launches New Educational Campaign to Combat Hate
  77. "The Babies Will Haunt Us" ............
  78. Gordon Duff: Israeli Death Squads Involved With Sandy Hook Tragedy
  79. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Going to Crash Big Time
  80. Mass Shooter Adam Lanza 'Spent Hours Playing Call Of Duty'
  81. The Dead Soul of Adam Lanza
  82. Iranian RG Naval Chief Reveals Bagging of 2 More US Drones, Plus an Elusive 'ScanEagle'
  83. 2 Pathetic USMC Tales .....Vote for the Most Pitiful
  84. Sandy Hook Shooting Kin Deserves Academy Award for Outdoing Phoniness of Hanks, Cruise, et al.
  85. Muslim Imam: Explains Allah rewards Muslims with Hot White Chicks in Muslim Paradise.
  86. Young TX Seccession Petition Organizer in Hot Water w/ Tin Horn Lone Star "State Guard"
  87. The Israeli Prisoner at Ayalon ......Speculation Swirls About Identity of "Mr. X"
  88. Kooky Drama Unfolds Over Hagel's DoD Secy Nomination .... AIPAC: "He's an Anti-Semite!"
  89. WWE "We speak American!"
  90. Scrooges losing war on Christmas
  92. No link to meds, or was there? (Shooting in Newtown)
  93. Mass Shootings In America Have Gone Down Since Peaking In 1929
  94. Amazing Grace - Craig Duncan
  95. Stille Nacht (Silent Night)
  97. You pay taxes to Zionist and you don't know it.
  98. ADL lists top 10 events affecting Jews in 2012
  99. Chart Of The "New Normal": Ben Bernanke Doubles Down - Literally
  100. American Apparel hidden Jewish message.
  101. In 10 years, there will be no more Israel: Kissinger
  102. U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030
  103. DOZENS WOUNDED IN SCHOOL KNIFE ATTACK !!! It's Time to Ban Sharp Objects.
  104. The Black Mentality and How to Deal With It
  105. Op-Ed: The Fall of Damascus is a Coup against Iran
  106. John Kerry To Replace Hillary Clinton As Secretary Of State
  107. Israeli Govt produces a study declaring the West Bank is not occupied by Isreali's
  108. Another tragedy in White America, more evidence of the breakdown in our society
  109. The Fall of the House of Labor
  110. TSA catches a terrorist
  111. GUN SHOTS at Las Vegas Hotel
  112. Racist Dog
  113. Earth Quake 6.3 off California and Mexico Coast
  114. 27 Deaths in Connecticut Shooting
  115. Adam Lanza Facebook page lists his political views as "Anarchist Communism"
  116. Aztec Marine KIA Focus of New Racial Flap Due to Ex-DoD Secy Gates' Nixing of Cong. Medal o' Honor
  117. Obama's America Will Become Detroit
  118. California's Berkeley to Give College Scholarships to Illegal Immigrants
  119. "I Kill White People"
  120. Black Mobs Take Over Washington Metro
  121. Belafonte to Obama: Lock up Opponents
  122. Iowa kids seek 1.5 million postcards to remember Holocaust victims
  123. World's 'oldest person' Besse Cooper dies aged 116
  124. Secrets of 2013 NDAA revealed
  125. Whites will no longer be the majority in the US by 2043
  126. #2 Pro-Whites Use Obama's Billboard to Publicize White Genocide!
  127. 14 year old Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez gun down young white mother over cigarettes
  128. Congress wants to increase allocations to Israeli missile programs
  129. Family Ties: Michigan Triplets All in Jail
  130. N. Koreans Successfully Launch Satellite into Orbit; ZOGists Race from Lairs Spitting and Screaming
  131. Ordinary Afghans Dream of Return to Taliban Rule
  132. Vandals Spray Hate Graffiti on Jerusalem Church
  133. Father of White Girl Rejects Black Boyfriend. What Would You Do?
  134. New Afghan Peace Plan to Cede Several Provinces to Taliban Control
  135. Ice People and Sun People
  136. Rick Perry: Obamacare Won't Be Successful
  137. Loyal Order of the Moose Disgrace! Importing S. Sudanese Congoid Freaks to Win Basket Ball Kudos
  138. Afghan Puppet Provincial Police Chief Whacked; Pakistani ISI Blamed
  139. Total Welfare Spending Equates to $168 per Day for Every Household in Poverty
  140. Obama Wrong: Housing, Not Tax, Policy Caused Recession
  141. Early Man USA: Inhabitated by Indians, Thus...They great European th
  142. The world of 2030: U.S. declines; food, water may be scarce
  143. TV: Ex-model slams Victoria's Secret show
  144. Phil Giraldi "The Protocols of Death" ....Routinization of Murder, Tyranny's Last Violent Stage
  145. ZOG-USA Unveils 2 Major Weapons Systems: USS N. Dakota-New Sub Design; USAF X-37B Mystery "Shuttle"
  146. Violence Again Erupts in Corsica, Corsican Nationalists/Separatists Suspected
  147. egypt protests morsi
  148. The Only Sane Response to Libtard/ZOGist Syrian War Mongers' "But, He's Killing His Own People!"
  149. Jamie Foxx: Killing All White People is a Great Thing
  150. GOP conceeds again. Some more, I theenk. Maybe not for the last time.
  151. Protesters active at Los Angeles Fundraiser Benefiting Israel's Military Forces
  152. Power Factories
  153. Homeland Security Graduates First Corps Of Obama’s Brown Shirts – Homeland Youth
  154. Interesting Catalogue of Jewish Menagerie Behind Yahoo, Facebook, Google, eBay, Wiki, MySpace
  155. ObamaCare Author Leaves White House To Return To Shilling For Big Pharma/Insurance
  156. White student union founder on RT
  157. Meet the Charming Neo-Con Power Couple: The Kagans, with Blood on Their Razor-Sharp Fangs
  158. US/Dutch Troops Massing on Turkish/Syrian Border; Assad Syrian Army Massing at Damascus
  159. 72
  160. Race & Secession Discussion on TV & Radio
  161. "Why We Fight" Capra or Pierce?
  162. Epidemic evening out the White/black prison population. The feds slow to act on the Meth Crisis
  163. Trayvon Martin's killer sues NBC over racist "myth"
  164. war
  165. Hillary Clinton, Defending a Sex Pervert, Weirdly Prattles on About "Re-Sovietization" of E. Europa
  166. Puppet Afgh. Intel Chief and Boy Harem-Keeper Asadullah Seriously Wounded by "Peace Messenger"
  167. Jewis CEO of American Apparel Caught Abusing Employee With Homophobia & Anti-Gentile Rants
  168. Racism Report. Africans in Israel
  169. Mr. Miller at white student union
  170. NDAA Nullified in Michigan!
  171. Pentagon's Earlier Flat Denial Changed ..... Now Newly Iran-Captured Drone "Looks US-Made"
  172. Pentagoons Planning to Start the New Year Right: Invasion of Mali .....It'll Be A Pushover!
  173. Jewish Thieves Score 'Several' F-16 Fighter Engines from Israeli Tel Nof Airbase
  174. Serbian Ambassador to NATO's 'Suicide' Leap Inexplicable and Bizarre .... Oh Really?
  175. ZOG-Germany Renews Attempt to Ban WN German Political Party After Disgraceful '03 Debacle-Failure
  176. Bloomberg: "Post 'Sandy' N.Y.C. will lead Climate change battle".
  177. "This is a very important and historic day in the great state of Washington"
  178. "Blindingly White", and fertile, Prince William and Kate will surely attract Racial animus.
  179. Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out
  180. Swiss CIA Caught in Huge Security Breach ...... But Who Was the Leaker's Handler(s)?
  181. News Twister Rachel Maddow, Lesbian-Jewess Syrian War Propagandist, Idiocy Outed for All to See
  182. Cat Outa the Bag: Fresh US Troops Deployed to Destroy US Bases in Afghanistan
  183. Verizon patents orwellian device; targets TV ads by detecting voices in the room
  184. The Ford Motor Company now has a new Jew CEO
  185. Steel Nickels Likely in 2013, US Coin Debasement, Gresham's Law and Other Odd Facts
  186. Faker McCain Apologizes to Senate Democrats, Castigates Sen Paul Over "Defense" Bill Block
  187. Hollywood Airhead Kim Kardashian Attempts to Front for Bahraini ZOG-Puppet Regime; Riots Result
  188. Racial Tensions Grow in 2012
  189. Wayne LaPierre - Bob Costas Promoting Gun Control
  190. Another Body Blow lands against Middle Class White Men in Massachusetts
  191. Jonathan Pollard, Convicted Mossad Spy, Collapses in Fed. Prison, Rushed to Hospital
  192. Persian Ingenuity ... of a Sort. Limited Way Around Financial Blockade.
  193. WaPo Article: Obama Needs To Push A "Black Agenda"
  194. Anti-Israel Hackers Invade Intl. Atomic Energy Agency Networks & Steal Data
  195. Forced Integration of Memphis School Systems
  196. White Activist Steve Smith's interview on local FOX TV station
  197. Nixon Civil Rights Speech
  198. Realty T.V. Shows are constantly picking on Socially Conservative White communities such as Amish
  199. U.S. birth rate hits record low, plummets especially among immigrant women
  200. PETA Crashes Biker Gathering…
  201. reprisal by israel .
  202. Finnish Official: Jews Control Money, Impede US Neutrality
  203. Anti-Muslim film stays on Youtube...meanwhile, NKVD "police" ask ISP's to remove "Hate Speech"
  204. White Man vs an asian
  205. Congoid KC Chiefs' Linebacker Jovan Belcher Kills Self @ Stadium, After Girlfriend's Murder
  206. 'Friends of Syria' Rothschildist Pawns Meet in Tokyo For Schemed Coup de' Grace
  207. Anyone else getting bombarded with Rosa Parks?
  208. Zion's Revenge for UN Vote: 3,000 More Illegal Settlements! Plus 1,000 More Add'l Land-Grabs
  209. US Senate, Unanimously, Passes New Economic Sanctions on Iran; AIPAC Triumphant; Naval Ships Seized
  210. White House petition: Sanction South Africa for its Genocide of White Farmers!
  211. Democracy is a Sham
  212. Ex-CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi Demystifies Benghazi a Bit
  213. 2 Austrian Soldiers Wounded in Syria, Airlifted to Israeli Hospital
  214. Community debates whether 'Dixie' should stay in Utah college name; some call it racist
  215. The ZOGometer .... a New Metric to Measure A Country's Total Subordination to Zion
  216. New York Celebrates a Day Without Violent Crime
  217. Video - Terrorists wined and dined at the Pentagon
  218. U.S. Treasury robbed of $24,327,048,384.38 on Black Friday
  219. City Attorney Tells San Bernardino to "lock doors" and "Load Guns"
  220. New PLE opening?
  221. Democratic Rep Hank JOhnson wants to amend Constitution to Deny Free Speech
  222. leave your whiteness at the door .
  223. J. Raimondo's Hilarious and Telling Rip of Jeffrey Goldberg "Israeli Prison Guard of US Journalism"
  224. Muslim Brotherhood seeks U.S. alliance as it ascends in Egypt
  225. Few female Marines step forward for infantry
  226. Suudi Diplomat shot dead
  227. Mexico's President Elect Praises Obama on Immigration. "We fully support you"
  228. Students told to Disavow Americaness, Maleness, Whiteness, and Heteroseuality
  229. State considers Dissolving Detroit. City cannot sustain itself.
  230. 17 Arrestedafter investigation involving IRS and Secret Servise
  231. Russian geneticists disprove out of Africa myth
  232. White privilege 101
  233. A Truly Sickening Outrage ...... [Not for the Delicate or Easily Repulsed]... "Worst of the Worst!"
  234. 'Weak-Mindedness' at the Royal Canadian Mint & $15 Million Missing in Gold: Chickens Home to Roost
  235. HUGE Naval Victory for Israeli Pirate Navy: 1 Unarmed Gazan Fishing Boat Sunk, Another Captured
  236. US Supervising "Mysterious Construction Project" in Israel; Queerly Dubbed "Site 911"
  237. Dem Rep. Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution to Restrict Freedom of Speech
  238. How Comforting: Pentagoons Pledge -- A "Human" Will "Always" Decide "When a Robot Kills" People
  239. Pentagon Announces USA's #1 Military Threat: ICBM-Ready Russia or Red China? WRONG! Guess Again!
  240. Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran
  241. Nazi-Loot Panel Hopes Fade in U.S., Forcing Court Action
  242. Only about 6 percent of America's top students are Jewish
  244. Ehud Olmert Supports Recognizing Palestine In The United Nations
  245. The Rothschilds and The International Banking Cartel
  246. The Four Horsemen of Banking
  247. Netanyahu speaking his mind to the American People
  248. affirmative action
  249. Introducing Israel's Latest Gift from US Taxpayers & Raytheon: "The Magic Wand"
  250. 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!