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  1. Wheelchaired Jewess, 85, Latest TASA Strip-Searched Victim Or Holohoax-like Fabler?
  3. This helps to put ALL leftist "science" in jeopardy.
  4. Police seek to charge woman for beating a door with a dead racoon
  5. Case Dismissed Against McDonald’s Cashier Who Beat Two Women With Metal Rod
  6. Ron Paul Camp: Donald Trump Debate 'Beneath the Office of the Presidency'
  7. Penny "Hoarders" ...... Are They Really So Kooky?
  8. To the Talmudic ADL, Christmas Is an Annual "Problem" They Solve for Municipal/School Officials
  9. I Gots 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys
  10. How does fascism rises? By blaming the current system as fascist, while it will be the next
  11. Herman Cain Quits
  12. Gingrich’s Immigration Plan Could Benefit Millions (And Hurt HUNDREDS of Millions)
  13. 63% of Adult Illegals Have Lived in US for 10+ Years
  14. Republican Jewish Coalition Bans Ron Paul from Debate
  15. End The Bombing In Pakistan Yemen & Afghanistan, Or Else…
  16. Local police chiefs sent to Israel for "training". Paid for by ADL
  17. November jobs report fabricated to look good
  18. NATO/US Catastrophe Looms in Afghanistan/ Russia Threatens to Cut Off Remaining N. Supply Route
  19. Brainwashed Americans Ask "Why Do They Hate Us So?" Well, Here's Why!
  20. Ron Paul Excluded (!) From Republican Jewish Coalition Forum
  21. Project Heart Extended – Reclaiming Holocaust Property
  22. Chinese General Threatens “Third World War” To Protect Iran
  23. Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couples
  24. 10 City Blocks in So. Tucson in Darkness; Copper Thefts Becoming Critical
  25. Democratic Party Officially Announces they don’t want White Working Class Votes!
  26. Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couples From Joining Congregation
  27. Ron Paul Attacks Gingrich: 125,000 Views in 24 Hours!
  28. Netanyahu Government Suggests Israelis Avoid Marrying American Jews
  29. Spanish brickie finds Facebook hacking flaw
  30. Pike church takes stand against interracial couples
  31. The Giants among us
  32. Denver cops arrest AIDS ridden homosexual "Sheriff of the Year" Sex for Meth scandal
  33. He still teaches, students still squirm
  34. On November 12, 2012 I will vote for Rick Perry.
  35. Judaism 101
  36. CIA contractor fights man over bagels
  37. Can whites solve the immigration problem with solving the Jewish question?
  38. Newt Gingrich Exposed
  39. Declassified Senate Investigation Files Reveal Clandestine Israeli PR Campaign in America
  40. Advertisers fleeing 'All-American Muslim' 'propaganda'
  41. Arson Arrestee Claims Long List of Careers
  42. Stalin's daughter Svetlana dies in Wisconsin
  43. Texas teacher orders students to pledge allegiance to Mexico
  44. The Federal Mafia’s War on American Citizens
  45. Abandoning the white working class
  46. Family: Illegal-immigrant student martyred himself for Dream Act
  47. Resegregation of Southern politics: White Republicans Control the South
  48. Obama Reelection Campaign Will “Explicitly Abandon White Working Class Voters”?
  49. Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike'
  50. International banksters throw support behind Romney
  51. First They Came For...
  52. Brooklyn DA claims record number of child sex-abuse charges vs. haredim
  53. Disruptions: Fliers Must Turn Off Devices, but It’s Not Clear Why
  54. Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B
  55. Occupy protester claims police caused her miscarrige
  56. Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right
  57. Ron Paul's Iowa Rise Faces Hurdle (It's Israel)
  58. Feds Sue to Block Utah Immigration Law
  59. Legal immigrants join fight against Dream Act
  60. Hispanic activists urge GOP to follow Gingrich's lead on immigration
  61. Video games need less young white males, more diversity
  62. Tectonic zionism
  63. Anti-Semitic Vodka Billboard Removed in New York
  64. "Jet Man" Flies over Swiss Alps -- White Western Will to Conquer Distance and Space Alive & Well
  65. I can't believe how shameless commercials are getting
  66. School tries segregating children so the white kids won't feel like minorities
  67. Why did A. Wyatt Mann stop cartooning?
  68. Liberal White flash mob turns ugly
  69. David Duke arrested in Germany
  70. "WW3 (Against Radical Islam) Has Begun", Declares Israeli Group
  71. Traitors! 18 Former Senators Ask for the Release of Pollard
  72. Illegal Immigrants Are Turning America into a Toilet
  73. Mulatto Seattle Mariner "Dutchman" Greg Halman Stabbed to Death by Bro ....Quite Literally
  74. Really Big: US Helo Gunships Attack Pakistani Army Post(s); 24 Dead; Pakis Shut Border
  75. Wiki removes entry for Sayanim
  76. Colorado store sparks outrage by selling crotchless thong panties for CHILDREN
  77. The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy
  78. Florida lawmaker seeks ad ban over insurer's Nazi ties
  79. Ron Paul is With the 99%
  80. Stop the Internet Blacklist!
  81. Along Mexican Border, US Ranchers Say They Live in Fear
  83. Immunize children or lose tax benefits
  84. FBI Hate Crime Statistics Report Finds Higher Percentages Of Anti-Latino Hate Crimes In 2010
  85. Timely Newt Gingrich Expose.... "Puerile Prater"
  86. Another, New CIA Spy Ring Crushed by Iran
  88. Arizona Lawmakers Say They Will Build Border Fence
  89. Newt Loses On Immigration
  90. Brian Terry’s Killers Were "Hunting" Border Patrol Agents
  91. Is Ron Paul too old?
  92. Nail Salon films Jerry Springer segment
  93. SPLC Labels Montana Patriots as "Extremist"
  94. "They are all idiots. If any of them win, it would be that a superpower was run by an idiot". Robert
  95. Thanksgiving
  96. Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes | Press TV
  97. Is Toys 'R' Us Doll Swearing? Or Just Babbling?
  99. Russia Going on War Footing?
  100. Obama Pardons Turkeys and Insults the Constitution
  101. Amish Beard Attackers to be Charged with "Hate Crime"
  102. Ron Paul Debate Highlights
  103. "The Boys Who Cry Holocaust"
  104. Happy Turkey Day .
  105. 1914 war
  106. Dickensian Debtors' Prisons Make a Comeback in Good Ole USA
  107. DHS: No 'malicious activity' linked to water pump
  108. Dr. DOOM
  109. US Presidential Hopeful: Israel, My First Trip as President
  110. The Cost of Israel to Americans
  111. Broward fair ride shares name with poison gas used in Holocaust
  112. 'The South' T-Shirt Issue is a Hot Topic for Parents and Students
  113. Council accused of racism in refusal of alcohol license
  114. Gingrich shows humane side on immigration
  115. ‘Hanukkah pricing’ Wodka vodka billboards are anti-Semitic, ADL charges
  116. Illegal immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in Arizona
  117. The Jamie Kelso Radio Show is live on the air! Who's Listening?
  118. Fake black trans-sexual Doctor kills patient
  119. Romney will have to promise to attack TEN countries to compete with this.
  120. Obama issues 5 pardons, 1 prison commutation
  121. Community agency worker is accused of selling Holocaust survivors' ID information
  122. Alabama GOP leaders chastise president, say federal government derelict on immigration issues
  123. Jamie Kelso Radio Show: How Often do You Listen?
  124. David Duke and Alex Jones banned from OWS!
  125. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak: "Time Has Come" to Take Action Against Iran
  126. From the chutzpah dept.
  127. Over a Dozen American CIA Spies Captured in Iran & Lebanon; "Pizza Hut Fiasco"
  128. Why Iceland is not in the news--but it should be (Iceland next to liberated?)
  129. Congress declares that frozen pizza is a vegetable!
  130. The Laws Against Non-Jews - This Needs to go Viral!
  131. American Debt Slaves
  132. Bully expert Dr John Demartini says over-protective parents create victims
  133. November 20: Ron Paul on CBS Face The Nation
  134. Alabama Immigration Law - Reports From the Street
  135. Liberals and Libertarians
  136. Clinton says there could be civil war
  137. Packers' Nelson says being white helps him thrive at receiver
  138. Cop macing kids at Cal-Davis
  139. Lawmaker Fights Feds Over Immigrant Criminals
  140. WARNING: Massive Compulsory Biometric Data Collection Underway in Afgh; Presages Huge US Scheme
  141. Alabama House Majority Leader Credits New Immigration Law With Lowering State Unemployment
  142. U.S. Army tests hypersonic weapon that travels five times the speed of sound...
  143. Republicans Are Doing an About-Face on Tough Alabama Immigration Law
  144. Does this happen in safe white neighborhoods? (Warning: Graphic Video)
  145. CFP
  146. Steven Spielberg eyes Moses film
  147. FBI's "Thwarted" Terror "Plots" Fool Few
  148. Jewish Anti-Romanian Hatefest Staged in Kiev ..... Hungarians Off the "Hook"? I'm Outraged!!!!
  149. Oppressed Kosovo Serbs Beg for Russian Citizenship ..... "A Call For Help!"
  151. Central bank offers no hope for Europe
  152. White elderly woman the victim of multiculturalism in a nursing home
  153. Ron Paul Can Win on Arithmetic, Not Just Philosophy
  154. The goal of OWS is Martial Law & NWO!
  155. Herman Cain says OWS will destroy america
  156. What is the Ron Paul Difference?
  157. "4 Horsemen of the Dollar Apocalypse" and the Internat'l Emergency Econ. Powers Act of 1997
  158. "Sky Crows" and "Herons" --Excellent Analysis of Coming Electro-Magnetic Attack on Iran
  159. Police State-Germany Begins "Registry" to Track White "Extremists"/ "Database" for Thought Criminals
  160. Quite "Intriguing" Secret Memo to Joint Chiefs on Pakistan Leaked/Read It Here
  161. Tea Party Withdraws Support of Cain "He's clueless. He should quit"
  162. End Affirmative Action! Sign NPI's Petition Today
  163. Herman Cain Courts War Criminal Globalist Henry Kissinger
  164. Hillary Clinton’s Hip-Hop ‘Diplomats’ Arrested in Islamabad
  165. Pat Buchanan on Iran, the GOP and Ron Paul
  166. SPLC Transforms Kalispell PLE Activist April Gaede Into A Cover Girl
  167. Somtimes i'm just plain proud to be an American
  168. Media Watch: Goldman Sachs/Freemasons/Trilateral Commission have taken over Europe!
  169. Does Israel control America?
  170. The Federal Government's Military Fought to Support International Communism in WW II
  171. Herman Cain starts screaming at his audience that he is talking to.
  172. Over 100 nationalistic videos on topics important to Whites
  173. Dr Burzynski movie (FULL VERSION)
  174. There's no business like shoah business!
  175. Gilad Atzmon--In case you don't realize how dangerous the Israeli Lobby is
  176. WNN Called it, Perry's Immigration "Issues" Have Led to His Downfall
  177. Middle-class areas shrinking in US
  178. Woman watches live as she gets robbed by Diversity
  179. Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov’t Debt—Surpassing China
  180. Communists Zionists and Neocons - In Their Own Words!
  181. Banksters at risk due to Euro debt
  182. Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work
  183. Baby Girl Pays A High Price
  184. House pressures French rail, other European companies on compensation for Nazi survivors
  185. Albany, NY: Republicans Creating New “Super Jewish” State Senate Seat
  186. Latest MSM Bias Against Ron Paul Hard to Hide, But Here's a Metric: 89 Seconds
  187. "Traitor Town" Iraqis Shunned; Another "Hmong-like" USA Evacuation in the Works?
  188. EU Bans TASA X-Ray Body Scanners; Potential for Hazardous Radiation Cited
  189. Jersey Shore "Actress" Latest TASA Target; Reacts as Typecast?
  190. Herman Cain displays his high-80's IQ
  191. Whites give president thumbs DOWN 61%-36%; Non-White thumbs UP 67%-32%
  192. Ron Paul In Statistical Tie For Lead In Iowa Poll; Does He Have A Shot?
  193. U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government:
  194. Consequences of Black Exceptionalism? Interracial Unions with Blacks, Depressive Symptoms
  195. Role of Race in School Fights Downplayed
  196. Holocaust survivors seek right to sue for $20B in Jewish insurance policies from Nazi era
  197. Rowan County, NC ......Not Poorest USA County .... Just the One w/ the Most Stunning Decline
  198. Racism Decried in Philly Fire Department
  199. 3,000 Brazilian Soldiers, Helo Gunships "Pacify" Rocinha, Rio's Biggest Out-of-Control Slum
  200. Relatively Honest Jew Journo Spills the Beans on Bibi and the French MSM; American MSM Implications
  201. 2-5 Year Prison Stretch for Israel Visitation
  202. 3 US Senators Demand Exhumation and Return From Libya the Remains of 13 American Sailors
  203. Chinese Counterfeiters Flooding World w/ Fake Ag and Au Coins
  204. Return of the War Party
  205. “Occupy Wall Street” Serial Rapist is black; Few Surprised
  206. "Why aren't there more black people in tech?"
  207. Torched cars and violent mugging in brooklyn require increased police presence to protect jews
  208. Intel Source: Israel Behind Deadly Explosion at Iran Missile Base
  209. How the Plummeting Price of Cocaine Fueled the Nationwide Drop in Violent Crime
  210. Pro-White Advocate's Letter to the Editor 11/13/2011
  211. Message to Forum Infiltrators
  212. Foreign Minister: Turkey Opposes Any Strike on Iran; Takes Swipe at Israeli Nukes
  213. US Troops Reportedly Off to Fight Boko Haram in Nigeria!
  214. Marrying gentiles is like playing into the hands of the Nazis
  215. What's America's Worst Sin?
  216. Nothing Left to Steal
  217. Federal Judge - Students have NO RIGHT to wear pro-America clothing or display an American flag
  218. Obama Power Grab For Entire World Stuns Russia, China
  219. HEY! Step right up and get your ICE COLD TEA!
  220. Welcome to the jungle
  221. Air Force Dumping Slain Troops Corpses in Landfill
  222. What's going on at INFOWARS? (Mass naming of the Jew)
  223. Rare Public Peek into the Diseased Mindscapes of Big-Time Zionesses Rachel Abrams & Jennifer Rubin
  224. Mom Mystified: Dead Soldier Son Declared by Army to be Iraq KIA, then "Non-Combat," Now Homicide
  225. Must Read for Flag-Wavin' Patriotards and Fox News Zombies: Veterans' Day "Thanx But No Thanx"
  226. 2nd Mexican Interior Minister Cartel Fighter to Die in Air Crash in 3 Years
  227. Jew on Jew Killing ......... Rabbi Bagged
  228. Homosexual Marine Welcomed with Death Threats by New Unit in Afghanistan
  229. Happy Veterans Day
  230. Chutzpah on display this Veteran’s Day
  231. Increasing number of disabled Israeli children sue for not being aborted
  232. Convicted L.A. Pimp, Crashes Into Inglewood Police Car After Being Murdered
  233. Honey laundering: Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey
  234. China's richest keep firm eye on exit door
  235. 18 Year Old Mayor-elect of Aredale, Iowa
  236. Video shows man being punched at Red Line
  237. Romney Robo-Caller's White Nationalist Controversy
  238. Ralph Nader at Freedom Plaza November 3, 2011
  239. Blogger on Mexico Cartel Beheadings
  240. Penn State Scandal Widens
  241. The Collapse of Birmingham
  242. Conspiracy Of Silence(Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)
  243. Prosecutors: Man killed nurse, stole her rings and used them to propose to his girlfriend
  244. 'Death to Arabs' scrawled across Muslim gravestones in Jerusalem
  245. The American Federal Empire Expands: "Permanent Military Presence" in Australia/ Marines to Darwin!
  246. Obama Drama: "Israel's Advocate" at White House to Depart for ZOGist Thinktank Pushing Iran War
  247. Evidence of White Genocide LEAKED...........
  248. Dr. David Duke, PhD. Interviewed by Don & Derek Black
  249. Mitt Romney: As President, I'd Immediately Prepare for Irano-US War!
  250. Texas board rejects Confederate flag license plates