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  1. Discrimination claim by Richmond police rejected
  2. George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, official says
  3. Why Conservatives Always Lose -- Alex Kurtagic
  4. German Tots Unearth Live WWII Anti-Tank Bazooka in Easter Egg Hunt
  5. Titanic
  6. Just a "Joke"? Israeli Athlete in Hot Water Over Bizarre Goyim Kids' 'Blood Libel' Facebook Posting
  7. Fargo, ND's White "super surrogate" gives birth to 15th baby
  8. Kooky Uruguayan Tempest-in-a-Teapot Over "Neo-Nazis" May Salvage Graf Spee Memorabilia
  9. Good Reason #745 Why Afghans Hate ZOG-USA: US Soldier(s) Hoist 'Gay' Flag at FOB; Old Glory Down
  10. A boy saves a school bus with 15 pupils and the driver
  11. The end of my white guilt (trending at dailycaller.com)
  12. Conn. legislation will allow mezuzahs on condo doorframes
  13. hanging out
  14. Two Arrested in Brutal Hammer Beating in Seminole, Victim's Race Withheld
  15. SPLC Thought Police Chime in On Trayvon Martin Incident
  16. Minority Report: Stunning Lack of Diversity in Obama Campaign, Photos Reveal
  17. Trayvon Revenge Assault in Gainesville, FL
  18. Citibank Says It's 'Flummoxed' By Ratings Collapse In Cable TV
  19. A fog of drugs and war
  20. Race Riot Now? AMERICA?
  21. New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
  23. New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
  24. Mike Wallace dead.
  25. Caught On Video: Crowd Laughs As Tourist Beaten, Stripped And Robbed
  26. Tulsa Shooters
  27. NYC Department of Education Wants to Ban 50 Words From Standardized Tests
  28. Malkin, Barry, and the Asians.
  29. Another One Bites The Dust! John Derbyshire Fired from National Review for Racial Common Sense
  30. The Talk: Nonblack Version -- The article that got John Derbyshire fired from the National Review
  31. Boy Scout's 'Border Control' patch depicting fleeing immigrants causes uproar among Latinos
  32. Marines found w/ explosives at Redondo Bch. mall
  33. Former Obonzo czar calling for "American Arab Spring"
  34. NBC fires producer over doctored 911 call in Trayvon Martin case
  35. World's Latest Ethno-State Emerges in Northern Mali
  36. Some Bloodthirsty Moslem Terrorists Are A-OK w/ Washington, District of Corruption
  37. Dershowitz Wants Rosenberg Fired for Dual Loyalty Allegation
  38. George Zimmerman Lawyer Cites 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' As Defense
  39. pink
  40. Marxism is alive and well!
  41. One of our Directors hard at work.
  42. Dem U.S. Senate Candidate Calls Opponent A "Whore" For Israel
  43. Progressive fool Diane Keaton now regrets not giving Her adopted Children a Father.
  44. Poll Shows Big Racial Divide in Opinion on Trayvon Martin Case
  45. R.I.P love you...
  46. White Man, 78, Assaulted by (Black) Youths Who Shout, "Kill That White Man!"
  47. Prominent Baptist Minister Challenges Obama on Trayvon Martin
  48. Gingrich calls Obama Out on Trayvon Martin
  49. 8 Outrageous Media Falsehoods in the Trayvon Martin Shooting
  50. Former Black Mayor Wants Asians Out of Washington, DC
  51. More Than 3,100 Convicted Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Nationwide Crackdown
  52. White Man Protests at Trayvon Martin march in Evansville, Ind. big Media coverage
  53. Weird Bill to "Suspend" Passports of Delinquent Taxpayers Ready for Passage
  54. Ex-White House Speechwriter John Perry Broaches Unthinkable: Military Coup to Oust Obongo
  55. World Food Prices Up Steeply ..... Auguring Widespread Civil Unrest as Food Costs Mount
  56. A Peek Inside America's Drone HQS at Holloman AFB, NM
  57. Holocaust memorial dispute turns bizarre with Donald Duck comment
  58. Connecticut Senate votes to abolish death penalty amid victim concerns
  59. Jewish organization develops app to track hate websites, offers it to LA law enforcement
  60. Alabama Immigration Law Opponents Won't Be Joined By Top Auto Manufacturer
  61. White Man Protests at Trayvon Martin march in Evansville, Ind. big Media coverage
  62. It Begins… Youths Screaming “This Is For Trayvon” Beat 78 Year-Old White Man in Toledo
  63. IQ score of 4 -- that's 4 out of 50!
  64. Very Jewy "Los Angeles Times" article on the Trayvon Martin fiasco
  65. Isreal Demands Another $700 Million Military Handout for Proj. Israel's Own Military Leaders Nixed
  66. Even worse than SOPA: New CISPA cybersecurity bill will censor the Web
  67. tornado
  68. How Whites Took Over America
  69. Prisoner Support Raffle.
  70. obama blaming lsrael .
  71. Hanging Doll in Endwell Stirs Fears of Racism
  72. "Black murders"
  73. Fatal Shooting at Korean Christian University in California, 7 dead.
  74. Ex-KGB Chief Shebarshin "Kills Himself"
  75. Local Police, Not Just Feds, Increasingly Use Phone Tracking as Surveillance Tool
  76. Some Suppressed Truths About the Fall of Bo Xilai and Unrest in Red China
  77. Affirmative action under attack in CA
  78. Dr. Ron Paul on Face the Nation CBS
  79. Newt blasts Obama on Trayvon issue
  80. More Asian-Americans marrying within their race
  81. More Joys of Diversity!!
  82. The CIA's Israeli Mentors
  83. College Democrats invite Louis Farrakhan to speak in Alabama
  84. Detroit Public Schools
  85. It's All About Race Now by Patrick Buchanan
  86. ND sees big increased in women-owned businesses
  87. Ron Paul Draws 5,200 to Wisconsin Rally - No Real Media Attention
  88. 7 blacks beat young Latino Boy in spite of trayvon
  89. Hispanic Groups Throw George Zimmerman Under the Bus
  90. Video Purposely Distorts George Zimmerman's Injury !
  91. Predictions For The First Trayvon Martin Riot....
  92. Army Reserve reprimands soldier who backed Paul
  93. March 31: Operation Global Blackout
  94. white male beaten, clothes ripped off by savage black mob
  95. Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate
  96. George Romney: GOP's Sure Loser
  97. "Israel Encircles Iran" by Phil Girardi; Azerbaijan, Georgia Airbases & Spybases
  98. Geithner Wants Copperless, Nickelless Coins; Canada Eliminates Cents; SC House Panel OKs Au/Ag
  99. U.S.A. Today Article "Chinese Copycats threaghten U.S. small businesses."
  100. Nation, or Notion?
  101. R.I.P. Earl.
  102. Sheriff Joe Press Conference
  103. Our New Beginning
  104. Parents of Murdered White Students Slam Obama For Silence
  105. LA Times Report: Young Black Males Have Brought an 'Epidemic of Murder' to the U.S.
  106. The Changing Guard of White Separatism Convenes at a Tennessee State Park
  107. "Idol" Finalist Has Five Active Arrest Warrants
  108. Mother Seeks Trayvon Martin Trademarks
  109. Famous Jewish Mother Feeds Baby from her own Mouth
  110. Members of the Hutaree Militia Acquitted!
  111. Black Panther Who Posted Bounty for Martin’s Killer Arrested
  112. These people are making our case!
  113. Black congressman booted over Trayvon hoodie
  114. Operation Foxden
  115. Meet Israeli Mercenary Kingpin Yair Klein ......... If You Dare
  116. New Black Panthers Threaten To Burn Down Detroit
  117. PC student tests forbid dance, dinos & lots more
  118. Black Panther on CNN always entertaining*
  119. Black man rapes and murders 85 year old woman
  120. Jewish Harvard Professor wants to annihilate the White Race
  121. Flash Mob Of Trayvon Martin Cultists Ransack Miami Walgreens
  122. Rand Paul Objects to Iran Sanctions
  123. North Dakota to Vote on Abolishing Property Tax - Vote Yes on Measure 2!
  124. ‘Russia is Public Enemy No. 1’ – Mitt Romney
  125. This is what happened in Hollywood subway...
  126. Trayvon and 'Cracker' T-Shirts - Zimmerman's Not White!
  127. Zionist Victory in Baltimore: Anti-Israeli Comments on Facebook Page Lead to WYPR News Ed. Ouster
  128. Demand Investigation into Obama Eligibility Requirements for President and Second Term Run
  129. Brics Move to Unseat Dollar as Trade Currency
  130. White Mississippi State Student Murdered
  131. Ron Paul Upsets Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout
  132. Lawmaker warns of disagreeing w/ government
  133. black male attacks a white female on the subway train
  134. Police in CA looking into possibility of hate crime
  135. The lynching of Zimmerman
  136. Americans are currently buying guns like crazy
  137. Utah Gov. Herbert Signs Bill Demanding State Control of Federal Lands by 2014
  138. Leonard Pitts is the PITS!
  139. Black Woman On The Bus!
  140. Idea for thread.
  141. New Study Says 24% of American Children Have at Least One Immigrant Parent
  142. Black panther propaganda inciting race war
  143. New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman
  144. How health care case will unfold before the court
  145. Police: Man threatened to kill Sanford police chief
  146. Jesse Jackson: Blacks under attack
  147. Two white males robbed, beaten, sodomised, then stabbed by 4 negroes
  148. Mali Troops Stage Another Coup; Presidential Palace Looted
  149. "An Administration Gone Rogue" by Ron Paul
  150. LAPD to ignore California impound law amid concern of fairness to illegal immigrants
  151. Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders
  152. U.S. Asian population rises 45% from 2000 to 2010
  153. Why can't white ppl do this
  154. 7 blacks rob couple for $30,000 caught on tape
  155. Are video games propaganda and training tools for the military?
  156. Marine Le Pen: Is the 'Devil's Daughter' Right?
  157. Mysterious Boom in Another Wisconsin Town
  158. NYPD: "Iran Conducted Surveillance in NYC!"
  159. Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War
  160. "Is the CIA in Your Kitchen?" by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
  161. The zionist Occupation Of America
  162. By Necessity, Enterprising Greeks Create New Currency ....the TEM!
  163. Startling Expose of Obongo Sr.'s US "Studies" & Importation Funded By Zionist Front in 60s!
  164. George Zimmerman, His Mother Is Latino and His Father Is Jewish...
  165. Iris Scans Figuring into Bail Determinations in NYC
  166. Iran Banking Embargo Backfires on US Companies ........ But Czechs Still Getting Oil
  167. Black kid shot in Orlando.
  168. White .
  169. "Undocumented" immigrants honored in California Assembly
  170. Video: college negress lashes out over evolution studies
  171. Election Fraud proven about the Republicans
  172. Recalled Author of Arizona Immigration Law Seeks Senate Seat Again
  173. New Alabama Opinion Poll Shows Broad Support for State Immigration Enforcement Law
  174. Somalis face sex trafficking trial in Nashville
  175. US Coup: Jews Seize Control Of State Department
  176. Obama's "Transgendered" Nanny .... Now an Indonesian Pariah
  177. US Navy Releases John McCain's Records
  178. S B 1070
  179. Israel wants another War Picnic
  180. Pentagon: "We've Got No Photos or Records of Osama bin Laden Raid or Aftermath"
  181. Pentagon's "Internal Look" Computer Israel-Iran War Game Simulation Spells Big Trouble for USA
  182. Russian Military Advisors-Troops Disembark Tanker 'Iman' in Syrian Port
  183. Blue eyes.
  184. Blue eyes.
  185. Bill Banning Illegal Immigrants From Ga. Colleges Clears House Panel
  186. GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office
  187. Ron Paul on CNBC: 3/19/12
  188. White Child Pushed to the Limit
  189. Pandemonium Breaks Out at GOP Caucus Cheatin' St. Charles County, MO 3/17/2012
  190. Sarkozy puts region on highest alert after school attack
  191. It's over Johnny, TSA can now Molest your children for going to Disney World!
  192. Jews are not our buddy pals.
  193. race mixing in media increasing?
  194. Better and beautiful: Former President Clinton praises greater Grand Forks for flood recovery
  195. Fired Minnesota Senate staffer threatens to expose other Capitol affairs
  196. Hate crime: White boy set on fire with gasoline
  197. New York Times protects Islam from criticism
  198. Congress looks to extend Israel's loan guarantees
  199. dogs to control students
  200. Odiferous Rapper "Coolio" May Be Sharing Jail Cell w/ Son
  201. Arizona immigration hard guy ponders another run for office
  202. 3 French Paratroopers Stealthily Hunted & Murdered ................ in France!!
  203. Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs Video
  204. Occupy Monsanto vs Genetically Modified Congress
  205. John D. Died in Germany
  206. St. Patrick's Day Replaced With 'O'Green Day' At Massachusetts School (VIDEO)
  207. Obama Figuring Out Greatest Benefit to His Reelection by Iran War Timing
  208. Marines Giving "Specialized Training" to Ugandan Military
  209. Buchanan and Japan.
  210. FDI in USA, 2011
  211. DoD: 2011 New High for War Amputations
  212. Mississippi Lawmakers Move Ahead on Tough Immigration Bill
  213. AIPAC Not Just for Jews Anymore
  214. GOP: Old, white and in trouble, poll says
  215. Introducing the White News Now Contributing Members Program
  216. Ron Paul Is Going to Win - Josh Tolley Radio Show
  217. Soledad Obrien's a Left-wing NUT!
  218. pink slime
  220. Exclusive: France's Le Pen clears hurdle to stand in election
  221. Infiltrating Political Movements Normal in USA
  222. Soldiers asked to disarm during Leon Panetta speech
  223. Israeli-Firster Bill Maher Insults Southern Voters: "Toothless Tuesday Too Tight to Tally"
  224. Massive Fraud Exposed in Investigation of Army Nat'l Guard/Reserve "Bounty" Payments
  225. A Fateful Decision Awaits Ron Paul
  226. Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Why So Many Whites vote Against Themselves
  227. Obama’s problem with non-college-educated white Americans
  228. Case Study In Greed: Hiring Illegals Over White Americans
  229. Ron Paul Discusses Brokered Convention on CNBC
  230. A must see video for Dr. Ron Paul supporters
  231. SPLC: The 'Patriot' Movement Explodes
  232. ? = racism.
  233. Imam Perishes in Brussles Suburb Mosque Arson-Blaze
  234. Strange, Roving "Australian SAS" Incognito Troops "At Large" Operating in Africa
  235. Prosecution of "Trailblazer" Patriot, Ex-NSA Thos. Drake "lll-Advised" Admits Justice Dept Goons
  236. According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man.
  237. Hoopster Obama Offers NCAA Bracket Challenge
  238. White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won't Go Away
  239. Broken Promises: Pensions All Over America Are Being Savagely Cut Or Are Vanishing Completely
  240. Holder: Identifying Voters 'Discrimination'
  241. The majority of Mississippi voters think president Obama is a muslim!
  242. Poll: % of Americans Who Think Afghan War "Worth Fighting" At All Time Low
  243. Are Whites Racially Oppressed ?
  244. White Advocate's Letter to the Editor 3/12/2012
  245. Obama caught admitting voter fraud
  246. Black students disciplined more in schools.
  247. Farrakhan tells the truth about Jews, Noah Ickowitz objects!
  248. School says Students’ Use of “USA USA” Chant is Racist
  249. Ending racism now an economic priority, says Atlanta mayor
  250. USA president Husein speaks on the killing of 16 muslims and on burning their "holly book"