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  1. US Supreme Cout Justice Ginsburg to officiate at same-sex wedding
  2. 'Youth' arrested for rape of 93-year old White woman
  3. Patrick J Buchanan: Obama's Syrian Strike Would Be Impeachable
  4. Civilian Ex-Analyst of DIA's Special Opns Command Goes Public w/ New Illegal Intel Gathering
  5. Active/Retired US Military Officers Voicing Reservations About American Attack on Syria
  6. Texas White man murdered shielding children from three rabid Blacks at Dennys
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts Accused of Racism over its ‘Charcoal Donut’ Ad
  8. Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President?
  9. Southern Nationalist Immigration Protest in Georgia
  10. Teens charged in Florida bus beating enter guilty pleas
  11. Poland, Jordan, Egypt, Sen. Imhofe ...Each Say No to Syrian War
  12. Strikes on Syria will leave Israel in flames: Iran army chief
  13. Ann Coulter: It’s Super-Media! With the power to detect non-existent racism
  14. Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean as Syria Tensions Rise
  15. State Dept.: "Assad to Blame for Chem Attack Even If He Didn't Do It"
  16. Israel granting oil exploration rights inside Syria
  17. MasterCard says it will cease doing business with hate groups
  18. White Woman brutally beaten by group of Black Teen Pittsburgh says attack was ‘racially motivated’
  19. ethnic intimidation ?
  20. Accuser testifies in Naval Academy sex assault
  21. Boehner Demands Obama Answers on Syria
  22. Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent CrimeHarvard Study: No Correlatio
  23. march
  24. Convicted extortionist targeting WNs
  25. The Gas Cloud of Western Intervention
  26. New Democrat Bill would impose extreme taxes on Gun & Ammo purchases
  27. America's shale boom could rearrange the Middle East's balance of power
  28. 'Syrian Electronic Army' hacks American media critical of Assad, takes New York Times offline
  29. When white people piss black people off
  30. Book Review: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean
  31. I Want My Race to Survive - What Do YOU Want?
  32. Review of Steve Oney's Book, 'And the Dead Shall Rise' (2003)
  33. Did Leo Frank Confess to the Murder of Mary Phagan in 1913? 1914?
  34. 100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty of Murdering Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  35. Facebook: Governments demanded data on 38,000 users
  36. JP Morgan banker responsible for $6.2 Billion Fraud arrested in Spain after fleeing justice
  37. Saudi Arabia offers Russia secret lucrative oil deal if they turn against Assad Regime
  38. Even Kurdish Warlord in Syria Laughs at ZOG's Claim Assad Used Chemical Weapons
  39. Drudge Report Headlines All About Race...
  40. Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making
  41. Russia:”Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East”
  42. Congress Should Veto Obama’s War
  43. Media hides race of Florida spree shooter
  44. Centennial of Leo Frank Conviction August 26, 1913 that Gave Birth to the ADL in October 1913
  45. 'The Butler' Box Office Sales Plummet by One-Third
  46. Senior Israeli Team in Washington to discuss possible Syria Attack
  47. Russia, West on collision course over Syria
  48. Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers, Conservatives as Extremists
  49. Gangster State US/UK
  50. BIG: DoD "Hate Group" Teaching Materials Prepared by SPLC/States Rights Conservatives 'Extremists'
  51. "Wag the Dog" US-Syrian War
  52. Pat Buchanan: 'Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in America Now'
  53. Expert: Possible DoD Firings ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
  54. Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage Files Complaint
  55. Mexico migrant train derailment kills 6, injures 22
  56. ZOG-USA Poised for Launch of New War ..... Against Syria
  57. Sicko NSA Revelation #5960: NSA Goons Spied on "Love Interests"
  58. NM Supreme Court Outrage: Photog Who Refused Lesbian Wedding Gig Fine of $6637 Upheld
  59. Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War
  60. Ginsburg: Supreme Court One of 'Most Activist' in History
  61. David Cole, a rare, honest Jew exposes Auschwitz lies
  62. Private lobbyists get public pensions in 20 states
  63. Conservatives accuse Obama of packing key court to 'rubber stamp' agenda
  64. Justice Dept. Tries to Stop Louisiana School Vouchers
  65. NSA officers sometimes spy on love interests
  66. Buchanan: "Whites Are The Only Group You Can Discriminate Against Legally In America"
  67. As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  68. MLK: 50 Years The Truth about Martin Luther King Jr
  69. Are Jewish Professors Like Leonard Dinnerstein Falsifying Southern History?
  70. The right’s black crime obsession
  71. Sex-assignment surgery on a child ruled unconstitutional
  72. Liberal, Dylan Bleier Perpetrated Race Hoax, on Oberlin College Campus
  73. Gdansk Baltic Beach Riot: Poles Object to Mexican Naval Cadets' Provocations
  74. 13 Terrible Things ZOG is Desperately Trying to Suppress/Keep Secret
  75. Mark Dankof: Israel drive behind development of American police state
  76. Teen who shot baby in the face while robbing his mom counted down from 5 before he pulled trigger
  77. Harvard Student says Blacks Genetically Inferior
  78. Craig Paul Cobb buying up the land in Leith, ND to start White Nationalist Community
  79. Obongo White House, Caught Red Handed, Repeats Same NSA Lies
  80. Ugly loser who hacked this website among others apparently has a few words to say (LOL)
  81. Patrick J Buchanan: Dead souls of a cultural revolution
  82. Senator Coburn: Obama 'Perilously Close' to Impeachment
  83. World War II vet, 88, brutally beaten to death in Spokane, Washington
  84. Ultra-Creepy Cass Sunstein, Commissar to Infiltrate WN Websites, In Line for NSA Review Committee
  85. ZOG's Strategy Re: Red China ..................Military Encirclement
  86. march on washington
  87. American, Israeli, Jordanian Troops And CIA Agents Have Entered Syria
  88. Stop White Genocide Web Ads
  89. Richard Nixon on Jews: “They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest"
  91. Elderly Man, Delbert Belton Was Murdered by Two Black Suspects who Beat him to Death, in Spokane.
  92. America's emerging minority group - Whites
  93. Federal jury awards St. Louis officer $620,000 in racial discrimination suit
  94. Centennial Leo Frank Trial: Jewish Factory Boss Rapes Murders White Christian Girl
  95. US Dept of 'Justice' to sue Texas over voter ID law
  96. Another perfect example of the current affairs of State! Imagine If he were White????
  97. What the U.S. map would look like if each state had the same population
  98. Zimmerman trial costs public $902,000
  99. ACLU sues to remove Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument
  100. NBC's Hillary Clinton Project Looks Doomed, Rivals Say
  101. Blacks commit 49% of all Murders But are just 13% of the USA
  102. Black DHS employee runs racist anti-White website & prepares for Anti-White Race War
  103. Black Teen Who Murdered White Jogger Posted Racist Tweets
  104. Taylor swift performs in L.A. with a couple of Lesbians, or rather self described "Queers"
  105. Drone Spotted Over Disney's Calif. Adventure (Orange Co.)?
  106. NSA surveillance reach broader than publicly acknowledged
  107. Israeli Diplomat's Wrists Slapped Over Anti-Japanese Facebk. Post Re. Hiroshima Memorial
  108. Are Manning and Snowden Patriots? A Real American Mil. Hero, Bacevich Speaks Up w/ the Answer
  109. Obongo Demands Sup. Ct. OK Warrantless Cellphone Searches -- Sez ZOG Always Been Able to Do It
  110. Bradley Manning to be sentenced this morning on espionage charges
  111. ACT: Only quarter of grads ready for all subjects
  112. 1,600 redheads flock to Portland, Ore. to break Guinness World Record
  113. Two More Colorado Counties Will Vote on Whether to Secede from State
  114. Chris Lane
  115. New Utah NSA Spy Ctr. Uses 1.7 Million Gals. of Water Daily to Cool Down Whirling Super-Computers
  116. TV's Highest Paid Stars: What They Earn
  117. Meet the top 10 richest members of Congress
  118. Patrick J Buchanan: Who owns the future?
  119. Israel Quietly Maintains Ties With Egyptian Army
  120. Police reportedly say teen shot Australian student in Oklahoma for the 'fun of it'
  121. Ron Paul, Birch Society President to speak at a supposed "Anti-Semitic conference"
  122. 10 Hard Proofs We Live Under a Tyrannical ZOG
  123. 'No shield from forced exposure': Groklaw website shuts down over NSA spying
  124. Christopher Lane, Australian College Baseball Player, Dies In Random Killing In Oklahoma
  125. Maine Governor Tells the Truth!!!
  126. The Federal Reserve on Trial
  127. Mapping where English is not the language at home
  128. House chairman rejects 'special' citizenship path
  130. ADL attacks Southern nationalists as ‘extremists’
  131. Racism linked to asthma risk for black women
  132. U.S. to give Palestinians $148 million
  133. 5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks
  134. Australia Sets New Policy - Boat People Will NOT Be Given 'Asylum' - Flow of Boat People Drys Up
  135. Federal agents arrest hundreds in MS-13 gang sweep
  136. Who Is The Real Enemy Of America?
  137. Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department
  138. Retail Expert Davidowitz: Wal-Mart's Woes Stem From Economy in 'State of Collapse'
  139. I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GOTTA PAY FOR ME
  140. A look at federal role in civil rights cases
  141. The Frankfurt School at War: The Marxists Who Explained the Nazis to Washington
  142. Oregon's GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes
  143. HUD ad pushes diversity on Whites
  144. Republican National Committee votes to block CNN, NBC from hosting debates
  145. NSA reportedly broke privacy rules thousands of times
  146. Flight recorders from downed UPS cargo jet probed for clues
  147. Remy's arrest coming as shock to Waltham, Mass. neighbors
  148. Our biggest problem, how we are organized
  149. Huffington Post: "White People are too dumb to know they're racist"
  150. Obamacare provision will allow forced "Home Inspections"
  151. Are we hardwired to be racist?
  152. World champion Isinbayeva condemns homosexuality, criticizes Swedes for rainbow-colored nails
  153. UK: Labour leader Ed Miliband pelted with eggs during walkabout
  154. Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda
  155. Video: Glenn Beck shares the story of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
  156. Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. sentenced to 30 months in prison
  157. Immigration: Senator Sessions calls on House to stop asylum “abuses
  158. Officials: UPS Cargo Jet Crashes in Alabama; Kills Two People
  159. Obama youth amnesty numbers jump to 1.9 million
  160. Why isn't this a hate crime? Easy guess.
  161. DNI Clapper won’t control spying review, White House says
  162. Oprah 'sorry' for Switzerland flap
  163. 1912 Eighth-Grade Exam Might Make Adult Heads Spin Today
  164. Report: 400 US Surface-to-Air Missiles Went Missing in Benghazi
  165. New CA "transgender bill" lets students 'choose' which gender they want to be & restrooms to use
  166. New study finds spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn and across New York City
  167. Post v. Putin — Whose Side Are You On?
  168. Clown banned from Missouri State Fair amid outrage over Obama act
  169. Million Muslims to march on White House next September 11th
  170. Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him
  171. Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus
  172. Russia Makes a Fool Out of Obama, Over and Over
  173. Mexicans told to use 'key words' to gain entry to US
  174. Holder to Announce Plans to Reduce Prison Population
  175. Plans for South Florida's first Holohoax shrine
  176. Gay couple seeks spousal privilege protection in Kentucky murder trial
  177. Police: Illegal alien has sexually assaulted at least five girls in Iowa
  178. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: Democrats Divided on Obamacare, Not Republicans
  179. Front Page Washington Post Story Hides Fact That Alleged Murderer Was Illegal Alien
  180. Blacks commit 49% of all murders but are 13% of US population
  181. "Battling 'White Genocide' in Atlanta"
  182. Outrage Grows Over Reid 'Race Baiting' GOP on Obama
  183. Americans renouncing citizenship jumps sixfold
  184. Black "Judge" kicks all Whites out of courtroom to "protest" black majority crime rate
  185. South Dakota's Jewish households open up to 'Roving Rabbis'
  186. US Postal Service had $740 million third-quarter loss
  187. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio orders deputies to carry AR-15 style rifles & remain armed, even off-duty
  188. Fox News’ Roger Ailes: I’ll Put CNN, MSNBC Out of Business
  189. Acid attack leaves British teens volunteering on Zanzibar burned 'beyond imagination'
  190. What really happened to Navy SEAL Team Six?
  191. Mississippi roadside shooting trial continued
  192. Obama’s former adviser ridicules statement that NSA doesn’t spy on Americans
  193. Latest NSA Revelation: All Personal E-Mails, Texts, Etc., To and From USA Harvested & Stored
  194. Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War
  195. Do We Really Want a Cold War II?
  196. Repub's the fight within: Stick with the Euro base and die, or diversify...internal battle..but why
  197. 95yo One of our Heros, survived the enemy during war, a lifetime on the street, dies from US Cops
  198. Senate control hinges on fate of Southern Dems
  199. In Missouri, first day of school brings echoes of past busing battles with transfer ruling
  200. White House floats health care fix for Congress
  201. Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods
  202. VIDEO: McConnell, Graham face pack of troubles in 2014
  203. The Skinny on Martin Indyk, Israeli Lobby, Tool-Fool Lindsey Graham, etc ....Phil Giraldi
  204. Ann Coulter: Bill O’Reilly is smarter than Lawrence O’Donnell
  205. Former Obama Advisor: President's Claim of No Domestic Spying Program 'Ridiculous'
  206. Martha's Vineyard residents claim Obamas to be bad neighbors, don't want them back
  207. L.A. firm removes Birkenau photo from website, after media flak
  208. Proposal would make Holocaust education part of required curriculum
  209. Rare Schindler documents and factory construction plans up for sale at RR Auction
  210. Exclusive: Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts
  211. Richmond Virginia: Confederate flag will fly along I-95
  212. Patrick J Buchanan: Al-Qaida in perspective
  213. A Brief History of the Monstrous Amer. Police State .... It didn't start in 9/11; but w/ 'FDR's' ZOG
  214. Vets' Gadsden Liberty Flag at New Rochelle, NY Nat'l Guard Armory Prompts Libtard Rage
  215. TASA Goons Spreading from Airports with Their Venomous VIPRs
  216. Just a Coincidence? Japs Unveil Largest Warship Since WWII on Hiroshima Anniversary
  217. Was police killing of 95-year-old necessary?
  218. "Is the FBI a Criminal Organization?" .................Answer: You Betcha!
  219. Centripetal Forces in Multi-Racial India on Display .... New Separatist State Emerging: Telangana!
  220. ZOG's MSM in Overdrive: Chechen Boston Bomber Now Said to Have "Pro-White" Literature
  221. NY Times Admits: Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Used to “Divert Attention” from NSA Uproar
  222. Study: U.S. Debt Obligations $70 Trillion
  223. More Black "flash mobs" than before?
  224. u n
  225. Alex Rodriguez plays the race card.
  226. Barrack Hussein Obama's support and sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood being criticized.
  227. WATCH! Anti-White segment on MSNBC
  228. Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos
  229. 'The Washington Post' sold to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos for $250 million
  230. Lindsey Graham: I Will Run as Conservative in GOP Primary
  231. At 80, Justice Ginsburg emerges as the court’s new originalist
  232. RNC threatens to shut out CNN and NBC from presidential debate partnerships
  233. U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans
  234. Ron Paul Blasts the NSA and Its Lies
  235. TV news crew robbed of camera gear in Oakland
  236. "Surprise! You've Been XKeyscored!" by Justin Raimondo ..... Funny, Yet So Sad
  237. Discarded "American Suicide Bomber Assoc." Old Theater Prop Strikes Terror into NYC
  238. Tawana Brawley begins making defamation payments
  239. Why Irvine, California Consistently Ranks As The Safest City In America
  240. The word 'citizen' to be banned as racist slur
  241. Stomach bug in 2 states linked to Mexican farm
  242. Obama giving Benghazi survivors aliases & hiding them
  243. New York Times Sells Boston Globe at 93% Loss
  244. In Mass. Governor’s Race Packed With Jewish Candidates
  245. OJ Simpson wins small parole victory on some charges
  246. Mississippi law attempts to reel-in illegitimate births
  247. Senator Ted Cruz: Millions Must Join Together to Stop Obamacare
  248. US issues global travel alert over Al Qaeda threat, prepares to close embassies
  249. Patrick J Buchanan: Last hurrah of the interventionists?
  250. USPS takes photos of all mail