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  1. Young white culturally enriched in Philly Train station
  2. China's surrogate mothers business boom in year of the dragon
  3. Troll much lately?
  4. CNN: Is the Far Right Gaining Ground in Europe?
  5. Dining While Black?
  6. French election: Brachay, the village that holds the clues to Marine Le Pen's success
  7. The Mob in Mobile (Re: Matt Owens attack)
  8. Urban Outfitters Pulls Shirt That Reminds People Of The Holocaust
  9. Goldman-/Bankfiend-- RE-DO--
  10. Britain falls into double dip recession
  11. Spanish company will count American votes in November
  12. Don't Be an Old "Constitutional Fundamentalist".....Welcome ZOG's New "Atrocity Prevention Board"
  13. FOIA Forces FAA To Reveal Locations of Some Domestic Drone Operations: 63 Launch Sites ID'd
  14. Is Bank of America anti-gun?
  15. New details uncovered in CIA anti-Semitism case
  16. Male-on-male attacks up since repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
  17. Matthew Owens of Alabama allegedly beaten by Mob in 'Justice For Trayvon' Rage
  18. Eric Holder Sues Jacksonville Florida - "Written Firefighter Tests are Racist"
  19. Brooklyn DA Won't Release Names Of Orthodox Jewish Sex Offenders
  20. Hamas' Response to Treason
  21. "Stranded" Africans & Iraqis, Rejected by Tunisia and Libya Welcomed by ZOG-USA
  22. A Beautiful White Mother Faces Heart-Breaking Adversity ...... and ZOGist Tragedy No. 37,789,029
  23. Pentagon Institutes Weird and Brand New Espionage Unit to Rival CIA
  24. latino voters
  25. Restaurant racism revealed as 40% of waiters admit they discriminate against black customers
  26. Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition
  27. Ex-NSA Patriot Binney Spills Beans on ZOG's Surveillance/Confiscation of Private E-Mail
  28. The European DEREX Index (Demand For Right Wing Extremism): Libtard Metric for White Discontent
  29. 15 Killed in Chihuahua Bar Shootout .... Just Another Day in Sunny Mexico
  30. Arizona immigration case arrives at Supreme Court
  31. Mexican Immigration Wave Winds Down
  32. Twitter lynch mob: George Zimmerman is out on bail? Let’s kill him!
  33. White Attacked by Black Crowd chanting "Trayvon"
  34. Las Vegas Vault Robbery: Unusual Heist at a Most Unusual Site
  35. Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth!
  36. Black Teens Attack White Couple at Movie Theater, Wife Get Punched in Face
  37. Jewish brothers stand their ground against weapon wielding black in Florida
  38. Morris Dees and S.P.L.C. aggressively intervened in 2004 Sierra Club internal immigration debate.
  40. Justices to Rule on Role of the States in Immigration
  41. Population Growth -- the Surprising Topic at Earth Day
  42. New Poll: Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama
  43. Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a Panic
  44. Black Man Arrested for Shoving Blonde Reporter, Shouts, "I Am That ******!" to Viewers
  45. Army cancels Ted Nugent over Obama comments
  46. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!
  47. A good example for USA to follow: ON HOW RUSSIANS DEAL WITH NIMOIDS
  48. Mystery Car Crash in Mali: 3 Special Ops Military & 3 "Civilians" Dead in Single Auto Mishap
  49. Feds Training Foreign Workers for English-Speaking Jobs...
  50. REPORT: Third 'smoking gun' found at scene of murdered border patrol agent...
  51. This is Why I Call 'Em Pentagoons .......Your Taxdollars At Work
  52. 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed
  53. Press targeted by DHS
  54. Republicans eye $680 million for Israel's "Iron Dome" shield
  55. At Behest of "Invisible Children" Ugandan-US Quest Finds Kony Army Invisible, But Not Crocodiles
  56. 2000 Czechs march to protest racial attack..
  57. ZOG's Own Infographic Highlights Its Utter Insolvency: Cong. Budget Office Boo-Boo A Big Laugh
  58. Pashtos Kill 42nd "Micronesian" US Invader-Occupier/Polyglot ZOGist Legions Harken Roman Fall
  59. USA vs China
  60. How muslims teach their children...
  61. This is ISLAM! A must see video.
  62. negroes call to EXTERMINATE WHITE PEOPLE
  63. Talk About Being Honest!
  64. Anti racist liberal gets knocked out
  65. The Need to Lynch Zimmerman
  66. Obama is named gun ‘salesman of the year’
  67. U.S./Hispanic Public School in LA.
  68. 1912 Cuban Race War.
  69. New Picture Shows Zimmmerman Bleeding Heavily From Scalp
  70. Black Nurse Kills White Mother Then Kidnaps Baby
  71. How Much Does Israel Cost The Average American?
  72. Need Colorado A3P Elector Nominees
  73. Ali Gomaa: Not Your Grandad's Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
  74. Octogenerian Scores Rare Victory Against ZOGist Judicial System: Jury Nullification
  75. obama's uncle getting ss.
  76. Fred Reed on George Zimmerman
  77. Judge Blocks Death Sentence Under Law on Race Disparity
  78. LAPD forced to let illegals drive cars with no paperwork
  79. Did secret service agents have sex w/ minors?
  80. NASA gives SpaceX go ahead for April 30th launch to ISS
  81. The Great Erasure -- The Remaking of White Identity by Alex Kurtagic
  82. White males fading among House Democrats
  83. Return of the ‘white man’s party’?
  84. UK activists arrested for what they wrote on Facebook
  85. Race matters to black jurors
  86. Greek nationalism on the rise
  87. French Presidential election could provide nationalist breakthrough
  88. U.S. says hate crime charges OK in Amish beard-cutting case
  89. This day in history, Waco and OK City
  90. jim crow
  91. The Bachelor faces lawsuit over alleged racism
  92. ADL Acknowledges Demographics Matter
  93. Nebraska votes to offer prenatal care to illegal immigrants
  94. White pistol whipped by black, stands his ground and gets charged
  95. Why I no longer feel safe on Metro (White man in DC assaulted for 'using mass transit while white')
  96. UAE Prosecutor Asks for Crucifixion As Possible Penalty for Guilty Somali Pirates
  97. one shot solution ?
  98. U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%: Opinion
  99. Maurice and Diego, twice as old as Trayvon, but not a bit smarter
  100. American Communist Party Supports Zimmerman Prosecution
  101. Jamaican lottery scams spread in U.S. despite crackdown
  102. Secret Service looking into Ted Nugent's violent anti-Obama rant
  103. Police in US handcuff 6-year-old for tantrum
  104. U.S. Democratic Party.
  105. Blackhawks Circle Low Through Chicago Skies as Secret Service Releases Security Details
  106. Dr. Yolande Lucire
  107. This week in violence, crime and hate
  108. Farrakhan: if whites don't change your end has come
  109. Gunter Grass Fallout: Honest Jew Decries "Blackmailing" German Nation; Cites Israeli Atrocities
  110. Interesting Rwanda Trial---Charges: Genocide Denial, "Promoting Ethnic Division" Defendant Balks
  111. One global process is going on, masses of people lured behind leaders/politicians/parties
  112. Pat Buchanan: Bibi Painted Into Corner Over Iran's "Nuke Castration"? Gulf 'Provocation' Answer?
  113. George Soros Pledges $10 Million to Defeat Sheriff Joe for Reelection
  114. 29 Somali Muslims Indicted for Kidnapping, Raping, and Selling Underage White Girls
  115. Denial about Debt!
  116. Rick Steves gets clued in on Israel, and sees them for the brutal Nation They are.
  117. 'Uncle Obama' Wins a Driver's License for Working Illegally
  118. 15-Year-Old Texas Boy Charged With Murder In Deaths Of 9 Illegal Immigrants
  119. Wasserman Schultz called on to release tax returns
  120. Bill Maher facing bipartisan criticism over Ann Romney remarks
  121. Shades of Cornwalis: Hillary Clinton Blasts Afghan Nationalists as "Cowardly" for Latest Attacks
  122. Who is the greatest threat to internet freedom? The USA, says Foreign Policy magazine
  123. NRA Weighs in on Martin Shooting
  124. Norway Shooter Anders Breivik Pleads Not Guilty
  125. Three in elite NYPD anti-gun unit accused of treating black suspects like 'animals'
  126. Ron Paul Sweeps Delegates in Minnesota - Beats Romney for Delegates in Colorado
  127. Cuba issue deals blow to US stature at 'Summit of the Americas'
  128. Negro flash mob attack in Grand Rapids
  129. George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe
  130. Persistent Tabloid Red-Herrings Or Suppressed Truths About Obongo's Queer Chicago Past & Cover-up
  131. Canadians to Eliminate All Coins; Seek "Digitalization of Currency" for Small Transactions
  132. Now US Military Ensnared in US Secret Service Whore Romp in Columbia
  133. Negro flash mob attack in Milwaukee
  134. Negro flash mob attack in Portland
  135. April Gaede's father shot during home invasion robbery
  136. Democrats Distilled Down to Women and NonWhites
  137. 100 white women
  138. US Secret Service agents sent home from Obama duty over misconduct allegations
  139. GOOD ADVICE: Farrakhan tells Blacks breeding w/ Whites is 'the end' of your race
  140. George Zimmerman went to bat for black man beaten by son of Sanford Cop
  141. Nazi Party gets a Washington lobbyist
  142. Buffet Rule: Obama paid less taxes than own secretary
  143. 2 Coastguardsmen Shot Dead in Attack at Kodiak Island Station; FBI to the Rescue
  144. Astounding Anti-ZOGist Move: Pakistani Joint Parl. Unanimously Condemns US, No More Drones
  145. Government Waste!
  146. 99 year old mother and her 62 year old disabled son tied up and duct-taped in Obama country.
  147. Wkileaks Bombshell: '09 Secret Cable from US Embassy, Israel Exposes ZOGist "Babylonian Captivity"
  148. Wkileaks Bombshell: '09 Secret Cable from US Embassy, Israel Exposes ZOGist "Babylonian Captivity"
  149. Nebraska Congress-Stooge Lee Terry ( R-Isr) "Explores His Jewish Roots"
  150. Sovietish Rhode Island H.S. Destroys White Teen Girl's Family-Oriented Mural; This'll Make You Sick
  151. Hilary Rosen jumps on Mrs. Romney because she doesn't fit Her view of what a Women should be.
  152. Attorney General Holder and Secretary Salazar Announce $1 Billion Settlement of Tribal Trust Account
  153. National Review Drops Contributor Robert Weissberg Over Racism
  154. Jackson's daughter hired by Fox News.
  155. Man Arrested After Stepson Apparently Takes His Heroin to Show and Tell
  156. Barney Franks Slams Allen West, Says Not Even McCarthy Would Say Something So Stupid
  157. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Statute Is Racist Against Blacks:Obama’s Harvard Law Mentor
  158. Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Erasing Workplace Discrimination Damages
  159. Wells Fargo accused of discrimination
  160. Discrimination claim by Richmond police rejected
  161. George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, official says
  162. Why Conservatives Always Lose -- Alex Kurtagic
  163. German Tots Unearth Live WWII Anti-Tank Bazooka in Easter Egg Hunt
  164. Titanic
  165. Just a "Joke"? Israeli Athlete in Hot Water Over Bizarre Goyim Kids' 'Blood Libel' Facebook Posting
  166. Fargo, ND's White "super surrogate" gives birth to 15th baby
  167. Kooky Uruguayan Tempest-in-a-Teapot Over "Neo-Nazis" May Salvage Graf Spee Memorabilia
  168. Good Reason #745 Why Afghans Hate ZOG-USA: US Soldier(s) Hoist 'Gay' Flag at FOB; Old Glory Down
  169. A boy saves a school bus with 15 pupils and the driver
  170. The end of my white guilt (trending at dailycaller.com)
  171. Conn. legislation will allow mezuzahs on condo doorframes
  172. hanging out
  173. Two Arrested in Brutal Hammer Beating in Seminole, Victim's Race Withheld
  174. SPLC Thought Police Chime in On Trayvon Martin Incident
  175. Minority Report: Stunning Lack of Diversity in Obama Campaign, Photos Reveal
  176. Trayvon Revenge Assault in Gainesville, FL
  177. Citibank Says It's 'Flummoxed' By Ratings Collapse In Cable TV
  178. A fog of drugs and war
  179. Race Riot Now? AMERICA?
  180. New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
  182. New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
  183. Mike Wallace dead.
  184. Caught On Video: Crowd Laughs As Tourist Beaten, Stripped And Robbed
  185. Tulsa Shooters
  186. NYC Department of Education Wants to Ban 50 Words From Standardized Tests
  187. Malkin, Barry, and the Asians.
  188. Another One Bites The Dust! John Derbyshire Fired from National Review for Racial Common Sense
  189. The Talk: Nonblack Version -- The article that got John Derbyshire fired from the National Review
  190. Boy Scout's 'Border Control' patch depicting fleeing immigrants causes uproar among Latinos
  191. Marines found w/ explosives at Redondo Bch. mall
  192. Former Obonzo czar calling for "American Arab Spring"
  193. NBC fires producer over doctored 911 call in Trayvon Martin case
  194. World's Latest Ethno-State Emerges in Northern Mali
  195. Some Bloodthirsty Moslem Terrorists Are A-OK w/ Washington, District of Corruption
  196. Dershowitz Wants Rosenberg Fired for Dual Loyalty Allegation
  197. George Zimmerman Lawyer Cites 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' As Defense
  198. pink
  199. Marxism is alive and well!
  200. One of our Directors hard at work.
  201. Dem U.S. Senate Candidate Calls Opponent A "Whore" For Israel
  202. Progressive fool Diane Keaton now regrets not giving Her adopted Children a Father.
  203. Poll Shows Big Racial Divide in Opinion on Trayvon Martin Case
  204. R.I.P love you...
  205. White Man, 78, Assaulted by (Black) Youths Who Shout, "Kill That White Man!"
  206. Prominent Baptist Minister Challenges Obama on Trayvon Martin
  207. Gingrich calls Obama Out on Trayvon Martin
  208. 8 Outrageous Media Falsehoods in the Trayvon Martin Shooting
  209. Former Black Mayor Wants Asians Out of Washington, DC
  210. More Than 3,100 Convicted Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Nationwide Crackdown
  211. White Man Protests at Trayvon Martin march in Evansville, Ind. big Media coverage
  212. Weird Bill to "Suspend" Passports of Delinquent Taxpayers Ready for Passage
  213. Ex-White House Speechwriter John Perry Broaches Unthinkable: Military Coup to Oust Obongo
  214. World Food Prices Up Steeply ..... Auguring Widespread Civil Unrest as Food Costs Mount
  215. A Peek Inside America's Drone HQS at Holloman AFB, NM
  216. Holocaust memorial dispute turns bizarre with Donald Duck comment
  217. Connecticut Senate votes to abolish death penalty amid victim concerns
  218. Jewish organization develops app to track hate websites, offers it to LA law enforcement
  219. Alabama Immigration Law Opponents Won't Be Joined By Top Auto Manufacturer
  220. White Man Protests at Trayvon Martin march in Evansville, Ind. big Media coverage
  221. It Begins… Youths Screaming “This Is For Trayvon” Beat 78 Year-Old White Man in Toledo
  222. IQ score of 4 -- that's 4 out of 50!
  223. Very Jewy "Los Angeles Times" article on the Trayvon Martin fiasco
  224. Isreal Demands Another $700 Million Military Handout for Proj. Israel's Own Military Leaders Nixed
  225. Even worse than SOPA: New CISPA cybersecurity bill will censor the Web
  226. tornado
  227. How Whites Took Over America
  228. Prisoner Support Raffle.
  229. obama blaming lsrael .
  230. Hanging Doll in Endwell Stirs Fears of Racism
  231. "Black murders"
  232. Fatal Shooting at Korean Christian University in California, 7 dead.
  233. Ex-KGB Chief Shebarshin "Kills Himself"
  234. Local Police, Not Just Feds, Increasingly Use Phone Tracking as Surveillance Tool
  235. Some Suppressed Truths About the Fall of Bo Xilai and Unrest in Red China
  236. Affirmative action under attack in CA
  237. Dr. Ron Paul on Face the Nation CBS
  238. Newt blasts Obama on Trayvon issue
  239. More Asian-Americans marrying within their race
  240. More Joys of Diversity!!
  241. The CIA's Israeli Mentors
  242. College Democrats invite Louis Farrakhan to speak in Alabama
  243. Detroit Public Schools
  244. It's All About Race Now by Patrick Buchanan
  245. ND sees big increased in women-owned businesses
  246. Ron Paul Draws 5,200 to Wisconsin Rally - No Real Media Attention
  247. 7 blacks beat young Latino Boy in spite of trayvon
  248. Hispanic Groups Throw George Zimmerman Under the Bus
  249. Video Purposely Distorts George Zimmerman's Injury !
  250. Predictions For The First Trayvon Martin Riot....