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  1. YouTube forced to shut down comments on new Cheerios advert featuring mixed-race family after racist
  2. Russia Warns Obama of Monsanto
  3. Carnival ban considered after recent violence
  4. Whites Most Underrepresented at Harvard; Jews Most Overrepresented
  5. Why Do We Have a Central Bank?
  6. Judge orders Google to give customer data to FBI
  7. Report: New Iranian Missile Launchers Could Overwhelm Israeli Defenses
  8. sheriff Joe
  9. Top 1% Control 39% of World's Wealth
  10. New Claims: IRS Targeted Conservative Activists as Well as Groups
  11. Russia to sell at least 10 MiG-29-M/M2 fighters to Syria
  12. Another Day in Sunny Mexico....Mass Abduction in Tony Mex. City Dist. Stuns Jaded Mexicanos
  13. US Depression Over? Think Again! Average US Household Regained Less Than Half of Lost Wealth
  14. More Ostritch Egg on McCain's Misshaped Face: Syrian Stunt Featured Photo-Op w/ Kidnap Ring Kingpin
  15. White US Soldier Converts to Islam Because of Atrocities Witnessed as Guantanamo Guard
  16. 2 IDF Soldiers Arrested Selling HE Bombs to Jewish Underworld
  17. German cardinal says women should have more babies
  18. Israel Police: One of Jerusalem's Most-Revered Churches Vandalized
  19. Holocaust scammer nailed; gets nearly two years in jail for bilking German gov't out of more than $5
  20. Expert: Holocaust Denial is Prevalent and Dangerous
  21. U.S. Shale Boom Not Enough to Remove the Threat of Peak Oil
  22. Florida Governor Signs Bill to Ban EBT Cards at 'adult entertainment establishments'
  23. Public housing Realtor steps down ... Officials cited 'death threats,' then changed story
  24. LulzSec Hacker ARA Activist Jeremy Hammond Pleads Guilty...
  25. White Activist's Letter to the Editor 5/30/2013
  26. Israel to Build 300 Units in Jewish Settlement
  27. Lawsuit filed over renamed Confederate parks
  28. Patrick J Buchanan: The Unraveling of Sykes-Picot
  29. The IRS commissioner had a very close working relationship with the White House
  30. Arresting dangerous, violent gang members is an "upper middle-class, elitist, white boy solution"
  31. ZOG-Canada Announces Total Import/Export Ban on All Goods to/from Iran
  32. Hezbollah Retakes Lebanese Border Town from American/EU/Isr-Backed Jihadists
  34. Long Arm o' ZOG Reaches into Argentine 'Prosecution'
  35. Civil rights group wants review of FBI shooting of Chechen man in Florida
  36. Obama in Chicago for Democratic congressional fundraisers
  37. Turkey stakes claim in America with $100 million mega mosque
  38. Negress Bronx Schoolteacher Axed for Calling a Congoid Pupil a "Negro" and Others "Failures"
  39. Syriana Heating Up: Israeli DM Threatens to Sink Russian Ships; Pentagoons Readying No-Fly Zone
  40. Congoids w/ Small Arms Shoot Down US Drone over So. Somalia
  41. Coming Water War? Ethiopia Diverts Blue Nile / New Damming/Hydro. Project ...Egypt to Feel Shortage
  42. Tea Party Groups Sue Obama Over IRS Targeting
  43. Rep. Peter King: Holder May Be Guilty of Perjury
  44. Did Syria Sink an Israeli Submarine?
  45. MSNBC at 7-Year Ratings Low Amid Obama Scandals; Fox News on a Roll
  46. Italy paid African migrants £500 to leave the country... and go to Germany
  47. Teacher Punished for Telling Students About Constitutional Rights
  48. Nearly 40% of Mothers are Family Breadwinners
  49. Maryland Mega Mosque being buit by Turkey w/ input from Hamas & Al Qaeda (Literally!)
  50. Obama's Brother Malik works with Muslim terrorist who attacked US Embassy in Khartoum
  51. Jewish groups welcome appointment of US anti-Semitism czar
  52. South Side man pleads guilty in 2011 cyberattacks, including White News Now
  53. Russia: S-300 missiles stabilizing factor in Syria
  54. warmonger
  55. Pentagon: Chinese stole our newest weapons
  56. Mugabe: "Mandela Too Soft on Whites!"
  57. Judge: "...peeing in a trash can in a state district courtroom is inappropriate behavior."
  58. Gun control supporters facing recall bids in Colorado
  59. Israel warns Russia against arming Syrian government- hypocrites!
  60. Florida court declares that Trayvon Martin's past is inadmissible
  61. Hungry for war John McCain enters Syria and meets personally with rebel forces
  62. US lawyers to question war crimes suspect Csatáry in case against Hungarian state
  63. Hate crime murder in NY
  64. Laraza to help hire government workers
  65. Washington Institute Policy Director suggests Israel create False Flag to start Iran War
  66. Paul Findley speaking on 45th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty
  67. Gay Insider Pundit reveals (alleged) truth about Emanuel & Obama's homosexuality
  68. Janet Napolitano: Immigrants will turn Arizona from Conservative to Democrat
  69. Judge rules against 'America's toughest sheriff' in racial profiling lawsuit
  70. Why Were DHS Agents Seemingly Monitoring Multiple Tea Party IRS Protests Across the USA on Tuesday?
  71. Top Warmonger Calls for ‘Robust Internationalism’
  72. Mississippi monument rededicated to mark Iowa's role in Civil War siege
  73. Detained US Marine Who Posted Dissident Views of Official 9/11 Cover Story/Fairy Tale, Sues
  74. Today's $64,000,000 Question About the Criminal Eric Holder
  75. San Diegoan Believes His Mother's Pacemaker Death Linked to USN's Weird Electronic Signal "Tests"
  76. Memorial Day 2013: Requiem and Expose of ZOG's Forever Wars ....But Not 1 Soldier on the Mex. Front
  77. Sen. Rand Paul Questions Drone Policy, Says Scandals Threaten President Obama's 'Moral Authority'
  78. Hungarian Flashpoint; ZOG Focusing on Resistant Magyars ....All of Europa Watches
  79. Jobbik-Elected Hungarian Nat'l Assem. Mem., Gaudi-Nagy, Questions Factual Basis of Holohoax
  80. FIBies Change Their Own Story Line on Chechen Killed in Orlando by FBI, Tied to Boston Chechens
  81. Menendez: Immigration bill doesn’t have enough votes to pass Senate
  82. White Capitulation to Maori Savages in Kiwiland
  83. Stockholm Day 6 Situation Report: Rioting Spreading Outside Capital
  84. Kevin MacDonald: Joe Biden’s faux pas
  85. Whites to blame for Latino poor heath
  86. Patrick J Buchanan: Will the West Wake Up?
  87. Obama seeks end to perpetual U.S. 'war on terror'
  88. IRS replaces official who revealed targeting
  89. US media attack as NC students raise flag over high school
  90. Nearly a Quarter of People in Greece and the U.S. Can't Afford Food
  91. Trayvon Martin Cell Phone Pics Evidence Photos released- Classy!
  92. Boy Scouts vote to end ban on openly gay youth members
  93. Latest Biden Gaffe ....Outs Jews as Being Prime Instigators of Sames-Sex Marriage Degeneracy
  94. Jews Demand Kerry Punish Hungary; Sickening Expo of Jewish Venom & US Thralldom on Display
  95. Latest London Horror ....and Enoch Powell, MP, the Brilliant Eng. Politician Who Tried to Warn UK
  96. 2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die
  97. Israel's Air Force Chief Eshel's Startling Announcement: "Isr. to Attack Syria When Assad Falls"
  98. Peace Corps Enlisted into Homosexual Agenda; Same-Sex "Couples" To Be Assigned Overseas
  99. Mayor Bloomberg: "I'm going to destroy your f***ing industry"
  100. Resistance leads to totalitarianism, knowledge to liberty
  101. Patrick J Buchanan: The Spectator President
  102. how is gun control working for you now ?
  103. Cost of Illegal Immigration and Amnesty Could Be Higher
  104. Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World
  105. Israeli Soldier KIA on Active Golan, Supposedly a Mine Training Mishap
  106. Antiwar.com Sues FBI Over Illegal Surveillance
  107. First Reported Clash Between IDF and Syrian Army
  108. More Americans Committing Suicide than During the Great Depression
  109. Joe Biden: 'Jewish heritage is American heritage'
  110. Detroit business paid employees with crack
  111. Mennonites Divest From Israel Occupation Supporters
  112. Anna Nicole Smith's beautiful Daughter Dannilynn Birkehead: one cute White Baby.
  113. Defense Dept. Announces They Can Mobilize To Stop ‘Civil Disturbances’ Without Federal Approval
  114. Minn. Nat'l Guard Unveils Huge Drone Areodrome at Camp Ripley
  115. Please Meet Janet Yellin, Most Likely To Be The Next Chairman Of The Federal Reserve.
  116. Sen. Jeff Sessions almost single-handedly trying to derail ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill
  117. Please Meet Ira Forman, Your New US Ambassador to Combat Anti-semitism .......
  118. 2 FBI Agents in Elite 'Critical Incident Response Group' Dead in Training Mishap off Atlantic Coast
  119. Syrian Army Shows Off Israeli Military Vehicle Captured from Jihadi-CIA Rebels
  120. Michael Collins Piper: Big Secret Behind IRS Scandal
  121. 20 kids among at least 51 dead from massive Okla. tornado
  122. US study shows global increase in anti-Semitism, Shoah denial
  123. Glen Doherty, 1 of the Armed Bodyguards Killed at Benghazi, a ZOG Ideologue & CIA/ex-SEAL Goon
  124. USCIS union says it opposes Senate immigration bill
  125. little mogadishu
  126. Suburbs’ Share of Poor Has Grown Since 2000 - NY Times
  127. Obama: African-Americans have to work 'twice as hard'
  128. Israel warns Russia not to sell Syria 'Game Changing" Weapons
  129. 1 year has passed NEVER FORGET May 19, 2012
  130. How to stop tyranny (by knowledge)
  131. "Ryan Fogle" Outed as CIA Moscow Station Chief
  132. Deep divide in Congress over domestic food aid in massive farm bill
  133. now he calls in the marines
  134. Vladimir Putin’s Speech on February 04, 2013
  135. Meet a Sickening Canadian Traitor, If You've Got a Moment
  136. CIA Chief to Israel on "Surprise" Visit .....What's the Message He'll Be Carrying?
  137. US Army Under ZOG: Symptoms of Dysfunction ......Telltale Signs of Decay
  138. German Homeschoolers Lose Asylum Case in Court
  139. Channon Christian - Chris Newsom Retrial: George Thomas guilty on all counts against him
  140. 15-year-old girl learns the truth about the holohoax, submits a report and gets an A
  141. Iceland
  142. Eric Holder's wife owns building where abortion doctor accused of fraud performs abortions
  143. MSNBC blames White people for Obama scandals
  144. i want this dog.
  145. Scientists create human stem cells through cloning
  146. Weird Skin Color Illusion Can Reduce Racism
  147. 2001 letter shows Claims Conference alerted to fraud a decade before it was stopped
  148. Sasha Obama Suspicious After Doing A Little Digging Around On Benghazi
  149. U.N. says we should eat more insects as a cheap alternative food.
  150. Doctor found guilty of murder in Philadelphia abortion trial
  151. USN RADM Gaouette Axed for 'Racist' EMails .......Oh, Really?
  152. Startling Savagery in Syria: US Backing Despicable and Depraved "Rebel" Cannibals!
  153. RNC chief: Obama must fire Attorney General Holder
  154. Big Rise in Suicide Rate for Middle-Aged White Males
  155. IRS targeting Tea Party, Patriot, Conservative Groups.
  156. Govt obtains wide AP phone records in probe
  157. TSA 'Bomb-Sniffer Dog' Becomes Out-of-Control Cur Attacking Innocent Atlanta Airport Lady Traveller
  158. Ex-CIA Station Chief, 'Paleo-conservative' Giraldi Outs Libtard Jews as Duplicitous ZOG Enablers
  159. Beware of Dastardly, Duplicitous, Inscrutable Korean Spies .....South Korean Spies!
  160. Costly, Specialized Netanyahu "Rest Chamber" in Private Jet Draws Fire From Some Sniping Jews
  161. Russian "Message" Sent to Israel? Israeli Grounds Heron Hi-Alt. Drone Fleet After Medit. Mishap
  162. Quadruple murderer-immigrant sentenced in North Dakota
  163. ProPalestinian Ad Ignites Jew Fury
  164. DHS: Legal Immigrants from Asia Outnumbered Latin Americans in FY2012
  165. At least 12 shot in New Orleans Mother's Day parade
  166. Immigration Reform Bill requires Biometric Database of American Citizens
  167. 'Geography of Hate' maps racism and homophobia on Twitter
  168. One third of Puerto Rico receives US taxpayer funded Food Stamps
  169. New Jersey Hostages
  170. US War Blockade of Iran Taking on Ever-More Absurd & Malicious Shape
  171. Mexican Hoods Make Quick Work of Malcolm X Grandson in Mexico City; Slain in Sex Honey Trap
  172. Clear Child Abuse: Whacko Australian Parents Defy Nature's Selection of Child's Gender
  173. Heritage Foundation's Jason Richwine admits that latino immigrants have lower IQs than native Whites
  174. Patrick J Buchanan: Requiem for a Grand Old Party
  175. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  176. Obama Continues America's NEVER Ending State Of Emergency! This Time Because Of SYRIA!
  177. A Cult of Racists Is Bombarding the White House Petition Site
  178. Jeffrey Katzenberg to Hollywood: Use Movies to Fight Hate
  179. Long Arm o' ZOG: FBI Goon Squad Visits Icelandic Teen and "Persuades" Him to Come to DC "For Talks"
  180. 6 Year Olds "Fair Game" for US Trained Congolese Commandos on Rape Spree Fleeing from "Insurgents"
  181. Putin Dares to Obliquely Bring Up Afghan Opium Production; Blasts US/HATO Role
  182. 2012 FBI Investigations Manual Claims Warrantless Seizures of E-Mail/Facebk Posts A-OK w/ 4th Amend.
  183. What's Really Goin' On???? Hagel Removes 17 USAF Nuke Launch Officers .... Cites "Rot" in Air Force
  184. Ralph Nader a "Nut?" ...... Blasts Obongo Over ZOGist War Schemes; Boston Martial Law; Captive MSM
  185. Senate Panel Rejects Major Challenge to Immigration Bill
  186. Gay rights amendment offered to immigration bill in Congress
  187. The Pareto Principle In Racial Nationalist Activism
  188. AZ Gov Jan Brewer signs bill authorizing volunteer State Militia independent of the Guard/Military
  189. The Holocaust Fraud – Final Holocaust Fraud Perpetrators Convicted in New York Court
  190. Wiesenthal Center calls for zero tolerance for terror online
  191. Degenerate Jewish creator of "Girls Gone Wild" Porn videos arrested for assaulting women
  192. Obama feels heat from Benghazi hearing
  193. House Republicans plan Obamacare repeal vote
  194. Tea Party leader: Lindsey Graham “begging for a primary challenge"
  195. Physicist Hawking joins Boycott against Israel
  196. Yes, This is A REAL Democrat Political Broadcast... "Stick Together!" (Against The Whites)
  197. Affirmitive Action Antics
  199. Non-whites Kidnap 3 Girls, Hold Them 10 Years!!!
  200. WHO/CDC Scare Tactics on Latest, "Most Lethal" Avian Flu Epidemic ....a Good Expose
  201. Where is it?
  202. White families wear yokes, chains while apologizing for slavery
  203. Biden: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’
  204. Al Sharpton accused of leading FBI to "terrorist list" aunt of Tupac Shakur
  205. The United States Purchased The Southwest From Mexico..
  206. Jew Says Federal Reserve (owned by Jews) Is Above The Law
  207. Lauryn Hill gets 3 months in prison for failing to pay $1 million in taxes over the past decade
  208. Zionist-al Qaeda Axis of Evil
  209. New Book: General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders
  210. Was the Immigration Act of 1924 Illiberal?
  211. NYPD’s Ray Kelly: Blacks “understopped” by police
  212. A repost from the Members area for those concearned. Anglo-Oil Corp. being created.
  213. If One White Stands Up, Then They All Might Stand Up!
  214. The New Albany Declaration
  215. The Left’s Sick Fetish for Cop-Killing Radicals
  216. FBI pressuring Facebook, Google etc etc into installing backdoor wiretaps for them
  217. Manchurian Candidate McCain's Latest Rant: "US Must Intervene in Syria!" Can Somebody Shut Him Up?
  218. New York Times: Sessions Says Immigration Bill Is a Threat to U.S. Workers
  219. Meet "The Magicians" ....USN's 1st Drone Strike Squadron Unveiled at Coronado, CA
  220. On Southern Autonomy
  221. Money Confiscation Legal
  222. Shooter!!
  223. Article Poll: 28 percent Think Armed Rebellion Might Be Necessary
  224. Breaking: Israel launches airstrike against Syrian weapons facility
  225. Kevin MacDonald: The new immigration assault on White America: The hostile elite on steroids
  226. Unfortunate First: Russian Warship Calls on Haifa; 1st Soviet/Russian Naval Vessel Visit to Israel
  227. Church Of Scotland: Jews not entitled to the "Land of Israel", Bible doesn't justify Zionism
  228. BOSTON TRUTH: The “Chechen Connection”, Al Qaeda and the Boston Marathon Bombings
  229. Catch phrase of the month
  230. Chris Matthews: Mostly 'White Guys' are "gun absorbed" & "believe in the Second Ammendment"
  231. Some Neocon History, Trotskyite Contradictions, and Their Noxious and Degenerate Sway
  232. This Powerful Spy Software Is Being Abused By Governments Around The World
  233. Patrick J Buchanan: Unholy Globalization
  234. UKIP takes a seat in the UK, Nationalism is growing.
  235. Activists attacked by anti-Whites in front of White house (video)
  236. New Multi Cultural Dance..... Twerking?
  237. Japanese Police Raid Bitcoin Exchange
  238. Loopholes might put illegal immigrants on fast track to citizenship
  239. "Taliban" Affirmately Respond to Frantic ZOGist "Peace" Overture in Only Way That Makes Sense
  240. Bost. Bomb Case Just Got a Lot Kookier; New Arrestees Squiring Around in BMW Plated "Terrorista #1"
  241. Ex-Judge Napolitano Opines on the Total Evisceration of the 4th Amend., & Why It's Important to WNs
  242. A Black Day For America: US Boots on the Ground in Mali
  243. Way for many of you friends to make extra money if your self employed....(Real Deal)
  244. White Guy in the "Old chocolate City" show how to handle black thug...
  245. Illegals Entering US Triple With Talk of Immigration Reform
  246. Swiss Fund To Hasten Fuller List Of Victims
  247. Must Watch Video
  248. Wall Street Journal: The Coming ObamaCare Shock
  249. Islamists bully teacher in rural America
  250. Intensive Cultural Distortion Example 576: Comic Book "Heros" and Their Vile Creators