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  1. Walesa commits heresy, consequences could be serious.
  2. Jewish establishment still frightened
  3. "What I said is not what I believe" - Mitt Romney
  4. Mayor Bloomberg booed by angry Irish residents in Rockaways parade
  5. Pro-Israeli lobby losing grip on Washington?
  6. Rove: GOP needs candidates who reflect diversity
  7. Vietnamese Red People's Army to be Deployed to Mali as UN "Peacekeepers"???!!!
  8. A Wise Serb Speaks Out ....War Crimes "Trials," Independence of "Kosovo" and Albanian Thuggery
  9. Aluminum Nano Particles Can Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier
  10. Grand New Israeli Archeological Exhibition Honoring King Herod Opened
  11. Teacher Robbed by Black With Gun Inside School
  12. David Frum worried that Defence Budget cuts mean America won't be able to fight wars for Israel.
  13. Robert Lewis Dabney on Northern Conservatism
  14. Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes 'ordinary business
  15. Conservative leader attacks patriots as ‘racists’
  16. Latest World Leader Reviled as "Anti-Semitic" By Ziocrazies: Turkish PM Erdogan
  17. "Bradley Manning" pleads guilty; plus bizarre transsexual twist
  18. Teacher Teaches About Slavery By Holding In Class 'Slave Auction'-Outrage Ensues
  19. Is the 4th amendment dead?
  20. Nationwide Series driver Clements suspended indefinitely
  21. Hagel confirmation confounds America
  22. Obama's 2009 Tax Return Says Harrison J Bounel
  23. Deportation of German homeschool family affects US homeschool freedom
  24. Civil rights leaders outraged over Scalia’s ‘racial entitlement’ argument
  25. Degenerate Australian Wigger's Brain Surgery a Success: No Cancer, Just Pork Tapeworm Eatin' Brain!
  26. White House Personally Threatens BOB WOODWARD. Says 'You'll Regret Attacking Obama' Over Sequester
  27. 2nd Laptop Stolen from Israeli Nuclear Power Chief
  28. Mexican Police Discover "Drug Cannon" on Cal-Mex Border
  29. USAF White Teen Girl Rapee Speaks Out ........................... Woman in Combat? Think Again!
  30. Israelo-American Stuxnet Cyberwarfare Mystery Partially Resolved
  31. American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge, Islamic Pledge set Precedence
  32. Tattoo-based Holocaust education tool causes stir
  33. Steven Spielberg Challenges Students To Learn About The Holocaust
  34. Neo-Nazi Parties Threaten to 'Upend European Parliament'
  35. Supreme Court Justice Calls Voting Rights Act 'Perpetuation of Racial Entitlement'
  36. Israeli site shows photo of kids dressed as burning Twin Towers for Purim, upsets everyone
  37. New report details al-Qaida membership in the US
  38. I.C.E. Releases Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Onto the Street, Blames "Spending Cuts"
  39. Michael Savage
  40. DHS releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants, blaming budget cuts
  41. Rubio says he doesn't have anyone in the Senate to listen to 'hip-hop' with
  42. Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after porn video surfaces
  43. "Racist" White Pit Bull Bites Black Child
  44. ‘Jews Control Hollywood’ sketch at Oscars slammed
  45. As sequester nears, immigration detainees are released
  46. Republicans Blast Obama Sequestration ‘Scare Tactics’
  47. Senate confirms Chuck Hagel as defense secretary
  48. Sessions: Obamacare Will Boost Deficit By $6.2 Trillion
  49. 80 Prominent Republirats Sign on for Homo ' Marriage'; GOP Breakup Underway!
  50. Louis Farrakhan: Gang Members Can Serve As Protectors
  51. Free America Rally! No Amnesty!
  52. Strange Jew Hopes to Profit by Exposing Fed & Pretending to be Font of All Knowledge in Coming Chaos
  53. Gross Puerility of the Gulf State Kleptocracies/ZOGist Satrapies
  54. University teaches students to pursue porn careers
  55. ADL is furious with NBC. Suggest that SNL is anti-semitic
  56. More Dirt on Rand
  57. Starting to think Ventura is another Zionist puppet.
  58. John Bolton: ‘Right thing to do’ to kill Southerners
  59. Private Jewish Schools receive millions of Federal funding for Technology yet have no computers.
  60. Health Care Reform – What Happens If You Don’t Buy Insurance?
  61. Gun Confiscation notification.
  62. Geneticists say Human intelligence is slowly declining.
  63. Hiring SHOULD favor minorities says school board.
  64. Boom Boom Boom. Muslim in Britain plans to kill Brits
  65. Diversity doesn't work for Blacks either. Bloody African Politics. Neighbors kill Neighbors.
  66. Congress Calls Emergency Session To Combat Growing Anti-Semitism
  67. New York elementary school sets math problems based on slavery
  68. Tim Wise says Jesus should be depicted as a Negro for one year to show there is no "Race."
  69. Mayor of small city was 'too stupid and uneducated' to know his $100k salary was illegal, his lawyer
  70. Will new fed guidelines force companies to hire more employees with criminal pasts?
  71. Coburn: Sequestration Effects ‘Exaggerated’
  72. 7 of ZOG's Most Remote, Creepiest and "Geekiest" Military Bases
  73. Sam Francis on the origins of the words “racist” and “racism”
  74. Chicago: 2 hurt, 19 arrested in melee near Ford City Mall
  75. Haitians Enraged Over UN's Nixing of Any Compensation Over UN-Introduced Cholera Epidemic
  76. heat
  77. The 1924 Immigration Restriction Law redux
  78. Targeted Killings Court
  79. Who Will Mind the Drones?
  80. Milwaukee Sheriff warns of second American Revolution
  81. Obongo Sends "100" US Troops to Niger; 1st Step of Invasion/Occupation Begun .....'Needed for Mali'
  82. Teacher, giving noncommital answer to leading question, suspended for "homophobic remarks"
  83. Ron Paul ... The 5 Threats
  84. Hollywood Elite Celebrate Oscars ... Tax Breaks Too
  85. Manhunt underway for suspects in fatal Las Vegas strip shooting
  86. ACLU: US Too Tough on Undocumented
  87. SPLC spokesgoon Mark Potok confesses that Klan is not a real threat
  88. Stoned, Naked and Armed to the Teeth, American-Born Israeli Soldier an IDF Posterboy?
  89. Rahm Emanuel's Mayoral Job Approval Rating Literally Goes Into The Negative-2% Approval Rating LOL!
  90. Patriot's Day Of Resistance Pro-Gun/Freedom/Liberty Rally @ AZ State Capitol Feb. 23
  91. Patrick J Buchanan: Cut Commitments, Not Muscle
  92. Germany: U.S. to keep 8,000-12,000 troops in Afghanistan post-2014
  93. FBI Disciplines Employees For 'Sexting, Drunk Driving, Paying For Sex And Dating Drug Dealers'
  94. New Video Channel - Trutube.tv
  95. "No More Hesitation” ...
  96. Vicksburg Mississippi mayor facing 10 years in prison on bribery charges
  97. Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported
  98. Bipartisan commission proposes $2.4 trillion deficit reduction
  99. Paul Craig Roberts: America Shamed Again: A colonized people
  100. Prisoner X Mystery-Case Leads to S. Amer. "Dual Loyalist" Blow-Up; Arg. Pres. Blasts Israeli Lobby
  101. "We must be happy warriors..." -Jon Huntsman
  102. Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein.offers bill to prevent internet anonymity!
  103. Minnesota High school food fight turns into violent 'race riot'
  104. Spielberg's 200 million dollar gas sucking Yacht Seven Seas.
  105. Destruction of Southern cities
  106. ‘Recovering politician’ Kerry defends foreign aid from cuts
  107. Panetta notifies Congress of furloughs
  108. McCain faces backlash at home over immigration issue
  109. Learned, esteemed Jew professor attempts to rally faltering white liberal lackeys.
  110. Newt Gingrich: Integrity personified.
  111. Sometimes it's eaiser to just see it! Coming to a neighborhood near you!
  112. SPLC - The Seat of Evil
  113. We Need Your Kids to Die for Us Please
  114. Teaching diversity by writing unfair on white student faces
  115. Patrick J Buchanan: Who killed the middle class?
  116. The Color of Crime in America & World Wide
  117. USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program
  118. It's official, America - Stick a fork in Her, she's done. Small child is terrorized by TSA
  119. Pro-White character debuts on WWE.
  120. Is rape just a feeling?
  121. MSNBC Panelist Tell Offensive Racist Jokes About White People
  122. U.S. Aid to Israel Equals $4.9 Million a Day for 64 Years
  123. Why Do So Many People Hate Jews? Jew Money
  124. What State Do These Senators Really Serve?
  125. Was Pope about to be served with arrest warrant for child rape?
  126. Black woman dances topless at elementary school assembly celebrating Black history month
  127. Mexico Is Asking the U.S. Senate for a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners
  128. Obama To Recieve Israel's Highest Honor, The Medal Of Distinction
  129. CIA "Finds" 7 More Photos of Dead OBL ..........
  130. Dissident Jew Outs FBI "Dirty Little Secret"
  131. Chevrolet SS Banned in Israel Over Nazi Related Name
  132. Gallup Poll: Mississippi 1st, Utah and Alabama tied for 2nd most religious states in America
  133. Missouri Dems propose bill forcing surrender/destruction of firearms
  134. The Reykjavík Congress on Human Rights
  135. The 2013 Cultural Bridges Conference in the UK
  136. Mindy McCready commits suicide.
  137. Stormfront is down?
  138. White guilt
  139. Bill Maher: 'The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government'
  140. A Good Reason to Ban Fire Extinguishers at Airports
  141. Florida hit by "tsunami" of tax identity fraud
  142. What the President's Path to Citizenship Looks Like
  143. Marco Rubio Is Taking a Spring Trip to Israel (Sound Familiar?)
  144. US dollar will see an upswing within the next couple of months
  145. Wal-Mart Executives Sweat Slow Start to February Sales
  146. Red Cuban Regime Remembers the USS Maine ....Sort Of ....But "Conspiracy Theory" May Be On Mark
  147. Top Eric Holder Aide Tracy Schmaler To Leave DOJ
  148. Changing the face of Politics, Giving power back and helping the American Freedom Party
  149. Ziohollywood and Zionists called out on National tv!
  150. Levin: US Gov't Preparing for Civil Uprising w/ Ammo
  151. Alex Kurtagic -"The 'Immigration' Debate is a Waste of Time"
  152. Secretary of State John Kerry Threatens Cuts To Israel
  153. Rep. Charles Rangel Introduces Legislation To Bring Back Military Draft-Including Women
  154. Rahm Emanuel Toying With 2016 Presidential Run
  155. Have an exta 100.00 to invest, try the tax deed sale coming up in your area 12% or the property??
  156. Jesse Jackson Jr., wife charged in federal cases
  157. Whoa! Jap Defense Minister: "Japan Has a Right to Preemptively Attack Imminent Treat"
  158. Copper Thieves Rob Detroit Freeways Of Light
  159. Anti-White training classes at USDA
  160. "I should also point out that I have men, with guns, that surround them... uhm, often"
  161. The Brevity of 'Silent Cal'
  162. 4 IDF Border Guard Psychos Convicted of Abusing Helpless, Retarded Goy w/ Dogs....Dog Rape?
  163. It's all coming to Fruition, As the time grows closer we must work harder and believe our eyes/ears
  164. WOW
  165. Report: Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel
  166. Racist Colorado Elemenatary School Bans White Students From Receiving After-School Tutoring
  167. Luck Runs Out for 2 "Canadian" Jewish Snowbirds Found Murdered in Ft. Lauderdale
  168. The Scarlett Keeling Case: Beautiful British Teen's Rape & Murder by Hindu Monsters ..Wikileaks Coup
  169. Drones Over NE Ohio
  170. Iceland continues to opt-out of America-enforced Judaic norms.
  171. So Now Drones to contentd with for privacy on my Mountain top! The Brtts were a about 250 yearsearly
  172. Jenny McCarthy Disinvited To Event Over Personal Beliefs
  173. 3 plead guilty in scheme to defraud Holocaust reparations fund
  174. Our Militia on the super hi - hiway
  175. How The Fed Is Handing Over Billions To Foreign Banks Each Year
  176. The Gun Lobby's Jewish Enemies List
  177. New medal for drone pilots outranks Bronze Star
  178. Senate Republicans cast doubt on broad immigration bill
  179. FACT CHECK: Overreaching in State of Union speech
  180. West Point Cadets Taught Patriots Are Terrorists
  181. On Duty African "police officer" Refuses to Get Involved in Knife Attack
  182. Southern Nationalism in the 21st Century
  183. The Hazards of Bein' a White Mining Engineer in Modern Day Mexico
  184. An "Australian" Sayan-Jew Who Knew Too Much ......'Prisoner X' Turns Up a Corpse in Israeli Custody
  185. Patriots should be required to read "Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899)" use our Amazon
  186. The scandalous drinking of water! Such a fox paw!
  187. Stick it to da Man!
  188. Mommy’s Little Bigot
  189. Black Flash Mob Beats White Man Until Skull BReaks.
  190. Parents' fury at school principal who poses with bikini-clad girls in online rap videos under his al
  191. What goes around....comes around.
  192. Six Spanish tourists raped by gunmen in Mexico, authorities say
  193. Mexican mayors admit paying cartels to stay alive
  194. Jamie Foxx: 'Black People Are The Most Talented People In The World' Read more: http://newsbusters
  195. Eric Holder knows what is best for us!
  196. State of the Union
  197. **** real out here!
  198. Can not be sold to California residents.
  199. Confederate Flag Mistakenly Raised over Mississippi Supreme Court
  200. Israel is poised to become the region’s new energy Mecca, Land of David richest-place on Earth
  201. Black Men Are Destroying Erotic Muscles.
  202. Outrage and lobbying over commuter rail contender’s Holocaust ties
  203. New Book from "Blacklisted By History" Author
  204. Harry Belafonte Blames White America For Black America’s Gun Violence
  205. School has Black-Only Field Trip
  206. Memphis ‘artist’ calls interracial & gay crowd to Forrest Park
  207. Results of a National Survey : Americans Prefer Illegal Immigrants Head Home
  208. An American Tragedy ....No: 899,523
  209. Weirdest US Anti-Iranian Claim Yet: "Iran has Secret 50,000 Man Army in Syria"
  210. upside down
  211. Sudanese Soiree .....Somebody Wanted Some Free Steaks! A 21st Century Cattle Raid.......
  212. Massachusetts’ new US Senator's RACIST Anti-White Policy
  213. Media making excuses for Dorner, victim of racial discrimination...
  214. Holocaust Survivors protest Allianz golf tournament in Florida
  215. White GeNOcide Project launches massive STOP WHITE GENOCIDE attack on White House!
  216. Cantor: children of illegal immigrants should get U.S. citizenship
  217. New Orleans: Four injured - one critically - in shooting on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras
  218. Anti-Whites in Memphis continue to celebrate renaming Confederate parks
  219. Chicago: Police will no longer respond to robbery or car theft calls...
  220. Are you still a Republican? Read this and pass it on to your Republican Friends
  221. China Surpasses U.S. As Number One Global Trading Power
  222. 1938 Deja Vu ... Iranian English News Satellite Channel Axed for North America
  223. Rahm Emanuel Understands Anti-Black Racism Because He Has Been Mistaken For Being Black-WTH?
  224. St Andrew's Cross removed from Aberdeen fire trucks
  225. Whites in Shelby County, TN denied right to control of schools, may get help from ‘Confederates’ in
  226. Aryan Women and how she has changed, The war within the Aryan family roles
  227. A World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B17
  228. African-American Dressed In KKK Hood On Street Corner Sparks Controversy In Philadelphia
  229. Kyle Rogers on anti-White crime wave in USA
  230. Nullification, secession popular at SC gun rights rally
  231. White House to wage war against violent online "extremists", including "Supremacist Groups"
  232. K̶K̶K̶ ADL promises 'largest' rally ever
  233. Interactive map shows concentration of illegal immigrants state by state across America
  234. Surprise investigations aimed at homeschoolers
  235. Germany Withdraws 300 Tons of Gold from NY Federal Reserve
  236. Is America Ensnared in an Endless War?
  237. Seeds o' Secession/Financial Freedom from Fed? Virginia Studies Au/Ag 'Alternative State Currency"
  238. New York City nightclub sued for discrimination
  239. Southern Poverty Law Center Inspires Floyd Lee Corkins’ Attempted Mass Shooting
  240. Patrick J Buchanan: Endless war?
  241. Top Republican on Foreign Relations panel says drone war may not be lawful
  242. ACLU seeks removal of Ohio school's Jesus portrait
  243. A New American Revolution! When Will It Start? How Will It Start? Non-violent?
  244. Jewish attitudes on Israel and White advocacy: Similarities and differences
  245. White mother allows 6 year old daughter to be raped by blacks for drugs.
  246. 2nd family accuses Disneyland of racism
  247. Black Man Dresses Up As KKK Member To Protest "Hypocrisy" In The Black Community
  248. 6th Graders Asked to Design "Communist" Flag
  249. Erasing White History: Black Dominated City Council votes to rename three Memphis parks
  250. Insane Negro Cop/Piers Morgan Fan Goes On Shooting spree To "Protest" LAPD's "Racism"