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  1. Against Amnesty
  2. Immigrants Displace Natives at a Record Clip—And That’s Even Before Amnesty!
  3. The Republican Obsession
  4. Patrick J Buchanan: The GOP obsession
  5. Local family files lawsuit against Disneyland, claims racism
  6. Leaked DOJ Memo: Drone Strikes On American Citizens Legal
  7. Controversial Ron Paul Tweet Has Conservative Blogosphere Up In Arms!
  8. First Muslim college opens in the US
  9. Super Bowl Half-Time Show Sparks Conspiracy Theories
  10. the case that started white flight page 6
  11. Stark Co., North Dakota Sheriff: "We Don't Use Drones" ...Rejects Federal Grant
  12. housing bubble round two
  13. Broad Powers Seen for Obama in Cyberstrikes
  14. graphic
  15. John ‘Kohn’ Kerry - Will Kerry Search for His Roots in Israel?
  16. No, I'm not following the stupor bowl...
  17. Legendary Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Killed At Shooting Range
  18. 100 Years Of U.S. Federal Income Tax
  19. Hagel Hearing's Interesting Word Count Demonstrates ZOGist Foreign Policy Stranglehold
  20. Idaho State Senator Winder Urges Idaho Be a Civilian Drone Hub for America
  21. Departing SoS Clinton's Wackiest Pronouncement Yet: Iran to Blame for Syrian Civil War!
  22. Old British Hong Kong Flag Surfacing as Protest Against Red Chinese
  23. The Problems Of Women In Combat – From A Female Combat Vet
  24. police state
  25. Unanimous Vote - the Newtown School Board has requested Armed Guards for next year's budget
  26. Senate’s H-1B Visa Proposal Goes Far Beyond Microsoft’s
  27. Tawana Brawley Served with Court Order to Pay Man She Accused of Rape in 1987
  28. The (communist) fight for unity in the struggle against racism
  29. Who Runs the World?
  30. The Untold Story: Columbia Shuttle Disaster and Mysterious 'Day 2 Object'
  31. Black people Good-White Man Evil
  32. Israeli Poker Gamblers Hit Big in Cyber Scam....Iranian Stuxnet Revenge?
  33. Immigration bill splits GOP on national-local line
  34. White privilege indoctrination class in Wisconsin
  35. Yet Another Botched ATF Gun Related "Sting"
  36. Decorated Army Veteran to Be Made an Example in NY For Possession of Empty AR-15 Mags
  37. Oddball 'American' Jews Smell Blood in the Water ....Theirs! & Take Battle Stations for WTSHTF
  38. Rat Faced Jews website is an ADL Scam?
  39. Celebrate Black History Month With FREE White Pride Gear.
  40. California's Hispanic population projected to outnumber white in 2014
  41. Zimbabwe is down to it's last $217
  42. Meet The Conservatives Who Are Trying To Kill Immigration Reform
  43. GDP contracts on tepid inventories, government spending drop
  44. Senator Sessions: ICE Director Should Resign
  45. Black "Geechees" Demand GA Race-Based Property Tax Differentials
  46. Another school shooting: Atlanta.
  47. In Amerika Law No Longer Exists: the extermination of truth
  48. USS Guardian Runs Aground .... Warship to be Dismantled
  49. Tulsa Police: Undercover Motel Sting Finds Women Forced Into Prostitution
  50. Denizens of Black Houston Area "Scared" Out of Their Wits By Army Surprise Drill's Gunfire/Choppers
  51. Zimbabwe "Government" Down to Last $217 ......... Requests Donations
  52. Israel Launches "Limited" Air Attack on Syria
  53. about time
  54. Class Offers to ‘Heal’ Teachers Afflicted with Racism
  55. Birthing Hotels Spark Crackdown in Los Angeles County
  56. NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama
  57. Tenn. Senator Wants to End Diversity Programs on College Campuses
  58. Secret Government Study Exposes Infiltration Attempts by Mexican Drug Cartels
  59. Girl who performed at Obama inaugural events slain on South Side
  60. Arrest numbers signal 9 percent jump in illegal immigration in 2012
  61. 300 Million Latinos In America Live in The Shadows
  62. Sen. Menendez, New Head Of Senate Foreign Relations Panel Under Investigation For Sex Tourism
  63. monkey man
  64. Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Accused of Racism (Video)
  65. New Rule For News And Views Section
  66. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools considers hiring race bias expert
  67. Wisconsin High School Under Fire Over “White Privilege” Class
  68. Houston Texas: ICE raids nab 13 Israeli citizens
  69. "Maternity Tourism" Becoming an Issue
  71. Patrick J Buchanan: America’s role in a darkening age
  72. John McCain: Immigration Reform Effort Tribute to Ted Kennedy
  73. Explosive Story: Israel Admits Black Ethiopian "Jews" Given Birth Control Injections Surrepticiously
  74. Largest Canadian Opposition Party Introduces Bill Allowing Provinces Easier Route to Secession
  75. Limbaugh warns GOP on amnesty
  76. The Young Turks hate White Southerners
  77. The Solution is State Power
  78. 'Americal Idol' called out on being 'racist'
  79. Andy Nowicki on South Africa & the South
  80. Iran Announces Capture of 2 Mini RQ11 Raven Surveillance Drones
  81. It Can't Happen Here Dept.: Millions of Iraqis and Afghans Biometrically Scanned & Carded ....Why?
  82. Young Virginian w/ Bold 'Constitutional' Tatoo, Wins Civil Rights Case & .25 $ Mill. Over TSA Thugs
  83. Breaking: US Jewish Leaders Apologize for USS Liberty....
  84. How Latinos Are Changing America (and Latin America!)
  85. Senate Immigration Proposal to Include Pathway to Citizenship
  86. Jesus Raises Twentieth Century Problems
  87. Recognizing our past and current Patriot leaders, and working on our Annual Confrence
  88. Boehner says bipartisan group 'basically' has deal on immigration
  90. Was that Lenin or President Obama speaking on inauguration day?
  91. Tiger Woods wanting Nordic, Blonde, Ski racer Lindsey Vonn to bear a second batch of Kids for Him.
  92. Is it Paranoid? Over reaction? The fabric is coming apart....Now Women in Hand to Hand Combat!
  93. Rand Paul: U.S. should make clear to world ‘any attack on Israel is an attack on the USA
  94. Why Were German Soldiers Attacked in Turkey?
  95. Patrick J Buchanan: Obama highjacking the American Revolution
  96. That Creaking Noise is the Walls Closing in on Patriots, 'Christians' and Other State Enemies
  97. AFP's "Common Sense": Around the World on $69 Million in Welfare Funds
  98. MOSH's exhibit 'Race' aims to open eyes about a sometimes divisive subject
  99. Downtown Miami Scene of Military Blackhawk "Drill", Civilians Terrorized by Machine Gun Bursts
  100. ZOG-Germany Attempts to Destroy WN NPD Party w/ Fines, Pettifoggery
  101. Congressional Punch & Judy Show: Rand Paul's Kid Gloves Handling of Madam Clinton Enrages Sen. Boxer
  102. Memphis, the musical about the joys of race mixing in the 1950s
  103. Panetta Lifts Ban On Military Women Serving In Combat, Obama Backs It
  104. Gun grabbers want a defenseless white citizenry
  105. U.S. court considers claim on art stolen by Nazis
  106. Boehner warns fellow Republicans that Obama means to annilihate the GOP
  107. The Perfect example: Could a White Actor accomplish the same acclaim with this bio =
  108. Obama says Constitution is inappropriate and flawed.
  109. Black Chicago Rapper Booted From Obongo Inaugural Ball Stage After 30 Min. Anti-Obongo Tirade
  110. Pathetic Princeling and Video-Gamer Harry's Stupid Comments Draw NATO Brass Angst/Taliban Laughter
  111. Native American 'Indian' DNA found to be mixed with ancient Caucasian DNA
  112. Breaking News – Obama Caught Using Stolen Social Security Number
  113. A Defiant Obama Reminds Americans Why He Is the Most Liberal President in US Hist
  114. Christianity 'close to extinction' in Middle East
  115. Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in U.S.
  116. Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones
  117. CENTCOM CMDR USMC Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis Axed Over Iran War Reservations
  118. NYT Telegraphs New National Firearms Data Base in Crooked "Poll"
  119. Insider: Obama only wants military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'
  120. Right Wing Israelis Who want to Annex the West Bank to gain in Israeli Elections Wednesday
  121. Google Removes 'Make Me Asian' App After Protests of Racism
  122. 5 hurt in New Orleans shooting after King parade
  123. OMG! Malian Invasion and Aggression Endangers French Jews! How Could It Possibly Happen!!!!
  124. The Last Hundred Jews of Yemen.....and Operation Flying Carpet, Circa 1950
  125. IRAN LIE same as IRAQ LIE
  126. Eric Holder begs court to permanently without documents on Fast and Furious
  127. Obama's Nominee For ATF Head Was Part Of Fast & Furious Planning Team
  128. New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to STore Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Storage Depots
  129. Thousands of armed protestors gather at state capitols
  130. Cops: Idaho mom had sex with son's friends
  131. Israeli prime minister’s aides accuses Obama of interfering in Israel's election
  132. Uh-Oh.... US Embassy Evacuated From Mali; How Very Sad
  133. Students at Nevada University who support second amendment were given lower grades
  134. White Activist's Letter to the Editor 1/19/2013
  135. Curious CO Poisonings: Niger's Envoy & Wife to Belgium Found Dead; Spoke Against NWO
  136. Creepy Federal Thinktank at West Point: "Beware Resurgent Right Wing---They're Living in the Past!"
  137. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
  138. Paramount, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Target Lance Armstrong Cheat Scandal For Pic
  139. The corruption of a generation - renowned psychologist exposes child sexualisation
  140. Article: Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade
  141. Harry Reid: No immigration reform bill without citizenship
  142. Evangelicals Mobilize 100,000 churches to support Obama's Immigration Reform
  143. No Death Penalty for Four Lansing Men in the murder of Shayla Johnson Homicide
  144. Sex Ring Abuser Branded Girl with His Initial
  145. Twelve Arrested in US Raid on Latin Sex Trafficking Ring
  146. Professor blames mass shootings on "White Privilege"
  147. Los Angelos Bloody Hit and Run Epidemic. Another result of Diversity?
  148. Moonbat Danny Glover: Second Ammendment Was To Protect Slavery
  149. US may waive visa requirement for Israelis
  150. Religion in the 113th Congress
  151. How the NRA is winning
  152. White Mother Stabbed by Black Assailant in Unprovoked Attack
  153. "Is Rand Paul a Christian Zionist" ....or Just an Innocent Abroad, and In Way Over His Head
  154. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted for corruption
  155. Treasury has already minted Two,one trillion dollar coins
  156. Micenegation is sick as genocide really, it causes hatred , anger
  157. Critical Race Theory: Cultural Marxism in the Classroom
  158. Top issues facing White Americans in 2013?
  159. Prescription Drugs and Violence
  160. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie weighs in!
  161. 'Rude, racist' T-shirt sales soaring as debate grows hotter
  162. "Its All About Israel" ....Hagel Hulaballoo Scares Some Powerful Jews; Hagel No "Jew-Hater" They Say
  163. White House Finds Old Comments RE Israelis by Egyptian Pres. "Deeply Offensive," Demands Retraction
  164. Canadian Indians on Warpath ...Yet Massive RR/Hwy Transport Tie-ups They Cause Not Deemed Terrorism
  165. White House Commissar-Goons Change "People's Petition" Rules Retroactively ... Rats Can't Take Heat!
  166. State Dept. Statement on Holocaust-Era Looted Art
  167. Rand Paul Introducing Legislation To Nullify Upcoming Obama Anti-gun Executive Orders
  168. White House responds to secession petitions
  169. white genocide since the 1990s
  170. Turks Launch Huge Air Strike Operation in Iraq
  171. NumbersUSA: Bill to stop Birthright Citzenship Introduced in Congress
  172. California teacher who appeared in porn loses appeal to get job back
  173. Obama unveils sweeping plan to battle gun violence
  174. Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade
  175. Pentagon Admits $670 Mil. New Warship of New Class "Not Expected To Be Survivable" In Combat
  176. Ann Coulter "It's not a gun problem, it's a demographic problem."
  177. Former Ut Atty Gen says Spring City gun resolution is legal
  178. Where each state stands on gun control legislation
  179. Wyoming Proposes Gun Protection Legislation for Wyoming
  180. Texas threatens to arrest and Jail any Federal Officials who to enforce New Gun Restrictions.
  181. Alex Jones files a petition to impeach Obama
  182. Obama's record on gun grabber laws
  183. Black History month around the corner.
  184. All 506 Chicago Homicides of 2012
  185. Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa
  186. A Stunning 57% Of Illegal Immigrants On Welfare
  187. New York Senate Passes Gun Bill
  188. US ordered delay in illegal immigrant and registered sex offender’s arrest until after election
  189. British Airways Christian employee Nadia Eweida wins case
  190. A Most Unusual Place & Victim For a Gun Killing
  191. A Real Tragedy, and Pretty Ironic, Too
  192. Soto talks about how Affirmative Action got her to the U.S. Supreme Court
  193. Obama Will Seek Citizenship for 11 million in One Fast Push
  194. Jew Rahm Emanuel says take American People out of the second amendment debate.
  195. Printable 30 Round AR Magazines Now Available for Download
  196. Sheriff Says Teachers Should be Armed
  197. Working on Skype Online financial classes for helping our people get ahead and stay ahead.
  198. RFK Jr.: Evidence ‘Very Convincing’ Lone Gunman Did Not Kill JFK
  199. New Congress to read Constitution from House floor
  200. Argentine Navy Fires Upon/Captures 2 Red Chinese Fish Stealing Ships
  201. US Envoy to Yemen, G. Feierstein: Iran Responsible for S. Yemen Revolt!--Kookiest Plot Claimed Yet!
  202. Who Controls The Children (schools dumb down kids deliberately)
  203. Gay marriage protest converges on Eiffel Tower
  204. Thousands Pack Local Gun Show
  205. Racial Provenance Proves No Immunity; Anti-Rothschildist Dissident Jew Found a Strange "Suicide"
  206. Taliban-Condemned Brutal Drug Lord "Linch-Pin" of ZOGist Occupation of Afghan Province
  207. Here she is, Miss America!
  208. Job Posting for anyone living in North Alabama, MidSouth Tn, MidE GA, or West Mid Ms.
  209. David Duke Show 2013.01.10 Kevin Macdonald on Zionist Gungrabbers
  210. Top Gun Grabbers In The House Of Representatives Exposed
  211. Tiny Fiji Defies ZOGist Overlords; Alien-Drafted 'Constitution' Nixed by Military
  212. We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists.
  213. Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control
  214. I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate
  215. Newark NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors. “We Will Give You Cash!”
  216. Dad poses as gunman to test school security, gets arrested
  217. Palms casino in Vegas faces $1M fine in drug sting
  218. US government advises computer users to disable Java software; Tom Can you Give Advice on this?
  219. NAACP Opposes Increased Police Presence In Schools
  220. USA pushes anti-White agenda in France’s immigrant suburbs
  221. The Color of Crime: Chicago (2010)
  222. Creepy New DHS Video Demonizes Whites As "Lone Wolves"
  223. New Russian Nuke Sub (of Brand New Sub Class) Launched; Just In Time for Huge Naval Exer. Off Syria
  224. Join the MILLION NAME MARCH on Washington, D.C. to STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!
  225. Black man threatens “Jihad against the white devil” on Chicago bus
  226. Trade deficit widens
  227. Illegal immigrants cleared to hit Illinois roads
  228. Dixie State College contemplates apology for past racism on campus
  229. Howard Stern on Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan Debate
  230. Obama to use Martin Luther King's Bible to take oath of office
  231. America’s Coming Gun War
  232. Scared Ex-AIPAC Staffer Worried About Coming Anti-Zionist Reaction Brewing in America, Fesses Up
  233. Degenerate BBC, Running Out of WWII Agitprop Ideas, Revamps Peter Pan Into "Panzerfaust"
  234. Biden: Obama May Use Executive Orders To Crack Down on Guns
  235. Taco stand t-shirt draws accusations of racism
  236. Django Unchained Action Figures Stir Controversy
  237. WZO Plans Worldwide “Hate Stops Here” Rallies
  238. How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant Shirt Stirring Controversy
  239. Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense
  240. Tarantino Plans Movie About Black WWII Soldiers Rebelling
  241. Moviegoers tweet desire to kill white people after seeing 'Django Unchained'
  242. Media calls for billionaire Jews to buy up gun companies
  243. Alaska Militia Chief Sentenced to 26 Yrs in Fed. Pen. for "Plot;" Wife Gets 12 Yrs; Kids Get ?????
  244. Yakub Yehuda named as new Treasury Secretary
  245. America’s Coming Gun War
  246. Found a perfect isolated place for new town'..Now just need founders
  247. Deck the Halls, And your fellow shopper, TOO !
  248. Moviegoer: "Seeing Django Reignited My Desire to Kill White People"
  249. VP Biden: "HIspanics "The Center of this Nation's Future."
  250. Bank of America Interfering with American Gun Sales!