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  1. Turks Launch Huge Air Strike Operation in Iraq
  2. NumbersUSA: Bill to stop Birthright Citzenship Introduced in Congress
  3. California teacher who appeared in porn loses appeal to get job back
  4. Obama unveils sweeping plan to battle gun violence
  5. Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade
  6. Pentagon Admits $670 Mil. New Warship of New Class "Not Expected To Be Survivable" In Combat
  7. Ann Coulter "It's not a gun problem, it's a demographic problem."
  8. Former Ut Atty Gen says Spring City gun resolution is legal
  9. Where each state stands on gun control legislation
  10. Wyoming Proposes Gun Protection Legislation for Wyoming
  11. Texas threatens to arrest and Jail any Federal Officials who to enforce New Gun Restrictions.
  12. Alex Jones files a petition to impeach Obama
  13. Obama's record on gun grabber laws
  14. Black History month around the corner.
  15. All 506 Chicago Homicides of 2012
  16. Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa
  17. A Stunning 57% Of Illegal Immigrants On Welfare
  18. New York Senate Passes Gun Bill
  19. US ordered delay in illegal immigrant and registered sex offender’s arrest until after election
  20. British Airways Christian employee Nadia Eweida wins case
  21. A Most Unusual Place & Victim For a Gun Killing
  22. A Real Tragedy, and Pretty Ironic, Too
  23. Soto talks about how Affirmative Action got her to the U.S. Supreme Court
  24. Obama Will Seek Citizenship for 11 million in One Fast Push
  25. Jew Rahm Emanuel says take American People out of the second amendment debate.
  26. Printable 30 Round AR Magazines Now Available for Download
  27. Sheriff Says Teachers Should be Armed
  28. Working on Skype Online financial classes for helping our people get ahead and stay ahead.
  29. RFK Jr.: Evidence ‘Very Convincing’ Lone Gunman Did Not Kill JFK
  30. New Congress to read Constitution from House floor
  31. Argentine Navy Fires Upon/Captures 2 Red Chinese Fish Stealing Ships
  32. US Envoy to Yemen, G. Feierstein: Iran Responsible for S. Yemen Revolt!--Kookiest Plot Claimed Yet!
  33. Who Controls The Children (schools dumb down kids deliberately)
  34. Gay marriage protest converges on Eiffel Tower
  35. Thousands Pack Local Gun Show
  36. Racial Provenance Proves No Immunity; Anti-Rothschildist Dissident Jew Found a Strange "Suicide"
  37. Taliban-Condemned Brutal Drug Lord "Linch-Pin" of ZOGist Occupation of Afghan Province
  38. Here she is, Miss America!
  39. Job Posting for anyone living in North Alabama, MidSouth Tn, MidE GA, or West Mid Ms.
  40. David Duke Show 2013.01.10 Kevin Macdonald on Zionist Gungrabbers
  41. Top Gun Grabbers In The House Of Representatives Exposed
  42. Tiny Fiji Defies ZOGist Overlords; Alien-Drafted 'Constitution' Nixed by Military
  43. We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists.
  44. Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control
  45. I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate
  46. Newark NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors. “We Will Give You Cash!”
  47. Dad poses as gunman to test school security, gets arrested
  48. Palms casino in Vegas faces $1M fine in drug sting
  49. US government advises computer users to disable Java software; Tom Can you Give Advice on this?
  50. NAACP Opposes Increased Police Presence In Schools
  51. USA pushes anti-White agenda in France’s immigrant suburbs
  52. The Color of Crime: Chicago (2010)
  53. Creepy New DHS Video Demonizes Whites As "Lone Wolves"
  54. New Russian Nuke Sub (of Brand New Sub Class) Launched; Just In Time for Huge Naval Exer. Off Syria
  55. Join the MILLION NAME MARCH on Washington, D.C. to STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!
  56. Black man threatens “Jihad against the white devil” on Chicago bus
  57. Trade deficit widens
  58. Illegal immigrants cleared to hit Illinois roads
  59. Dixie State College contemplates apology for past racism on campus
  60. Howard Stern on Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan Debate
  61. Obama to use Martin Luther King's Bible to take oath of office
  62. America’s Coming Gun War
  63. Scared Ex-AIPAC Staffer Worried About Coming Anti-Zionist Reaction Brewing in America, Fesses Up
  64. Degenerate BBC, Running Out of WWII Agitprop Ideas, Revamps Peter Pan Into "Panzerfaust"
  65. Biden: Obama May Use Executive Orders To Crack Down on Guns
  66. Taco stand t-shirt draws accusations of racism
  67. Django Unchained Action Figures Stir Controversy
  68. WZO Plans Worldwide “Hate Stops Here” Rallies
  69. How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant Shirt Stirring Controversy
  70. Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense
  71. Tarantino Plans Movie About Black WWII Soldiers Rebelling
  72. Moviegoers tweet desire to kill white people after seeing 'Django Unchained'
  73. Media calls for billionaire Jews to buy up gun companies
  74. Alaska Militia Chief Sentenced to 26 Yrs in Fed. Pen. for "Plot;" Wife Gets 12 Yrs; Kids Get ?????
  75. Yakub Yehuda named as new Treasury Secretary
  76. America’s Coming Gun War
  77. Found a perfect isolated place for new town'..Now just need founders
  78. Deck the Halls, And your fellow shopper, TOO !
  79. Moviegoer: "Seeing Django Reignited My Desire to Kill White People"
  80. VP Biden: "HIspanics "The Center of this Nation's Future."
  81. Bank of America Interfering with American Gun Sales!
  82. Mexican Restaurant Causes Commotion over “Racist T-shirt”
  83. Rand Paul in Israel, Backpeddles on Cuttin' US Aid to You-Know-Where
  84. Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
  85. Manager of FPSRussia Keith Ratliff found murdered
  86. Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan Gun Control LIVE TV Debate From Earlier Tonight
  87. Proposed TV show involving rapper with 11 children from 10 women
  88. 'Alabama police: High school white supremacist planned bomb attack"
  89. Obama is about to show us how he might deal with Iran
  90. List Of All FEMA Concentration Camps In America
  91. US senator calls for gradual cut in aid to Israel
  92. Has The CIA's Ultra-Secretive "Global Response Staff" Been Deployed in the USA?
  93. Interesting thread on a 'Conspiracy Forum'
  95. White German Troops Needed For ZOG Worldwide Enforcement Forces
  96. Gigantic US Zeppelin Ready Soon ............. But Headed Where?????
  97. Police Foil Teen's Bomb Plot on School
  98. Lackland AFB Saudi Airman in Hot Water Over LV Boy Rape Charges
  99. Trillion Dollar Coins: The Ultimate Debt Ceiling End-Around?
  100. Israeli Political Parties United on 1 Thing: "Release Pollard Now .....Before He Dies!"
  101. FAR Project Responds To ADL Slander
  102. Phony 'Jewish Indiana Jones' Rabbi Goes to Jail
  103. Rain on jews parade.
  104. Jews and Jewish Organizations Lead the Gun Control Campaign
  105. Obama scores another victory: Unemployment rate falls to 7.8 percent, hiring continues
  106. Jewish Mafia tied to the death of America
  107. Pentagon Web Filters Block HRC, LGBT News, But Okay Hate Sites
  108. Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen
  109. American gangsters shaking pillars of United States
  110. Second Ammendment Hypocrites: Senators Schumer and Feinstein Pack Heat
  111. Conyers Reintroduces Reparations Effort for blacks because of American Slavery...a hundred years ago
  112. Hammers Have Killed More People Than Rifles
  113. Tax Payer Bill for Obama's Hawaii Vacation" $20 Million
  114. Aurora Townhouse Shooting: 4 Dead, Including Gunman
  115. How Al Gore Made $100 Million Selling Current TV to Al Jazeera
  116. NC Police Warn of 2013 Martial Law Plans
  117. 5 plead guilty in anti-racist attack at Tinley Park restaurant
  118. Buckle up, were in for a rough 4 years
  119. The Man Who Knew Too Much .......Disappears ...But the Charred Body Ain't His: Official Report
  120. Major Israeli Army Mutiny Involving Golani Brigade, Syrian Border Unit, Quelled in Arrests
  121. Drones Over Hampton Roads; But Virginia Beach Mayor Insists It's All Good
  122. Israel's ex-security chief says Netanyahu wavering and weak
  123. Illinois Bill to Ban All Modern Firearms
  124. Mass Immigration Hammers the Working Class
  125. It's time to end the current social dysfunction of Whites not meeting up for mutual help and support
  126. Brzezinski: "Populist Resistance" is Derailing the New World Order
  127. Royal Jordanian Minister's Stunning Bombshell: Israelis Planning Rebuilding of Great Temple
  128. "Feminist" Gerder Lerner dies after a lifetime of dumping on White People in America.
  129. Barney Frank would like to be appointed.
  130. Senate Dems wave white flag on gay marriage, guns as legislative session winds down
  131. Hundreds arrested in ICE child exploitation probe
  132. Al-Jazeera to buy Al Gore's Current TV
  133. Czech lawyer punished over anti-Semitism
  134. State to celebrate Spanish heritage
  135. White Staten Islanders Refuse to Help Black Mom Whose Sons Were Swept Away By Sandy
  136. Samuel L. Jackson challenges TV interviewer to use ‘N-word’ on air Read more: http://www.nydailyne
  137. OOPS!
  138. Safety Last! Hand gun goes off, kills promising immigrant. Alcohol may have been involved.
  139. "Gonesh Versus the Third Reich" NYC Theater Scene's Total Degeneration
  140. Washingtoon Theatrics: Bonehead Boehner Repeatedly Tells Traitor Reid to "Go F-- Yourself"
  141. 2 Weird Pronouncements on "Whiteness" ....By a Zulu Rabblerouser and a Sephardic Firebrand
  142. "Open Zion's" Curious Jewish Predictions for 2013
  143. Hugh Hefner shows contempt for Marriage and Motherhood, and turns Women into Whores
  144. Cultural Marxists attack WI pol for saying what most Americans know about Kwanzaa..
  145. New Idea, How about 50 States of the Union just kick Washington D.C. out of the Union?
  146. USN Sailors file Suit for Radiation Poisoning - GE Nuke Plant at Fukushima
  147. Democrat Rep: Mr. Obama We shouldn’t be getting a raise
  148. After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns
  149. Blacks kidnap, rape and beat white woman on Christmas Day
  150. The Wanting Seed By Anthony Burgess
  151. Opinion: Israel lobby should not have veto over US president's cabinet
  152. Georgia’s Hunger Games
  153. What You’ll See In The Rebellion
  154. happy new year .
  155. Obama: Troops aiding African diplomat evacuation
  156. Billionaires dumping stocks
  157. Kansas goes to sperm donor to collect child support.
  158. Women Against White Genocide
  159. Stormfront Radio Going Off Air?
  160. Fiscal Crisis.....Stop Spending More Than You Take In!
  161. Liberal Celebs tell their fans to "End Gun Violence"
  162. The Hobbit outdraws 'Django' and 'les mis' with $32.9 mil
  163. U.S. issues and Canada maintains warning to travellers to Haiti
  164. 2012's top anti-Semites named by human rights group — European football fans make the list
  165. Patrick J Buchanan: Why the War Party Fears Chuck Hagel
  166. Obama, Holder Push to Loosen Gun Sale Restrictions—for Legal Immigrants
  167. AZ Sheriffs Proposing Armed Posse To Patrol AZ Schools In wake Of Newtown Shooting
  168. Pakistani Generalate Rightly Gettin' Nervous About Pakistan Coming Into US Crosshairs
  169. Stunning Sellout: US Senate Eliminates 4th Amendment w/ FISA; Warrantless Surveillance of Email A-OK
  170. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Tools of Tyranny
  171. Black Teen Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison For Planned Burn Attack On White Classmate
  172. Woman charged in New York firefighter slaying.
  173. Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts
  174. Infowars & Truthers Angry @ Facebook Over Censored Ghandi Quotes?
  175. Pat Buchanan Weighs in on Hagel 'Fight': "Why the War Party Fears Hagel"
  176. Anti-War.com Text book definition of "controlled opposition"
  177. Liberals Panic As They Lose the Gun Narrative
  178. White Immigrants needed; Vlads signing of a no-American adoption policy on Russian children
  179. Hawaii's new Jewish US Senator
  180. Israel Is Set To Receive 5,000 US Bunker Buster Bombs After Delaying Its Attack On Iran
  181. ZOGists Swoon Over Ukraine's Own Ultra-Nationalistic "New Dawn": Svoboda
  182. Israel 'banishes the darkness (Africans)
  183. US deploying troops to 35 African countries
  184. Latin America Cutting Off Ties To Israel & Offering Assad Asylum?
  185. NSA Targeting Private Civilian Computer Systems for "Tests"
  186. Following "Mysterious" Custodial Death at Dulles, Iran Warns Its Citizens About USA Travel
  187. Eliminate armed guards for the President........Petition
  188. Red Chinese Report: Israeli U-Boats Prowling Foreign Waters on Active Missions
  189. Free America Rally 2/23/2013
  190. DJango comes second in box office sales.
  191. How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion
  192. tuba man
  193. 60K Signatures To Deport Liberal Journo Piers Morgan, But The Uk Don't Want Him Back!
  194. So O' decides to send troops to Africa for black folk; Why have Aryans abandonded the Afrikaners
  195. Poignant letter recounting famous 1914 Christmas Day truce rediscovered 100 years on
  196. Israel rejects gun lobby claim.
  197. Demographics Change Affecting Presidential Vote in 1988
  198. 20 Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel People Have Become
  199. jews
  200. Rural MS suffers anti-White crime wave
  201. Gun Bans Are No Solutions for Real School Safety
  202. Deaf man stabbed to death by black thugs
  203. Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control
  204. FAR Project
  205. Gun Control and Pro Life debates
  206. One Drone...ok why not an auto destruct?.....Now it's shame on me as a third US Drone Captured
  207. Stalin Statues, Monuments Being Erected in Georgia
  208. ZOG Kills! "Christmas in Connecticut" by Phil Giraldi
  209. Japs Yank Entire UN Peacekeeping Force Out of Gaza
  210. Rahm Emanuel to NRA: 'Get On Board, Or Get Out Of The Way!'
  211. It's a Wonderful Anti-White Christmas Story
  212. Merry Christmas
  213. Action needed on anti White, Christmas Day Movie "Django Unchained".
  214. NDAA "Imprisonment Without Trial" Is Back
  215. BBC attacks 'Far Right' in Spain
  216. Shipping Containers to Become Condos in Detroit
  217. Milk to Rise to $6-8 Gallon in January; Farm Bill Lost in "Fiscal Cliff" Limbo
  218. US Military On Track to Lose More Soldiers to Suicide Than Combat-KIAs in 2012!
  219. Central African 'Republic' Watch: Heart of Darkness ...
  220. Rapes of German Girls By American Occupying Soldiers Still Going On --- 67 Years After End of WWII
  221. Ryerson student helps thwart Arizona school shooting plot
  222. China's Official State Media Demands America Be Disarmed
  224. Who all is for an annual WNN gathering? "Hands up"!
  225. Our Secretary of State faints at home and does not go to Hospital.....Give me a break
  226. Assad’s deadly agenda: First, chemicals, next, Iskander 9K720
  227. OMG! South Amer. Subversion! Latest Cong. Act o' War: "Countering Iran in the W. Hemisphere Act"
  228. Restive Catalan Separatists Want 2014 Referendum of New White Ethnostate
  229. Congoid W. African Pirates Back in Business; Oil Tanker Hit Off Nigeria, Sailors Kidnapped
  230. Soon To Be Ex-Congresswhore Barney Frank Slanders Scalia, Fesses Up on Some of His Own Duplicity
  231. Russian Destroyer Docks at Iranian Port
  232. 2 White girls, age 15 and 16, shot to death by African-American youth.
  233. Health News
  234. 'Most Pro-Israel Ever' Senator wants to ban and "confiscate" guns to "protect the children"
  235. Japan elects a Nationalist, Traditionalist leader.
  236. Sales skyrocket for Utah company’s bulletproof backpacks and kids’ body armor
  237. Obama named Time magazine's Person of the Year
  238. Gov Rick Perry supports Teachers Packing Heat
  239. Noodle House Owner ; "I Don't Care if a Bunch of White Kids Got Killed"
  240. ADL Launches New Educational Campaign to Combat Hate
  241. "The Babies Will Haunt Us" ............
  242. Gordon Duff: Israeli Death Squads Involved With Sandy Hook Tragedy
  243. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Going to Crash Big Time
  244. Mass Shooter Adam Lanza 'Spent Hours Playing Call Of Duty'
  245. The Dead Soul of Adam Lanza
  246. Iranian RG Naval Chief Reveals Bagging of 2 More US Drones, Plus an Elusive 'ScanEagle'
  247. 2 Pathetic USMC Tales .....Vote for the Most Pitiful
  248. Sandy Hook Shooting Kin Deserves Academy Award for Outdoing Phoniness of Hanks, Cruise, et al.
  249. Muslim Imam: Explains Allah rewards Muslims with Hot White Chicks in Muslim Paradise.
  250. Young TX Seccession Petition Organizer in Hot Water w/ Tin Horn Lone Star "State Guard"