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  1. Muslims leave "Whites Not Welcome" graffiti outside British School
  2. Border Patrol Plans to Release 500 Illegal Aliens per Week in San Diego Sector
  3. Weird Goldman Sachs Gold Buy from Bankrupt Ecuador
  4. 3 Counties Vote on Secession from Calif.: Tehama: Yes/ Del Norte & Siskiyou: No
  5. Pelosi Confronted By Teen Reporter On NSA
  6. Blacks Fighting, Killing Mestizo Invaders at High School
  7. Son Of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Shot Doing Robbery
  8. Grody Black Tide of Death Washes Onto Yemeni Coast
  9. Raw: Fla. judge accused of punching attorney
  10. African Scam Artists Abounding in ..................... Red China?
  11. Viking Artifacts Discovered Near Great Lakes!
  12. Small Guatamalan Town Wants Jew Interlopers Out Pronto
  13. NSA Goes Into the Face Collecting Business; Web Images Downloaded By the Millions
  14. Why are so many black People in Jail ?
  15. White Genocide in the US – a 100 year history.
  16. Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens Police on Texas Billboards
  17. True Purpose of Gay Agenda is to Destroy Marriage Admits Homosexual Jewess
  18. White Activist's Letter to the Editor 5/31/14
  19. Federal judge dismisses trial, contends ATF “created fictitious crime”
  20. Inner-City Oakland Youth Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  21. Triple shooting at Cleveland block party; one victim killed
  22. Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media
  23. Harvey Milk: Anti-LGBT Groups Go Nuts Over New Postage Stamp
  24. Laverne Cox: "First Transgender Women on the cover of Time."
  25. Cantor Now Pretending to Oppose Amnesty to Win Primary!
  26. Israeli Gov'tal Scheme: Total Cashless Society
  27. CNN can't get it right as usual: The uncomfortable role white people play in diversity
  28. Aztec US Army Drill Sgt Charged in Serial Sexual Assaults
  29. Is Learning US History Unimportant Nowadays?
  30. Cybercrime On The Rise, Survey Finds
  31. The nine companies that know more about you than Google or Facebook
  32. Anatomical Barbie is woman-hating nonsense – not art
  33. Californians contemplate forming new state
  34. Israel’s Netanyahu boasts about making fools of Americans
  35. FAR Project: June 2014 Outing
  36. Ex-cop: Antisemitic graffiti spree was aimed at bad tippers
  37. No ignoring a billion anti-Semites
  38. Donald Sterling (Tokowitz), “humanitarian”
  39. RT accused of anti-Semitism for satire Rap News episode
  40. Official Bilderberg 2014 Membership List Released
  41. European right-wing comes of age. Huge successes in EU elections
  42. Miami Nitwits Decry Venez. Media Moguls, Yet Ignore Irony of Letting ZOG's Captive-MSM Go Unscathed
  43. Lost a Military Son/Husband to Suicide? Come on Down to the Grief Camp! ....It's Free....Sorta
  44. Sickening Act of Obeisance of Pope Francis at Herzl's Jerusalem Shrine-Tomb Signals Thralldom
  45. The Last Trench - by Louis Beam
  46. HE BETTER NOT: Snowden ‘considers’ returning to US – report
  47. Far-right National Front wins EU vote in France: exit polls
  48. Gang of 4 Rabbis Indicted in Orthodox Divorce Torture Extortion Scheme
  49. Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Creates 10,000 New Jobs
  50. US Leftists insult Southerners, call for a new Sherman to burn the South
  51. Florida prosecutor Kenneth Lewis is a colorful guy
  52. Boko Haram: New Video Shows Nigerian Girls Now "Muslim"
  53. Red Robin worker may have infected up to 5,000 people with hepatitis A
  54. Tucker Carlson Speechless as Former Army Colonel Tears Apart the Concept of ‘White Privilege’
  55. California woman abducted at 15 found alive a decade later
  56. CNN President Jeff Zucker: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi
  57. Pampered Congoid TV "Cop" Actor Charged w/ Slaying Octoroon Wife in Front of Child
  58. It Begins! ...... Inflation ..........Starts Slowly.... then Skyrockets
  59. McDonald's closes corporate HQ in Chicago after 2,000 protesters gather
  60. Ooops! The Ammo Was Live. Suppressed News of Double-Killing From That Wondrous 'Democracy" ...Israel
  61. 6,000 US Troops Headed for Jordan! .... Didn't the American People Rise Up to Stop the US-Syro War?
  62. Red Chinese Balk at "Hypocrisy" of DoJ Indictment of Mil. Officers; Cite NSA Ops. Against Brazil
  63. A New Russian Law Re: Dual-Citizenship America Should Enact
  64. LA Jewish Group Aims Guns At Holocaust Fears
  65. The Fanaticism of Ruth Wisse
  66. Protonmail: Just Announced End to End Encrypted Email Service
  67. Lies, Lies, Lies and More Lies ........ A Vicious Tyranny Erected Upon a Web of Total Deception
  68. Corrie Family About to Commence "Final Chapter" Against ZOGist State
  69. Concentration Camp "Amache" in E. Colorado Harkens Both to the American Past and Future
  70. US government charging Chinese officials with hacking into American companies to steal trade secrets
  71. Wiesel: World has not learned enough from Holocaust
  72. Scholars Debunk Claims of High-Tech Workers Shortage
  73. Racism Claim Dooms Bid to Honor Mark Twain in NV
  74. Hollywood’s Sexual Predator Problem Explodes
  75. Defense Secy Hagel "Unaware" of Israeli Spying Details
  76. Hillary Clinton Running in '16; Gives Anti-Iranian Screamfest at "Secret" Jewish Conference
  77. Latvian Mayor Decries Swarm of HATO Sailors "Acting Like Occupiers"
  78. "How the NSA & FBI Made Facebook the Perfect Mass Surveillance Tool"
  79. Jew Oligarch Presidential Candidate Rabinovich Crows "I am the Obama of the Ukraine!"
  80. Addled Retired Teacher Libtard on 'Mission of Mercy' to Haiti, Stabbed to Death by Congoid Savage
  81. ADL: the truth is "anti-Semitic"
  82. Carbonite Stock Price Crashing After Dropping Limbaugh Show Adds
  83. Guantánamo hunger strikers accuse US of manipulating force-feeding data
  84. Even More Immigration Treason From GOP and Rubio!
  85. Study Finds that Twitter is Choice for anti–Semitism on the Web
  86. Lamar Smith Calls ICE Release of 36,000 Criminal Immigrants a President-Sanctioned Prison Break
  87. Race-Mixer Jeb Bush's Family "Baggage" May Preempt Presidential Run in the Next Quadrennial Farce
  88. State Dept. Won't Deny Avalanche of Reports of Massive Israeli Spying in USA
  89. Veep Creep Biden's Son Appointed Director of Ukrainian Gas Conglomerate Burisma Holdings
  90. Loon McCain Obviously Nuts; Demands US Military Hunt Down Kidnappers of Nigerian Schoolgirls
  91. Secretary of State John Kerry to introduce George Soros at State Department open forum
  92. Uruguay Pres warns Obama that spanish speaking women will fill America with (non white) babies
  93. Ron Paul Asks: "What Does the US Gov't Want in Ukraine?" Everything Traces Back to US Coup d'Etat
  94. German Paper Expose: 400 'Blackwater' Merc-Goons Deployed to E. Ukraine to Fight Separatists
  95. What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?
  96. HopefullyThe NFL Commits Suicide!
  97. ZOG-USA Sends Syrian Jihadis Sophisticated Anti-Tank TOW Missiles as "Test"
  98. American and Brit "Experts" Embark on a Fool's Errand in the Dark Continent
  99. Europe Spared at Least 13 African Invaders: Large Host Abandoned in Unforgiving Sahara
  100. Hate Hoax: Jewish anti-Semitic vandal arrested on hate-crime charges
  101. Obama wins award at USC Shoah Foundation dinner hosted by Steven Spielberg
  102. Court rejects Holocaust survivors’ claims against Hungary
  103. The Cruel Fate of interracial Daters
  104. 15 Year Old Raped at School in Hallway
  105. HGTV cancels reality TV show after left-wingers ‘expose’ the stars’ pro-life, pro-family views
  106. 23 Miami Police Officers Fire 377 Shots at 2 Unarmed Men in Car
  107. FBI Agent from Miami Field Off., Caught by Pakistani Authorities w/ Bag Full of Ammo and Knives
  108. USN Sells Carrier USS Saratoga for a Penny
  109. Laughable WH Condemnation of N. Korean "Racist Rant" Against Obongo-- the "Wicked Black Monkey"
  110. Bizarre Holocaust Lies Support Publisher's Win
  111. Targeted 'Anti-Israel' Crypto WN Congressman Walter Jones Survives E$tabli$hment Primary Fight in NC
  112. Phil Giraldi: What Does Rand Paul Really Stand For? Randy Plays Israel Card (& Not for 1st Time)
  113. Ancient U-2 Spyplane Over LA Causes Havoc for FAA's Supercomputer and S. Calif. Operations
  114. Just Declassified Joint Chiefs Rpt on Afghan.: Pentagon No Match for Afghan Corruption!
  115. Amidst U.S. Retreat, France Scrambles for Strategic Allies
  116. Yes, ICANN
  117. Minnesota House Unanimously (120-0) Votes to Ban Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
  118. Steven Spielberg: I 'was put on this earth to' tell story of the Holocaust
  119. Exercise in "Holocaust Denial" Cancelled
  120. NSA SEXINT-tracking online porn viewing habits of internet users for blackmail
  121. Odessa ....Ukraine's Waco!
  122. Man Strangles Cop in Middle of Street in Broad Daylight. Then He Goes for Officer’s Gun But Civilian
  123. Mystery Solved and Outed: 'Camp Stanley' a/k/a "Midwest Depot" Gigantic CIA Weapons Armory in TX
  124. Our shameful failure to mandate Holocaust education
  125. Biden: "Immigration is crucial to American innovation".
  126. Wild Brooklyn melee erupts as NYPD arrests Muslim teen for allegedly taunting Jewish subway rider
  127. Warning: Republicrud Traitors Planning Grand Bargain for Amnesty!
  128. AIPAC 'Torpedoed' Rand Paul's Bill to Cut US Foreign Aid to Occupied-Palestine
  129. GOOD NEWS: Tech Companies Defy Authorities, Notify Users of Secret Data Demands!
  130. US stifling alterative media to cover up truth: Kevin Barrett
  131. Teen Crews Linked to 40 Percent of NYC Shootings
  132. Syrian Jihadists Take Credit for Public Crucifixions
  133. Chinese colonizers creating segregated city
  134. 4,000 Congoids Rampage in Rustenburg, S. Africa Mining District
  135. Solution to the Black Problem by Robur of Stormfront
  136. Snowden: NSA Spies More on Americans Than Russians
  137. Why America's Highschool dropout rates are inevitably skewed
  138. Gov. Bentley promises funding for Holocaust program
  139. John Kerry backs away from Israel 'apartheid' comment after he is hit by furious backlash
  140. Jewish NBA Owner Sterling 'Banned for Life,' Slapped with $2.5 Million 'Fine' for Thoughtcrimes
  141. Bizarro World: Pentagoons Announce Plan to 'Destroy' $1.2 Billion of Ammo/Missiles
  142. Homeland Security Dept. Advises Americans to Ditch Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser ASAP
  143. 'Pro-Separatist' Jewish Mayor of Kharkov, Ukraine/Donetsk Rep., Barely Survives Assassination
  144. Big Media darling promotes wife-beating
  145. California Bill AB1912 Forces Schools To Teach Children Of Racial Significance Of Obama Presidency
  146. Man who raped and killed stepson gets gang raped and beaten in prison
  147. Obongo Admits Uncle Sam's Been Funding Venezuelan Unrest .. What if Russia Helped USA WN Protests?
  148. Donald Sterling: "It's the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs."
  149. WASHINGTON — The Army on Wednesday filed 22 new charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning,
  150. Crips gang members 'posed for SELFIES at murder scene and tried to shoot a pregnant woman who critic
  151. Now the Obama Regime Wants Parents to be Snitches!
  152. Major Islamic conference in Paris: “All the evil in the world originates from the Jews and Zionists
  153. Spain Won't Give Up Ceuta or Melilla; Vows to Fortify Last Euro. Bastions in Afr. from Congoid Wave
  154. Ecuador to Expel 20 US Military Officers/Shut Down Odd "Sec. Coop. Office"/Cites Mil. 'Infiltration'
  155. American Father, Son Killed in Kabul Hospital Attack Are Named
  156. It's here! Database to prevent future crime
  157. Black mob violence and the media silence
  158. Lupita Nyong'o Is PEOPLE's Most Beautiful
  159. Northern Leftists: Air pollution is ‘racist’
  160. League to protest Southern Poverty Law Center
  161. Patrick J Buchanan: On Treating Putin as Pariah
  162. Zionization of American Law for All to See
  163. Fed. Court: Nice to Know Under What Criteria the President Can Kill Citizens w/o Charges/Trial
  164. Cornish Folk Finally Granted National Minority Status in UK
  165. 30 Dead Cats Found Hanging From a Tree Near NYC
  166. Another Marxist College Bans The Constitution - "It is unacceptable."
  167. Sen. Vitter accuses President Obama of pushing amnesty for illegal immigration
  168. Ex-KKK Leader Was Given a New Identity Years Before Shooting... (an increasingly bizarre case)
  169. Anarchists Picket Digg Founder's House And Demand $3 Billion For Anti-Capitalist Housing
  170. Justices uphold Michigan’s race-neutral university admissions policy
  171. Questions Surrounding Killing of NFL Star Pat Tillman in Afghanistan Nobody Wants to Answer
  172. Ron Paul Speaks Out on Federal Standoff in Clark Co., NV Cattle Confiscation; "Fight Just Begun"
  173. In Queer Aping of US Politics, Leading Candidate for Ukraine President, a Jew, Visits .......Israel!
  174. US Navy Seal Kill-Team in Yemen; US Army Deployed to Baltics/Pol. ... Sniffer Dogs "Prove" Enemy-IDs
  175. California bill reignites affirmative action fight
  176. American Middle Class now less affluent & poorer than Canadian and European Middle Class
  177. 'Provocative' Putin reacts to U.S. presence
  178. France : Marine Le Pen launches campaign: "Yes to France, not in Brussels! "
  179. US sending more forces, aircraft to seek Uganda warlord and Lord's Resistance Army
  180. Red Chinese Seize Japanese Cargo Ship Over Pre-WWII Uncompensated Ships
  181. 'Illegal secrecy' shields Obamacare workers
  182. Blondes to "to die out" and mixed race to become the new norm in the US by 2050
  183. 'Beach week' draws black crowd -- and violence
  184. Whites need not apply at Amtrak
  185. Traitor Boehner Promises Immigration Bill To Traitor Corporatists THIS YEAR!
  186. Patrick J Buchanan: National Endowment for Democracy’s Chickens Come Home to Roost
  187. Ukraine Govt antisemitic 'Letter to Jews" cited by John Kerry in Geneva is FAKE
  188. U.S. Constitution Is Going To Be Ammended, One Of The Largest Events In US History, Goes Unnoticed
  189. True marriage supporters ‘not welcome’ in New York: councilman
  190. Patrick J Buchanan: The end of ideology?
  191. W. Washington University Pres: "How do we become less White than we are today?"
  192. What Healthy States Do: Iran's Supreme Mulls Vasectomy Ban/Abortion Limits/Demography is Destiny
  193. Newly-Proclaimed Donetsk Rep. (E. Ukraine) Reportedly Orders Jews to Register or Face Deportation
  194. The Battle for Scotland
  195. Two Paterson men shot to death in less than 15 hours
  196. French court drops ‘hate speech’ case against Bob Dylan
  197. Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Working Women
  198. Declassified Docs Show Kooky, But Real, Canadian Military PLans to Invade Syria
  199. IRS threatening Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty over donor ID List
  200. Ukraine Appeals to UN for Troops to Crush Secession of Don Basin; Fighter Jet Downed at Kramatorsk
  201. USAF 17th Recon. Squadron Outed as CIA's Functionary for Pak. Drone Strikes
  202. USN Christens $3 Billion Stealth Destroyer 'USS Zumwalt' Fittingly Named After Half-Jew
  203. FBI: Next Generation ID - Facial Recog. Imaging: 1 in 6 Americans Scanned By '15
  204. Pretense of Rep. Gov't Openly Ditched: FBI Walks Out of Senate Briefing When "Wrong" ?s Asked
  205. 4 Dead, 33 Wounded in Violent Chicago Weekend
  206. The Washington Post, The Guardian win Pulitzers for NSA revelations
  207. 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith arrested at LAX
  208. American Jihadist: Eric Harroun in His Own Words
  209. School "Gay Day" is not OK, some school students say
  210. Torturing Children at School
  211. Louisville Kentucky Jaw Dropping Update
  212. Russian Birthrate Now Higher Than America’s
  213. Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech
  214. Revolution Now In Nevada – What You Can Do To Fight Back
  215. Heartbleed Security Bug & How To Protect Your Sensitive Information
  216. Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to be freed
  217. Poll Shows 44 % Republicans Agree Armed Revolution to Protect Liberties Necessary
  218. Sharyl Attkisson: Pulled Off Obama Scandals
  219. Latest TSA "No Fly" Restrainee: Mute Stroke Victim/TSA : "It wasn't 'cause She Was Mute!"
  220. The Secret Jewish History of the Coffee Cup (Starbucks and Otherwise)
  221. Kathleen Sebelius resigning from top HHS post
  222. Denver Public Schools are looking to hire illegal aliens to teach school
  223. Federal Court: Drone Killing of U.S. Citizens Is Constitutional
  224. Out of control police riot on the Bundy Ranch - VIDEO
  225. 'Lil Lord Robertson, Ex-Hato Chief: Scottish Secession: 'Victory of the Forces o' Darkness'
  226. Caught On Tape: Shootout Inside Rhawnhurst Motel
  227. Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation to Grant Obama “Ambassador to Humanity Award”
  228. House Panel: IRS' Lerner Targeted Rove Group, Should be Prosecuted
  229. For Obama, frustration in comparisons to LBJ
  230. US Cattle Herds Smallest Since '51; Beef Prices Rocket to All-Time High .........
  231. Nebraska city ready to enforce immigration rules
  232. 80 Sailors Sue Tokyo Elec. Power Co. for $1 Billion .... Will They Live Long Enough to Collect?
  233. Jew Media Shrieks about Jewish 'Exodus' from Ukraine
  234. Moroccan Nationalists Out Jewish Advisor to King; Publish Blacklist of 'Zionist Infiltrators'
  235. Austrian WN Andreas Molzer, MEP: "Europe Becoming a Conglomerate of Negroes" Drops Out Amid Uproar
  236. Iranian Revolutionary Guards Crow About Foreign Terrorist Team Nabbed w/ IEDs
  237. ZOG-USA Meddling in Africa: Dictating Terms of Multi-Ethnic Make-Believe Land "Burundi"
  238. Mass stabbing at Pennsylvania high school injures 20
  239. Patrick J Buchanan: The new blacklist
  240. Al Sharpton was an FBI Informant
  241. Alaskan Senate Unanimously Passes Anti-NSA Spying Law
  242. Study: Asian-American students excel due to ethnocentristic & socioeconomic factors
  243. Ted Kennedy Jr to run for Connecticut State Senate Seat
  244. U.S arms Syrian rebels with first heavy weapons – media reports
  245. Police: Bodies wrapped in plastic, tape inside NLV home
  246. Close Call in Chicago: Negro Incompetence Could Have Killed Dozens; Beware!
  247. Rand Paul: Cheney pushed Iraq War to make profit for Halliburton
  248. Why did he do it? Unanswered questions about the Washington Navy Yard rampage
  249. Rude Awakening for Incoming IDF Senior Commander Kleper of Samaria BDE; Yitzhar 'Settlers' Act Up
  250. Turkish Sarin Nerve Gas False Flag Exposed! But Were Turks Played by US/Israeli?