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  1. Swedish malware creator jailed 57 months in New York
  2. Senate pushes Obama's Pacific Rim trade pact forward
  3. NYC Budget Deal Secures $1.5M For Holocaust Survivor Initiative
  4. Saudi Customs of Cheating & Bribes Exposed in Montana Tech Cheating Scandal Thanks to Wikileaks
  5. Patrick J Buchanan: NATO-Russia Collision Ahead?
  6. Pub. Service Notice to Ex-Clinton Arkansas/White House Staffers & 'Personalities': Watch Your Back!
  7. Latest DoS Lunacy: Iran 'Backs Terrorists' Because It Backs Anti-ISIS Militias Fighting in Iraq
  8. Billy Graham’s grandson resigns from megachurch pulpit
  9. Thousands at Stonehenge mark summer solstice
  10. Pentagon reprimands Army general after 3-year misconduct investigation
  11. Just Another Day in Sunny Mexico
  12. Obama Internet to go with your Obama Phone
  13. Sixth mass extinction is here: US study
  14. Mark Zuckerberg Gives a Thumbs-Up to Sending Undocumented Students to College
  15. Patrick J Buchanan: The Anti-Politician
  16. Senate passes $612 billion defense policy bill
  17. South Carolina Confederate Flag Controversy ...
  18. Justices rule for Texas in dispute over license plate
  19. New cries of racism over another cop video
  20. Alabama police officers suspended after 'hate group' membership alleged
  21. White Man Hunted After Black Church Shooting
  22. NY Times: Right Wing Bigger Terror Threat Than Radical Islam
  23. Dallas Shooter's Father Asks: Where Can A White Man Get Help?
  24. House rejects bid to force troop withdrawal in Iraq, Syria
  25. DHS Released Dozens of Convicted Rapists, Child Molesters
  26. Third racism lawsuit filed against Somerville DPW
  27. Record Number of Americans Renounced Their U.S. Citizenship in 2015
  28. Aetna CEO Has a $131 Million Golden Parachute
  29. Report: Obama Has Basically Ceased Punishing Businesses for Employing Illegals
  30. Trump Trashes Other Candidates, Praises Putin on 'O'Reilly'
  31. NASA Scientist: We're Running Out of Groundwater, Situation 'Critical'
  32. Are Jews White?
  33. Ex-Ravens cheerleader pleads guilty to sex charge
  34. Putin says Russia to boost nuclear arsenal
  35. More Clinton deceit comes to light
  36. Trump Enters Race, Runs Against Immigration, So May Win!
  37. Canadian Jewish Group Cancels Huckabee Speech Over Transgender Remarks
  38. Patrick J Buchanan: Is Third World America Inevitable?
  39. Latest ZOG-USA Lie: Iranians Behind New Taliban Insurgency in Afghanistan
  40. White House Grilled Over Private Party With Prince, Stevie Wonder
  41. NAACP official resigns amid race controversy
  42. Gun maker Colt files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  43. Democratic Party Now Literally Selling Hate
  44. US airstrike targets al-Qaida militant in Libya
  45. Black Murders Ice Cream Truck Driver as Children Watch!
  46. The North-South Divide on Two-Parent Families
  47. Israeli leader criticizes upcoming UN report on Gaza war
  48. Christie, Menendez honored as ‘champions’ of Israel
  49. Pentagon poised to store heavy weapons in Baltic and Eastern Europe - NYT
  50. Visual (Potemkin) Tour of NORAD's 'Cheyenne Mtn Complex'' Mile+ Deep in CO Rockies/ EMP Proof?
  51. It was 48 years ago today: Supreme Court rejects anti-interracial marriage laws
  52. Houston No. 1 in US in armored car, bank takeover robberies
  53. America’s Children’s Books Contain TOO MANY WHITE PEOPLE
  54. California orders large water cuts for farmers
  55. Report: Immigrant quotas benefit for-profit prison operators
  56. Officials: Second hack exposed military and intel data
  57. ‘White Appreciation Day’ at Colorado barbecue joint makes colorful statement
  58. This Could Happen in America! ... If the NWO UN 'Peacekeepers' Are Ever Deployed Here
  59. Lawsuit against Apple alleges that employees are treated “as animals” and common thieves
  60. Spokane NAACP president allegedly faked being black
  61. Patrick J Buchanan: Black vs. Blue in America
  62. Craig Cobb pushes for new enclave in north central North Dakota
  63. Tribute: Christopher Lee, fantasy's dark knight, dies at 93
  64. Federal Appeals Court declines to suspend U.S. net neutrality rules
  65. Pregnant mom of 12 pleads not guilty to child neglect charge
  66. GOP Critical of New Obama Rules To Create 'Utopian' Neighborhoods
  67. Editorial: The FBI's surveillance air force
  68. Why the Pashto Nationalists Will Overthrow Their 'American'-Engineered/Maintained ZOG
  69. U.S. Senate passes resolution condemning anti-Semitism in Europe
  70. Patrick J Buchanan: Imperial Overstretch
  71. NPR chief says network positioned for growth after struggles
  72. Bill Clinton defends family foundation
  73. Brookfield Zoo fires employee over racial comment in online post
  74. "The USS Liberty Must Not Be Forgotten -- 48 yrs. Too Long a Wait for Justice!" by Phil Giraldi
  75. Jesse Matthew convicted in 2005 Virginia sex assault
  76. Luxembourg apologises to Jews for WWII 'injustice'
  77. Top 10 Unusual Statistics About Life in Modern America
  78. NYPD Commissioner: Dept Can’t Hire Blacks Because Too Many Have Criminal Records
  79. Army refuses to provide Honor Guard for church's July 4th celebration
  80. Ohio: Man Allegedly Pushes Jogger Into Traffic Because He ‘Hates White People’
  81. Woman knew she had resistant T.B.
  82. Showdown begins in Senate over defense spending
  83. South Philly neighborhood rallies to stop Black on White attacks
  84. Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Boycott Wells Fargo After Bank Featured Lesbian Couple in Ad
  85. Black Pastor to Al Sharpton: 'You're Nothing But a Pimp!'
  86. Rothschildist Agent & Jew, US Treas. Sec. Lew, Booed in NYC by Jews Baying for Iranian Blood
  87. USN Drops Ultra-Lame NWO Ad Campaign "A Global Force for Good" - ZOG's Weakness Underscored
  88. Super Power Poker - Live from Iran
  89. Wall of Truth A Genocidal Campaign on America's Campuses
  90. MS-13 Invading Gangsters Rape 16 Year Old
  91. Alex Jones Posts : Full Attendee List & Agenda for Bilderberg 2015
  92. McKinney Texas Pool Party story by the media was a total hoax
  93. Clinton's RICO trial: Attorneys fight to obtain evidence from Hillary Clinton
  94. The Battle Over Race at Harvard
  95. Obama administration stops work on immigrant program
  96. Chris Brown, Big Sean Concert Upstaged by Violence, at Least 1 Injured
  97. Former South Carolina officer indicted for murder in shooting of black man
  98. Israel says China demands no workers in settlements
  99. Rising: 25,098,000 Foreign-Born Workers Employed in U.S.A.
  100. Border patrol helicopter fired on by Mexicans
  101. Obama pushes "New Americans Project"
  102. USAF Ready to Accomodate 'Transgender' 'Soldiers'
  103. California school’s yearbook recalled for referring to students as ‘trash collators’
  104. Patrick J Buchanan: Is ISIS Coming to Damascus?
  105. NYT: Billionaire George Soros Financing Dems' Voter Rights Lawsuits
  106. Seattle mayor’s Israel trip to cost public about $36,000
  107. WikiLeaks Offers $100k Bounty for Secret ObamaTrade TPP Scheme
  108. Montana Man Being Prosecuted for 'Hate Speech' and Holocaust Denial
  109. Protestors Plan Rally in Ferguson in Support of Boston Terror Suspect
  110. 'Ferguson Effect,' Theft of Drugs During Riots Wreaking Havoc on Baltimore
  111. Sudden Spike in Violent Crime Across US Raises Alarm
  112. Sarah Palin: Media out to 'crucify' the Duggars
  113. US believes China behind cybersecurity breach affecting at least 4M federal employees
  114. South Carolina becomes first US state to take action against anti-Israel boycotts
  115. IRS: Illegals Granted Amnesty Can File For Back Tax Refunds
  116. 17 School Districts Debunk Right-Wing Lies About Protections For Transgender Students
  117. Delusional TSA Commissars Bragged About Gun Seizure Success; then Rpt Shows 95% Failure Rate
  118. Texas Legislature Creates 1st State Gold/Silver Depository 'Just In Case of Financial Collapse'
  119. Former lawyer for Zara accuses clothing chain’s executives of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia
  120. Live Anthrax "May" Have Been Delivered to Pentagon ... Courtesy of US Army; Canada Gets Some Too
  121. Meet Bret Stephens Uber-Zionist Jew, Neo-Con Mind-Bender and Public Opinion 'Fixer'
  122. Rand Paul Takes on 9/11 Dark Mystery #78; Safe 9/11 Distraction, Rothschildist Ploy, or Populism?
  123. Man Under Terror Surveillance Killed in Police Shooting in Boston
  124. Islamization of the USA, Minnesota: Muslims say they put sharia, Islamic law, above the US laws
  125. Who the Jewish Billionaires Are Backing for 2016
  126. Pat Buchanan rails at ‘cultural cleansing’ of white Christian men from US history
  127. US Embassy in Israel Holds Bizarre Garage Sale; Jewish US Amb.'s Home Goods Available Too
  128. ISIS Commander Outed as Having Been Trained by US State Dept
  129. The US Air Force working on a new hypersonic air vehicle
  130. When Evil Regimes Say They Will Kill - Believe Them!
  131. Rand Paul Blocks Renewal of PATRIOT Act’s Expiring Powers; Battle Continues
  132. Julian Assange On TPP: It Is a Trap!
  133. Has the Islamophobia network in America taken a new turn?
  134. Tens of thousands attend NYC Israel solidarity parade
  135. KOSHER JIHAD: Israel’s Dirty War Props Up Islamic Militants In Syria
  136. Ann Coulter: With amnesty, elites conspire against the middle class
  137. Kerry flown to Swiss hospital following bike crash
  138. Sexual orientation 'to become protected class in US military within a week'
  139. Turkish Paper Outs Turkey's CIA Smuggling Arms/Ammo to ISIS; Video Gotcha Released
  140. Chinese nationals cheated on college admissions tests in immigration conspiracy
  141. CHICAGOLAND: Schools purge ‘white male’ authors from required reading lists
  142. Hillary Clinton's fake Southern accent gets lost in translation
  143. Kenyan offers 50 cows to marry Obama's daughter Malia
  144. Californians have found a new drought scapegoat: immigration
  145. Jewish refugee resettlement agency: Let’s bring Rohingya Muslims to Pittsburgh
  146. SpaceX Certified by US Air Force for National Security Missions
  147. Police Make Arrest in "Devastating" Da Vinci Fire in Downtown LA
  148. Bombshell: Newly Declass. DIA Docs Vindicate Rand Paul; ISIS Created by US/HATO/Saudi & Gulf Kleptos
  149. Joe Lieberman: Next U.S. president will bring warmer relations with Israel
  150. Beautiful Trashing of Hollywoodization/Zionization of America at War; LBJeb, Hillary, Pitt Scorched
  151. Lindsey Graham in Israel Ahead of Likely Presidential Bid
  152. Jewish woman embraces white genocide
  153. Rick Santorum For President 2016: Republican Former US Senator Is In White House Race
  154. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Wants Ruth Bader Ginsburg Impeached
  155. Top Vatican official: Ireland's gay marriage approval 'defeat for humanity'
  156. Nebraska governor vetoes repeal of death penalty
  157. Patrick J Buchanan: The Decline of Christian America
  158. Victory: Cop-Killer Mural Removed at Marquette University
  159. U.S. Prepares Criminal Indictment Alleging Corruption at Soccer Body FIFA
  160. Media heads rule ranks of best-paid CEOs
  161. ‘Tanks don’t need visas', Putin aide tells West
  162. Police detail traffic stop that ended in officer's death
  163. Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Immigration Overhaul
  164. US Air Force confirms Boeing’s electromagnetic pulse weapon
  165. Is Russia's Lethal PAK-FA Fighter Stealthier than America's F-22?
  166. How Much Would ISIS Pay for Michelle Obama as a Sex Slave?
  167. International banks fined 5 billion for rigging currency
  168. The Great Iraq Mistake
  169. Ferguson Protesters Now Protesting Over Not Getting Paid
  170. Congressional Inaction Threatens NSA Spy Program
  171. Good News: 100 Lying Newspapers RIP This Year!
  172. New Orleans police officer fatally shot in patrol car
  173. Natalie Portman's directorial debut joins shocking Holocaust drama at Cannes
  174. US Holocaust museum censures Ukraine over decision to honor Nazi collaborators
  175. Capitol Police bomb squad blows up pressure cooker from ‘suspicious’ car near Capitol, Memorial Day
  176. New York Times: Whites moving into Hispanic areas is not diversity
  177. Two Orange County Calif. men wanted to become martyrs, fight for Islamic State, feds allege
  178. Obama promises Israel that 'America has your back'
  179. The "Washington Post" decries the Duggars "dangerous cult of purity".
  180. Noblesville sign stirs controversy
  181. George Soros: World War 3 Between U.S. And Russia, China ‘No Exaggeration’
  182. NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones
  183. Professor If You Read Your Kids Youre Unfairly Disadvantaging Others!?
  184. Jeb Bush Identifies Himself as a Anti-Constitution Anti-White Anti-Freedom RINO Main Target To Beat
  185. Zio-Neocons Target Macedonia to Hurt Russia; US Scheme to Wreck the Russian Pipeline Outlined
  186. Obama takes step to mend relations with speech at Adas Israel synagogue
  187. Obama gives $1.9 billion in weapons as welcome gift to Israel’s racist government
  188. Whites returning to Detroit, lured by cheaper living to city that epitomized white flight
  189. Texas AG: Illegal Immigrants Given Work Permits Shows Incompetency Of Obama Administration
  190. Older, Sicker ACA Patients Lead Insurers to Seek Big 2016 Rate Hikes
  191. Patrick J Buchanan: What the Fall of Ramadi Means
  192. Why Is an Israeli-American Billionaire Pouring Millions into the Clinton Foundation?
  193. Prosecutor: 6 officers indicted in death of Freddie Gray
  194. Michael Brown to be Canonized with a Plaque on Canfield Drive in Ferguson
  195. Boy Scouts' Leader Says Ban on Adult Gay Leaders Cannot be Sustained
  196. Cybercrime Cost Americans $800,492,073 Last Year
  197. China navy warns U.S. spy plane in disputed South China Sea
  198. The top 10% of Americans own 76% of the stuff, and it’s dragging our economy down
  199. Holocaust Survivors Live 'Close to Desperation'—in US
  200. Nickelodeon Hires Black Cuckold Fetishist to Make Interracial Children’s Sitcom
  201. Differing perceptions of Waco, Baltimore bothering some
  202. CICADAs, LOCUSTs and the new innovation of military infestations
  203. Narcotics cops ordered to stop arresting suspects over 40
  204. Duke University professor stands by racially charged comments
  205. 6 Chinese Nationals Charged With Stealing Silicon Valley Trade Secrets
  206. What Happens When White Liberals Can No Longer Blame White Racism for Keeping Blacks Down?
  207. Illinois Legislature Passes Bizarre Bill Req. Pub. Pension Funds to Dump Isr. Boycotting Cos.' Stock
  208. Iran warships escort cargo vessel toward Yemen
  209. House panel approves $578.6B for defense spending
  210. Patrck J Buchanan: Our Next Mideast War — Syria
  211. Patrick J Buchanan: Is It Really All Our Fault?
  212. RPT: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Wired Bail Money for Baltimore & Ferguson Protesters
  213. Conservatives blaming G.O.P. leadership for fundemental transformation of America
  214. Rand Paul vows to filibuster to block Patriot Act
  215. Jeb Bush hardens position, says he opposes gay marriage
  216. Facing $1 billion deficit, Arizona sharply limits welfare
  217. Boston University condemns professor's racist tweets after Terrier alums bark - Prof keeps job
  218. Jewish Neighborhood Hires Off-Duty Officers, Chicago Police Doesn't Like It
  219. Minorities commit most murders in New York City
  220. Capitol Scandals Raise Tough Questions for New York Governor
  221. Man arrested for shooting at George Zimmerman near Orlando
  222. Black Corrections Officers Caught Rioting and Looting in Baltimore
  223. Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence
  224. House defies Obama veto threat, passes defense policy bill
  225. Southerners push new 'SEC Primary' to raise Dixie’s presidential profile
  226. Bardstown Kentucky Police: "We're glad the guy we shot is white..."
  227. Asian groups file complaint over Harvard admission practices
  228. Ex Missouri College wrestler knowingly infects as many as thirty People with A.I.D.s.
  229. Clintons report making $25M for speeches since January '14
  230. German TV show featuring Heidi Klum abandoned after threat
  231. GOP Candy-Dates Christie & Cruz to "Audition" Before Sheldon Adelson at NYC Zionist Gala
  232. Jeb Bush Confronted By College Student: 'Your Brother Created ISIS'
  233. Halfway Decent Congressman? Meet Cong. Mike Burgess
  234. Thaw with Cuba Brings 'Surge' of Congoid Immigrants
  235. American Muslims catching up with Jews in both population and earnings
  236. Poll: Voters See Congress as 'Completely' Dysfunctional
  237. School Official Tells Student He Can’t Fly U.S. Flag on His Truck — See How Badly That Decision Back
  238. Internet Censorship: Government anti-Semitism conference endorses net censorship
  239. Birth Tourism – Thousands of Pregnant Chinese Women Travel to the U.S. Just to Give Birth
  240. GOP Candy-Date Gov. Scott Walker (R-Isr) Makes Obligatory Pilgrimage to Jerusalem to Bow & Scrape
  241. Candy-Date Marco "Bolo" Rubio Says USA "Not World's Policeman" But Must Militarily Intervene More
  242. Long Past Due: Time to Change 'NATO' to 'NA&CATO' (N. Atl. & Cen. Asian Treaty Org)
  243. NSA's Automated Speech Recognition Programs' Dirty Little Open Secrets Get Aired
  244. USN F/A-18F Super Hornet Crashes into the Persian Gulf ... But Looks Like Iran Can't Be Blamed
  245. House approves GOP bill banning most late-term abortions
  246. Baltimore Rioting Damage Estimate at $9 Million
  247. Race-Defiling Facebook Jew Mark Zuckerberg uses Asian wife to Subvert China
  248. Exposé: NFL Teams Paid Million$ by Pentagoons' Psy-Ops to Lionize ZOGist Military @ Football Games
  249. Harriet Tubman may be on new $20 bill
  250. Rand Paul plans Patriot Act filibuster in Senate