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  1. White House: racial slurs in NSA intelligence material 'unacceptable'
  2. UN Urges US To Designate Immigrants As Refugees
  3. At least 84 shot, 14 killed in Chicago over violent 4th of July weekend
  4. Zimbabwean Apocalypto: Mugabe Latest Terror Against Last 150 White Farmers
  5. Latest Snowden Leak Exposes NSA's Utter Lies
  6. Post-Constitutional 'America'/Here's How It's Perfectly Legal for ZOG to Liquidate Problem Citizens
  7. US Diplomat & Rothschildist Agt. Booted from Bahrain in Rare Public Tantrum by Bah. Kleptocrats
  8. US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’
  9. IDF Authorized For Mobilization of 40,000 Reservists for Gaza Land Invasion
  10. Militant 'La Raza' members converge at Murrieta to confront Anti Immigration Protestors
  11. Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now the worst so far
  12. Fewer than 100 Americans probed for fighting in Syria
  13. Boston Bombing Suspect's College Friend On Trial
  14. If You Are in Debt, YOU Are a SLAVE! What Are You Doing to Get Out of Debt?
  15. 19-Year-Old Beat 97-Year-Old Man to Death, Viciously Assaulted 94-Year-Old Wife in Home Invasion Wit
  16. America's border inundated with almost 50,000 child migrants
  17. Merkel fed up with the U.S. spying on a Germany
  18. Evil Mike Weinstein's sick war against Christians in the military
  19. Mexican Pro Immigration activists seen burning American Flag & using Anti White racial slurs
  20. The Globalist Multicultural Migration Agenda to "undermine the homogeneity” of its member states
  21. Joan Rivers : 'Obama gay, Michelle a tranny"
  22. Viet Nam Vet Finally Gets VA Med. Appt ... 2 Yrs. After Brain Cancer Death; Widow Furious
  23. The Not-So-Strange Case of the White House Goof Outing CIA Chief of Afghan. and the Lapdog MSM
  24. Green Berets Sent to Kurdistan ....... 'Advisers' Ready for Direct Military Combat Operations
  25. Washington in Tizzy Over Arrest of German 'Spy'
  26. Saudis Mass 30,000 Mech. Inf. Troops at Iraqi Frontier
  27. Israel Vows to Defend Jordanian Monarchy from ISIS Attacks/Perle's Diabolical Plan Unfolds
  28. Iran's News Agency Reports Iranian Pilot KIA in Iraq ..... in Ground Fighting
  29. US now seen to be world's largest oil producer, surpassing Saudi Arabia
  30. Congressman on Armed Services Committee Not Allowed on Base Housing Illegal Alien Invaders
  31. New border risk: ISIS ties to Mexican drug lords
  32. Negro Murderer of 16 Year Old Gina Burger Smirks in Court
  33. Obama regime threatens medical workers with arrest for talking about "illegal alien" disease threat
  34. US Pilots to Man Attack Helicopters in Iraq
  35. "Independence Day -2014" By Ex-Judge Napolitano.... ZOG Can Kill You; US Gov't: Rotten Tyranny
  36. Furious Californian protestors block road to buses carrying illegal aliens
  37. Sheryl Sandberg Stops Short Of Apology For Facebook Mood Study
  38. Brave Aussie girl caught in negro shoot out in New Orleans injured but strong
  39. Italian Navy's Startling Admission: >5,000 Afr. Invaders Rescued Last Mo.; 30 Dead in 'Hurt Locker'
  40. Ron Paul Speaks Out on the Missing German Gold, Quickening Climactic End of Fed Stranglehold
  41. First female black student-president sacked for making fun of Whites
  42. Two Brave White Teens Give Chase to 20 Black ‘Knockout’ Thugs
  43. Strange Tale #7532: "Chinese-American" Climber 'Hi-Value Hit" in Pakistan "Mtn. Massacre" of 10
  44. Russian Fighter Jets & Military Advisors Arrive in Iraq; Stinger Missiles Captured by ISIS Fighters
  45. Tennessee couple 'do a Brangelina' with world record adoption of EIGHT children from Sierra Leone
  46. Compendium-Trove of NSA Spying Docs
  47. Negros Murder Marine Celebrating Wife's Birthday
  48. Obama nearly 80% disapproval rate! Current Newsmax Poll
  49. Apologize for Saying West Bank is Occupied?: CNN's 'Doozy' Take on Reality
  50. Miss Delaware, 24, loses crown for being too White ?
  51. Public School Awards Show features Foul Language, Crude Humor, and Sex Toys
  52. Cayman Islands' Gov't Ultimatum to Cuban Boat Invaders: Scat, or Suffer Deportation Back to Cuba
  53. Odd Consortium Unites to Fly Anti-NSA Airship Over NSA HQS in Utah; ZOGists Apoplectic
  54. Baby bust: US fertility rates hit all-time lows
  55. Al Jazeera Promulgates Ethnographic Map of Iraq/US Drones Aloft Over Embassy
  56. Obama shares a "typical Day" in the life of a Minnesota Woman
  57. Florida veteran may lose home over small american flag
  58. Mexican Military Helicopter Fires On US Border Agents
  59. China 'effectively bans' Hillary Clinton's memoir
  60. Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying
  61. Discrimination Hoax Phenomenon Appears to Spread
  62. Female Teacher Raped in Arizona Prison
  63. Cashiered Green Beret MAJ: Sex, Drugs and a "Bedded" Rptr - Bizarre Insight into Afgh War Collapse
  64. 16 Year Old Sex Slave Freed from Vicious Negro Pimp
  65. Negro Shoots + Paralyses 18 Year Old White Girl
  66. UK Amb. to US Makes Incredible Assertion: Snowden Leaks Could (Would?) Have Saved Third Reich
  67. Race and America in 2034
  68. Negro Gang Beats + Robs Woman: On Scene Reporter also Robbed
  69. Black Loots Black Community Center, Tries to Frame White Supremacists
  70. Negro Robber Sucker Punches Pregnant Woman: Still at Large
  71. OR Fed Dist. Ct Strikes Down Process of "No Fly List" As Unconstitutional ......But Not List Itself!
  72. High Court Curbs Police Mobile-Phone Searches
  73. OMG! Holohoax 'Survivors' Surviving on 'Scraps!' Begging!!! Goys MUST Help Them Pronto!
  74. Federal court strikes down Indiana same-sex marriage ban
  75. Kerry to Secession-Minded Kurds: There Shall Be No Kurdish Ethnostate ...Not Now Not Ever!
  76. A Sick Kind of "Reverse Body Count" Courtesy of Uncle Shmuel
  77. "Impossible...Yet It's Happening" by J. Raimondo/Crazy Endgames for ZOG-USA
  78. Biden: "Gay rights Trump (all) Cultures and Religions."
  79. 16 Ways the Supreme Court Built the Police State and Destroyed Your Rights
  80. Dr David Duke under personal attack
  81. Negro Attacks Woman with Baseball Bat in Walmart
  82. Negro Shoots 10 Year Old Boy in Road Rage Attack
  83. Actor Gary Oldman hits back at stifling, hypocritical PC, and, Hollywood Liberal conformity.
  84. A&E Network and those f**king faggots.
  85. Negro Carjacker Leaves Abducted Baby in Woods to Die
  86. Border Patrol Shelves Plans for California Flights
  87. UK Columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I Don't Like White Men, I Want Them to Be a Lost Species
  88. U.S nun killed during kidnapping, dumped in South Africa stream
  89. U.S. cuts aid to Uganda over country's anti-gay law
  90. While the World Focuses on Iraq's Collapse ...... Israeli AF Hits Several Syrian Army Installations
  91. 20 000 Troops to confront illegal aliens in Texas
  92. What Bill Clinton Really Thinks of Obama!
  93. Qatari campaign for modest dress reflects fears of foreign influence on conservative Gulf
  94. Mass graves with bodies of immigrants uncovered in Texas
  95. Illegal aliens commit more than seven child sex assaults per day in North Carolina
  96. Militia groups are responding to the Texas Border Surge
  97. ZOG-USA, Iran, Shia Clerics and the Sunni Jihadi-Nationalists All Agree: Maliki Regime Must Go!
  98. Catholic Bishop: Marriage is ‘First Domino of Civilization’ – When it Falls, ‘Then Fall All Subseque
  99. Detroit Students Caught Cheating Scandal After Entire Class Gets 100%
  100. University of Colorado pulls out of anti-White conference because it is offensive
  101. US: Rupert Murdoch calls for ‘immigration reform’ (open borders).
  102. San Jacinto Bans Synthetic Drugs, Including Bath Salts
  103. NEW YORK Youth gangs on the rise
  104. Wholesome new Jewish TV show on IFC encourages Christian Girls to get sodomized
  105. Obongo White House Directly Interferring in Uganda's Dom. Affairs Over Anti-Homosexuality Law
  106. "Opn Devil Eyes": Creepy OBL (Latent Demon) Doll Shows Just How Juvenile CIA Planners Really Are!
  107. Government brings hundreds of mestizo children to Virginia
  108. Mexico returns man accused leading sex trafficking
  109. Communists shut down event. "We don't allow right bloggers"
  110. Michigan Governor Snyder Wants To Radically Increase Muslim Immigration To Detroit
  111. Last Nazi Trial? US Cit. Johann Breyer, 89, to Be Extradited to Germany to Stand Trial
  112. Security Company To Sell Bullet Proof Blankets To US Schools
  113. US: White people nationally a minority in August 2014?
  114. Just Another Sunny Day in Old Mexico; Mass Grave #3427 Discovered on Veracruz Ranch
  115. African Independence: A Complete Oxymoron/ Latest Case Study: "South Sudan"
  116. American supporter of ISIS in North Carolina?
  117. Secret TISA trade agreement covering 68 percent of world services leaked
  118. Coming to a WN Civil Protest Soon?: Latest Advance in Crowd Control -Pepper Spray Drone Gunship
  119. Pope wants super rich to help the poor
  120. Neighbors try to help man being attacked by pit bulls in Lake Worth
  121. In Texas' Rio Grande Valley, a seemingly endless surge of immigrants
  122. Consumed by Corruption
  123. Something BIG Is Happening In America (JUNE 2014)
  124. Good News: Advertisers have lost the attention of a generation
  125. Mortars Can Kill/2 Russian Reporters Find Out the Hard Way in Ukraine Fighting: Good Video
  126. If Thais Can Do This, Why Can't We? 220,000 in 1st Wave of Cambodian "Expulsions"; Army Involved
  127. Negro Knowingly Infects 15 Year Old with AIDS
  129. New Law Would Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote, Collect Government Benefits
  130. F-15's Designer Spey Explains Just How Incredibly Lame the F-35 Really Is!
  131. Bahrain Closes Baghdad Embassy; All Diplomats Yanked/UN Evacuates Its Busybodies
  132. Pat Buchanan: "Their War, Not Ours"
  133. Soros' Foundation Study admits White Workers displaced by unchecked third world immigration
  134. N Carolina GOP Senate candidate complains of Anti White Genocide & lib media Attacks
  135. FDLE: Inmates conspired to shoot themselves in scheme to sue prison system
  136. Israeli Government to Fund Multi-Billion Dollar Worldwide Campaign to Stop Jews Mixing with Non-Jews
  137. Good News: Hillary's Book a 'Bomb
  138. Lil' Lindsey Graham (R-Isr): "We Need Iran's Help to Save Iraq"
  139. "Partial Evacuation" of Gigantic US Embassy in Baghdad Ordered; Fresh Marines En Route
  140. Hillary: now claiming the Bible as "biggest influence" & posing as God Fearing to win votes
  141. One Explanation for the Total Collapse of the Puppet Iraqi Army in N. Iraq
  142. Race riots sounds like this: Louisville 911 calls.
  143. Biden tells Germans they are xenophobic
  144. 10-Year-Old Girl on Scooter Beaten on Sidewalk, Reportedly Called ‘Cracker’ — and Possible ‘Hate Inc
  145. "ISIS" Jihadis release GRAPHIC execution photos of Iraqi Soldiers
  146. Tony Blair.....Delusional! Claims It's 'Bizarre' to Blame ZOGist Invasion of Iraq on Current Crisis
  147. Domestic Terrorism Task Force 'More Than Overdue,' Experts Say
  148. Scot Nationalist Sillars Outs MI5 Skullduggery in Secession Vote & CIA "Consul" in '79 Devo Vote
  149. CIA Gulfstream Rendition Plane N977GA, Purring at Danish Airfield, Outed as Snowden Kidnap Craft
  150. Obama: US won't get dragged into war
  151. How Obama SET FREE the merciless terrorist warlord now leading the ISIS horde blazing a trail of des
  152. Rainbow Coalition Fractures in Schools on Both Coasts
  153. Feds bust Black 20 million dollar welfare scam
  154. Border Patrol Agents Threatened with Criminal Charges for Speaking to Reporters
  155. Tiny Hexthorpe (Yorkshire) Warns Brit Elite: "We'll Take Matters Into Our Own Hands" Over Gypsies
  156. Fed. Appeals Ct.: Americans Using Phones Cannot be Tracked w/o Prior Warrant -No More Tracking
  157. Ex Bank of Israel head Stanley Fischer confirmed as #2 Chair at the US Federal Reserve
  158. Iran Reportedly Deploys Quds Special Forces to Baghdad to Save Iraqi Shia Regime from Al Qaeda
  159. Obama considers options with Iraq
  160. Park to be renamed due to controversial history
  161. Looters stole groceries from crashed car that killed mother of 2
  162. Black Children Torture Cat to Death NAACP wants Immunity from Prosecution
  163. In the "OBVIOUS" file: Ex-border patrol agents say that immigrant flood 'orchestrated'
  164. Bumblin' Joe Biden: We need ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants'
  165. Rand Paul throws weight behind immigration reform effort
  166. ‘Anti-government’ killers put swastika, flag on Metro Police officer’s body
  167. Slaves - 21 million world wide - International Labor Organization
  168. South American newspapers encouraging mass illegal immigration to take advantage of Amnesty
  169. Breitbart: Jews Wrestle with Eric Cantor Defeat
  170. WE WIN: House Majority Leader Cantor DEFEATED in Primary!!!
  171. US air strike error kills 5 Nato soldiers
  172. GOP Traitor Paul Ryan Pushes for Amnesty!!
  173. Sheriff - "Vegas shooters not white supremacists"
  174. Militarization of US Municipal Police Depts. .......Machine Guns, MRAPs, Helos, Other Armor Vehs
  175. Ghanian Surprise: Red Chinese Plutocrat Discovers Ton of "Gold" Just Tungsten Fakery; Out Million$
  176. "The Strange Case of Sgt. Bowe Berg Bergdahl" by Ron Paul (Audio Interview) Change in Captors?
  177. Traitor Cantor Wants Youth Amnesty Deal
  178. USS Liberty Memorial Thread
  179. Media Distortions on the Syrian Elections
  180. Blacks Wild 'n Out At "College Beach Weekend" in VA Beach
  181. Violent Black Racists Attack Tourist Group for Being White, No Media Screaming
  182. Black Carload Yells Racial Slurs then Shoots Random White Pedestrian: No Media Outrage
  183. ‘New NSA document highlights Israeli espionage in US’
  184. New York Cab Driver, Suspended for Swastika Armband, Defends His Views
  185. "How the Israeli Lobby Works" by Ex-CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi
  186. “Open Carry Texas” has a been Criticized for Their Tactics; NRA Calls Them “Weird” and “Scary”
  187. Eugene Oregon College Women raped by "Ballers" angry that the crime was swept under the carpet.
  188. Obongo Orders Scots Not to Secede from Great Britain ........ Ethnostate "Not in ZOG's Interest"
  189. Muslims leave "Whites Not Welcome" graffiti outside British School
  190. Border Patrol Plans to Release 500 Illegal Aliens per Week in San Diego Sector
  191. Weird Goldman Sachs Gold Buy from Bankrupt Ecuador
  192. 3 Counties Vote on Secession from Calif.: Tehama: Yes/ Del Norte & Siskiyou: No
  193. Pelosi Confronted By Teen Reporter On NSA
  194. Blacks Fighting, Killing Mestizo Invaders at High School
  195. Son Of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Shot Doing Robbery
  196. Grody Black Tide of Death Washes Onto Yemeni Coast
  197. Raw: Fla. judge accused of punching attorney
  198. African Scam Artists Abounding in ..................... Red China?
  199. Viking Artifacts Discovered Near Great Lakes!
  200. Small Guatamalan Town Wants Jew Interlopers Out Pronto
  201. NSA Goes Into the Face Collecting Business; Web Images Downloaded By the Millions
  202. Why are so many black People in Jail ?
  203. White Genocide in the US – a 100 year history.
  204. Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens Police on Texas Billboards
  205. True Purpose of Gay Agenda is to Destroy Marriage Admits Homosexual Jewess
  206. White Activist's Letter to the Editor 5/31/14
  207. Federal judge dismisses trial, contends ATF “created fictitious crime”
  208. Inner-City Oakland Youth Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  209. Triple shooting at Cleveland block party; one victim killed
  210. Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media
  211. Harvey Milk: Anti-LGBT Groups Go Nuts Over New Postage Stamp
  212. Laverne Cox: "First Transgender Women on the cover of Time."
  213. Cantor Now Pretending to Oppose Amnesty to Win Primary!
  214. Israeli Gov'tal Scheme: Total Cashless Society
  215. CNN can't get it right as usual: The uncomfortable role white people play in diversity
  216. Aztec US Army Drill Sgt Charged in Serial Sexual Assaults
  217. Is Learning US History Unimportant Nowadays?
  218. Cybercrime On The Rise, Survey Finds
  219. The nine companies that know more about you than Google or Facebook
  220. Anatomical Barbie is woman-hating nonsense – not art
  221. Californians contemplate forming new state
  222. Israel’s Netanyahu boasts about making fools of Americans
  223. FAR Project: June 2014 Outing
  224. Ex-cop: Antisemitic graffiti spree was aimed at bad tippers
  225. No ignoring a billion anti-Semites
  226. Donald Sterling (Tokowitz), “humanitarian”
  227. RT accused of anti-Semitism for satire Rap News episode
  228. Official Bilderberg 2014 Membership List Released
  229. European right-wing comes of age. Huge successes in EU elections
  230. Miami Nitwits Decry Venez. Media Moguls, Yet Ignore Irony of Letting ZOG's Captive-MSM Go Unscathed
  231. Lost a Military Son/Husband to Suicide? Come on Down to the Grief Camp! ....It's Free....Sorta
  232. Sickening Act of Obeisance of Pope Francis at Herzl's Jerusalem Shrine-Tomb Signals Thralldom
  233. The Last Trench - by Louis Beam
  234. HE BETTER NOT: Snowden ‘considers’ returning to US – report
  235. Far-right National Front wins EU vote in France: exit polls
  236. Gang of 4 Rabbis Indicted in Orthodox Divorce Torture Extortion Scheme
  237. Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Creates 10,000 New Jobs
  238. US Leftists insult Southerners, call for a new Sherman to burn the South
  239. Florida prosecutor Kenneth Lewis is a colorful guy
  240. Boko Haram: New Video Shows Nigerian Girls Now "Muslim"
  241. Red Robin worker may have infected up to 5,000 people with hepatitis A
  242. Tucker Carlson Speechless as Former Army Colonel Tears Apart the Concept of ‘White Privilege’
  243. California woman abducted at 15 found alive a decade later
  244. CNN President Jeff Zucker: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi
  245. Pampered Congoid TV "Cop" Actor Charged w/ Slaying Octoroon Wife in Front of Child
  246. It Begins! ...... Inflation ..........Starts Slowly.... then Skyrockets
  247. McDonald's closes corporate HQ in Chicago after 2,000 protesters gather
  248. Ooops! The Ammo Was Live. Suppressed News of Double-Killing From That Wondrous 'Democracy" ...Israel
  249. 6,000 US Troops Headed for Jordan! .... Didn't the American People Rise Up to Stop the US-Syro War?
  250. Red Chinese Balk at "Hypocrisy" of DoJ Indictment of Mil. Officers; Cite NSA Ops. Against Brazil