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  1. Anti-Defamation League condemns Nicki Minaj video over Nazi imagery; Rapper apologizes
  2. In a first, Washington National Cathedral to host Friday Muslim prayer service
  3. Hail ZOG-USA's New Oligarchs ... Our Latest Overlords Hype the Israeli-American Council
  4. Obama prepares to defy voters to use unilateral executive action to legalize millions of illegals
  5. US Sailors Attacked By Protesters In Istanbul
  6. Russian bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic
  7. Christmas stricken from school calendar after Muslims ask for equal treatment
  8. California launches student loan program for illegals
  9. Rand Paul: Obongo's New ISIS War is Unconstitutional, Illegal
  10. Bill Cosby's Meme Request Backfires As Internet Focuses on Rape, Sexual Misconduct Charges
  11. Black teacher goes off on ‘crackers, kill yourselves’ rant; ‘Ask why she’s still employed’
  12. Regular pot smokers have shrunken brains, study says marijuana use brain shrinkage...
  13. Catalonian Separatists Win 80% Independence Plebiscite
  14. Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The "Stupid" American People to Get It Passed
  15. A Strategy for Rich Countries: Absorb More Immigrants
  16. Minneapolis School District Now Needs 'Permission' to Suspend Any Black, Hispanic Student
  17. Mpls. Mayor Flashes Gang Sign with Convicted Felon; Law Enforcement Outraged
  18. Obama Defends Plan to Act Alone on Immigration
  19. US encirclement of Russia setting stage for nuclear war: Analyst
  20. Ex-USSR leader Gorbachev: World on brink of new Cold War
  21. Will the Republicans Seriously Try to Stop Obama’s Amnesty?
  22. Harvard Hosts Hard Core Sex Seminars But It Gets Much Worse…
  24. Librarian fired after refusing to discriminate against whites: suit
  25. Why Gun-Control is a Looser Issue For Libs
  26. Fight Breaks Out On NYC Subway
  27. Friends of US aid worker call on ISIS to free him
  28. Israel 'Secretly' Bans All Travelers from West Africa in Ebola Epidemic Stave Off
  29. Big review set by Democrats after election losses
  30. US Army Axes the Word "Negro" From Usage ... Term is 'Outdated and Offensive"
  31. FBI Worse Than Gestapo Ever Was
  32. "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, in Old Abbottabad ... " Special Ops Leakers Cry "FUBAR" Re: OBL Tales
  33. Obama picks AG Holder's replacement: Loretta Lynch called strong civil rights defender
  34. California School Choir Goes Ahead With This Islamic ‘Chant’ Despite Parents Protest
  35. White liberal beaten up at Ferguson Protest
  36. Anti-White themes in Hollywood movies
  37. Ferguson Protester Beaten By Other Protesters
  38. Complete Zionization of the Pentagon Keeping Pace ... Example #7520
  39. University professors attack white, heterosexual, Christian males for being "privileged”
  40. General Mills cuts sales, profit outlook
  41. California Voters Helped Kick Off the Prison Boom. They Just Took a Huge Step Toward Ending It.
  42. Patrick J Buchanan: The Kumbaya temptation
  43. U.S. Drone Strike in Syria Takes Out Khorasan Bomb-Maker: Officials
  44. New Health Threat Posed to Americans By Mexican/Central American Aliens: Chagas Disease
  45. Navy SEAL whose shots killed bin Laden goes public
  46. Mother hires assassin for daughter's Black boyfriend
  47. Iranian Quds Force Gen. Soleimani Takes Charge of Iraqi Army/Hezbollah Joins Fight Against ISIS
  48. Uh-Oh: US Commander in Afgh. LTG Anderson Publicly Concedes Afgh. Puppet Army Losses "Unsustainable"
  49. Congoid 'Ex-CIA' Officer Elected to New Congress from S. TX; Touts 'Border Security'
  50. Eric Holder's contempt for Congress made obvious by remarks in documents seized from the DOJ
  51. John Boehner: Obama Executive Action on Immigration Will 'Poison the Well'
  53. A Tale of Two Nations: Democracy in Israel, Depravity in Britain
  54. House Taken Over
  55. “White suburbs” soon will be legally FORCED to accept “racial diversity” via HUD
  56. EX-CBS Reporter Reveals Obongo 'Enemies List'
  57. Phil Giraldi: ZOG-USA/Israeli Dreamlands; the Roman Tenth Legion; and Political-Archaeology
  58. Iran's Supreme Ayatollah Publicly Blames US/UK for Creation of ISIS
  59. USN Commander to SEALS: Quit Blabbing ... Or Else! Leakers No Longer 'Teammates in Good Standing'
  60. GOOD NEWS: Gun Control Candidates Crushed in Midterm Elections
  61. The Jewish stars of ‘Star Trek’ shill for VW
  62. By 2 to 1 Oregon Voters Reject Driver's Licenses for Illegal Invaders
  63. Montana Klansman vows to bring racial diversity to ‘new’ KKK
  64. "CrowdSourcing": new system of film funding will overthrow the Jewish Hollywood System
  65. Liberals Show What REAL RACISM Looks Like As They Unleash HATE on GOP Senator Tim Scott
  66. Gutierrez on Executive Immigration Action: White House Has Told Me "It's Going To Be Millions"
  67. Sec of State Henry Kissinger Agreed to Starve Americans for Israel in the Event of an Oil Crisis
  68. GOP surge: Republicans seize control of Senate
  69. Texas Woman Becomes Amnesty Opponent After Son Is Murdered
  70. Man charged in hit-run Halloween deaths of 3 teens
  71. Regional Security Chief (and Wife) Rubbed Out in Latest Mex. Narco-State Killing
  72. Bill Maher SLAMS Angry Muslim Woman For Defending Islam
  73. For Republicans on Vote's Eve, US Senate Theirs to Lose
  74. Russia statue dismantled after Apple CEO comes out
  75. The Nicholas Winton Kindertransport Myth Comes Off the Rails
  76. Race War Breaks Out Between White Skaters & Ghetto Rats at Skatepark
  77. Bill Gates to give $500 million for malaria, other diseases
  78. Sports Commentator Ahmad Rashad maybe "dating" Senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.
  79. UNC students blame capitalism, white supremacy for academic scandal
  80. Two Nursing Home Staff Abuse Elderly Alzheimers Patient
  81. UN climate report offers stark warnings, hope
  82. Black Terrorists to Flood Streets w/ Blood When Mike Brown's Killer Isn't Charged
  83. "The Day Israel Attacked America" USS Liberty Documentary- now on cable TV!
  84. North Carolina Bans Guns at the State Fair…Fair Goers Get Mugged at Gunpoint
  85. US man pleads guilty to trying to help IS
  86. A Case of Congolese Revenge-Cannibalism or Speak the Local Lingo & Don't Carry Around a Machete
  87. New Book Equates 'Post-Legal' Big Brotherish ZOG to Secret State Religion, Complete w/ Paranoia
  88. Creepy Rabbi Thread
  89. Zuckerberg invests millions to get MORE immigrants into U.S.
  90. Israel/AIPAC's Latest Vituperation: The 'Chickensh*t' Scandal
  91. Bill o' Rights Nullified in Case of exCIA Dissident Ray McGovern/Arrested at Pub. NYC Petraeus Event
  92. Anti West Putin Speech At The Valdai Conference To Western Elites: Playtime Is Over!
  93. Traitor Jeb Bush Promises Immigration Reform To Spanish-Speaking Media
  94. Why Ebola Quarantines Will Grow Larger -- And More Troubling
  95. Roman Polanski questioned by prosecutors in Poland as U.S. seeks famed filmmaker's arrest
  96. Big Surprise! 'Patriot' Act's Invasive Powers Not Used Against "Terrorists" at All
  97. Ann Coulter: Hysterical media tells us to calm down
  98. Farrakhan Explains how U.S.A. is suffering from the deadly Jewish choke hold
  99. La Raza promotes state-by-state guide on where you can vote without an I.D.
  100. Poll: Anger at Slumping Economy Adds to Dems' Midterm Woes
  101. Lapdog White House Press Corps Whines It's 'Not Spoonfed Enough'
  102. Pentagon orders 21-day Ebola quarantine for troops
  103. Did you know that Muslims in Michiganistan are collecting welfare payments for up to 4 wives?
  104. Minnesota Somalis Leave to Join ISIS for Jihad
  105. Whites say Obama's America is 'divided,' blacks feel robbed
  106. Why Do We Vote as We Do?
  107. Race War Breaks Out Between White Skaters & Ghetto Rats at Skatepark
  108. University Of Minnesota Reminds Students Not To Be Racist For Halloween
  109. U.S. boosts security at government buildings citing terrorist threat
  110. Southern Baptists tell pastors: hold line on gays
  111. Cold War II
  112. 10 hour of walking as a woman in NYC
  113. Israel to 'buy' 25 more F-35 Lockheed stealth fighters: sources
  114. Patrick J Buchanan: Terrorism and ‘The True Believer’
  115. Audience Laughs At NY Dems Absurd War On Women Attack
  116. "Affirmative Action Homecoming Prince" Murders 2 Teen Girls + Injures Others.
  117. Black Axe Attacker Wanted White People to Pay for Slavery!
  118. 7 Things The Middle-Class Can't Afford Anymore
  119. Biden: Voters can 'stop the march' of tea party
  120. 'TV Comedy Legend' Bill Cosby accused of being a serial Women abuser and rapist
  121. Atheist parent attacks Christian after-school club
  122. US troops quarantined in Italy after West Africa stint
  123. Occupy & Anonymous Call For Supporters to Flood St. Louis Prepared For Battle
  124. PROOF The Liberal Media Protects Obama
  125. Congressional Democrats' Approval at 20-Year Low
  126. National Security Briefing on Islamic Terrorism
  127. Ferguson MO: AIPAC Rabbi “Opposes Racism”—but Not in Israel
  128. Can Non-Citizens Decide November 2014 Midterm Elections? ... YES! New Stat. Analysis Confirms
  129. Ferguson “Peaceful” Protesters Attack Young White Boy in Street
  130. The UNC Congoid-Athlete Grade Scandal and the Demonization of White Whistle-Blower Mary Willingham
  131. Julian Assange Fingers Mossadist Jew Jared Cohen in Google Duplicity
  132. NSA's SIGINT Chief Shea Canned in NSA's Psuedo' Shake-Up' Over Lucrative Scams
  133. Does This CNN Anchor Owe the Palin Family an On-Air Apology?
  134. 2nd US Soldier Death in Gulf War III Reported
  135. Israeli Army Kills an 'American' Teen ... No Diplomatic Row Expected, MSM Uproar Nonexistent
  136. Official autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range wound to his hand, marijuana in system
  137. Notre Dame Freshman, Football Player Justin Brent dating 42 year old Porn Star
  138. Two U.S. states to quarantine health workers returning from Ebola zones
  139. US officials: Israel defense chief denied meetings
  140. GOP: Obama's Lax Travel Rules Led to Ebola's Arrival in NYC
  141. Patrick J Buchanan: Things fall apart
  142. Witnesses, attorneys forbidden from saying 'Navy SEALs' at silencers trial
  143. Transsexual TV show "good for the Jews"
  144. New York terror fears as crazed hatchet-wielding discharged Navy man with a criminal past slashes...
  145. Putin accuses United States of damaging world order
  146. White grandfather shoots three gangstas attempting to rape his teenager granddaughter
  147. Bolivia expels Jewish US Ambassador for "fomenting civil unrest"
  148. Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over 15,000 Fast and Furious Docs
  149. Hard Left Labor Secretary Preposterously Claims Amnesty Will Raise Wages
  150. Sightseeing tourguide not so positive about Chinatown on her last day at work
  151. Lawmakers seek to end benefits to former Nazis
  152. Blacks males are the leading cause of death for young black males and females
  153. 3 states wage fight to keep same-sex marriage ban
  154. Feminists make video with little girls, prove once and for all how insane they are
  155. Anti White liberal rag Salon warns of ‘White Menaces To Society’
  156. Does the Sale of Halal Food Support Jihad?
  157. Another man jumps White House fence, is apprehended on lawn by K-9 squad
  158. Robert Ransdell Needs Your Vote
  159. Senator blasts CIA for censoring 'torture' report
  160. Lt. Gen Wm G. Boykin, USA, Ret. Makes SPLC's Most Wanted "Hate" List
  161. The Eclipse of America Under Its ZOG By the Red Chinese
  162. A Startling Statistic ... An Economic Rubicon is about to be Crossed
  163. Ferguson Protesters Chase CNN News Reporter Off Live Broadcast
  164. Jenny McCarthy feels "trans" inside, and would love it if Her Son were Gay.
  165. Three American Girls En Route to Syria Planned to Join Militant Groups, Official Says
  166. Idaho: Christian ministers may face jail over refusal to perform same-sex weddings
  167. Patrick J Buchanan: The Price of Papal Popularity
  168. Ferguson police say black State Senator showed up armed and intoxicated
  169. ISIS Fighters Seize US Arms Cache Meant for Kurds
  170. Cowboys release Michael Sam from practice squad
  171. Michelle Obama Visits San Diego Community Farm Gardened By International Refugees (PHOTOS)
  172. Outragous: Look What Someone Did To New York’s First 9/11 Memorial Erected to Honor First Responders
  173. Mestizo caught stuffing the ballot box in AZ Primaries Election
  174. Indiana police charge suspect who may have killed for decades
  175. New York Artists' Niqab Hashtag Campaign Ignores Garment's Long History of Oppression
  176. Offensive Liberal Propaganda Video Used to Further Deceive Black Americans; Vote For Us Or…
  177. Ebola outbreak: Firm which sells stuffed virus completely sells out of bizarre toy
  178. The missing context for IS's rise
  179. Police say Ferguson protesters are threatening their family members with violence
  180. Patrick J Buchanan: Ebola, Ideology and Common Sense
  181. What is the greatest threat to the world? Depends on where you live
  182. S.A.-based refugee suspected of al-Qaida link guilty in government theft case
  183. Heisman candidate Jameis Winston (Florida State) widely hated.
  184. In Front of Houston Police Muslim Man Pledges Allegiance to...
  185. NASA: Photographs from Messenger Probe Prove Ice at Mercury's North Pole Crater
  186. Racial violence and deceit in Philadelphia. Again.
  187. Totalitarianism on Little Cats' Feet in Monroe County, New York: All Vehicles Photoscanned; Logged
  188. FBI director warns against cellphone encryption
  189. As Nashville's immigrant population grows, Metro public schools are straining at the seams
  190. Police captain punished for refusing to attend Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque
  191. 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejects another Arizona immigration law
  192. Wal-Mart cuts sales-growth outlook, slows store openings
  193. ABC/WashPost Poll: Obama Approval Sinks to New Low
  194. Jews put "Syrian Torture Chamber" photos in US Holocaust museum & call Assad Regime Nazis
  195. Franklin Graham: 'Activist Judges' Overturning Gay Marriage Bans
  196. Ebola is 2014 October Surprise
  197. Colorado Ebola Test Could Diagnose In 10 Minutes But Govt. Regs Slowing Production
  198. Immigration-control group starts ads in 10 states
  199. Anti-white petition SUPPORTS “No child left white”
  200. Iggy Azalea, White, negrophile rapper , finds Negro "friends" turn nasty on Her.
  201. Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
  202. California: Christians MUST pay for abortions
  203. Food fight erupts into melee at Minneapolis South High School
  204. Supreme Court Justices stop parts of Texas abortion law
  205. Appeals Court reinstates Texas voter ID requirement, allowing state to enforce law this election
  206. Iowa Libertarian Senate Candidate Killed in Plane Crash
  207. The merchant of disease who wants six figures for Ebola.com
  208. New anti European propaganda film by Jew Steven Spielberg and African Oprah Winfrey
  209. Sections Of Nearly Half Of Mexican States Considered Risky For American Travelers By U.S. Government
  210. Obama handing over control of the internet to his Jewish Chicago Handlers
  211. Libs Claim Using the Term “OBOLA” Is Racist
  212. Another Japanese 'Last Ditch' Imperial Army Balloon Bomb Discovered Vic. of Lumby, Brit. Columbia
  213. Eden Prairie seeks added resources for third-largest Somali community in metro
  214. Muslim protest for right to prayer
  215. Holocaust museum changes rules to draw younger visitors
  216. Did censoring the 9/11 report pave the way for ISIS?
  217. Rockefeller Foundation’s Futurist Paper Details ‘Ebola Plot’
  218. Democrats Push for Shake-up at White House
  219. Future ground role for US military advisors in Iraq likely: Dempsey
  220. Edward Snowden Asks U.S. for a Fair Trial
  221. U.S. regulators press banks for more on auto loan exposure to assess risks
  222. Close, but no SIGAR ... USAF Magic! $468 Million Turned into $32,000 in Scrap Metal
  223. Texas health worker tests positive for Ebola
  224. Qatar pledges $1-billion toward reconstruction of Gaza Strip
  225. Gay rights groups hail Catholic tone
  226. Malik Shabazz Calls For Black Rebellion Against Tyrannical America If Darren Wilson Is Not Charged
  227. Muslims In Minnesota Are Demanding Their Food Be Halal, From A FREE FOOD BANK
  228. Ebola screening starts at New York's JFK airport
  229. Banks accept derivatives rule change to end 'too big to fail' scenario
  230. Tanzania Today: 23 Charged in the Killing of 7 Witches ... But They May Be on to Something!
  231. Anti-Defamation League offers Holocaust education training for teachers
  232. Patrick J Buchanan: Our Judicial Dictatorship
  233. Jewish Hypocrisy: Sarah Silverman celebrates demise of Europeans
  234. Black Alabama Pastor with AIDS slept with members of his congregation in his Church building
  235. Donate buttons for Holocaust Memorial for MDDAY
  236. Ebola Virus COULD Spread Through the Air
  237. Racial violence against a cat.
  238. US Army Strong? Minorities in the News: Black Sgt. Runs Amok/ Alien Border Scam Charged to Aztec PVT
  239. Democrats Just Got Some Horrible News From New Polls
  240. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: Government Surveillance Is Going To 'End Up Breaking The Internet'
  241. Obongo-Ebola Bumperstickers Start Appearing in California
  242. VIDEO: Cardinal Fans Clash with Ferguson Protesters Outside Busch Stadium
  243. Atlanta: Naked Feral Negro Tased by Disgusted Police at Airport
  244. Media Matters Executive Wrote Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-’Tranny’ Blog Posts
  245. Patrick J Buchanan: Can America Fight a Thirty Years’ War?
  246. CNN Hit With $5 Mil Bias And Wrongful Termination Suit
  247. US Govt website "erases" 2015 Jonathan Pollard release date
  248. FBI Turns Animal Cruelty Into Top-Tier Felony
  249. Thieves allegedly rob six victims in name of Michael Brown
  250. Video: A Former Imam Exposes Jihad’s Secret Weapon Against America