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  1. WSJ Criticizes Obama for 'Stand Your Ground' Reversal
  2. Leading From Behind Al Sharpton
  3. Obama's UN nominee Samantha Power admittedly will lobby for Israel to get security seat
  4. Alaska's first Jewish museum opens in Anchorage
  5. Black 'Professors': Zimmerman acquittal is proof that GOD is racist!
  6. HUD 'Fair Housing Rule' ;"overcoming historic patterns of segregation"
  7. N.Y. food stamp recipients shipping groceries overseas: report
  8. Hollywood anti-White movies proving unpopular, financial crisis looming!
  9. Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces
  10. George Zimmerman Helps Rescue Family in Car Crash
  11. Duchess Catherine Gives Birth to a Son
  12. Report: "Anti-Semitic" incidents up across New York
  13. Israel to give free weapons/arms to countries that take in their undesirable black immigrants
  14. Benghazi Key Witness Made Available To Congress After “Admin. Error” Kept Him Hidden For Months
  15. Race and the Collapse of Detroit - Someone's Finally Talking About It!
  16. where is justice for Christopher Cervini
  17. $10M Government Study: Armed Victims Less Likely to be Harmed by Attackers
  18. ObamaCare's Big Brother Database logging all your private info
  19. U.S. Congress Attempts To Better Protect Russian-Jewish Mafia
  20. Boehner, GOP Renew Pledge to Overturn Obamacare
  21. We Need "Stand Your Ground" Laws Passed in Every State!!
  22. Detroit's bankruptcy may lead to more chaos
  23. Pioneering journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92
  24. County judge halts Detroit bankruptcy
  25. Obama's Inaugural Ambitions Meet Political Reality
  26. Rapper Akon: Every Black American Should Move to Africa Because Of Zimmerman Verdict
  27. Using Comics To Educate About The Holocaust
  28. detroit
  29. Infamous member of New Black Panthers arrested in New York
  30. Jimmy Carter: ‘America no longer has a functioning democracy’
  31. FAA warns public against shooting guns at drones
  32. The Congressional Black Caucus have discovered that the entire English Language is RACIST!
  33. House votes to replace 'No Child Left Behind' education law
  34. Schindler’s list will be publicly auctioned — one of only four existing copies in the world
  35. Patrick J Buchanan: Black America’s Real Problem Isn’t White Racism
  36. Couple Got Engaged at Disney Using Cash Scammed From Seniors
  37. Will Hispanics And Asians Really Prefer The "Black Party" To The "White Party"?
  38. 96-year-old US grocery store owner stands ground against robber with knife
  39. What the George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson Verdicts Reveal About Racial Denial
  40. Kerry meets top Palestinian leaders over demand that Israel agree to future borders before talks
  41. Dominican Republic Furious With Obama For Appointing Gay Ambassador
  42. Black Man Shoots White Kid, Goes Free on Self Defense, No Media Uproar?
  43. Perry signs sweeping Texas abortion restrictions
  44. US Army Relieves Fort Jackson Commanding Officer
  45. Air Force drone crashes and explodes in Florida, shutting down highway (VIDEO)
  46. House GOP, Dem. lawmakers angry about NSA domestic spying
  47. NJ Congressman Rush Holt Is Attempting To Repeal The Patriot Act And FISA Amendments
  48. Ryan Apparently Supporting Immigration Treason Bill
  49. Pa. housing agency pays $35K to settle bias claim
  50. Another nail in Freedoms Coffin
  51. DoJ trolling for eMail tips in Zimmerman probe
  52. SPLC hires a leftist street thug... ??
  53. Activist Son of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism
  54. Wall Street Journal: Race, Politics and the Zimmerman Trial
  55. film: Pat Buchanan; National Suicide
  56. Brothers murdered over Free zimmerman sticker
  57. Police Now Using License Plate Readers To Track Your Movements
  58. GOP-controlled House to vote Wednesday on delaying key parts of ObamaCare
  59. Petition to Disbar Angela Corey
  60. Fired employee to file lawsuit against prosecutors of Zimmerman!
  61. White Teens With 'Free Zimmerman' Bumper Sticker Slaughtered
  62. Israeli leader condemns EU move on settlements
  63. Chicago Police now using facial recognition software to make arrests
  64. Feds make their first ever Bitcoin Seizure/Bust
  65. MSNBC poll: Do you agree with the verdict?
  66. Al Sharpton in over 1Million in debt from FAILed 2004 Presidential bid
  67. Zimmerman to Press on With NBC Defamation Case
  68. '52 Alaskan Glacier Mil. Air Crash Killing 52 , Yielding Bodies Yet Families Still Awaiting Answers
  69. Compensation Kings: Top 15 U.S. CEOs
  70. 97 year old message in a bottle thrown into water brings German descendants together.
  71. Humor. KTVU erroneously reports Asiana pilot names and gets sued for racial slurr by Asiana
  72. IRS petitioned to not restore ZOA tax-exempt status
  73. The War on Terror is a Fraud: How the West has Fostered Radical Islam and Actively Keeps it Alive.
  74. Merkel urges stronger Europe, global data rules
  75. DoJ urged to press civil rights charges against Zimmerman
  76. White Activist's Letter to the Editor 7/13/2013
  77. Sixth suspect arrested in 2012 Tinley Park assault
  78. justice for zimmerman
  79. Traitor Paul Ryan Working Behind the Scenes to Push Immigration Treason Bill!
  80. How the Microsoft and Skype Rats Sold Out Their Customers & Handed NSA Access to Encrypted Messages
  81. Twitter to Hand Over Details of Persons Posting 'Racist'/'Anti-Semitic' Comments in French Case
  82. "Thousands" of US Hummers Deployed in Iraq/Afgh Mysteriously Find Their Way to Israel's IDF
  83. So Bloody Typical: Young Israeli Jew Admits He Spaypainted in Arabic "Slaughter Jews" on His Own Car
  84. Texas Republicans finally pass new abortion limits
  85. Democrats' Chances Of Keeping Senate Control Just Took A Brutal Blow
  86. Snowden plans to seek asylum in Russia
  87. Patrick J Buchanan: Not guilty – beyond reasonable doubt
  88. Report: Microsoft taught NSA how to crack encrypted emails
  89. Controversial Homeland Security Chief Napolitano Quits
  90. Are blacks really the racial threat to traditional White America?
  91. Zionist Jew Responsible for Bombing Argentinian Jewish Center
  92. Planned Parenthood’s defense of infanticide
  93. Preposterous Holohoax Identification No. 35,847...... 98 Year Old Hungarian "Nazi" Fingered
  94. One Mans Opinion, A word to left-wing students
  95. A Gay Canadian Complains About Soft GeNOcide of Canada's White Population
  96. "Zero Option" Looming in the Afghan Forever War/Karzai Satrapy Readying Rush to the Exits
  97. Jews DO control the media
  98. We're In For A Long Fight Over The Debt Ceiling Before There's A Resolution On Immigration
  99. House GOP: No 'Obamacare-like' Approach to Immigration Reform
  100. Ann Coulter: Zimmerman Trial is this Year’s Duke Lacrosse Case
  101. Edward Snowden reveals HAARP's Global Assassination Agenda
  102. Naval Aviation History Made: Stealth USN X-47B Drone Makes 1st Carrier-Based Arrested Landing
  103. Dept. Of "Justice" admits it helped fund & organize Anti-Zimmerman Protests
  104. 101M Get Food Aid from Federal Gov’t; Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers
  105. Military dumps $34M into Afghanistan HQ that US forces won't use
  106. House Republicans push to slash IRS budget by 24 percent, cite abuses and sequestration
  107. fattest country .
  108. Sickening .......but 2 More Young WNs Likely Created by Police Degeneracy
  109. Curious 'Graffiti': "United Stasi of America" Projected onto US Embassy Berlin
  110. Got A Buck For Some 9/11 Activism?
  111. Israeli Military's Strange & Bloody Doings in Southern Mexico
  112. Media blackout: Georgia man killed in black-on-white hate crime attack
  113. Zimmerman trial: It's about race
  114. The Jew Michael Bloomberg Accused of Illegal Gun Trafficking
  115. OOPS! We edited to make Zimmerman sound racist: SORRY!
  116. "This time we are burning down White Neighborhoods"
  118. The Jewish people's ultimate treasure hunt
  119. Aztec US Diplomat Removed from Post in Guyana in Alleged Sex-for-Visas Probe
  120. Black man taken "hostage" by "Racist" White pitbull dog- must see LOL Video
  121. New Scouting-like Youth Organization Announced
  122. Expert Says Evidence Jibes with Zimmerman's Story
  123. ACLU moves to challenge North Carolina's gay marriage ban
  124. Boehner, Ryan: Give Us Honest Obamacare Numbers, Breaks for Families
  125. The world's top 5 military spenders
  126. Russia to Develop ‘Code of Ethics’ for Film Industry
  127. Where are the mechanical standards? Second Boeing 777 suffers mid-air incident!
  128. South Dakota Becomes One of the First States to Allow Armed Teachers
  129. Gallup: Fox News Leading Single Source for News
  130. How Not To Defend Atheism - Crazy gay, jewish Atheist.
  131. Brazilians Bristle at Discovery: Psycho-Paranoid NSA ZOGists Surveilled Millions of Brazilianos
  132. Detroit Press - Man rips off part of his *****; cops say the drugs made him do it
  133. Israel (Supposedly) Grounds Entire F-15/F-16 Air Armada After Unexplained F-16 Sea Crash
  134. Harvard prof calls for destruction of White race.
  135. Snowden confirms Stuxnet was coded by NSA in cooperation with Israel
  136. A Century of IQ In Britain And The U.S.
  137. June Jobs: Record Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers
  138. No Hope On The Jobs Front
  139. UN Warns: Mexican Border 'Global Pathway' to the U.S. for Illegals from the Horn of Africa
  140. More Black Mob Violence
  141. Immigration, student loan top congressional agenda
  142. Obama's top 10 most racist policies against white people
  143. Mob of tolerant liberals attack peaceful religious street preacher (video)
  144. Thread: "Pants on the ground" carjacking suspect captured
  145. Google, MIT's Tech. Media Lab, Metadata and the Sinister Tool Called 'Immersion'
  146. Meet Herr Malte Spitz, and What He Learned, Quite Personally, About NSA-Type Cell Phone Tracking
  147. Israel seeks $5B in U.S. loans to buy arms
  148. Plane Crash Reported at San Francisco International Airport
  149. Now, They Even Are Violating the Third Amendment!
  150. Politically Incorrect Jewish News
  151. More Americans say blacks more racist than whites: Rasmussen report
  152. If you forget everything that is going on, only one thing is left, mass organisation
  153. University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace
  154. Alex Baldwin under investigation for hate speech
  155. Girl buys water, spends night in jail. Out of control cops? Welcome to the Police State.
  156. Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden
  157. Realities Force President to Scale Back Vision for Obamacare
  158. Teenagw knifed to death
  159. Mennonite community ‘distressed’ after 42 children seized
  160. California Reaches Nonwhite Tipping Point: Whites to Dwindle to Tiny Minority
  161. White Father Faces Deportation For Smoking Weed Almost 20 Years Ago
  162. Washington state gets rid of sexist language
  163. Doorway by Doorway, Rabbi Seeks Montana's Jews
  164. DEAR AMERICA: Here's Why We Need To Stop PRISM
  165. Bush Administration Officially Found Guilty of War Crimes- Lawyer Says “We WILL Get Bush”
  166. U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement
  167. Happy Independence Day!
  168. Mexican teacher in California rapes 70 (!) students
  169. Pridefest participants assaults protestors
  170. Rasmussen: More Americans think Blacks are Racist than Whites
  171. Egyptian Army Ousts President Morsi From Power
  172. Top Senate Republican McConnell gets election opponent
  173. New video - Is the White race committing suicide?
  174. Word to the Wise: Refrain from Schoolboy Taunts of Mex. Drug Kingpin's 15 Year Old Brat
  175. Sen. Durbin (D-Isr) Proves USA is a ZOGist Tyranny: "Gov't Will Decide Who's a Proper Journalist"
  176. NSA Chief Gen. Clapper "Apologizes" for Lying Under Oath to US Congress ......
  177. Whoa! Turk Deputy Prime Minister Fingers Jews As Cause of Turkey's Destabilization ....Then Recants
  178. Government Awards 12.5 Million to be paid to Negroes who claim racial discrimination
  179. Three Black Women, One Carrying a Child, Rob a Victim in The Bronx, Cops Say
  180. 400 Yoofs Involved in Street Brawl. City Considers Curfew
  182. The most Irish town in America is named using US census data
  183. Administration delays key ObamaCare insurance mandate
  184. WSJ’s James Taranto On Media’s Emotional Investment In Racial ‘Show Trial’ Of Zimmerman
  185. Ethnic Cleansing A-OK Only If Israel Does It: Negev's Bedouin Nomads to Camps Under Prawer Plan
  186. Loon Watch: McCain Goes Off Deep End: "Arm Syrian Jihadists to Stop Iran Nuclear Development"
  187. CIA-Controlled Syrian Rebel Group Praises Israel, Thanks Zionists for Free Medical Aid ....
  188. France's National Front Chief, Marine Le Pen, Demands France Confer Asylum to Snowden
  189. As Zimmerman prosecution tanks, America braces for possible race riots
  190. Nanny-cam home invader who assaulted mother in front of her child arrested
  191. Patrick J Buchanan: Why the Reagan Democrats Departed
  192. Bloomberg Thinks NYPD Stops-And-Frisks Too Many White People, Not Enough Minorities
  193. Jewish Store Owner Throws Out Peaceful Non-Jews
  194. Blacks threaten full scale riot on Twitter if Zimmerman found not guilty
  195. After landmark court rulings, opponents of gay marriage ready for national battle
  196. Congressman Aims at Jew’s Crusade against Army Religious Coercion
  197. Snowden applies for asylum in Russia: immigration source
  198. Puerto Rican Family Picnic Hardly an Ideal Idyll When Congoid Mob Shows Up
  199. Imaginary Ohio "Drug Checkpoints" Snare Weak-Minded Expressway Scaredy Cats
  200. Must See: Fiery Irish Deputy Lass Daly Lambastes Obongo and Irish Gov't Over Syrian Arms to Jihadis
  201. Two men accused of killing a UK soldier are set to stand trial in November.
  202. Tribune buys 19 TV Stations
  203. 19 Firefighters Killed
  204. Man accused of strangling, chopping up, cooking puppy
  205. Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Peddling Influence!
  206. 68 Senators Vote to Create Incentive for Employers to Hire Amnestied Immigrants Over U.S. Citizens
  207. Jews unite behind push for immigration: “it’s in our strategic interest”
  208. Laugh of the Week: Hollywood & Hitler in Cahoots Before War, Harvard Academic Claims
  209. Christians Beheaded in Syria by Insurgents Doesn't Deter CIA From Rushing More Arms to Jihadists
  210. Iranian & Russian Navies to Hold Joint Military Exercises in the Caspian Sea
  211. ZOGist US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Makes the Star Chamber Look Good
  212. NSA spy scandal: It’s even worse than Snowden says
  213. Some Prescient Jews Gettin' Nervous Over Public Dissemination of Jewish Cultural Distortion
  214. call for freedom party.
  215. Obama pledges $7Billion of your taxpayer $$$ to bring electricity to SubSahara Africa
  216. 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Nebraska Town's Ban On Renting To Undocumented Immigrants
  217. Zimmerman Trial: Trayvon's girlfriend claimed he called Zimmerman an anti-white racial slur
  218. Memphis fights lawsuit over renaming of Confederate-themed parks
  219. Op-Ed: Jewish values dictate protecting gay marriage
  220. ZOG's Laughable Red Chinese Attempts to Control Information It Doesn't Want you to See
  221. Whoa!!! The Guardian (UK) Disseminates 2009 Top Secret NSA Insp. Gen. Rpt on Email/Net Data Seizure
  222. Nelson Mandela 'proven' to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial
  223. Key Congoid Prosecution Ear-Witness Made a Monkey in Court by Zimmerman Defense Atty ....
  224. McDonald's refuses to operate in Jewish settlement
  225. Huelskamp: 'It's Not Over' - Constitutional Amendment Would Restore Gay Marriage Ban
  226. If John Boehner Isn't Bluffing, He Probably Just Killed Immigration Reform
  227. Pentagoons Toast Homosexual Troops; Hagel Abases Himself in Effusive Praise of Perversion ....
  228. Texas executes woman, first in U.S. in nearly three years
  229. 21 Facts About NSA Snooping That Every American Should Know
  230. College apologizing for Holocaust slurs, swastikas used before 1978 game
  231. Tidal Wave of Media support for "Gay Marriage" Supreme Court decision.
  232. Are Covered States More Racist
  233. Gasbags Are Not Great
  234. Racist attack against white diners in Cedar Rapids steakhouse,VIDEO-Victims Speak Out
  235. IG: IRS credit cards used for wine, pornography
  236. Ryan: Immigration reform more likely with Senate advancement of stronger border security
  237. 2 Events That Auger Doom for the ZOGist Occupat. of Afgh: Palace Attack & Mass Diplomatic Defections
  238. Sen. Rand Paul ....An Unflattering But Accurate Appraisal ...by Phil Giraldi
  239. Constitution Check: Is “affirmative action” in constitutional trouble?
  240. Voting Rights Act Provision Struck Down by U.S. Supreme Court
  241. Arizona Voters Look To Recall Sens. McCain & Flake Following Amnesty Vote
  242. UN places original handwritten manuscript of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto on the UNESCO Register
  243. Immigration bill clears Senate test
  244. Rapper 'Fat Joe' sentenced in NJ for tax case
  245. Immigration Sending Marco Rubio's Poll Numbers Into A Nosedive
  246. Ted Cruz: Latest “Deal” from the Senate: Pass Amnesty First, Read the Bill Later
  247. "Edward Snowden, A Modern Paul Revere" by J. Raimondo
  248. WTF? Report Ft. Hood Soldiers Trained in Riot Control Ready for Deployment to Defend Israeli Border
  249. Transgender First-Grader Wins the Right to Use Girls’ Restroom
  250. Leading Chabad Rabbi Says Sex Abuse Victims Consented, Gentiles Have Sex With Animals