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  1. 4 Future U.S. Weapons of War That Should Be Canceled Now
  2. Black student slams teacher to the floor in order to get his phone back
  3. Are Jews and ‘Jewish Interests’ overrepresented in government?
  4. Iraqi Refugee Helped Terrorists Kill U.S. Soldiers In Iraq
  5. U.S. airliners land in Atlanta after bomb threats
  6. Obama’s State of the Union Address vs. Reality
  7. Shannon Conley, Arvada teen who tried to join ISIS to wage jihad, sentenced to 4 years in prison
  8. Arizona State University’s “Problem of Whiteness” class not so popular
  9. Southern Baptist leaders call for integrated churches
  10. McDonald’s hit with racial discrimination lawsuit
  11. INDIA - Obama faces threat from Lankan, Maldivian nationals in India
  12. US appeals court upholds dismissal of Holocaust suits
  13. Without a Black Population, St. Louis would be Homicide Free...
  14. US Senator Jeff Sessions gets appointment on immigration issue
  15. Unbelievable: Texas School Apologizes for THIS Chant Saying It Was Racist
  16. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Dies at 90
  17. WV Bill Strikes at Heart of ZOG-USA's Forever War For. Policy: No Unconstit. Nat'l Guard Deployments
  18. Black Man Who Tortured, Executed Two White Teens Makes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Speech at Sentencing
  19. NEW YORK - US indicts two Yemenis with alleged al-Qaeda ties
  20. New House Armed Services Chairman: Troops in Syria May Be Needed
  21. Powerful New York politician arrested on bribery charges
  22. St. Louis grocery owner gets 15 months in prison for food stamp fraud
  23. Backstage Brawl At Non-Violence Concert
  24. Is Japanese Hostage Yukawa Really a Self-Emasculated "Eunuch" or an Intel Off. w/ a Wacky Cover?
  25. 700 "Steel Tigers" Ft. Bliss 1st Arm Div. Deployed to Djibouti in Wake of Yem. Tyranny's Toppling
  26. Al Qaeda ‘tech-geek’ gets 15 years for plotting attack on NYSE
  27. Thomas Sowell: Europe Is Paying The Price For ‘Diversity,’ And America Will Soon Follow
  28. Aberdeen students on mission to collect 6 million paper clips
  29. Sean Hannity Radical imam Anjem Choudary on Charlie Hebdo attack - Paris attack
  30. Revisit the Constitution?
  31. Which current members of Congress voted against making MLK Day a federal holiday?
  32. Gary Devore Mystery Murder: Jew Hollywood Scriptwrtr/CIA Contractor; Panama Invasion Rationale Nixie
  33. Jean-Marie Le Pen Says Paris Attack Could Well Be Work of Western or Israeli "Intel Agency"
  34. Breaking: Israeli Helo Gunships Invade Syria, Kill Leading Anti-Isis Cmdr, Chief Iranian Mil. Advis
  35. #BlackLivesMatter Folks Annoy ‘Privileged White Males’ At Gay Bars Until People Throw Things At Prot
  36. Fox Formally Apologizes for Claiming Muslims Have Taken Over European Cities
  37. Genetically Modified Cows spliced with Human DNA being used to mass produce Ebola Vaccine
  38. Obama Announces Delegation to Attend Event Marking 70th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz
  39. USAF Sanitized "Project Blue Book" About UFO "Invesigations" Finally Hit Net
  40. 'Selma' stars, Oprah to march in Alabama in honor of King
  41. Riled Koreans in Dongducheon, ROK, in High Dudgeon Over Continued Occupation of Camp Castle
  42. "Pro-Israeli" Tweeters Pull Down 34 Year CNN Anchor Jim Clancy Who Outed Cowardly Hasbara Shills
  43. Lindsey Graham sets up committee to consider 2016 bid
  44. Jay Sekulow on Fox News: Revoke Citizenship of Terrorists?
  45. Pentagoons Announce 1,000 "Trainers" to Launch New "Moderate" Jihadi Army in Syria
  46. Former Columbus Ohio teacher guilty of showing obscene movie to students
  47. US Steps Up Airport Security After Al Qaeda’s 'Hidden Bomb' Recipe
  48. CBS analyst Greg Anthony suspended after solicitation charge
  49. Centennial Republishing 2015: 100 Years Ago in 1915 US Congressman Tom Watson on the Leo Frank Case
  50. Turk Premier Equates Netanyahu to Paris Killlers; New (NATO) Member of Axis o' Evil TBA?
  51. ZOGbotic Control Freaks Crack Down on 3 Million Almost All White Preppers Nationwide
  52. Ex-NYPD Detective: Muslim-Only 'No Go Zones' Could Come to US
  53. Jew Leaker at Closed Paris Mtg: "Netanyahu Likened France to 1492 Spain; Jew Trap About to Spring!"
  54. Rick Perry: Think Nationalized Medicine Works? Look at the VA
  55. George Soros funded Ferguson protests with $33 million
  56. Army opens grueling Ranger job to women
  57. Israel awards actor Michael Douglas $1 million prize
  58. Orthodox rabbi admits to violent conspiracy
  59. Portland teen accused of threatening to blow up NE Portland deli 'in the name of Allah,' court recor
  60. After four years, American cartoonist Molly Norris still in hiding after drawing Prophet Mohammed
  61. Ohio Man Charged With Plotting to Bomb U.S. Capitol
  62. District of Columbia - Jewish-owned D.C. business targeted by self-described ISIS militants
  63. Alabama town takes down racially charged billboard
  64. Defend the Confederate flag this weekend in Lexington
  65. House Votes to Undo Obama Immigration Actions
  66. Patrick J Buchanan: A Triumph of Terrorism
  67. Jewish academy in ABQ to close doors
  68. Jewish Americans who attend synagogue enjoy better health, study finds
  69. The U.S. should open its doors to imperiled European Jews
  70. Boehner: House Will Fund Homeland Security, Block Obama on Immigration
  71. Report: US Lawmakers 18 Times Wealthier Than Average American
  72. Leaked Documents Show Most Illegals Now Immune to Arrest
  73. Obama amnesty to impose billions in costs on states, lawsuit alleges
  74. NF/LePen Banned from Giant, Misdirected Rally in Paris, Stage Coup on ZOG-France
  75. Report: Veteran Homelessness Explodes In New Hampshire
  76. Memphis - Mass negros chimp out after monkeyball game
  77. Ohio: Muslim “armed with knives” attempts to stab police at Columbus airport
  78. Katy Perry says "teaming with Lenny Kravitz (Black dude) at Superbowl makes Me look cooler."
  79. "Selma" opens to a very soft 11M. box office while "Taken 3" pulls in 40M.
  80. Black Lakewood man: A KKK member saved me in Vietnam
  81. Novel new law prompts towns to agree to rescind gun measures
  82. Confederate veteran cemetery vandalized
  83. District of Columbia - Al Qaeda Warns U.S. of New Undetectable Bomb
  84. Tennessee - ATF investigates West Tenn. church fires
  85. Gorbachev Issues New Warning of Nuclear War Over Ukraine
  86. Texas - Saudi student who caused Fort Sam bomb scare pleads guilty
  87. LewRockwell:Free Speech Hypocrites
  88. Deluded Piers Morgan says that only a tiny faction who "aren't real Muslims" cause terrorism.
  89. Romney tells donors he is mulling 2016 White House run
  90. U.S. prosecutors recommend criminal charges against Petraeus: N.Y. Times
  91. The Paralysis of Europe by Patrick J. Buchanan
  92. Geo. "Dr. Evil" Soros Demands West Pony Up $50 Billion to Ukraine to Impede Russia
  93. Afghanistan: Longest War in US Hist. to Go On for Years - Ominous & Startling Pentagon Pronouncement
  94. New York- US to Sentence Radical Muslim Preacher Abu Hamza on Friday
  95. Vladimir Putin: The 10th Most Admired Man in America
  96. The two GOP plans to stop Obama's immigration action
  97. Angry crowd gathers after Freeport police fatally shoot suspect
  98. International Arrivals: 8 Torah Scrolls Dedicated to "Victims" of Terror in Israel
  99. Jew born in Cuba trying to mend US-Communist ties
  100. Jewish Community Center in Oak Park may close
  101. Low income workers say immigrants are taking 'our jobs, healthcare, housing'
  102. Cartoon Blasphemy of Holocaustianity Damned by the West
  103. White House Sends ‘Islamophobia’ Fighter Eric Holder To Paris
  104. California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer to retire
  105. The Inevitable: Louisiana Harbinger of Growing WN Racial Identity and Pol. Action
  106. Surging Nationalist Alternative for Germany Party Developing Message of WN Resistance
  107. US to Cut European Military Bases as Budgets Shrink
  108. Dumbed-Down US Proles: 42% Believe WMDs Found in Iraq in New Poll
  109. Jews polluting Maine due to their existence
  110. Gun violence solidifies Wilmington's unwanted reputation
  111. Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Cut Aid to Palestinians
  112. USN CDR Jose Luis Sanchez, Pleads Guilty to Selling Out USA and His Command for Bribes, Whore
  113. Cosby Co-Star Phylishia Rashad says "forget these Women" accusers.
  114. UD reviewing sexual(Negro) assault policies
  115. About Three in 10 American Jews Identify as Republicans
  116. O’Reilly Takes on Ex-KKK Leader Duke
  117. As 70th anniversary of "Holocaust" approaches, Jewish groups fret over "hate"
  118. Report: John Bolton May Leave Fox for 2016 White House Run
  119. Jewish "Yoda" Neocon "Fixer," 93, Finally Out at Pentagon; Damage Spans Generations
  120. Judge blocks Arizona ID theft law targeting job-seeking immigrants
  121. Alan Dershowitz says "anti-Israeli zealots are loving" the accusations against him
  122. Black Lives Matter Protesters Target White People Eating Brunch Movement ends with ridicule ...
  123. COLORADO - Bomb squad clears suspicious bag at Colorado Springs airport
  124. To the American Public
  125. People Who Want to Kill Cops, White People and Brag About Spitting in White Peoples Food
  126. Revlon CEO Rips Blacks, Jews, Hates ’Dirty’ Americans
  127. Scary Lantos Found. Alert 5889 Fundraising Scam: "Turkey on Verge of Resurrecting 3rd Reich!"
  128. What Do You Think About This New Billboard That's Being Called Racist And Hateful
  129. Iran Crows About Thwarting Mossadist Hit on 6th Persian Nuke Scientist
  130. "Extraordinary" and Dire Prediction of High "French" Jew Cukierman; 'France Stage 4 Cancer Patient!"
  131. 'Camp of the Saints'-like African Invasion of Europa by Remote Control! Where's Gen. Balbo?
  132. US Diplomats Attacked by Israeli "Settlers;" Amer. Sec. Detail Draws Guns; US Emb. Clams Up
  133. NEW YORK - Suspect in U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya, Tanzania, dies before NY trial
  134. Fire: No threat found at Scottsdale Jewish Community Center
  135. Staggering Price Tag for Afghan Forever War Begins to Leak Out ...
  136. State Dept. Strongly Denies Any US Hand in Failed Gambia Coup ... Yeah, Right? What Aroused ZOG?
  137. Feguson store is racist for demanding hoodies be removed
  138. Knoxville- store owner shoots an afro american multiiple times during robbery attempt (video)
  139. Ferguson Protesters storm the St. Louis Police headquarters
  140. 2 Minnesota women (muslim) sentenced in Somali terror case
  141. Congress approves belated payment to preserve Auschwitz concentration camp
  142. MSM admits: Much of Dr. David Duke’s ’91 Campaign Is Now in Louisiana Mainstream
  143. New Year's protests against police violence were held in multiple cities across the country
  144. Des Moines-violent tweaking home invading afro american stabbed to death by The White Man
  145. 'Racist' LA police dogs only bite Latinos and African-Americans
  146. Flight delayed after ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refuse to sit next to women
  147. ADL highlights top issues affecting Jews in 2014
  148. White Male NYC Teacher Sues Over Discrimination
  149. Latest Obongo Lie: Longest US War (Afgh.) Coming to an End; Taliban Declare Victory Over HATO
  150. 2 men open fire on Los Angeles police patrol car
  151. U.S. clarifies ambiguity in Victims of Nazi Persecution Act
  152. Muslim U.S. Congressman Busted Working With Terrorist Frontman
  153. House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (R., La.) Under Fire for Speaking at David Duke-Linked Event
  154. Woman has her house burnt down for refusing to burn coal.
  155. Armed man intervenes in beating.
  156. Black Professor Praises Black Cop Killer: "Like Watching 'Django Unchained' - It's Kind Of Exciting"
  157. Thousands Shut Down Streets in Peaceful LA Rally
  158. NYPD Chief: Why is the Federal Regime "Attacking" Local Gendarmes?
  159. Mysterious Sniper Bags Iranian General Taqawi Fighting ISIS in Iraq
  160. Man Who Threatened to Kill Police Officers Says Dead Cops Should Have Been White
  161. Sensational: Hungarian Parliament Speaker Kover Publicly Accuses US of Fabricating New Hung. Party
  162. Well-known Ferguson activist charged with arson, burglary
  163. Yonkers teen charged with assault as hate crime
  164. Zionization of CIA Comes Out in Torture Report; Israeli Criminal Tactics Provide Guide for ZOG Gulag
  165. Fresno Mosque attack on Christmas Day was a hate hoax
  166. See The MASSIVE Support For Law Enforcement In “Sea of Blue” Rallies Across The Country
  167. School bans 'I Can't Breathe' T-shirts at tournament
  168. Sweden a Democracy? Think Again! Elections Cancelled till '22 in Libtard Bid to Halt Right Surge
  169. "African American" "randomnly" stabs five People in an Irish Pub in Washington.
  170. Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country
  171. Protester who advocates peace charged with setting fire at Berkeley QT
  172. Pittsburgh Monroville Mall Fight Up Close
  173. Documentary Confirms Michael Rockefeller was Eaten by Cannibals in New Guinea
  174. New Obama Exec Order: Affirmative Action for gays, transsexuals, lesbians & other deviants
  175. Lessons of Old Rome Unlearnt: Pentagon Revives Alien Recruitment Drive
  176. Hundreds of N.Y.P.D. turn Their backs on Mayor DeBlasio at funeral for murdered cop
  177. How Sweet: Newly Released Cubano Spy Was Allowed 2x to Art. Inseminate Wife While in Fed. Pen.
  178. Baby Jesus stolen from a Nativity scene and replaced with a pig’s head in Massachusetts
  179. N-Word Burns Down White Woman's Home because She said No
  180. Labor Unions launch recruiting push for illegal immigrants protected by Obama Executive Action
  181. Feds sign $7.8 million lease to house new immigration workers hired to sign up illegals
  182. ISIS Threat at Home: FBI Warns US Military About Social Media Vulnerabilities
  183. Police officer kills armed black man near Ferguson, Missouri
  184. David Duke: Christian symbols outlawed while Jewish menorahs are erected
  185. KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays
  186. Oprah Winfrey: “White older people have to die”
  187. Heartwarming English Christmas Campaign Commem. WWI Xmas 'Truce' Has Jews, Libtards in Furious Fix
  188. It's a Wonderful Anti-White Christmas Story (mirror)
  189. Black Lives Matter’ Protests Have Black Students With Failing Grades Demanding A Free Pass
  190. Gutierrez follows through on Holocaust Auschwitz-Birkenau grant
  191. Arpaio Sues Over Amnesty; Boehner Hints House May Be Next In Line
  192. Dayton Ohio Police: Teen killed while attempting to rob man
  193. Breaking: North Korea experiencing severe Internet outages
  194. Rudy Giuliani says Obama and black leaders incite "anti-police hatred"
  195. Deputy Knesset speaker: The US is no longer in Israel’s pocket,Israel is living on borrowed time
  196. Nationalist Party Heads of Europe gather in Milan, Italy for Anti EU Summit organized by Forza Nuova
  197. 2 Somali Minnesotans Charged with Supporting ISIL
  198. Black thug shoots two "Pigs" in revenge for the deaths of "two of His own".
  199. 1000 Paratroop "Trainers" Head to Iraq in Jan; Will Bring Total to Over 3,000 Returned AD GIs
  200. Michelle Obama: It Was Racist When A “Woman At Target Asked Me To Help Get Something Off A Shelf”…
  201. California: Protesters ask school board to stop teaching Islam
  202. Report: All Net Jobs Growth Since 2007 Has Gone to Immigrants
  203. Israeli black market organ broker released from U.S. jail, avoids deportation
  204. North Korea Declares War on Jewish Propaganda; Hollywood Goes Nuts, ZOG-USA Threatens
  205. Constitution Check: Is Obama’s new immigration policy already in legal trouble?
  206. Mark Potok:White dominance is on the decline as the demographic white majority heads for oblivion
  207. Muslim teen, Mohammed Islam, dupes New York Magazine with fake story about making $72M on lunch brea
  208. Australia Nixed Iran Plea to Extradite Sydney Jihadi back to Iran; Political Asylum Granted
  209. Homeowner Fights Back, Shoots Home Invasion Robbery Suspects
  210. Resolution Condems Global Acts of Anti-Semitism
  211. Obama Establishes Relations with Cuba
  212. Opinion : America's Getting Less White, and That Will Save It
  213. Filmmaker Polanski's lawyers want sex crime case closed
  214. U.N. sending thousands of Muslims to America
  215. Jewish Oligarch control of USSR mirrors what is happening in the US Right Now
  216. New evidence that Vikings visited North America more than 1,000 years ago
  217. Donald Trump: 'Last Thing We Need Is Another Bush'
  218. Federal Judge Rules Obama's Immigration Edict Is Unconstitutional
  219. "What the Torture Report is Missing" by Phil Giraldi
  220. Marxist college professor charged with inciting violence at NYC protest
  221. Congoids Turn on Red Chinese Overlords at Madagascar Sugar Mill; Peking "Shocked" at Anti-Sino Riots
  222. Austria Finally Shuts Down Saudi Madrasah in Vienna
  223. Auschwitz anniversary gets Hollywood touch
  224. Meet New IDF Commissar Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot; Golani Brigade Cut-Throat from Way Back
  225. Lesbian Rabbi Supports Sharia Law
  226. Sandy Hook Parents Sue Bushmaster: You Sold ‘Weapon of Choice’ for Mass Murderers
  227. Cost of Afghan war: nearly $1 trillion and climbing
  228. Israeli citizen US immigration reform activist Roy Naim busted for kiddie porn
  229. St. Louis officer to be disciplined over Wilson name tag
  230. Mayor Walks Out on Invocation Prayer to Satan, Zeus, Allah
  231. UMaine bans Christmas decorations in the name of diversity
  232. Chris Rock: A Sissy Coward -- Won't Dare Use the "J" Word to ID Hollywood Elite in Lame Rant
  233. Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For
  234. Obama Justice Department Was Involved In IRS Targeting, Lerner eMails Reveal
  235. Senator Sessions: We Will Not Yield
  236. Univ. of Calif Pres Jane Close Conoley: All Light Skinned People are Automatically Racist
  237. Senator: Bush misled nation in run-up to Iraq war
  238. ISIS Wants to Sell James Foley's Body For $1 Million
  239. Call Your Republicrud Congressman NOW to Stop Omnibus Bill!!
  240. Al Qaeda blames US for Korkie death
  241. Al-Qaradawi placed on Interpol’s wanted list, Erdogan outraged
  242. Obama quotes nonexistent Bible verse in immigration speech
  243. US confirms Uruguay has received the six Guantanamo detainees
  244. NCAA chief: UAB cutting football is 'troubling'
  245. Jury finds American Front leader guilty on 2 charges
  246. Social Justice Warriors, Eric Garner, Internet Porn Addiction
  247. Clemson fraternity suspended for 'Cripmas' party featuring white students in bandannas
  248. Judge on immigration case had criticized US policy
  249. 25,108,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
  250. US Unveils Federal Law Enforcement Profiling Curbs