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  1. New Utah NSA Spy Ctr. Uses 1.7 Million Gals. of Water Daily to Cool Down Whirling Super-Computers
  2. TV's Highest Paid Stars: What They Earn
  3. Meet the top 10 richest members of Congress
  4. Patrick J Buchanan: Who owns the future?
  5. Israel Quietly Maintains Ties With Egyptian Army
  6. Police reportedly say teen shot Australian student in Oklahoma for the 'fun of it'
  7. Ron Paul, Birch Society President to speak at a supposed "Anti-Semitic conference"
  8. 10 Hard Proofs We Live Under a Tyrannical ZOG
  9. 'No shield from forced exposure': Groklaw website shuts down over NSA spying
  10. Christopher Lane, Australian College Baseball Player, Dies In Random Killing In Oklahoma
  11. Maine Governor Tells the Truth!!!
  12. The Federal Reserve on Trial
  13. Mapping where English is not the language at home
  14. House chairman rejects 'special' citizenship path
  16. ADL attacks Southern nationalists as ‘extremists’
  17. Racism linked to asthma risk for black women
  18. U.S. to give Palestinians $148 million
  19. 5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks
  20. Australia Sets New Policy - Boat People Will NOT Be Given 'Asylum' - Flow of Boat People Drys Up
  21. Federal agents arrest hundreds in MS-13 gang sweep
  22. Who Is The Real Enemy Of America?
  23. Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department
  24. Retail Expert Davidowitz: Wal-Mart's Woes Stem From Economy in 'State of Collapse'
  25. I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GOTTA PAY FOR ME
  26. A look at federal role in civil rights cases
  27. The Frankfurt School at War: The Marxists Who Explained the Nazis to Washington
  28. Oregon's GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes
  29. HUD ad pushes diversity on Whites
  30. Republican National Committee votes to block CNN, NBC from hosting debates
  31. NSA reportedly broke privacy rules thousands of times
  32. Flight recorders from downed UPS cargo jet probed for clues
  33. Remy's arrest coming as shock to Waltham, Mass. neighbors
  34. Our biggest problem, how we are organized
  35. Huffington Post: "White People are too dumb to know they're racist"
  36. Obamacare provision will allow forced "Home Inspections"
  37. Are we hardwired to be racist?
  38. World champion Isinbayeva condemns homosexuality, criticizes Swedes for rainbow-colored nails
  39. UK: Labour leader Ed Miliband pelted with eggs during walkabout
  40. Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda
  41. Video: Glenn Beck shares the story of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
  42. Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. sentenced to 30 months in prison
  43. Immigration: Senator Sessions calls on House to stop asylum “abuses
  44. Officials: UPS Cargo Jet Crashes in Alabama; Kills Two People
  45. Obama youth amnesty numbers jump to 1.9 million
  46. Why isn't this a hate crime? Easy guess.
  47. DNI Clapper won’t control spying review, White House says
  48. Oprah 'sorry' for Switzerland flap
  49. 1912 Eighth-Grade Exam Might Make Adult Heads Spin Today
  50. Report: 400 US Surface-to-Air Missiles Went Missing in Benghazi
  51. New CA "transgender bill" lets students 'choose' which gender they want to be & restrooms to use
  52. New study finds spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn and across New York City
  53. Post v. Putin — Whose Side Are You On?
  54. Clown banned from Missouri State Fair amid outrage over Obama act
  55. Million Muslims to march on White House next September 11th
  56. Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him
  57. Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus
  58. Russia Makes a Fool Out of Obama, Over and Over
  59. Mexicans told to use 'key words' to gain entry to US
  60. Holder to Announce Plans to Reduce Prison Population
  61. Plans for South Florida's first Holohoax shrine
  62. Gay couple seeks spousal privilege protection in Kentucky murder trial
  63. Police: Illegal alien has sexually assaulted at least five girls in Iowa
  64. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: Democrats Divided on Obamacare, Not Republicans
  65. Front Page Washington Post Story Hides Fact That Alleged Murderer Was Illegal Alien
  66. Blacks commit 49% of all murders but are 13% of US population
  67. "Battling 'White Genocide' in Atlanta"
  68. Outrage Grows Over Reid 'Race Baiting' GOP on Obama
  69. Americans renouncing citizenship jumps sixfold
  70. Black "Judge" kicks all Whites out of courtroom to "protest" black majority crime rate
  71. South Dakota's Jewish households open up to 'Roving Rabbis'
  72. US Postal Service had $740 million third-quarter loss
  73. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio orders deputies to carry AR-15 style rifles & remain armed, even off-duty
  74. Fox News’ Roger Ailes: I’ll Put CNN, MSNBC Out of Business
  75. Acid attack leaves British teens volunteering on Zanzibar burned 'beyond imagination'
  76. What really happened to Navy SEAL Team Six?
  77. Mississippi roadside shooting trial continued
  78. Obama’s former adviser ridicules statement that NSA doesn’t spy on Americans
  79. Latest NSA Revelation: All Personal E-Mails, Texts, Etc., To and From USA Harvested & Stored
  80. Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War
  81. Do We Really Want a Cold War II?
  82. Repub's the fight within: Stick with the Euro base and die, or diversify...internal battle..but why
  83. 95yo One of our Heros, survived the enemy during war, a lifetime on the street, dies from US Cops
  84. Senate control hinges on fate of Southern Dems
  85. In Missouri, first day of school brings echoes of past busing battles with transfer ruling
  86. White House floats health care fix for Congress
  87. Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods
  88. VIDEO: McConnell, Graham face pack of troubles in 2014
  89. The Skinny on Martin Indyk, Israeli Lobby, Tool-Fool Lindsey Graham, etc ....Phil Giraldi
  90. Ann Coulter: Bill O’Reilly is smarter than Lawrence O’Donnell
  91. Former Obama Advisor: President's Claim of No Domestic Spying Program 'Ridiculous'
  92. Martha's Vineyard residents claim Obamas to be bad neighbors, don't want them back
  93. L.A. firm removes Birkenau photo from website, after media flak
  94. Proposal would make Holocaust education part of required curriculum
  95. Rare Schindler documents and factory construction plans up for sale at RR Auction
  96. Exclusive: Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts
  97. Richmond Virginia: Confederate flag will fly along I-95
  98. Patrick J Buchanan: Al-Qaida in perspective
  99. A Brief History of the Monstrous Amer. Police State .... It didn't start in 9/11; but w/ 'FDR's' ZOG
  100. Vets' Gadsden Liberty Flag at New Rochelle, NY Nat'l Guard Armory Prompts Libtard Rage
  101. TASA Goons Spreading from Airports with Their Venomous VIPRs
  102. Just a Coincidence? Japs Unveil Largest Warship Since WWII on Hiroshima Anniversary
  103. Was police killing of 95-year-old necessary?
  104. "Is the FBI a Criminal Organization?" .................Answer: You Betcha!
  105. Centripetal Forces in Multi-Racial India on Display .... New Separatist State Emerging: Telangana!
  106. ZOG's MSM in Overdrive: Chechen Boston Bomber Now Said to Have "Pro-White" Literature
  107. NY Times Admits: Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Used to “Divert Attention” from NSA Uproar
  108. Study: U.S. Debt Obligations $70 Trillion
  109. More Black "flash mobs" than before?
  110. u n
  111. Alex Rodriguez plays the race card.
  112. Barrack Hussein Obama's support and sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood being criticized.
  113. WATCH! Anti-White segment on MSNBC
  114. Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos
  115. 'The Washington Post' sold to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos for $250 million
  116. Lindsey Graham: I Will Run as Conservative in GOP Primary
  117. At 80, Justice Ginsburg emerges as the court’s new originalist
  118. RNC threatens to shut out CNN and NBC from presidential debate partnerships
  119. U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans
  120. Ron Paul Blasts the NSA and Its Lies
  121. TV news crew robbed of camera gear in Oakland
  122. "Surprise! You've Been XKeyscored!" by Justin Raimondo ..... Funny, Yet So Sad
  123. Discarded "American Suicide Bomber Assoc." Old Theater Prop Strikes Terror into NYC
  124. Tawana Brawley begins making defamation payments
  125. Why Irvine, California Consistently Ranks As The Safest City In America
  126. The word 'citizen' to be banned as racist slur
  127. Stomach bug in 2 states linked to Mexican farm
  128. Obama giving Benghazi survivors aliases & hiding them
  129. New York Times Sells Boston Globe at 93% Loss
  130. In Mass. Governor’s Race Packed With Jewish Candidates
  131. OJ Simpson wins small parole victory on some charges
  132. Mississippi law attempts to reel-in illegitimate births
  133. Senator Ted Cruz: Millions Must Join Together to Stop Obamacare
  134. US issues global travel alert over Al Qaeda threat, prepares to close embassies
  135. Patrick J Buchanan: Last hurrah of the interventionists?
  136. USPS takes photos of all mail
  137. Senators want advocate for Constitution added to secret FISA court hearings
  138. Charlie Rangel: Tea Party the same group of "White Crackers" that fought Civil Rights
  139. Obama's internet "Truth Team" to 'dispel lies' spread by his opponents online LOL!
  140. common core
  141. MSM Spilling Beans (Partially) on CIA Skullduggery During Benghazi Ambassador Killing
  142. Like "Duh" Hello ....MSM Finally 'Reveals' Mex. Drug Cartels Have Been Hirin' Ex-US Military
  143. Startling Pub. Ceremony Honoring SS-Galicia Div. in Deepest Ukraine -- Unthinkable Even 5 yrs ago
  144. Is Colorado showing the way of our future? First ridiculed now headmen taking notice
  145. kel tec .
  146. Tzipi Livni does a PR snow job on Americans re. a non existent Peace Plan.
  147. White Student Union at Georgia State automatically equated to Nazis, KKK
  148. Liars: F.B.I. Said to Find It Could Not Have Averted Boston Attack
  149. CIA Personnel in Benghazi Silenced with Threats to Their Families by Obama Regime
  150. GOP prepares bill to cut food stamps by 5 percent
  151. How Evangelicals Went Astray
  152. Vulture 'Capitalists' Hedge Fund Zionists Demand US Congress Hammer Argentina Over Iran Ties
  153. XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'
  154. Boehner: 'No decisions' made on whether House will defund Obamacare
  155. Germany Opens "Last" Big WWII Cemetery in Smolensk Area of Russia
  156. Hasidic businesses in the U.S. get big boost from small financing
  157. Jewish influence strong in Tucson
  158. These 2 Deaths Will Never Appear on the Afghan Forever War Casualty Lists... But They Sure Ought To!
  159. Aaron Hernandez now linked to a double murder, as well as an assault, and also a shooting
  160. Schumer Announces Legislation To Make French Rail Company Responsible To Holocaust Victims
  161. Lindsey Vonn breaking into the New York fashion scene.
  162. NSA scandal shakes Americans’ trust in government
  163. Militarized Police no longer peace officers
  164. MSNBC Viewer Numbers Plummet
  165. Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. a Lawless State
  166. Massive solar flare narrowly misses Earth, EMP disaster barely avoided
  167. Defunding: the Framers’ remedy for presidential lawlessness
  168. Ralph Nader Blasts Lady MacBeth Clinton and Her Upcoming Campaign, Attacks ZOG From the Left
  169. Yahoo Scaredy-Cats v. the Big, Bad NSA Fanged Wolf
  170. No Costa Rican Incinerators, So USAF Quite Glad to Ferry 24 Tons of Coke to Miami "For Destruction"
  171. Hikind Demands Credit Card Companies Pull Support From Hate Groups
  172. Happy 150th Birthday Henry Ford
  173. Manning ACQUITTED of "aiding the enemy" (treason) --- but Guilty of other Charges
  174. Pentagon: Afghan forces will need help beyond 2014
  175. Steve Forbes: Obama in a 'Bubble' as US 'Crumbles' Under Obamacare
  176. Genuine article Black American Women Janelle Monae
  177. Evading the 'American' Surveillance State ....Point of No Return?
  178. Woman arrested in DC cathedral vandalism (very descriptive!)
  179. DHS Returns Iraqi War Booty: Saddam's Ebay Sword ....But What About WWII Thefts?
  180. Suspected Nazi war criminals in US despite deportation orders, eligible for public benefits
  181. Time Warner drops CBS, then halts decision
  182. Latest NSA Bombshell: Report: "Even Low-Level Analysts Spy on You!"
  183. Ron Paul Writes on NSA Spying
  184. Michoacan: High Mexican Admiral Gets His Head Blown Off in Mex. Narcostate
  185. 'Schindler's List' Receives Zero Bids on eBay
  186. Sessions to Republicans: GOP Elite View on Immigration Is 'Nonsense'Sessions to Republicans: GOP Eli
  187. Eric Cantor's 'Liberal' Jewish Argument for Immigration Reform
  188. Child Of Survivor Pushes Holocaust Education Bill For Pa. Schools
  189. Anti-White Media Is Bad News
  190. Housing Plan: The Race War against White Americans Moves up a Notch
  191. Patrick J Buchanan: Weiner & Spitzer — Now More Than Ever!
  192. White House doubles down on vow Obama won't agree to more spending cuts
  193. Black serial killer copies another black serial killer
  194. Please Tell Me This Isn't Real: Congoid Degenerate Who Sired 22 w/ 14 Diff. Wom. Rewarded w/ TV Show
  195. Red Chinese/Paki Officers' Clubs Must Be Abuzz About This Bit of Indian Army Idiocy
  196. WWII .... It Never Seems to End! Latest Tizzy: A Chapel Bell in Darkest Austria
  197. Chicago Bankruptcy Next?
  198. ZOGbot Reason #726 for USA to Invade Syria: Centenarian Nazi Alois Brunner Lurks in Damascus
  199. Youth pastor, his pregnant wife, chaperone die in bus crash
  200. Are media buying into Obama's ‘phony scandal’ claim?
  201. An American General Warns Israeli Right
  202. Hilarious Holder Letter to Russians: "If You Return Snowden, We Promise Not to Torture or Kill Him"
  203. Secret WWII Concentration Camp Exposed Where Inmates' Labor Was Conscripted ..... in N. Idaho!
  204. NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries
  205. Report: TSA Goons Using Airport Valets to Search Cars w/o Owners' Consent: Bye-Bye 4th Amendment
  206. Outrage: Netanyahu Floated Bizarre Scheme: US Frees Traitor Pollard for Palestinian Captives
  207. Gov. Chris Christie: A Big Fat Fraud
  208. Chicago politician pleads guilty to looting scholarship fund
  209. Book: American POWs left behind from Korean War
  210. Rubio & Alexander: Unpopularity shows House Repubs that pro-amnesty not good way to advance career
  211. Air Force, facing fighter pilot shortage, offers retention bonuses of up to $225,000
  212. Hacker found dead days before he was due to demonstrate how to kill someone fitted with a pacemaker
  213. IRS Workers Want Out of Obamacare
  214. How Nancy Pelosi Saved the NSA Surveillance Program
  215. [VIDEO] David Duke: Israel world's real terrorist power
  216. Green paint splattered on the Lincoln Memorial
  217. "The Lobby Never Sleeps" by Ex-CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi ....a Straightshooter
  218. Angry Patriot or Rothschildist Agent? USMC Gen. Mattis Speaks Out on Israel-Centric US Policies
  219. Immigration will save the U.S. from White racism
  220. Now they Are Trying to Get Our Passwords!
  221. American Race Relations Plummeted Since Obama Took Office
  222. US Congress to Open Investigation of Mysterious Seal Unit 6 Helo Crash Shortly After OBL 'Raid'
  223. Engineers Get Rich as Talent War Heats Up
  224. Army Reports Near-Total 'Loss' of All Field Opns Reports in Afgh. & Iraq for Spec. Combat Units
  225. Illegal aliens strike to protest arrival of H-2A guest workers in Washington State
  226. US Army's JLENS Prog. Using Giant Surveillance Blimps to Begin Operations Over Dist. of Corruption
  227. Records of snooping in Republican candidate’s tax records disappear
  228. Justice Dept. to challenge states on voting rights
  229. With little argument, House limits U.S. military involvement in Syria, Egypt
  230. Arkansas lawmakers meet to consider future of death penalty
  232. The Zionization of America .....Before Our Very Eyes!
  233. Two Americans Added to Food Stamp Rolls for Every Job Administration Says It Created
  234. HUD's New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.
  235. 'Lil Lindsey Graham's Latest Brainstorm: Boycott '14 Winter Olympics in Russia Over Snowden
  236. 'The Mystery of TWA Flight 800' by Phil Giraldi ........and the Italian Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870
  237. House may vote today to limit massive NSA surveillance program
  238. WWI Mystery Solved: 41 Sunken U-Boats Discovered Off English Coast
  239. 'Lil Lord Lindsey Graham At It Again; Demands New US-Irano War by Labor Day
  240. Most Preposterous NSA CLaim Yet ........."We Can't Crack Our Own Employees' E-Mails"
  241. Snowden granted entry to Russia, free to leave airport
  242. Ohio to be first state with Holocaust memorial on statehouse grounds
  243. 13-year-old girl raped by more than a dozen illegal aliens in Texas
  244. Sen. Ted Cruz Issues Major Gay Marriage Warning for Pastors and Christians, Alike
  245. Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev wants to "abolish the White Race"
  246. Today in History–The Bombing of the King David Hotel by Jewish terrorists
  247. Mexico actually produces an official guidebook to entering the U.S. illegally
  248. Veteran's Today: How Much does Israel Cost the Average American?
  249. WSJ Criticizes Obama for 'Stand Your Ground' Reversal
  250. Leading From Behind Al Sharpton