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  1. Live Long and Prosper, unless you're a Honky Racist Cracker!!
  2. House votes to cut $4B a year from food stamps
  3. VA Republican Party Chairman tells "anti-semitic" joke
  4. Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey now under state investigation
  5. Meet Eliot Cohen: ZOGist Extraordinaire, Perle Flunkey and Wolfowitz Bootlick
  6. Verizon: NSA's Lackey & Handmaiden ....... Beware! Verisraelon!
  7. An 'American' Media Marriage Made in Hell: Prepare for Screaming Propaganda Torrents
  8. Racism ups kids' mental health issues
  9. Jesse Jackson Jr's pink cashmere cape & Michael Jackson memorabilia for sale
  10. Syrian girl
  11. 50 Shades of Anti-White
  12. Holocaust Museum Houston wins federal grant to preserve testimonies of survivors
  13. Elementary school principal charged after being busted with crystal meth, painkillers, etc.
  14. An Idea for us all to escape obamacare.
  15. Canada: Information hidden from the public in hate crime torture/murder of beautiful Alberta teen
  16. Navy Yard Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs
  17. Black Florida Attorney busted naked prowling for victim in her home
  18. Starbucks CEO to customers: Please don't bring guns into our stores
  19. GOP goes all-in on ‘de-fund ObamaCare,’ as shutdown looms
  20. SEC to unveil CEO pay ratio rule, adopt municipal adviser rule
  21. Putin and Parasites
  22. Italian Parents Show White Americans the Way: Kids Removed from Racially Mixed 'Schools'
  23. Precondition for White Rebellion: Typical US Family Makes Less Than it Did in 1989
  24. Special problem: State says too many of Santa Cruz's black students are in special ed
  25. Minority immigration imports deadly diseases
  26. Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October
  27. Israel’s History of Chemical Weapons Use
  28. Miss (Diversity) New York Allegedly Called Miss America ‘Fat’
  29. Senate, House ensnared in health care controversy
  30. University of Alabama orders sororities to end race discrimination
  31. High School History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment
  32. DC Navy Yard Psycho-Shooter Given "Secret" Clearance
  33. Syr. Christ. Rpt: Saudis Release 1200 Death-Row Jihadist-Convicts to Fight Assad/Putin Ended Scheme
  34. Whoa! NYT 'Public Editor' Publicly Questions NYT Edit. Bd's Spiking of NSA-Israeli Spy Info-Sharing
  35. Lindsey’s Plan for War on Iran
  36. The United States of Syria: Domestic Lessons in a Distant War
  37. shield law .
  38. Holocaust Education Through Comics
  39. Syrian Rebels Tried to Acquire Chemical Weapons
  40. Leftist Bull. of Atomic Scientists Finally Outs Israeli Nuke Program: 80 Warheads Ready to Launch
  41. Employment Gap Between Rich and Poor Widest on Record
  42. Breaking News: Shooting at Washington Navy Yard
  43. Why are Economists Supporting Amnesty?
  44. Black Teenager Beats 62-year-old Man to Death - FOUND GUILTY
  45. USA's Biggest Corporations Demand Amnesty for Illegals
  46. PEW Research Confirms Illegal Aliens Vote Democrat
  47. Anti-White Celebrities bullying White women
  48. Nationalist Woman Defies Marxist Crowd at Anti-War Rally
  49. Armed Or Prey: Why You Need A Gun
  50. Princeton Uni: too "White and Male", needs more "diversity"
  51. Russia MP in racism row over 'Obama banana' image
  52. FBI Admits to Mass Malware Attack
  53. Two Chicago Jewish Families Got Obama Started In Politics
  54. Glenn Beck: Barack Obama Can Get Away With Murder Because He’s Likeable And He’s Black
  55. NSA penetrated by Israel, and who else?
  56. Catholic Church Promoting Amnesty for Illegals
  57. USA vs the Rest of the World
  58. Patrick J Buchanan: Congress must recapture its lost war powers
  59. Poll: New low for trust in government
  60. Mother Jones Carries Brazilian Expose: How NSA Mimicked Google; Defeated Encryption
  61. Israeli Gov't Minister: "Leaked Snowden NSA-Israeli Joint Spy Docs a Libel and a Lie"
  62. Latest Laugh from Loon McCain: "Putin Insulting American People"
  63. Congress Must Recapture Its Lost War Powers
  64. Best Of 5773: The Top 7 Criminals And Bad Boys
  65. transatlantic
  66. NSA routinely shares Americans' data with Israel
  67. Syria crisis exposes rifts in US-German ties
  68. Vladimir Putin Speaks to America
  69. Police Bust Alleged Drug Ring That Halted Operations For Shabbat
  70. WSJ Op-Ed Syria "Expert" and McCain Guru, 'Dr.' Liz O'Bagy, Bagged for Bein' a Fake Ph.D.
  71. MUST READ: 'Shocking' Revelation - NSA Hands Over Illegally-Collected Data of Citizens to Israel!
  72. '2 Million Bikers' Overshadows Muslim March
  73. John Kerry Stonewalls: Refuses to Make Benghazi Survivors Available to Congress
  74. Feinstein to Homeland Security: Stop Enforcing Immigration Law
  75. Pentagon's AFRICOM HQS in Germany Gigantic Waste of $: GAO
  76. German Intercepts Point to Assad's Innocence as to Gas Attack
  77. Latest Kerry Lunacy: " If We Don't Attack Syria, It'll Morph into Another Afghanistan"
  78. Xenophobia, Homophobia and Racism are Uniquely White Characteristics
  79. Sheldon Adelson Backing US Expansion of Israel Councils
  80. Obongo Dull, Intellectually "Feeble" ....Upside Down "Logic" for Syrian Attack Exposed
  81. Report: Jihadis Gave US Targets to Attack in Syria
  82. Good News: Colorado Lawmakers Dumped in Recall Vote Over Gun Law
  83. Launching of the U.S. Coalition of Cities against Racism and Discrimination
  84. Another War for Israel — Featuring America's Newest Allies: al Qaida
  85. Obama's Rev. Wright's daughter & former Obama assoc. indicted for $16million in public grant fraud
  86. Docs: Officials misused US surveillance program
  87. Loser Kerry's "Unbelievably Small" War Gaffe
  88. Excellent ZOGometer to Measure ZOG's Chokehold Over Foreign Lands: US-Syrian War "Coalition"
  89. War-Screaming British PM Cameron Leaves Top-Secret Syria Docs Unattended on Train
  90. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley: Holder's Marijuana Decision Sends 'Wrong Message' to Drug Gangs
  91. Patrick J Buchanan: America says ‘No!’ to a Beltway War
  92. FIBies STILL Investigating Murdered Journo Mike Hastings for His Alleged 'Controversial Reporting'
  93. Just Released 5 Month White Belgian Hostage of Syrian Jihadists Says Assad Blameless for Gas Attack
  94. "Can This War Be Stopped?" by J. Raimondo ....Sobering Analysis
  95. "White" House Chief o' Staff: Air Attack of Syria "Will Send Message to Iran"
  96. Iraq and Iran Issue Joint Condemnation of Impending American Attack of Syria
  97. World says NO to American Unprovoked Attack on Syria
  98. Steve Smith to Quit being a White Nationalist?
  99. August Jobs: Immigrant Displacement Of Americans Displacement Off The charts
  101. The Communicable Disease of Anti-Semitism
  102. Privacy Scandal: NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data
  103. Lingering doubts over Syria gas attack evidence
  104. Mike King of TomatoBubble.com Crashes Geraldo Rivera 's Radio Show!
  105. Who Are Really Our ENEMIES?
  106. Syrian Christian Woman Upstages McCain at AZ Town Hall War Festival
  107. US Yanking Diplomats From Embassy Posts in Lebanon and Turkey
  108. Meet Sleazoid Val Caproni, Ex-FBI ZOG-Hack & Constitution-Trasher, Obongo's Latest Fed Judge Nominee
  109. Cong. Black Caucus Ordered to "STFU" About Syrian War Machinations; Take Seats @ Back o' the War-Bus
  110. CBS Attacks Pope's "Anti-Obama" Syr. War Stance; Mocks World Day of Fast as "Religious St. Protest"
  111. BREAKING: China Sends Warships & 1000 Marines to Syria, Accuses the U.S. of lying About Syria
  112. Italians Scotch Loan of Botticelli Renaissance Masterwork to Israel; Cite Syria War Fears
  113. Interesting Iranian Communique on the Syrian Situation ..... No Kid Glove Treatment for ZOGbots
  114. Lies, Lies, Lies: ZOG's Stock & Trade ..... But Are the American People Catching On????
  115. Breaking News: ABC Reports House to Vote Down Syrian War; Obongo to Address Angry Nation Tuesday
  116. Martin Luther King outed as sex addict & abuser of women by mainstream media
  117. After years of decline, US births leveling off?
  118. Pentagon Ordered to Broaden Syrian Targets; Mulls Doubling Attack Force: Escalating War Already
  119. Obama to meet w/ Russian Gay Rights Groups while in Russia for G20
  120. The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars
  121. Just Whose War Is This?
  122. red line
  123. Stripped, bound and shot in the head: Horrifying fate of Assad’s soldiers executed on camera by Syri
  124. Report: US military cracked most online encryption
  125. US: Chemical attacks make Syria top security risk
  126. George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, to file for divorce, says attorney
  127. Framers: No, Obama cannot attack Syria without Congress
  128. Syria's Christians Slated for Extermination by Washington's Rebel-Allies Who Actually Vow Same
  129. NRA Joins ACLU Anti-Spying Suit; Denounces NSA's Illegal Databases as De Facto "Nat'l Gun Registry"
  130. Obongo at Stockholm Synogogue Squeaks About Holohoax & Syria; Demands Blood
  131. Kerry's Latest Holocaust Non-Sequiturs & Other Illogical War Cries: Totally Obscene & Over the Top
  132. Peruvian Counterfeiting Crooks Overtake Columbians in Their Unwitting Efforts to Wreck Fed. Reserve
  133. "As a Jewess..." Cong. & DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Plays Holohoax-Hitler Violin for Syrian War
  134. CIA: 1 in 5 flagged job applicants actually a terrorist
  135. Seeds of Freedom Sprouting' first step in major future realignment of Nation
  136. Don't Attack Syria Petition
  137. 'Lil Lindsey Graham: "If We Don't Attack, an Iran-Israeli War is Certain, Jordan King Toppled Too"
  138. There are not even enough benefits for same sex couples in military..now this admin diverts to gays
  139. Ron Paul: US Attack of Syria "Immoral and Reckless," Cites Collapse of Ancient Imperial Rome
  140. Rand Paul: I May Filibuster Against Syria Action
  141. Putin: Russia May Agree to Syria Strike If Assad Used Chemical Arms
  142. No Syrian War to Save Obama’s Face!
  143. AIPAC in Full Bore Agitation for New Syrian War
  144. USAF Chief Welsh: "Although We've Been Preparing for a Syrian War....We Really Aren't Prepared"
  145. Boston mayor says he'd blow up Detroit and start over
  146. "A Blank Check for War" by J. Raimondo ...Americans Becoming "Isolationist" Despite Neocons' Schemes
  147. House Speaker John Boehner will support strike on Syria
  148. The Associated Press reveals what its associations actually are
  149. Senator Jeff Sessions: Labor Day a reminder why immigration bill must be stopped
  150. Kerry Plays 'Hitler Card' Likening Assad to AH, Claims Hitler Gassed Germans
  151. Rand Paul Hoists Kerry onto His Own Petard by Recycling Kerry's Viet War Cant for Syrian Attack
  152. The Israel Lobby and the Organized Jewish Community Want Regime Change in Syria
  153. Zimmerman now wants Florida to pay him $300,000 in legal costs
  154. DUHHH: The U.S., Britain and Israel have Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10 Years
  155. Declassified Royal Navy Reports Reveal Brits Torpedoed/Strafed Whales in Falklands War
  156. "US has plan to protect Israel"
  157. Oregon overpass: "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white"
  158. Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone
  159. Liberals Aghast as US’s “25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods” All Happen to be Black
  160. was AFP hacker Jeremy Hammond working with the Federal Government?
  161. ‘I did not join for this’: US military men speak out against Syria strike
  162. Ex-boxing champ Tommy Morrison dies at 44
  163. Russia not convinced by US evidence on Syria
  164. Two High School Students arrested for gang rape at Kansas City school
  165. Obama The Anti-White Racist In His Own Words
  166. Vladimir Putin's Message To Obama
  167. Canadian Navy: "A Most Unfortunate Accident" ..... 2 Canadian Warships Collide, Serious Damage
  168. IDF Massing on Israeli-Lebanese Border
  169. 20-year-old Black man charged with killing 99-year-old woman
  170. Horrifying story of woman who was held hostage with her boyfriend in Somalia for 15 months
  171. Huffington Post writer tweets about wanting to sodomize conservative talk radio host
  172. A Guide To 30 Years Of U.S. Military Strikes Against Other Nations
  173. Jesse Jackson: Gun owners & Tea Party are Confederate terrorists
  174. Iran vow's Israel's destruction if Syria is attacked
  175. Obama asks Congress to green-light war with Syria
  176. How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World
  177. A look at Syria developments around the world
  178. Russia stops arms shipments to Syria over failure to pay
  179. Northern Syria just dropped off the Internet
  180. Putin says would be 'utter nonsense' for Assad to use chemical arms
  181. Crowd cheers as Tennessee GOP rep. tells girl her dad would have to be deported
  182. Leaked budget shows Israel top U.S. intelligence target
  183. SPLC President spews another hate-filled anti-white rant
  184. Rapper Sean Kingston sued for alleged gang rape, report says
  185. Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’
  186. Police: 2 Women Gang Raped By Juveniles In Wilmington Park
  187. US Supreme Cout Justice Ginsburg to officiate at same-sex wedding
  188. 'Youth' arrested for rape of 93-year old White woman
  189. Patrick J Buchanan: Obama's Syrian Strike Would Be Impeachable
  190. Civilian Ex-Analyst of DIA's Special Opns Command Goes Public w/ New Illegal Intel Gathering
  191. Active/Retired US Military Officers Voicing Reservations About American Attack on Syria
  192. Texas White man murdered shielding children from three rabid Blacks at Dennys
  193. Dunkin’ Donuts Accused of Racism over its ‘Charcoal Donut’ Ad
  194. Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President?
  195. Southern Nationalist Immigration Protest in Georgia
  196. Teens charged in Florida bus beating enter guilty pleas
  197. Poland, Jordan, Egypt, Sen. Imhofe ...Each Say No to Syrian War
  198. Strikes on Syria will leave Israel in flames: Iran army chief
  199. Ann Coulter: It’s Super-Media! With the power to detect non-existent racism
  200. Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean as Syria Tensions Rise
  201. State Dept.: "Assad to Blame for Chem Attack Even If He Didn't Do It"
  202. Israel granting oil exploration rights inside Syria
  203. MasterCard says it will cease doing business with hate groups
  204. White Woman brutally beaten by group of Black Teen Pittsburgh says attack was ‘racially motivated’
  205. ethnic intimidation ?
  206. Accuser testifies in Naval Academy sex assault
  207. Boehner Demands Obama Answers on Syria
  208. Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent CrimeHarvard Study: No Correlatio
  209. march
  210. Convicted extortionist targeting WNs
  211. The Gas Cloud of Western Intervention
  212. New Democrat Bill would impose extreme taxes on Gun & Ammo purchases
  213. America's shale boom could rearrange the Middle East's balance of power
  214. 'Syrian Electronic Army' hacks American media critical of Assad, takes New York Times offline
  215. When white people piss black people off
  216. Book Review: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean
  217. I Want My Race to Survive - What Do YOU Want?
  218. Review of Steve Oney's Book, 'And the Dead Shall Rise' (2003)
  219. Did Leo Frank Confess to the Murder of Mary Phagan in 1913? 1914?
  220. 100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty of Murdering Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  221. Facebook: Governments demanded data on 38,000 users
  222. JP Morgan banker responsible for $6.2 Billion Fraud arrested in Spain after fleeing justice
  223. Saudi Arabia offers Russia secret lucrative oil deal if they turn against Assad Regime
  224. Even Kurdish Warlord in Syria Laughs at ZOG's Claim Assad Used Chemical Weapons
  225. Drudge Report Headlines All About Race...
  226. Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making
  227. Russia:”Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East”
  228. Congress Should Veto Obama’s War
  229. Media hides race of Florida spree shooter
  230. Centennial of Leo Frank Conviction August 26, 1913 that Gave Birth to the ADL in October 1913
  231. 'The Butler' Box Office Sales Plummet by One-Third
  232. Senior Israeli Team in Washington to discuss possible Syria Attack
  233. Russia, West on collision course over Syria
  234. Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers, Conservatives as Extremists
  235. Gangster State US/UK
  236. BIG: DoD "Hate Group" Teaching Materials Prepared by SPLC/States Rights Conservatives 'Extremists'
  237. "Wag the Dog" US-Syrian War
  238. Pat Buchanan: 'Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in America Now'
  239. Expert: Possible DoD Firings ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
  240. Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage Files Complaint
  241. Mexico migrant train derailment kills 6, injures 22
  242. ZOG-USA Poised for Launch of New War ..... Against Syria
  243. Sicko NSA Revelation #5960: NSA Goons Spied on "Love Interests"
  244. NM Supreme Court Outrage: Photog Who Refused Lesbian Wedding Gig Fine of $6637 Upheld
  245. Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War
  246. Ginsburg: Supreme Court One of 'Most Activist' in History
  247. David Cole, a rare, honest Jew exposes Auschwitz lies
  248. Private lobbyists get public pensions in 20 states
  249. Conservatives accuse Obama of packing key court to 'rubber stamp' agenda
  250. Justice Dept. Tries to Stop Louisiana School Vouchers