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Thread: Genetic Links with Intelligence False Positives?

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    Default Genetic Links with Intelligence False Positives?

    Most Reported Genetic Associations with General Intelligence Are Probably False Positives

    This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, reprinted on the American Renaissance site, attempts to explain the above paper. The author leaves considerable confusion over the nature of intelligence, possibly inviting egalitarian social scientists and their disciples to try to reassert their outdated belief that that intelligence is determined by environment and that all we really need to close the race gap is more money and less racism.

    The actual study leaves no doubt. Here are some golden quotes for quick reference in case the subject comes up.

    "General intelligence (g) and virtually all other behavioral traits are heritable." (very first sentence)

    "General cognitive ability, or g is among the most heritable behavioral traits."

    "The results reported here illustrate (...) the failure—so far—to find specific molecular variants that account for the substantial genetic influences identified by twin and family studies."

    Explanation of the Study

    What was disproved was not the connection between genetic factors and intelligence, what was called into question was the relation of specific single-nucleotide polymorphisms to intelligence. SNPs are one specific kind of variation in DNA. The study proposes other genetic type determinants of intelligence, citing a paper that shows a connection between variations in gene group (chromosome) structure. (The particular study cited went so far as to separate whites from others and show that whites are different!)

    This is similar to the trait of height. The study points out that no specific SNPs have been tied to height, either.

    "Height is approximately 90% heritable in Western populations, but so far no common variants contributing more than 0.5cm per allele have been discovered."

    Nobody disputes that tall people have tall kids. Smart people have smart kids, too, and that's the overwhelmingly accepted view in microbiology. Common sense is vindicated by science once again!
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    Default Re: Genetic Links with Intelligence False Positives?

    Great post Negative3!!


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    Default Re: Genetic Links with Intelligence False Positives?

    Liberals are always trying to, not only confuse, but instill doubt, into the minds of our people by throwing out there a lot of supposedly scientific gobbledygook that doesn't really mean anything. The scientific method of observation and using ones common sense, should be more than enough to have people realize that race differences, including IQ, is determined mainly through genetics, and that races other than Whites, Asians, and Jews, are simply not as intelligent, which explains almost all of the social disparities between the races that many wish to blame on White Racism.

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