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Thread: London Riots- BNP Solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinterklaas View Post
    Is the BNP really for martial law and/or a police state? It's odd that the BNP follows what tyrants want to see, totalitarian state or order. Because from a police state situation they can bring forward all their pions in the streets (already happpening for years, this years increasing), and when the masses submit to this system, then they will start forcible military service (create armies)
    We see the same happening in many countries in Europe (e.g. Norway), more and more police and other controllers in the streets, exactly what should not be allowed. BNP should fight against tyranny, against empire. Europe is getting closer and closer to the next empire, very sad that this is really happening and most people cannot see it coming.
    Unruly immigrants and the resultant crime and ethnic clashes serve many purposes.

    As crime and violence increases, the police state responds to public demands for crime prevention with gun control, video cameras, more officers, curfews, electronic eavesdropping,"hate speech" legislation, and Marxist propaganda.

    Note that the state has created these problems with their immigrants (and their illegal drug industry). They are not changing the immigration policy though. They are enslaving you so that you cannot resist,which was the plan all along.
    "We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. " Vladimir Putin

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    Default Re: London Riots- BNP Solution

    The root of the problem is global finance.With a global system of usury and bond markets using the US dollar as the reserve currency it is no surprise we entered the Liberal revolution. The present system was set in place in 1922 by abolishing the Gold standard set up in 1445. Infinite money is the source of infinite war and socialism.

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    Default Re: London Riots- BNP Solution

    Well here in Texas we would simply have the citizenry out shooting looters. Of course we don't have the UK's gun laws.

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