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    Default Leader-ful Resistance

    'On paper, it sounds brilliant, but in practice it is always a dismal failure. Those on the Right who have carried out “lone wolf” attacks, such as Timothy McVeigh (if he can really be classified as a Rightist, which is debatable), David Copeland, Benjamin Smith, Buford Furrow, James von Brunn, and Anders Breivik all carried out acts of violence which they viewed as the starting point of a struggle that would be continued by others who would pick up their banners.

    Their actions are all characterized by an equal mix of the grotesque and the pathetic, as well as a complete failure to introduce any lasting change into society apart from a sense of revulsion. The fact is that, even if such an end were desirable, the majority of people in any society are abhorred by random violence, and it is only because the worldviews of these would-be guerrillas were so distorted that they believed they were acting on behalf of a larger struggle.' -- John Morgan

    John Morgan, "Leader-ful Resistance: The Predicament of the Right Today" | Counter-Currents Publishing


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    Default Re: Leader-ful Resistance

    I agree that lone-wolf actions have been for not, counterproductive, and whose targets, have been ill conceived at best.

    These sort of actions are generally necessary in a society in which all 'freedoms' have been destroyed, leaving very little room for any other alternative but extreme 'violence',.. unlike what we have in our country today, at least for the time being. I realize that our 'Freedoms' are very quickly eroding before our very eyes, but we still have too many lawful means to exploit and utilize in our quest for political power.

    I would disagree with the author of this essay when he writes that now, isn't the time to establish a new political party. On the contrary, I believe that now, is an excellent time to start building a political foundation of real change in this country.

    I would agree with one responder to the essay, that the author need not always assume that 'leaderless-resistance' must always be violent in character, as exemplified by the literally hundreds of those here at this very forum who constitute a form of non-violent Resistance to the present political establishment and social order, by giving information, hope, and encouragement to those who are daily discovering that our 'Nationalist Revolution' doesn't consist of the stereotypical throwbacks, bomb makers, and dysfunctional idiots often depicted on television documentaries, or by those such as the SPLC, but rather are mostly made up of those who have come to realize that our country can no longer remain on its present course, and we, those traditional white Americans, are headed for our own holocaust if something isn't done to change existing trends. And do it legally, politically, working within a system that's obviously corrupt and has giving us a deck that's definitely stacked against us, but one in which we must nevertheless exploit to our own benefit for as long as it will allow us too.

    If after that, we experience unjustifiable, unconstitutional, and cruel resistance, 'The People', and the world, will see it for what it is, and it will only have the effect of drawing even more people to our cause.


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