MISSISSAUGA, February 20, 2017. Free speech supporters took time from Family Day observances to stand up for free speech by picketing the constituency office of Iqra Khalid, a Pakistani-born Liberal MP, who has introduced a Motion M-103 condemning Islamophobia and calling on the Heritage Committee to investigate and bring forth suggestions to combat this supposed problem. These will almost certainly mean restrictions on free speech or criticism of our latest privileged minority -- Islam.
The office and the protest was under surveillance by someone taking pictures. Police have put the office, closed for Family Day, under special protection because Miss Khalid claims to have received 50,000 e-mails, many of them blasting her for seeking to silence Canadians. Canada's long silenced Dispossessed Majority seems to have found its courage with the election of Donald Trump.

CAFE Director Paul Fromm placed an envelope addressed to Miss Khalid containing the following press release and calling on her to withdraw her ill-conceived motion which has roused protest from coast to coast.

Global News showed up. The reporter Christina Stevens and her camera man sat for the longest time before approaching the protesters. Not even seeking to hide her naked hostility, she brushed aside spokesman Paul Fromm's concerns about the implications of this motion. She hissed: "You really want a White Canada."

"This protest is about freedom of speech," he patiently told her. "What I really want is for the European founding/settler people of Canada not to be swamped and replaced by Third Worlders. No people willingly want to be overwhelmed." She scoffed when Mr. Fromm told her that the replacement of Whites is the clear aim of present immigration policy.

Ms Stevens then turned on teenage videographer sensation Evalion who had had joined the protest When asked what she was doing, Evalion said: "Supporting free speech. I should be able to criticize anyone I want."

Stevens demanded to know what the young lady wanted to say about Moslems. Despite repeated pestering, she refused to be drawn into the trap.

Next, Stevens tried to have the face of another protester filmed up close. He lifted his sign to block the camera. She then demanded why he was there. He said: "Our spokesman speaks for me." Couldn't he speak for himself, she demanded rudely.

Even after the protest broke up, she and her cameraman harassed the attendees and followed closely and filmed them as they entered their cars.

"Would you like a statement in French?" Mr. Fromm offered.

"No," she snapped.

"Don't you like French people?" he asked mischievously.

Supporting the CAFE protest was the le Societe des canadiens de souche -- old stock or pure laine French Canadians.

The Global News coverage that evening featured a 20-second clip about the protest.

Canadian Association for Free Expression
Box 332,
Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3
Website: http://cafe.nfshost.com
Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director
February 19, 2017
For Immediate Release
Free Speech Protest Against Motion M-103 -- "Free Speech is Not Negotiable!"
The Canadian Association for Free Expression will hold a protest outside the Mississauga Constituency Office of Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid (Mississauga -Erin Mills) to protest her introduction of Motion M-103. The protest will take place at 2:00 p.m., Monday, February 20, 2017 at 3,100 Ridgeway Drive (Suite 35) in Mississauga.

"Miss Khalid, who has disturbing ties to Moslem extremist groups like the Moslem Brotherhood is trying to sneak a motion through Parliament which will pave the way for more restrictions of freedom of speech," says Paul Fromm, Director of CAFE.
Motion M-103 "condemns Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism" and calls on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage Committee to study and report back within 240 days on ways to reduce or eliminate "systemic racism ... and Islamophobia.
"While the motion is not legislation, it sets the ground work for introduction of restrictions on freedom of speech," Mr. Fromm warns. "Islamophobia is not defined," he adds. "Literally meaning fear of or aversion to Moslems, it is worrisomely vague. Is criticism of radical Moslem terrorists Islamophobia? Is criticism of Moslem demands for special treatment -- wearing niqabs, burkas, for instance, -- Islamophobia?"

"We shouldn't have to fret or wonder whether a comment we make will be considered Islamophobic," he insists. "Free speech is not negotiable. Canadians should be free to criticize the tenets of any religion or to reject the behaviour of some members of that faith. There is nothing wrong with Islamophobia. Since 9/11,adherents of that faith have killed hundreds of people in Europe in the name of their religion. Moslems have repeatedly invaded Europe over the past 1200 years and Moslem pirates raided the shores of Southern Europe well into the 19th century kidnapping Europeans for sex slavery or ransom. A sensible person may well have reason to be leery of Moslems and want to know their intentions."

"This Motion singles out Moslems for special protection," Mr. Fromm charges. "In fact, Christians like Bill Whatcott are the victims of a legal system that punishes them for expressing verbally their strongly held religious beliefs."

"As for systemic racism, Whites are the chief victims of anti-White discrimination encouraged by government 'employment equity' or affirmative action programmes which give special preference to a host of privileged minorities."

"Motion M-103 is offensive and improper," Mr. Fromm says. It is not up to Parliament to scold Canadians for their political or religious views. Members of Parliament should listen respectfully to the concerns of their constituents," he adds.

"Our message to Iqra Khalid is that free speech is not negotiable," he insists. "We stand for Canada's traditions -- free speech for all, special treatment for none." We reject a Motion that may be the thin edge of the wedge to the sort of sharia anti-blasphemy laws in place in some backward lands where criticizing the religion of the prophet," he said, "can lead to prison or worse."

The Washington Post (August 10, 2016) reported: " The State Department singled out Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan and Mauritania as being among the countries where deviating from the religious norm carries harsh penalties."

"We note that one of the countries imposing harsh penalties for blasphemy is Iqra Khalid's birth country -- Pakistan," he says.