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Paul Fromm

* Blasts the cowardice of the National Post for its grovelling apology for running an ad criticizing the homosexual lobby's mind-bending curriculum aimed at 4-8 year olds in Ontario swchools

* Hammers hypocrisy of Ontario College of Teachers' Discpline Committee where teachers who steal student funds or ones who call tenage students "sluts", "whores", and pole dancers" in class keep their teaching certificates, while politically incorrect teachers, like Paul Fromm, with "exemplary" records in the classroom lose theirs.

* Exposes head of the Discipline Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers, Jacques Tremblay. He sits in judgement of others but pens a soft porn novel The Sexteems and the Fake Goddess featuring steamy teenage sex and teachers having sex with underage teens. Tremblay lives "an organic lifestyle" (what's that?) and is "a certified trainer in infant massage." (Is this for real?)

* Reveals the Canadian's abuse BY process" of freethinkers and dissidents like author/lecturer David Icke


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