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Thread: Another Multicultural Success Story: The Ethiopian Killing Machine

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    Default Another Multicultural Success Story: The Ethiopian Killing Machine

    Another Multicultural Success Story: The Ethiopian Killing Machine
    "A Fort St. John woman out on bail on charges of attempting to kill her husband has been charged with murdering a Burnaby community worker who gave her shelter.

    Ayelech Zenebe Ejigu, 41, made a first appearance in Vancouver Provincial Court Thursday on a charge of the second-degree murder of Bayush Hagos, a counsellor with the Vancouver and Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services. Ejiguís Fort St. John trial for attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon was adjourned in August and a judge there altered her bail conditions on Aug. 22, which allowed her to stay at Hagosís Burnaby home.

    On Sept. 1, police were called to Hagosís apartment at 4134 Maywood St., near Central Park, and found the beloved community worker dead and Ejigu wounded.

    Sgt. Jennifer Pound, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said the case is heartbreaking, as Hagos only allowed Ejigu to stay with her temporarily because she couldnít find any other accommodation.

    'It is extremely tragic,' Pound said Friday. 'This is a case where she just wanted to reach out and help this woman because she didnít have a place to stay.'

    Both women immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia and spoke the same language, but only met when Hagos was called to the Surrey Pre-trial Services Centre several months ago to interpret for Ejigu. Shashi Assanand, executive director of the agency where Hagos worked for 19 years, said everyone is devastated by the murder and at a loss to understand why Hagos took in a client, which is against agency policy.

    'We never knew the woman was staying with her at all. There is a very clear guideline that we donít even give out our cell numbers, let alone our home numbers,' Assanand said." ((Vancouver Sun, Sept 9 2011)

    Where to begin with this sorry story. Not to be unsympathetic to the slain Ethiopian counsellor Bayush Hagos, but now might be a good time to remind readers that the woman was expressly forbidden from even sharing her cell number with "clients" let alone her apartment.

    Supervisor Shashi Assanand says: " 'The only reason she was there was because there was nobody who could interpret.' ... She said there is a general lack of support for people like Ejigu with a multitude of issues, including mental health problems and language barriers."

    Actually, not this is not a social services failure, it is an immigration failure! Just what was the weapon-wielding Ejigu "with a multitude of isses, including mental health problems and language barriers" doing in this country? Was she a skilled worker? Was she a money bags investor? Not likely! She's the sort of poorly screened immigrant who is contributing to the net $25-billion cost of the recent cohort of immigrants to Canada every year.

    And the cost aren't over yet. There will now be a murder trial, in addition to the trial for attempted murder flowing from
    Ejigu's unsuccessful attempts to off her husband. More incarceration, social worker, and translation costs, to say nothing of the court costs as well. And the old cash register just keeps ka-chinking away spewing out taxpayers' dollars.

    Oh, yes, we couldn't help but notice that Ejigu was "
    out on bail on charges of attempting to kill her husband, [and] ... aggravated assault and assault with a weapon." Out on bail? Funny! Immigration critic and inveterate letter writer Brad Love couldn't get bail in 2003 when charged, in Ontario, under Canada's notorious "hate law", Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. His chief topics were problems with Third World immigration and immigrant crime. So, let's get this straight: Under Canada's donkey dumb "justice" system, an immigration critic charged with "hate" for criticizing immigrant crime is less likely to get bail than an Ehtiopian immigrant with mental "issues" charged with assault and attempted murder.

    Truly, the Law is an ass! And a very big one, indeed.

    Paul Fromm

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    Default Re: Another Multicultural Success Story: The Ethiopian Killing Machine

    This Muticulturalism is only good for non-whites.

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