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Thread: Jewish Democracy for Dummies

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    Default Jewish Democracy for Dummies

    In the 'Jews Only State', democratically elected politicians are suspended from the Parliament for basically being Palestinians and representing Palestinian interests. I can only guess that this is what the Israelis mean when they insist upon being called the "only Democracy in the Middle East."

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    Default Re: Jewish Democracy for Dummies

    I am amazed that the Israelis are denying the Palestinians their basic human right to sovreignty. I am equally amazed that they can, virtually at the same time, suggest that they are terror threats,and dangerous to live with, etc.

    In my opinion, this is quite a juggling act. You can only suck and blow at the same time for so long, until enough people wake up and start asking questions.

    "We can't live with those nasty Palestinians, but we will not let them leave..."

    Viktor Orbán: “We let go of the delusion of multiculturalism before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp”

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