The reason why the electorate in this country has not taken to venting all their pent up anger ,out on the streets ,has been in no small part due to the effectiveness of talk radio.

Listening to highly paid and highly trained broadcast specialists like rush limbaugh , redirect the natural disaffection building up in the exploited masses, helps to alleviate the frustration.

in no small way ,limbaugh is serving the government, which has a vested interest in keeping the angry peons off the streets. They stay indoors ,listen to this willing stooge go through the scripted motions ,worthy of an accomplished actor ,castigating both political parties and getting his imbecilic audience to laugh in the process.

laughter is good and relieves the tensions. But who is this stooge really helping? is he helping the government by keeping things calmed down or is he helping those who pay him his big salary ;the jews in the media?

Remember ,if the people of this country were to ever understand the existential threat we face ,thanks to a small cabal of wealthy and very influential jewish americans ,they would demand action be taken against them ,with all the swiftness of martial law.

and this is exactly what the congress and the courts want to avoid!!