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Thread: race-mixing is bad for blacks

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    Default race-mixing is bad for blacks

    Race-mixing is bad for blacks as well as for whites.

    Dr. Bela Hubbard, in "The Hybrid Race Doctrine":
    ... the Barbadian Negro displays mental stability and strength of character in marked contrast to the hybrid Negroes of neighbouring islands. ... On such occasions as a storm at sea or a brush with Motilone Indians in the jungle, it was invariably the Barbadian Negroes who displayed the greater stamina and courage.
    While in Trinidad, Hubbard asked the chief of police why pure Negroes figured so heavily on his force:
    He explained that although there were no racial qualifications, Mulattoes rarely passed the rigorous physical examination...
    Source: The Importance of Race in Civilization, Noontide Press, 1968, Wayne Macleod, pp. 12-13., noticed here.

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    Default Re: race-mixing is bad for blacks

    As an aside, that was a time (1968) where using the term "negro" was still used (in some senses) than the term "African-American" in certain areas of America. While it was dying out, somehow 'other' Americans were trying to blend in with these African-Americans because somehow, we are so much like them.
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