Just like the other thread (about getting citizenship by descent), this thread is about helping Whites who want to relocate to another White country, to do so.

Cyprus: nurses and midwives, accountants, technical service consultants and computer specialists, telecommunications and electrical engineers.

Greece: qualified personnel for the shipping industry, office and accounting employees and construction workers.

Croatia: architects, civil engineers, doctors, foreign language teachers, IT engineers, maths teachers, mechanical engineers and physics teachers.

Denmark: engineers, various medical professions within the healthcare, management, IT and communications occupations. Social work and special needs professionals.

public administration, social security, supply of electricity, gas, steam, finance and insurance, mining and extraction and health care and social care.

Romania: due to the migration of highly skilled workers Romania faces a serious shortage in the labour market, mainly for skilled white and blue collar workers.

Slovenia: analysts, information systems designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, accountants and auditors are all in demand.

Norway: health care, nursing, teaching.

Brazil: human resources, accounting/finance, mineral/mine/geological/marine engineers and IT professionals.

Bulgaria: processing industry including clothing, beverages, food and tobacco. Also ICT and computer specialists and professionals fluent in foreign languages.

Finland: healthcare and social work as well as in services that support public and business life. Experts in the metal industry are also needed.

Germany: skilled trades, engineering, IT, hospitality, administration, teaching.

Russia: Western goods and expertise remain in demand, particularly skills in transport, construction, ICT, engineering and teaching.

Switzerland: communication system engineers, biotechnologists, economists, finance specialists, lawyers and German language teachers.

Sweden: pre-school teachers (for pupils aged one to six), engineers, IT professionals, accountants, and various healthcare professions including doctors, dentists, midwives, hygienists and nurses.

Spain: skilled trades, mechanics, restaurant/hotel staff, sales representatives.

Poland: native English speakers, sales representatives and skilled workers.

Portugal: seasonal jobs in the tourism, hotel and catering sector; health sector - doctors (in various specialisms), information technology sector - particularly computer engineers. Call and contact centre management.

The Netherlands: engineering, production, buying and procurement staff, sales representatives and designers.

Italy: industrial production, specialist technical sectors, sales staff (on temporary contracts), skilled seasonal staff, e.g. cooks, waiters, receptionists, labourers on vineyards etc.

Malta: experienced IT professionals.

Luxembourg: construction, hotel industry, services to companies, industry, trade, and transport.

Latvia: cooks, assembly technicians, customer advisers, sales agents.

The Republic of Ireland:
engineering, financial services (particularly accountancy), IT, computing, medical, social care and science areas.

Austria: people skilled in the interface between business and technology are in demand and there is also a shortage of skilled manual workers in all fields.

Belgium: engineers, qualified technicians, IT specialists and commercial and managerial/executive positions.

Serbia: IT professionals, telecommunications and electrical engineers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: math and physics teachers.