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Almost every word you've written in this thread so far, I could've written. Our worldviews appear to be strikingly similar.

I think that's because there are several levels of "truth", or at least, "appreciation of truth", or something like that, with regard to the "understanding" of Jews and the unspeakable evil they represent, and I think you're at the highest level. In fact, it's almost a "spiritual" thing, IMO. It's very difficult to get other people to truly understand.

It's lonely at the top, isn't it?
I am not at that "highest level" yet and probably never will be, since I do not have any insider knowledge and therefor cannot truly know "everything" there is to know (about Jews or anything else for that matter). The "unspeakable evil they represent" transcends our past and present understanding of them and all that they have done. Our very concept of "reality" has been forever tainted by their lies and propaganda. It would take several generations for us to purge ourselves of their "influence" over our lives and our collective psyche.

With that being said, allow me to illustrate another point:

Let's place the level of awareness on a scale from 0 (ZERO) - 10. With 0 being an absolutely unaware person who would probably even go so far as to defend their Jewish oppressors (such people should actually be consider NEGATIVES, but I digress).

Well, most people who fall somewhere on this imaginary scale would actually consider themselves to be at level "10", regardless of their actual level of understanding. That's just the arrogant nature that MOST people unknowingly, but uncompromisingly possess. And the "Zero's" are probably the worst of all. Truly "believing" they know all there is to know and therefor they are not even open to exploring alternative views to the "reality" in which they have so blindly accepted. As arrogant as they are ignorant and it runs all the way through the core of who they "believe" themselves to be.

Most people don't even know themselves, so it's tough to get them to understand anything else. Therefor the majority of these people will simply never "get it". But that won't stop me from trying to assist them or guide them along once they open themselves up and start asking questions. I might even shake the "tree" a bit to help get them started, but if the "fruit" isn't ripe and ready to fall off, then I won't waste much time with them until they are ready.

Of course we then have an assortment of people who fall somewhere in between and many of them also exhibit the same level and type of "know it all" arrogance that those "Zero's" so proudly display.

The epitome of stupidity is a man who settles and "believes" that he knows it all. So I assure you, no matter where you fall on this "scale", there will ALWAYS be something that YOU do not know and a whole lot more to learn (and unlearn) than you have already come to understand. Just do what you can to increase YOUR understanding of the world and of equal importance, do what you can to bring others up to your "level".. whatever "level" that might be.