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Thread: White Traitor of the Year - Rand Paul

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    Default White Traitor of the Year - Rand Paul

    Very pleased to see American Renaissance magazine take up Instauration Magazine's year end contest for the worst White American traitor. The winner for 2013:

    Rand Paul

    White Renegade of the Year | American Renaissance

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    Default Re: White Traitor of the Year - Rand Paul

    There are plenty of others we can add to the list.

    Whites who are aiding the enemies of Anglo Saxon and Christian America in their ongoing efforts to destroy them are a problem that isn't addressed often enough on White Rights political forums like this one.

    Maybe we spend too much time addressing the enemy without that we don't pay enough attention to the enemy within.

    First of all, it is NOT al Qaeda that is destroy America.

    The folks destroying America are operating from within!

    I don't like to make the faults of whites a public spectacle since there are so many other races and ethnic groups doing a smashing job of that already.

    But just as it is elements within this country who are destroying the US, likewise it is whites among our own kind who are making this plan of destruction possible.

    We need to call them on this every time one of our own, (or one pretending to be) says and does things which are only contributing to our own demise.

    A few days ago it was announced on the news that the state of Virginia has issued a requirement for it's governing body to mandate financial contracts be awarded to women and minority owned businesses.

    Meanwhile, a small business owner who is male and white will get nothing but grief from the banks and government if his business survives at all.

    The governor of Virginia, a "white man", and an alleged Roman Catholic, has made this institutionalized discrimination possible.

    Terry McAuliffe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Scan the above Wiki article for pertinent information on this guy and then tell me whether you think he is actually interested in "equal rights" or whether he is playing a political game to further his own interests.

    I do not fault a white man for doing what he can to enrich himself at a time when the entire country seems to be on a course with economic disaster.

    What I find problematic is when one of them does so at the expense of white non-Jewish men so that he may personally advance himself among the society of the ZOG elite.

    Terence Richard "Terry" McAuliffe (/məˈkɔːlɨf/; born February 9, 1957) is an American businessman, Democratic politician and the 72nd Governor of Virginia.[1] He previously served as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2005, was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, and was chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

    McAuliffe grew up in Syracuse, New York, the son of Millie and Jack McAuliffe.[2] His father was a real estate developer who was treasurer of the local Democratic organization.[3] He is of an Irish Catholic background.[4][5
    That's what they say. I say, Irish is as Irish does.

    In 1985, McAuliffe helped found the Federal City National Bank, a small bank based in Washington, D.C.[9] In January 1988, when he was 30 years old, the bank’s board elected McAuliffe chairman, making him the youngest elected chairman of a federally chartered bank in the history of the United States.[10]
    SO, is this guy in a position to help the Anglo community or not?

    In 1997, McAuliffe invested $100,000 in Global Crossing,[10] a Bermuda-registered telecommunications company providing fiber-optic networking services worldwide.[15] Global Crossing went public in 1998.[16] The following year, McAuliffe sold the majority of his holding for a $8 million profit (other accounts have said his profit was $18 million).[17]

    That's outstanding.

    NOW, what's he done with his power?

    McAuliffe has had a prolific fundraising career within the Democratic Party, and a long personal and political relationship with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.[12] McAuliffe and his staff raised about $275 million, then an unprecedented sum, for Clinton's causes while he was in office. Once Bill Clinton's term was served, McAuliffe loaned them $1.35 million to purchase a New York City home, in a deal that raised ethical questions.[30][31] In 2000, McAuliffe chaired a tribute fundraiser to Clinton, which set a fundraising record for a single event, raising $26.3 million.[32]
    Bill Clinton is a "white guy" too.

    McAuliffe took the oath of office on January 11, 2014. Following the ceremony, McAuliffe signed four executive orders, including one instituting a one-year ban on gifts over $100 to members of the administration,[54] and an order prohibiting discrimination against state employees for sexual orientation and gender identity.[55] The other executive orders dealt with government continuity.[55]

    I would like to know exactly what this "discrimination" consists of and whether it's possible that anyone but a white man is capable of it.

    That "government continuity" would be an interesting thing to dig into also, seeing that our present government doesn't seem to care whether the US population rebels or not.

    Financial disclosure reports showed McAuliffe routed $211,000 from his inaugural fund back to his gubernatorial campaign fund and to the Democratic Party of Virginia. It is illegal in Virginia to donate excess inauguration funds to political causes; excess funds must be returned to donors or donated to charity. McAuliffe's aides said the money was used to rent email lists, though campaign finance analysts quoted in The Washington Times said the costs reported for the lists appeared exorbitant and suggested the transactions were an "end run around the state prohibition".[56]
    Is this the same guy who issued an "executive order" prohibiting gifts in excess of $100?

    I suppose the expression "Where there's a will there's a way" applies to criminals as well as anybody.

    After McAuliffe took office, a power vacuum was created at the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, as McAuliffe removed the board chairman, J. Neal Insley, and another board member, Sandra Canada. As a result, at least one criminal court case was dismissed as the department was not able to carry out its responsibilities. A Virginia Beach prosecutor asked the Virginia State Police to open an inquiry into the matter. The police concluded that a full investigation was not needed.[57]
    It appears that an investigation wouldn't have produced anything anyway under the circumstances, sort of like the 9/11 Commission.

    McAuliffe appointed campaign staffer and former GreenTech executive Levar Stoney as Secretary of the Commonwealth. The appointment attracted criticism because of an incident in 2004 in Wisconsin in which Stoney lied to police who were investigating Democratic operatives who slashed tires of vans being used by Republicans to drive voters to the polls.[58]

    I wish tire slashing was all there was to it. The situation wouldn't appear so dire if it was.

    Take the IRS, missing emails, destroyed hard drive thing going on now.

    What kind of fool would believe the lies that are being used to cover that one up?

    In January 2014, McAuliffe appointed Boyd Marcus, a prominent Republican campaign consultant who had endorsed McAuliffe over Cuccinelli in 2013, to the board of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. After Marcus's appointment, emails were released showing that Marcus offered to endorse and work for Cuccinelli if he paid him between $75,000-$100,000, and when the Cuccinelli campaign refused, Marcus endorsed McAuliffe and was hired by the campaign, which paid him $40,000 between September and November 2013.[59] Marcus was paid an additional $100,000 by the Democratic Governors Association's super PAC, most of it coming after McAuliffe won the election.[60] Quinton Kidd of Christopher Newport University said the controversy "confirms the worst perceptions that people have about politics, in both high and low places, which is that individual people are getting something personally from it, and there are all these deals being cut, and there are all these backs being scratched."[59]

    You see how time consuming it is to investigate these people and keep tabs of what they are doing all the time.

    Who can spare it? If every voter had to stand watch over the politicians they elect to represent them, no one would have time for anything else.

    It seems that that man who remains "honest" without being constantly supervised is a rarity these days.

    Between January and March, McAuliffe hosted nightly receptions with state legislators at the Executive Mansion. The receptions, paid for by McAuliffe, included an open bar stocked with premium liquor.[63] According to McAuliffe, the purpose of the receptions was to build relationships.[63] McAuliffe coined the phrase, "Sixty parties in sixty days!", referring to the length of the General Assembly session.[63] In March 2014, McAuliffe launched the Common Good Virginia PAC, and advertised meetings with himself and "policy experts" at events in exchange for donations of $10,000 to $100,000.[64]


    You can read the rest of this yourself if you need more. There's more muck than I feel like posting. But here are a couple of salient points.

    The issue of Medicaid expansion in Virginia has become the defining issue of McAuliffe's term as governor.[68] McAuliffe pushed hard during the 2014 General Assembly session to expand Medicaid in the state budget, saying it would create jobs and help Virginia reclaim some of the money it sends to the federal government.[68]
    McAuliffe has declined to go into detail on his stance on many of his own views on energy and environmental policy, sticking to broad outlines.[72] McAuliffe believes human activity has contributed to global warming, and characterizes clean energy as a national security issue.[73]
    He's behind the "Carbon Tax" people.

    McAuliffe said he supports "keeping existing Virginia laws on when abortions are legal."[77] He opposes new state health and safety regulations on abortion clinics.[81][82]
    Just rip 'em out any ol' way.

    McAuliffe supports universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and limiting gun purchases to one a month.[84] In January 2013, he purchased a shotgun for the purpose of skeet shooting.[84]
    No doubt he's all for increased surveillence and further build up of Yomamma's private army.

    McAuliffe has spoken extensively on workforce development, with education proposals being funded through savings from the proposed Medicaid expansion.[85]
    EXPANDING Medicaid is going to "save money".

    McAuliffe supports same-sex marriage, and supported the U.S. Supreme Court rulings in June 2013, which deemed the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.[87]

    I don't believe that the practice of sodomy was the only thing that caused God to rain fire on the city either.
    But I certainly do not endorse the practice.

    Evidently he doesn't believe the story about Sodom and Gehmorrah at all.

    The Marxists only care about the Constitution any time they can construe a thing about it in favor of Marx. Otherwise they want to destroy it.

    So here is a "white guy" who doesn't seem to mind helping to destroy other white guys.

    "With friends like this....."
    Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.
    Gilbert K. Chesterton

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    Default Re: White Traitor of the Year - Rand Paul

    These are the kinds of white men that the ZOGists no doubt approve of.
    They don't mind helping to empower these kinds because they know that they will be useful in helping to destroy the ethic and racial group they come from.
    Anything that does that is going to promote Marxism which in turn will help boost Zionism to domination.

    My point is this.

    If "white guys" (non-Jews) don't care about anyone else but themselves, fine. I guess we're all sort of like that.
    If a person doesn't look out for himself, who else can he expect to?

    If a white guy can find a way to make it in this world and enrich himself, then good for him.

    But I can't say "more power to him" if he's using that power in ways in which he is going to be harming my own interests, let alone those of whites in general.

    The Jews have managed enough loyalty and cooperation among themselves to manage to usurp practically the entire country.
    Why can't "white guys" manage enough of this sort of "altruism" to even save our own hides.

    People, YOU don't have to give a tinkers damn about ME personally. But if WE do not learn to work together in our own behalf, then those who do will surely conquer us.

    Then we will become a subjugated race as surely as the blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and all the rest say they have been.

    How about it?

    Are you going to allow your personal distaste for your own fellow male, white, non-Jewish neighbors, stand in the way of SELF PRESERVATION?

    Don't do anything "for the white race". Don't even do it for the sake of "right" or "social justice".

    Do it for yourself.

    These politician have THAT much sense!

    But as it is, none of us can do it alone. And the ESTABLISHMENT is now primed to reward and advance only those who aid in the Zionist plan for global domination.

    They say "Think Globally. Act Locally".

    Well, THAT's what they are doing!
    Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.
    Gilbert K. Chesterton

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