The next thing that needs to be cut is John McCain!

Money for border security gets cut

TUCSON - The National Guard may be on its way to the border but extra funding to go along with them won't be.
Late Friday night U.S. Senate voted down a supplemental appropriations bill stripping about $700-million from beefed up security along the border.
Border security may have been one of the big issues affecting Arizona, but Senator John McCain said there's a lot of other stuff in the bill that made the cost go up and up.
McCain said, "I will vote against proceeding to this bill for one simple reason - because it is not fully offset and now has a price tag of $80 billion."
A price tag he says is just too much.
McCain said, "It simply added to the ever-growing deficit to be paid for by future generations of Americans."
It was a decision that shocked Representative Gabrielle Giffords who just happened to be talking with ranchers on Saturday.
Giffords said, "Because there has been so much media attention and scrutiny along the U.S. and Mexico border I thought for sure there's no way the Senate would allow this legislation to fall out but it did."
And now she worries that it's these ranchers that will now suffer most.
Giffords said, "Those troops were not supposed to come in a vacuum. They were supposed to come with additional resources, more border patrol agents to be hired and trained, more technology, more I.C.E. officers but without that funding it really jeopardizes our over all strategy."
Giffords said she'll start trying to get that money back first thing Monday morning. As for McCain he too wants more support along the border, so he said he'll be working on ways to save money in order to off set the costs.