Sheriff Joe Arpaio- It's GREAT to see one elected public official who knows how to do his job!

Morons Block Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Results Are What You Would Expect

One would think that after all the years of coverage about how Sheriff Joe Arpaio does his job, taking law and order very seriously, left wing protesters would think twice about doing what they did. Alas, no. Considering how many left wing protesters are second and third shift workers at fast food joints, maybe they needed a good meal and a place to stay?
At least 50 protesters angry with Arizona’s new immigration law were arrested Thursday during numerous acts of civil disobedience, and some temporarily delayed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest crime sweep that opponents say was designed to arrest illegal immigrants.
On the day that Arizona’s scaled-down immigration law went into effect, hundreds of activists marched on downtown Phoenix, but one of the biggest confrontations occurred just outside Arpaio’s Fourth Avenue Jail.
Wait, “hundreds”? That’s it? Anyhow
Protesters there blocked an entrance to the Maricopa County facility, prompting the arrests of 23 people after they refused to move. At least two journalists covering the event were detained by the Sheriff’s Office, but both were later released and not charged.
Don’t mess with the real Sheriff Joe, who had been planning one of his typical crime sweeps for over two weeks. However, the police had to waste valuable resources dealing with these schmucks, rather than safeguarding the people of Phoenix.
“We’re not trying to get arrested, we are trying to make a point,” said Ruben Lucio, 21, of Phoenix.
Well, then, congratulations, Ruben, you entered the bonus round!

Morons Block Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Results Are What You Would Expect : Stop The ACLU