White people do not matter anymore in Obama's eyes....

Barack Obama will win Latino support by suing Arizona over its immigration law, but it could also ignite a huge political firestorm
Six straight national opinion polls have found that a large majority of Americans (60-70%, depending on the poll) support Arizona's harsh new law, even if it might lead to racial profiling. And when asked last week about the justice department's plan to sue Arizona, 56% of Americans said they disagreed with that decision.
And it's not just Republicans. A majority of political independents and a solid third of Democrats disagree also
And that's why suing Arizona is potentially so useful. By trumping up the law as "racist" and "anti-Latino", and going on the political offensive, the White House creates a cause that Latinos can rally around. And it puts Obama in the limelight and squarely on their side.
Latinos oppose Arizona's law 3-1. The GOP has largely supported the measure, and is likely to increase that support if Obama sues. Arizona could well become one of the defining issues of the November campaign.
But it's a huge gamble for the White House. Further inflaming public opinion and deepening the polarisation over immigration could turn off independent swing voters who are just as critical as Latinos to the electoral outcome this November.
Barack Obama's immigration gamble | Stewart J Lawrence | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk