Were the Muslims at 610AD White Europeans? If so, did they convert to Christianity, or were they wiped out by the Vikings?


400 AD
THE Picts - known to the Romans as "Picti" or "Painted People" - were the predominant force in northern Scotland until about 900 Ad when it was thought they were obliterated by the Vikings.

Not much is known about the Picts but Pictish items that can still be seen today around museums in Scotland include ornately carved symbol stones featuring animals, fish, serpents and abstract geometric designs. Later stones were carved with intricate crosses.

410 AD
AS the Roman empire began to collapse, its political and military presence was finally withdrawn from the island of Britain around 410 AD.

610 AD
THE religion of Islam was founded following God's revelation of The Koran to the prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel in Mecca.

796 AD
THE beginning of Viking Age. This is the time when Scandinavians conducted a slew of raids all across Europe, extending to Africa, Asia and America.

830 AD
A DRAMATIC rise in Viking attacks on Scotland. Nine years later they moved on to the central and northern part of Scotland and colonised areas such as the Tay Valley, Shetland, the Western Isles, Orkney, Sutherland, Caitness and Galloway.

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