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Thread: Holocaust als WAFFE !!!

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    Default Holocaust als WAFFE !!!

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    (English subtitles channel)

    Send a Card or even a letter to the Jailed Revisionist Wolfgang FRÖHLICH - JVA Stein - Steiner Landstr 4 - A-3504 Krems-Stein - AUSTRIA

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    Default Re: Holocaust als WAFFE !!!

    The belief in the holocaust defies reason.

    In the testimony it is asserted that the Germans used wooden farm huts as gas chambers and mortuary
    cellers with non-gas proof doors, with windows, and doors that opened inward and etc.

    On once confronting a German with the pictures, and expecting a
    broad sophisticated defense, he took one look at the first picture and remarked
    "That is not a proper hole". I remember this because later I found that the
    Germans indeed had the "proper hole" if they had wanted to use it.

    Not even an evil German could escape the cultural imperative
    to be "proper".

    Sorry the pictures did not transfer. I will do better next time.

    NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health, or Mass Murder!
    Ever since 1983, I have insisted that the Germans had superb facilities for mass exterminations with cyanide gas—but those facilities have never been implicated anywhere in the holocaust story. Those facilities were large gas chambers in strategic places in eastern Europe which routinely employed cyanide from Zyklon-B to fumigate entire railroad trains. The fact that such superb facilities have never even been implicated shows there must be something seriously wrong with the generally accepted holocaust story. The accepted legend makes no sense technically because the gas chambers that supposedly were used for mass murder, especially those using diesel exhaust, would NOT have worked.

    I thought I had some killer arguments with my discovery of the railroad delousing gas chambers. I even showed pictures of several large gas chambers straddling railroad tracks and included German wartime technical essays describing the design and operation in some detail. I expected an uproar of criticism from the holocaust believers—but it never came from them. It came instead from a totally unexpected direction. It came from Robert Faurisson, a leading European holocaust revisionist, who insisted that I was completely wrong. For him, it would have been almost impossible to ventilate the corpses afterwards, and the corpses could not be touched, and the ventilation fans would have had to be impossibly huge. In 1994, at a convention held by the Institute for Historical Review, he even insisted that mass gassings with cyanide and Zyklon-B are categorically impossible. For good reason, I believe that wild speech by Faurisson is still not published, not even by the IHR. More recently Faurisson actually sent a letter to a mutual friend in which he insists that mass gassings in general were a “practical, technical impossiblity.”And yet, Faurisson is seen by many adoring, revisionist admirers as a crusader for “analytical exactitude in historiography” as the title of a recent Festschrift honoring Faurisson shows all too well.

    The following images appear in some of my essays with explanations.

    Note the large blower on the upper rear wall which, in effect, drove the warmed, cyanide-air mixture through the supply and return ducts and throughout the gas chamber during the fumigating phase--and then drove fresh, warmed-air throughout the chamber during the venting phase. For more details about how these superb gas chambers operated, see Appendices A & B of my essay “Typhus and the Jews”

    The above is from Roumania and is the largest RDT that I have ever seen anywhere in the German literature. It could have been a kind of Sistine Chapel for mass extermination. Just imagine all that ceiling space filled with murals by Marc Chagall! It even has a chimney!

    The above explains itself and was in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

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    Default Re: Holocaust als WAFFE !!!

    The link

    gets you everything>

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