• Black Lives Matter Supporter Arrested After Tweeting Death Threats Against White People

    A good start.

    Md. man arrested for threat to 'kill all white people'
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    1. raymond's Avatar
      raymond -
      So what kind of game they're playing with us i recently saw and heard a lot of threats against white americans on tweeter Facebook Youtube nobody were arrested
    1. Holston's Avatar
      Holston -
      They've been getting their way through INTIMIDATION for so long and it has worked so well for them, it is inevitable that they will eventually overstep their bounds.
      Some people don't know when to quit.

      Here's a little item I think you might enjoy which I believe is pertinent to the Black Lives Matter hooey.

      ETSU student charged after disrupting Black Lives Matter protest in gorilla mask | WBIR.com

      I find this rather funny myself.

      What especially interests me is the balls this young man showed in stating HIS opinion, or in other words, EXERCISING HIS RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

      If I can find any way to support this young man I most certainly will.
      If nothing else I will try to relay my commendations of his COURAGE, a commodity which seems to be in short supply in the face Politically Correct Tyranny our Zionist Organized Government and jews media has imposed upon us.

      If we can do nothing else, we can at least offer our moral support to those who possess the temerity to do the things which we would like to do ourselves but do not for fear of the repercussions.

      We should not leave young men like this with the impression that they are alone by our silence.

      We must take into consideration the possibility of being PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED that anyone who expresses these sentiments openly must face.
      For all this man knew, he could have been walking directly into a VIOLENT confrontation.
      That is the message conveyed in the OP, isn't it?
      In other areas of the country a VIOLENT CONFRONTATION would be practically assured.

      I've have attended this university. I live in this community and I KNOW that blacks are treated no worse than whites.
      In the universities they are more likely to be treated with deference than not!

      Under social circumstances in which the anti-white BIAS was not so clear, so loud, and so persistent, I would frankly be embarrassed to make a spectacle of myself. And it is not in my constitution to wish to offend ANY person without cause.
      I simply loathe having to be so.
      But the current situation in which white men generally find themselves, being confronted by a system which is becoming increasingly oppressive, increasingly insensitive to OUR needs and feelings, and in which black on white violence is either ignored by the media or ENCOURAGED, extraordinary counter measures will also becoming increasingly NECESSARY if we hope to EVER stop or even SLOW this steady progression towards being over-run and made into third class citizens in our own "homeland".