Adrienne Clarkson continues to be a drain on the pocketbooks of Canadian taxpayers.

The former Governor General, known for her extravagant spending habits, has billed taxpayers more than $500,000 for secretarial help since leaving Rideau Hall in 2005.

Clarkson defends the expenditures.

Her assistant Michael Henry told the Toronto Star the "temporary" staff is needed to respond to correspondence Clarkson receives related to her time in office.

"Clarkson gets up to 200 letters and between 20 and 30 requests a month for speaking engagements, involvement in benevolent causes and demands related to her role as colonel-in-chief of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regiment," he said.

"As Canada's most active and involved Governor General, she created a profile which means that there are still many worthwhile calls on her personal participation, which she takes seriously and requires time and research to assess their value for active involvement."

But the Toronto Star reviewed the public accounts records and found only one other former Governor General had claimed federal funding for temporary help.
Former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson still costing taxpayers money | Canada Politics - Yahoo! News