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Thread: Bob Whitaker - Are we Playing?

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    Default Bob Whitaker - Are we Playing?

    Networking Versus Playing

    As long as our cause remains a hobby, a sport, we cannot build anything like what the other side has. While the Fords congratulated themselves on giving money, the left settled for nothing less than getting ALL of the Ford Foundation for themselves.

    This is not a game. This is life itself. Bob Whitaker

    Networking Versus Playing : Bob?s Underground Graduate Seminar
    Me a White Rabbit, You a White Rabbit.

    Pink Rabbits, your days are numbered.


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    Too right! It demands a level of participation that supersedes lackadaisical involvement in fruitless politics. We must consider this our number one motive, even though we go through the daily motion of "normal" life. I'm obsessed, and actually dream about posting on forums! I don't have much to offer in the way of historical education or new material, but will definitely be creating my baseline of knowledge as time goes on, and OF COURSE, spreading a mantra that works.

    That one works for most people, and is a great starting point. I try to infuse it with my daily motivations, and conversations.

    Be white, be happy!

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