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Thread: Subtext!

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    Default Subtext!

    When anti-Whites say “White people are genetically evil” they are saying that race is real.

    When anti-Whites say “White people stole land” they are saying land is racial property.

    When anti-Whites say “White people controlling White countries is White privilege” they are saying non-Whites controlling non-White countries is non-White privilege.

    When anti-Whites say “You shouldn’t say that,” they are saying they are against freedom of speech and that you need to be censored.

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    Default Re: Subtext!

    Man, I would rep you if I could.

    Another very big problem that coach Bob has pointed out is how our enemies love to conflate culture with race. I've noticed it for years also. A great example in the United States is this proposal to make English the official language. Now why would I oppose this? The same reason I oppose forcing muslims to assimilate into European culture. It leads to the geNOcide of the European gene pool. Everyone needs to read between the lines of an announcement by our enemies that "multiCULTuralism has failed." It doesn't mean the incremental program of geNOcide against White Europeans will cease, only that they will strong arm the assimilation of non-Whites with the native White population. The complete geNOcide of our race is very high on our internal enemies' list of priorities. It really doesn't matter what they are talking about on the national news, it ALWAYS has something to do with our geNOcide. Every civil rights advocate for the survival of White gentiles would do well to keep that in mind at all times.

    Good post.

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    Default More Subtext

    EVERYBODY in the Respectable World agrees that there is this thing called White Privilege.

    EVERYBODY says that this Privilege can, should, and will be taken away.

    EVERYBODY says that there is one way and ONLY one way to solve this problem of White Privilege.

    When asked HOW whites are “privileged,” they say we were “BORN that way. We’re white.” Clearly, the solution to the problem of whites being born with White Privilege is to do away with the problem of us being here; to genocide our race. They might sugarcoat their program and say things like “We all bleed red. We’re all one race,” but what they really mean is “On Earth, whites have no place.”

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    Subtext: White Privilege |
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    Default Re: More Subtext

    If there's any "White Privilege", it's that our race has been endowed by our creator with a higher intelligence, a higher sense of morality, and a greater and more positive vision for our peoples future.

    Even in the event that our people are one day relegated to isolated reservations, they'll represent an oasis in a desert of non-Whites! And we'll still be accused of having "White Privilege"!
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