For the benefit of any newbie’s here. Let me explain that I still remember when Stormfront OV’s was crawling with dozens and dozens of Anti-Whites. They called us Racists, Haters, Nazis, and White Supremacists. And in return we obliged them, by talking about Black Crime Stats, Sub Human Groids, and Higher White IQ Scores. While at the same time, always being sure to call them the same word they liked to call themselves “Antis”.

Time and time again our side attacked the Anti-Whites with links to offical government webites, proving higher Black crime rates. And White superiority in IQ and everthing else.

And yet. AMAZINGLY! The Anti-Whites still kept on a coming.

With a few exceptions. It really was like we were all just a bunch of dumb actors being paid to play the role, that had been written for us by our own enemies.

Well then Bob showed up with his Mantra and now just a few years later, I can count the number of Anti-Whites on OV's on the fingers of one hand. (This is not a coincidence!) For almost the first time our side were actually shooting back.

For me it is simple. If some one is stealing your car you don't react by telling everyone what a great driver you are. Or by pointing out that the thief has a drink driving conviction. If any other crime victim behaved that way, you would rightly think they were either insane or psychologically broken.

The moral high ground was always ours to throw away. And throw it away we did. Repeatedly! While the Mantra went on the attack, and called a thief a thief.

I used Stormfront as an example but now the fight back is breaking out into the mainstream. So Give em Hell. And ATTACK the Anti-Whites for being the Sick B@stards they really ARE!

Anti-Racist is just a code woed for Anti-White!!