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What is my motivation for being here?

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by , 03-26-2012 at 06:50 PM (534 Views)
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I direct these thoughts to everyone.

It's easy to solve conflicts and problems when we always ask ourselves the question of, "What really matters?"

Lucky for us, the answer is simple. What really matters is for our race to survive; for our civilization to live on and never die. If you're not doing your part in helping create the movement that must be built to protect what really matters, then you must ask yourself another question.

"What is my motivation for being here?"
I also want to add that anyone can be a follower, a listener and someone who is "just there," but it takes someone who has love for White people in his/her heart and someone who isn't a bully or a negative know-it-all to actually make his or her White society to be just and uplifting. There are a lot of mean and pathetic White people, some even calling themselves White nationalists, and those are the people we need to steer clear from.

I can't say how many times I've seen others blame other people for their problems or for what's going on in our world. It's us who need the motivation and it's us who need to keep things on the up and up in our society. We need to set examples as White people.

Also, it takes special people, people who actually care and are motivated, to make our present world a different world for our children, grandchildren and beyond. This website is merely one tool to help you on your White path in life. We love having you here and would certainly do anything in our power to help, to motivate or to do what is right for our members. We consider you family here. A family is a cohesive group of people, motivated to do what's right for the clan.

So, whether you're on an internet forum giving a positive or negative message, or you're out in the real world doing the activism we really need, European American asks a great question:
What is my motivation for being here?

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    European-American gives a good example of how often it's the questions we dare ask, that can often be as spiritually motivating as the answers to those questions.

    Every white citizen should ask themselves "What really matters?" I ask myself that question in relation to our race and the direction of our nation a long time ago back when I was a mere patriot. And I say a 'mere' patriot, because in asking that question, I found that it's going to take more than just 'patriotism' to overcome our present problems. That it's not enough to just wave our American flag and march around in lockstep to the whims of the existing political order. That it's not enough, to be included among those who call themselves 'patriots', and yet who would still deny, that one of our most important concerns is the survival of our race, the main characteristic which defines ourselves as true Americans. And that our founding fathers found this great nation for 'white Americans', not the racial hodgepodge we call our society today.

    All too often 'the patriot' cares only for the 'State', The present "State' is represented by those traitors and enemies in charge of our Federal Government. Whereby the 'Nationalist' believes in, and supports our 'nation', our sense of 'Peoplehood'. The very essence that makes us who we are.

    So I would appeal to the millions of white patriots in this country to ask themselves, "What really matters?" And instead of being just a patriot, become a Nationalist!
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