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Thread: Obama puts Social Security, Medicare cuts on the table

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    Default Obama puts Social Security, Medicare cuts on the table

    The Black president is about to slash pensions for (mostly)White seniors?

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After weeks of impasse, President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders are aiming for "something big" as they resume budget talks on Thursday to avert an imminent default.
    With Republicans showing new flexibility on taxes, Democrats say Obama will push negotiators to double their target to $4 trillion (2.5 trillion pounds) in budget savings over 10 years.
    That would be an ambitious goal, but there have been a few hints of progress since talks hit a brick wall two weeks ago.
    The meeting, which takes place at the White House, is due to start at 11 a.m. EDT (4 p.m. British time) and last about an hour.
    Obama will propose cuts in Social Security and major reductions in Medicare, which mark a major shift for the White House, The Washington Post reported late on Wednesday, citing people in both parties with knowledge of the proposal.
    In exchange, Obama would seek Republican support for increasing tax revenues, the Post reported.
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    Default Re: Obama puts Social Security, Medicare cuts on the table

    "Obama's proposal to restrain Social Security spending could include adjusting the measure of inflation used to determine payouts for the retirement program, the Post reported."

    That is called LYING in plain English speak (lying about the true inflation rate).

    Our elders have already had ZERO cost of living adjustments for several years running, while by any real measure of inflation, our purchasing power has decreased in double digits (+10.00%) annually over the same time frame. They lie about GDP, they lie about real unemployment rate, they lie about the annual deficits & total debt levels. If you see their lips moving, they have lied.

    They're inveterate liars & ubama is one of the worst.

    The truth, as I see it, is the times we are in now are, as good as, it is gonna get.

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