A very interestingly nebulous done by a hack journalist while having elements was not specific on connecting the dots and used anti-white hate speech as groupthink to doublespeak his readers. Take a read and notice the key words as I did.

The changing guard of white separatism convenes at a Tennessee state park | Cover Story | Nashville Scene

"There is the American Third Position Party, which according to its mission statement "believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination." These join organizations such as the Pioneer Fund, a nonprofit (and SPLC-certified hate group) whose stated aim is "to advance the scientific study of heredity and human differences," and the Charles Martel Society, founded by William Regnery II, which publishes the academic racism journal The Occidental Quarterly."
I have never seen a certification. Maybe we can ask for a copy to hang on our walls and to take into court as evidence of their hate for European-Americans?

"This positions the genteel, educated Abernethy on the vanguard of a relatively new front in the white separatist movement. It seeks to dress up early 20th century eugenics with a 21st century veneer, and in the process put fringe candidates into office."
A3P does not suffer from the weakness of "veneer" anymore then the NAACP or likewise organizations. What the writer (term used loosely) is implying is that A3P is a coverup for some master plan... as far as I understand the world we can look down a list of movie credits and see, as an example, who is operating the master propaganda machine our ill society is under and being mislead by.

"But Abernethy is guilty of what Catholics refer to as a "sin of omission." Miller, Abernethy's running mate, fleshes out the rhetoric, revealing a familiar strategy. He stands at the podium, a tall, imposing figure with sharp blue eyes and a tousled frock of straw-colored hair. Hanging around his neck this St. Patrick's Day is a tie covered with what appear to be several thousand four-leaf clovers."
As I am Catholic and are a few other A3P members we are familiar with the "sin of omission" and it appears the writer to suffers from the same problem by placing elements without connections. I only wish I could add the Wikipedia "[citation needed]" in small blue letters where the disconnects with reality happen. I assume they were lost too, while the writer was running out the door to escape with those preconceived "draconian" liberal notions?