Heh, heh ....... I suppose these poll numbers are even surpassing the alienation percentages of the public of many European countries in the 20s and early 30s (and perhaps now, too) if Gallup polling had been conducted back then. Soon, it will all be toast, and despite years of Hollywood/TV brainwashing, our papier mache masters are getting the fingers, once again, pointed directly at them.

In any case, what seems clear is that Americans now strongly dislike ‘our’ federal government and generally consider it to be «corrupt» or not really «our» government, but instead to be somehow «their» government of »us». And, also obviously, if this long-term trend continues, then the American public will be heading into a pre-revolutionary condition, and, beyond that, into a revolutionary one. If the existing long-term trend continues, then the result will be either the overthrow of the U.S. federal government, or else a lock-down of first the Internet and then the public, at a time of already overcrowded prisons. Of course, when there is not space to accommodate additional prisoners, then military compounds become resorted to — and martial law.

Gallup Finds Stunning Decline In Americans' Respect For US Government | Zero Hedge